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                     LANTZ GENEALOGY

         I15        Margaret Stephens            I1

    Margaret, daughter of Andrew and Mary Lantz mar-
ried Brazil Stephens.  They lived at Kirby, Pa., and had
children: Adeline, see family of Adeline Stephens (Il5l);
Lindsey, see family of Lindsey Stephens (Il52); Bert, mar-
ried Annie Bowley, no children; and Lida, married Sam
Hudson, no children.

         I21            Jacob Lantz              I2

    Jacob Lantz, son of Lot Lantz was born in Greene
County, Pa.  He married Cassandra South.  He was a farmer
at Willow Tree, Pa.  He died Oct. 4, 1861.  He had children:
Maria, see family of Maria Lantz (I211); Margaret, born
May 18, 1839, died Jan. 31, 1841; Benjamin, see family of
Benjamin Lantz (I213); John, see family of John Lantz
(I214); George W., see family of George W. Lantz (I215);
Mary Matilda, born Aug. 4, 1849, married Long, Ochton,
Iowa; and Francis M., born Apr. 2, 1854, unmarried, Ma-
pleton, Pa.

                     PHILIP LANTZ

           The Lantzs of York County, Penna.

    Philip Lantz was born in Germany.  He came to
America in 1753 and settled in East Pennsboro Township,
Cumberland County, Pa.  In 1778 he owned 100 acres of
land.  His will probated July 24, 1802, mentions seven chil-
dren: Philip; Catherine, married Harry Gipe; Leanah, mar-
ned Solomon Walter; Henry; Elizabeth married George
Lebistine; Christina, married Baltzer Colar;.  Marelip, mar-
ried Michael Lebiatine

         J1              Philip Lantz             J

    Philip Lantz, son of Philip Lantz was born Dec. 1, 1781
and died June 9, 1858.  He married Catherine.  He was a
farmer.  Ms children were: Jacob; Catherine; Mary, born
1819, died 1894, unmarried; Philip; and Elizabeth.

         J4             Henry Lantz               J

    Henry Lantz, son of Philip Lantz had children: Henry;
Emanuel, moved to Iowa; John, York Co., Pa.; Daniel, York
Co., Pa.; and George, York Co., Pa.