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�Our Medart Connection�

Medart Family Tree

Great-Great Grandpa George Washington Medart

This first listing will be that of Great Great Grandpa George Washington Medarts wife�s family:

The Elisha Davis Jackson Family

Elisha Davis Jackson b. 08-10-1806 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he died 11-26-1871 and is buried in the E.D. Jackson Cemetery in Chappell Hill. He married Anna Harbour on 04-25-1830, in Washington County, Texas. She died in 04-??-1898 and is also buried in the same cemetery. They had 12 children:

1. Sally Ann Jackson b. 02-24-1831, d. 01-30-1868, she married Alfred Farquhar on 09-06-1849. They are buried in the E.D. Jackson cemetery

2. Mary Elizabeth Jackson b. 12-09-1832, d. 06-06-1886, she married Great Great Grandpa George Washington Medart on 07-10-1849. They were buried in Sugar Loaf, Texas and later moved to Killeen Cemetery, Killeen, Texas.

3. Martha Jane Jakson b. 08-28-1835, d. 05-31-1914. She married Peter Martin Kolb on 03-11-1859. They are buried in Milam County, Texas.

4. Levi Jackson b. 10-25-1837, d. unknown. He married Caroline Wilson.

5. Hugh Jackson b. 12-17-1840, d. unknown. He married Susan E. Dotson. They are buried in Runnels County, Texas.

6. Nancy Jackson b. 10-03-1842, d. unknown. She married William H. Manly on 02-25-1858, they are buried in Grimes County, Texas.

7. James Jackson b. 11-27-1844, d. unknown �He died in prison during the Civil War�

8. Elisha Davis Jackson (Jr.), b. 06-14-1846, he married #1 Augusta Boyd, #2 Sue Jackson

9. Amanda Anna Jackson b. 04-11-1848, she died in Lavaca County, Texas

10. Amos Jackson b. 1850, d. 04-25-1860, buried in the E.D. Jackson cemetery.

11. Aaron Giles Jackson b. 04-??-1851, d. 08-??-1852, buried in the E.D. Jackson cemetery

12. Samuel Jackson b. 11-18-1853, d. 11-24-1853 buried in the E.D. Jackson cemetery.

Great Great Grandpa George Washington Medart, born 12-23-1826, died 10-19-1864. Only his father is named as �Philip Medart�

Great Great Grandma Mary Elizabeth (Jackson) Medart, born 12-09-1832, died 06-06-1886. Her parents were �Elisha & Anna (Harbour) Jackson�. They married 07-10-1849 in Washington County, Texas. Both were buried in Sugar Loaf and later moved to Killeen Cemetery, Killeen, Texas.

Their children Were:

1. Thomas Jefferson Medart, born 09-12-1850 in Washington County, Texas, he married Virginia Ann Moser 02-01-1870. He died 03-25-1919 in Washington County, Texas. They had 10 children.

2. George Washington Medart II, born 06-22-1852 in Washington County, Texas, Died 03-10-1853, buried in Washington County, Texas. He died at age 4 months.

3. James Martin Medart I, born 01-02-1854 in Washington County, Texas, he married America Lee 07-??-1876. He died 12-04-1878 in Washington County, Texas.

4. William Levi Medart, born 02-25-1856 in Washington County, Texas. He married Martha Leatha Smith 10-24-1875. He died 08-08-1886 in Washington County, Texas.

5. Martha Catherine Medart, born 04-17-1858 in Coryell, Texas. She married Frank Black on 7-??-1876. She died 02-04-1879 in Washington County, Texas.

6. Hugh Elisha Medart, born 07-22-1860 in Coryell County, Texas. He was never married and died 08-24-1895 in Coryell County, Texas.

7. Charles Benjamin Medart born 07-24-1862 in Coryell County, Texas. He married Minerva Johnson on 11-25-1884. He died 04-14-1944 in Coryell County. Texas.

