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Peacock Cemetery, Chairville, NJ

Peacock Cemetery is a private cemetery at the intersections of Chairville Road and Route 70 and Skeet Road.  It is on the Northeast corner of the intersection behind a small house, currently a horse clothing business.  The cemetery is maintained and is active, containing recent burials.  The cemetery contains some broken stones, and some which are impossible or nearly impossible to read.  We were able to record all of the readable stones.

The cemetery bears a NJ historical marker, Number 16, which commemorates the death of Adonijah Peacock while making gunpowder in 1777 (for George Washington).

We were met by a descendant of one of the persons buried in the cemetery, who spoke of a church that had existed near the cemetery at some time in the past.  He also told us that there were fewer stones than in the past.

NumberLast NameFirst Name, Middle Initial BornDiedYear of BirthYear of DeathCalculated AgeAged
(if given)
Relationship information on StoneOther Information on or about the gravestone
26?Samuel DaltonMarch OctoberNo dates   Son  Colkettparts illegible prob. Son of Galdy and Mary Colkett
9AbramsMaryDecember 2, 1879May 2, 1885187918856 Dau. Richard and Sarah Abrams 
7AbramsRichard M.February 13, 1813February 5, 18881813188875   
8AbramsSarahApril 26, 1840April 18, 19261840192686   
54ClineIsaacDecember 22, 1812November 6, 192618121926114 These three graves have same type stones. 
55ClineMariahDecember 18, 1805March 2, 18851805188580 Wife of David Cline 
27ColkettEmmaNo dateNo dateNo dates   Dau. Galdy and Mary Colkettdates illegible
60CoverlyEllaNo dateFebruary 20, 1886No dates1886 2Dau. William and Lizzie CoverlyNote: Buried beside mother died 1 day later than Mother
59CoverlyLizzie E.No dateFebruary 19, 1886No dates1886 22Wife of William W. CoverlyNote: 2yr old buried beside her 1 day later
25EngleAliceniaJuly 1, 1805April 16, 18751805187570   
31EngleElizabeth N.No dateNo dateNo dates   Dau. Wm & Elizabeth Woolman 
43FentonMary K.No dateSeptember 20, 1865 1865 45 Our Mother
42FentonSamuel B.No dateFebruary 7, 1867 1867 62 Our Father
24HancockAnn E.February 8, 1804December 2, 18601804186056  Our Mother
22HancockChas. R.March 7, 1835September 6, 1838183518383   
23HancockGodfreyOctober 2, 1806February 10, 18951806189589  Our Father
56HewittHannah H.No dateNo dateNo dates   Wife of SamuelParts illegible
13HewittHannah M.No dateNo dateNo dates     
14HewittSamuelNo dateNo dateNo dates    Illegible
41LambHettie P.No dateOctober 13, 1880 1880 5y 3mos 4 daysDau. James and Mary L. Lamb 
39LippincottBerthaApril 16, 1906August 18, 19981906199892  Name on stone carved with the surname WRIGHT
40MaralielHannah S.September 10, 1800December 19, 18821800188282  Next to Mary Prickitt
53MillerJohnNo dateJune 29, 1871No dates1871 80These three graves have same type stones. 
17Peacock?No dateNo dateNo dates    Footstone TFH between Mary and Ezra
49PeacockAdonijahAugust 5, 172417771724177753  Killed 1777 while making gunpowder for George Washington (on stone), Rev. War Vet. marker in front
45PeacockAdonijah, Sr.No dateAugust 25, 18??   73y 11mo 2d  
2PeacockAmos S.December 3, 1837January 6, 19171837191780  I shall be satifisfied when I awake in his likeness
4PeacockDiaoema B.September 6, 1834October 17, 18811834188147 Dau. L & L.A.  Peacock 
3PeacockEleanorApril 7, 1836November 3, 19111836191175 Dau. L & L.A.  Peacock 
46PeacockEleanorSeptember 11, 1892No dateNo dates   Dau. Adonijah & Sarah Peacookparts illegible
47PeacockElizabeth1794No dateNo dates   Dau. Adonijah & Sarah Peacook
Wife of Sam Tuce
parts illegible
50PeacockElizabeth5 Month 17054 Month 17741705177469 Dau. Of Z & A. PrickittQuaker dates on Stone
48PeacockElizabethSeptember 2, 1798No dateNo dates  62y 10moWife of AdonijahNext to Rev. War Patriot Adonijah
21PeacockEstherNo dateNo dateNo dates    Illegible
16PeacockEzraMay 2, 1813July 14,18941813189481   
1PeacockGeorge H.January 20, 1840February 10, 19241840192484  Faithful until the end
5PeacockIsabella A.June 11, 1810October 8, 18751810187565 Wife of Lesley Peacock 
12PeacockJ. FranklinJuly 12, 1838April 27, 18961838189658   
19PeacockJosiahJanuary 27, 1796March 14, 18211796182125   
6PeacockLesleySeptember 1809July 14, 18921809189283   
15PeacockMaryNo dateNo dateNo dates    Illegible
18PeacockMaryNovember 24, 1821No date1821   Dau. Josiah and Mary Peacockd. date illegible
20PeacockNeb H.July 23, 1807February, 18651807186558  part of d. date illegible
44PeacockSarahNo dateNo dateNo dates    Illegible next to Adonijah senior
34PrickittElizabeth B.184519331845193388  Prickitt names all on one stone, no month or day
36PrickittGeorge S.186019351860193575  Prickitt names all on one stone, no month or day
35PrickittHarriet J.186419061864190642  Prickitt names all on one stone, no month or day
38PrickittMaryJanuary 16, 1836November 11, 19071836190771   
33PrickittReeve R.183718961837189659  Prickitt names all on one stone, no month or day
37PrickittWatsonMay 10, 1831October 22, 18661831186635   
57SharpSowell E.No dateSeptember 29m, 1887No dates1887 18y 11mo 20 d  
58SharpThomasNo date1884No dates1884    
52TaylorIsrealNo dateMarch 1, 1869No dates1869 59These three graves have same type stones. 
51ThomasElizabethNo dateNovember 8, 1831No dates1831 36Dau. Richard ThomasParts illegible
28ThomasElizabeth P.December 7, 1849April 5, 18741849187526 Beloved Wife of Joseph S. ThomasAsleep in Jesus far from thee but thine is still a blessed sleep from which none awake to weep
29WoolmanMary RobertaSeptember 6, 1864November 13, 18891864188925 Dau. Wm. & Elizabeth Woolman 
32WoolmanSuzanne E.186919341869193465  parts illegible
30WoolmanWilliamDecember 17, 1832November 4, 18901832189058   
10WrightGeorge M.April 19, 1871October 12, 19321871193261   
11WrightIsabella S. Sept 9, 1877May 28, 19571877195780