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One            Map 2     Map 3     Map 4

           The best Chisholm Trail site of all     by Glen Seeber

Three       Chisholm Trail History     An excellent presentation, and a good map.

Four          Handbook of Texas OnLine   by Donald E. Worcester

Five          A list of the Railroad-Cattle towns     and     an article by Steven Dortch

Six             Jesse Chisholm and Joseph G. McCoy

Seven         Joseph G. McCoy's own book

Eight         The Chisholm Trail     A lengthy studious article by John Rossel.  Good luck.

Nine          Wellington, Kansas (and) Duncan, Oklahoma

Ten          Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Eleven               A book by Wayne Gard

Twelve          The Log of a Cowboy, twenty-four chapters.

Thirteen          The Log of a Cowboy, Atascosa River, Nueces River.

Fourteen        The Log of a Cowboy, Doan's Crossing.

Fifteen        The Log of a Cowboy, Dodge City.

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