8. Amanda Anna Medart, born 04-24-1864 in Coryell County, Texas. She married Sam Highsmith on 08-08-1888. She died 01-06-1907 in Coryell County, Texas. Their children were;

a. Ethel Highsmith b. 07-01-1891, d. 01-23-1944 in Comanche, Tx.

b. Sadie Highsmith dates unknown, married to #1 Sam Sanders, #2 Jim Jandrow

c. Benjamin J. Highsmith dates unknown, married #1 Mary , #2 Edna

d. Susie Ellen Highsmith b. 01-13-1899, d. 04-10-1928, married #1 John VanWinkle, #2 Sam E. Goode on 02-22-1919 she is buried in Gatesville, Tx.

e. David Highsmith, Drowned in the Brazos River

Great Grandpa Thomas Jefferson Medart

Great Grandpa Thomas Jefferson Medart born 09-12-1850, he married Virginia Ann Moser on 02-01-1870. He died 03-25-1919, buried in Sugar Loaf and later moved to Killeen Cemetery in Killeen, Texas. (He died at his son Roy�s house)

Great Grandma Virginia Ann (Moser) Medart born 03-14-1851, died 08-29-1934. She was buried in Sugar Loaf and later moved to Killeen Cemetery, Killeen, Texas.

They had ten children:

1. Margaret Elizabeth �Lizzie� Medart, born 10-14-1870 in Washington County, Texas. She married John Thomas Baker on 12-22-1887. She died 12-24-1940 and is buried in Killeen, Texas. Their children were;

a. Walter B. Baker b. 07-26-1889, d. 09-??-1889

b. Lurada D. Baker, b. 01-10-1892, d. 09-??-1895

c. William Thomas Baker b. 11-10-1899, d. 10-14-1953, he was married to Gladys Kirby and they had 1 daughter named Billy Jean b. 01-10-1928, she married Jim Burkett on 12-26-1948 and they had 1 daughter named Jamie Lynn b. 08-15-1967

2. George Washington Medart III �Bud� born 11-29-1872. He married Margaret Cornelia Webb on 04-05-1896. He died 07-30-1945 and was buried in Killeen, Texas. Their children were:

a. Beulah Ethel Medart, b. 12-21-1896, she married Earl Springer

b. Roy Thomas Medart, b. 01-01-1899, d. 04-??-1890, he married Flora Dixon, they had no children, he is buried in Killeen Cemetery

c. Ollie Cornelia Medart b. 05-07-1901, d. 02-13-1985, she married Andrew Kelly and they had one son A.J. Kelly

d. William Leonard Medart b. 12-15-1903, he married Dorothy (Dix) Jones (1 Daughter)

e. Lucille Medart, b. 04-08-1906, she married Hugh Cox and they had seven children:

3. Martha Catherine Medart, born 12-03-1875, She married James Newton Stovall on 09-20-1891. She died 04-22-1926 and is buried in Killeen, Texas. Their children were:

a. Stillborn daughter d. 08-19-1892

b. Stillborn son d. 1894

c. Ernest Seward Stovall b. 03-23-1896, he married Estelle Hancock and they had 5 sons

**Martha Catherine (Medart) (Stovall) married William Joseph Wright on 09-25-1902. Their children were:

a. Tilda Paralee Wright b. 10-12-1903, d. 05-25-1986, she married Charles Fredrick Hold on 01-15-1921, she is buried in Killeen, Tx. Their children were:

1. William Richard Hold, b. 01-23-1923, d. 02-05-1945 buried in Killeen, Tx.

2. Thomas Howard Hold, b. 06-30-1930, he married Marlene Thorton, they had 3 daughters, he is buried in Killeen, Tx.

b. Maggie Faye Wright b. 12-26-1905, she married Henry Jackson Foster, Their children were:

1. Patsy Ellen Foster, b. 11-26-1930, she married Jack Greenway

2. Henry Foster (Jr.), b. 03-07-1932

3. Joann Foster b. 01-01-1937, married to Col. Thomas E. Williams and they had 3 children

c. Guy David Wright, b. 08-06-1907, he married Nadine Smith. Their children were:

1. Prentice Wright, he married Laverne Nettleship and is buried in the Smith cemetery, near Copperas Cove, Tx.

2. James Arlen Wright , he married Peggy Ray and they had 3 sons

d. Cecil Jay Wright, b. 01-06-1909, d. 06-19-1987, he was married to Lala Subblett. Their children were:

1. Grady Earl Wright b. 01-30-1943 and he married Mary Patterson, they had 2 children

2. Shirley Roy Wright, b. 06-31-1946, he married Linda Lou Stone and they had 3 children.

(4) William Jefferson Medart, born 06-10-1877 in Coryell County, Texas. He married Rosa Bell Hall on 09-25-1898. He died 03-26-1949 and is buried in Lampasas, Texas. Their children were:

a. Willie Dell Medart b. 06-06-1900, d. 09-13-1905 buried in Killeen,Texas

b. Mable Irene Medart, b. 06-06-1905, d. 08-29-1963, married Luther Henry Beall on 09-27-1924, buried in Lampasas, Tx. (Oak Hill Cem.) Their son was:

1. Billy Wayne Beall b. 01-18-1931, d. 12-28-1941, buried in Lampasas, Texas

c. Dera Flora Medart, b. 06-12-1909, d. 09-11-1983, married Mert James Beall on 06-13-1927, buried in Lampasas, Texas (Oak Hill Cem.) Their children were:

1. Kathryn DeRose Beall, b. 04-15-1931, d. unknown, married Bill Brooks on 12-27-1948, their children were; (a) Mary Kathryn Brooks b. 08-10-1952, she married Bill Judkins

(b) William David Brooks, b. 11-28-1960, d. 10-26-1971

2. James Medart Beall, b. 03-24-1934, d. 05-04-1981, married Martha Marie Attaberry on 11-28-1952, he is buried in Lampasas,  Texas. Their children were:

(a) Debora Marie Beall b. 09-19-1953, she married Corky Dean Stone on 05- 24-1972

(b) Lowell David b. 10-08-1956, he married Stephonie Thomas

3. Mary Helen Beall, b. 06-16-1937, d. unknown, married Ernie Dee McCullough on 04-24-1954, their children were:

(a) James Earl McCullough b. 03-27-1955

(b) Kenneth Dale McCullough b. 06-24-1962

d. Jewel Estelle Medart, b. 01-30-1909, d. 02-17-1995, married to Fredrick Theodore Sparks on 10-28-1933, buried in Lometa Cemetery, Lometa, Texas. He died 12-27-1957, buried in Lampasas, Texas. She then married #2 Wilbert Theodore Wenzel on 09-14-1964

e. Sammy Leola �Happy� Medart, b. 07-27-1911, d. 12-03-1958, married Charles Chamberlain on 06-09-1934, buried in Lometa cemetery, Lometa, Texas. They had a daughter Sylvia Ann Chamberlain b. 08-10-1946

f. Mary Magdalene Medart, b. 01-24-1914, d. 04-15-1945, �she was never married�, Oak Hill Cemetery, Lampasas, Texas

g. Thomas Chandler Medart b. 04-01-1917, d. 02-14-1963, married to Alice G. Woodley on 08-04-1940, buried in Lometa, Texas, their children were:

(1) William Burton Medart, b. 08-03-1941, he married Lois Ann Elkins on 04-17-1966; their children were:

(a) DeAnna Marie Medart b. 04-19-1967

(b) William Bryan Medart b. 07-07-1970

(2) Thomas Jefferson Medart b. 02-07-1946, he married Sandra Elaine Spinks on 02-28-????, their children were; (a) Thomas Vernon Medart b. 07-24-1967 (b) Candace Dawn Medart b. 01-11-1972

(3) Glenda Christine Medart b. 03-17-1953, she married Burl Randall Holland on 06-26-1971, they divorced 01-25-1980, their children were: (a) LaJenna Christine Holland b. 02-16-1973 (b) Gary Randall Holland b. 11-18-1977

h. Ora Lee Medart, b. 12-29-1918, d. unknown, married Aaron Sanders on 11-27-1940, their children were: (1) Madelyn Rose Sanders b. 02-04-1946, d. 02-04-1946 (2) Charles Cornelius Sanders b. 07-05-1947 d. 05-??-1988, he was married to Glenda Kay Polasek on 04-09-1979. Glenda Kay & Charles C. Sanders had a son named Charles Aaron Sanders b. 04-11-1981

(5) Ferobie Irene Medart, born 12-09-1879 in Coryell County, Texas. She died 03-10-1880, and is buried in Killeen, Texas.

(6) Annie Paralee Madart born 06-07-1881 in Coryell County, Texas. She married Henry Columbus Elms on 10-01-1899. Henry died 08-01-1902. She then married John James Brown on 12-24-1911 and they had a son named J.D. Brown b. 09-05-1919 that married Lillian Merle Godwin on 12-25-1937. Annie Paralee (Medart) (Elms) Brown is buried in Southland Memorial Park, Grand Prairie, Texas. J.D. & Lillian (Godwin) Brown had two children: (a) Anita LaJuan b. 11-29-1940 who married Henry Louis Salomonsky on 08-16-1974 & (b) Judith Annette b. 07-13-1947 who married Ray Boykin on 08-13-1966, they had two children; (1) Michelle Lea Boykin b. 01-27-1968 (2) Kindane Marie b. 06-06-1972

(7) John Benjamin Medart, born 11-11-1883 in Coryell County, Texas. He married Harriet Elizabeth �Coonie� Garner on 10-12-1902. He died 01-29-1913 and is buried in Killeen Cemetery, Killeen, Texas. They had five children:

i. Dolly Paralee Medart b. 08-05-1903, d. 07-08-1988, she married Wayne Jarrett on 01-14-19??

ii. Lorene Medart, b. 08-11-1906, d. 05-15-1997, she was married to Robert Lee Springer on 08-12-1926. they had four children: (1) Wanda Larue Springer b. 06-19-1928, she married Benjamin John Henry on 12-04-1944 (2) Billy June Springer b. 05-11-1929, she married Vernon D. Holder on 08-24-1953 (3) Bobby Medart Springer b. 07-18-1932, he married Jo Ann Durau on 03-27-1954 (4) Judy Springer b. 02-25-1947, she married Philip Propst on 09-13-1967

iii. Josie Emogene Medart b. 08-12-1908, d. 09-17-1984, she married Powell Jackson Hall on 07-17-1924, they had three children: (1) Mary Jean Hall b. 11-24-1928, she married Edward J. White on 04-22-1946, Edward & Mary White had a son James d. White b. 12-10-1949 who married Mary Pauline Sernard. (2) Juanita Beth Hall b. 01-24-1931, she married Roy Junior Nye, they had four children: (a) Billy Jack Nye b. 09-??-1953 (b) Brenda Ann Nye b. 01-19-1956, she married Kenney Kinivinare on 06-19-1973 (c) Linda Sue Nye b. 03-15-1960, she married Gilbert Luna on 04-02-1978 (d) Shiela Jean Nye b. 05-17-1963 (3) Powell Benjamin Hall b. 09-24-1937, he married Janet L. Dellapa on 09-17-1971

iv. Maggie Floree Medart, b. 03-01-1910, d. unknown, she married Ira Jack Adams on 03-04-1928 (I have a son listed George Arliss Adams b. 09-??-1937)

v. Johnnie Nadine Medart, b. 12-04-1911, d. unknown, she married Charles Henry Taylor on 06-16-1934 they had five children (1) John William Taylor b. 02-02-1935, he married Darla Dean Reed on 10-12-1960, (they adopted two sons Richard & Steven) (2) Harriet Charlene Taylor, b. 12-22-1936, she married Joseph Martin (3) Betty Evelyn Taylor b. 09-22-1942, married Pete Morris, they had 2 sons & 3 daughters (4) Mary Virginia Taylor b. 12-17-1943, she married Odis Jeral Baker on 08-18-1962, they had 2 sons and 2 daughters (5)Henry Alvin Taylor b. 02-17-1950, he married Janet Love, they had 2 daughters and 1 son.

(8) James Martin Medart II �Uncle Jim�, born 07-26-1886 in Coryell County, Texas. He married Addie Lene �Adeline� Jackson in 01-??-1905. He died 11-28-1947 and was buried in San Angelo, Texas. They had four children: (a) Annie Clara Medart b. about 1906, she married Leonons Segler, (b) Ardie Lee Medart b. about 1907, (c) Clifton Burl Medart b. about 1909, (d) Edith Madelene Medart b. about 1911, she married Denver Myers Minica

Grandpa Carl Patterson

(9) Mary Matilda �Tilda� Medart, born 04-13-1889. She Married Carl Lee Patterson on 07-24-1920 in Coryell County, Texas. She died 11-29-1946 and is buried in Killeen Cemetery, Killeen, Texas. They had five daughters;

i. Carl Leanna Patterson, b. 05-23-1922, she married Thomas Henry Spears on 02-08-1947, they had three children; (1) Sharon Jean Spears b. 07-08-1947, she married Eddie Ray Anderson on 06-12-1965, they had two children: (a) Michael Edward Anderson b. 08-03-1968 & (b) Alicia Beth Anderson b. 03-31-1971, