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Hamilton Cemetery

(aka "Cemetery on the farm of Elmer Burkhart")

Written by Andrew M. Morris

Cemetery readings by Henry and Linda Dillon

Originally read by Linda Heft

The Hamilton Cemetery is located in the NW corner of Section 36 of Summit Twonship, in Monroe County, Ohio. It is found on Devoe Ridge Road (Township Road 71), off State Route 78. The intersection of Route 78 and Devoe Ridge Road is about 2.5 miles west of Lewisville. At this intersection, you will find a brick house. Go back on Devoe Ridge Road about one half mile, and you will come to a white farm house on the left side of the road. The cemetery is at the top of the steep hill directly behind the white house.

The stones in this cemetery were originally read in the mid-1960's by Linda Heft. Her readings appeared on page 91 of "Monroe County Ohio Genealogical Records, Volume V" by Catharine Foreaker Fedorchak. When these original readings were made, the property was owned by Elmer Burkhart, and she named it the "cemetery on the farm of Elmer Burkhart." The property has since changed hands a couple of times and is now owned by the Farnsworth family. They don't mind visitors to the cemetery, but please let them know that you are going up there, since it is on private property. According to the "1869 Landowners Map of Monroe County, Ohio", the tract of land where the Hamilton Cemetery is located was owned by Jacob Hamilton.

In October 2000, I visited the Hamilton Cemetery with Henry and Linda Dillon of Redslands, California. After realizing that the cemetery had been neglected for several years, we arrived armed with a couple of Weedeaters, a rake, and a lawnmower and tackled the weeds that had grown waist to chest high. After we finished, we tried to sraighten many of the headstones that had fallen face down over the years. At that point, we did a complete inventory of the stones that we found in the Hamilton Cemetery and compared it to Linda Heft's readings. We noted which stones that we did not find that she had on her list, and the stones that we found that were not on her list.


List of the Cemetery Readings from the Hamilton Cemetery

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Wise Cemetery on Route 78 in Summit Township

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