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Wise Cemetery

Written by Andrew M. Morris

Cemetery Readings by Webb Haslam


The Wise Cemetery is located in the SE corner of section6 of Summit Township in Monroe County, Ohio. This cemetery is found on the north side of State Route 78, about two miles west of Lewisville. There is a creek that runs along Route 78 at this point, and the cemetery is on the other side of the creek. There was a log church at this site in the 1800's, and the area was once known as Wise's Station, but that is all the information that I know about that. Hopefully there is someone out there who can give more information about the church.

This past Fall, Webb Haslam read the stones in the Wise Cemetery. He found 24 stones in the cemetery, and was able to read 16 of them. He says there may also be more laying down that he didn't see. Below are the 16 stones that he was able to identify. In the Spring, I will take photos of them and post them on this site.


BARTON, Lucinda died Feb. 12 1861 age 50 yrs. and 6 mo.

BRISTER - Sarah Bell, dau. of _____ Brister died Aug. 18 1870

DEARTH - Mary E. dau. of J. & E. Dearth died Oct. 11 1864 age 10 yrs and 1 mo.

DEARTH - Sarah dau. of J. & E. Dearth died May 2 1856 age 7 yrs 7 mo 8 days

DILLON - Henry F. son of J.H. & M. Dillon died Mar 11 1858 age 3 yr 9 mo 18 days

DORNON - Susan, wife of Thomas C. Dornon died May 20 1869 age 27 yr and 3 mo.

MEAD, Thomas, died Aug. 24 1859 age 40 yrs 3 mo 1 day

REEVE - Ellen A. wife of Ben. Reeve died Oct. 21 1859 age 37 yrs 3 mo 9 days

REEVE - Infant Son of B.L. & E Reeve died Oct. 6 1853

REEVE - L. A. Alice, dau. of B.L & E. Reeve died Feb. 13 1855 age 3 yrs 8 mo 3 days

WISE - Edward, son of J.G. & L. Wise died Feb 3 1856

WISE, Jacob died March 18 1845 age 74 yrs

WISE - Lucinda, dau. of J.&J. Wise died Aug. 5 1846 age 1 yr and 5 mo.

WISE, Mary died June 29 1864 born July 29 1766

WISE - Richmond, son of J.G. & L.M. Wisw died June 9 1859 age 5 mo.

_____, Charles died Sep. 19 1979


Please E-mail me with any comments, information, or stories about the people buried in the Wise Cemetery, and I will add it to this page.


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Thanks to Webb Haslam for the information provided for the Wise Cemetery.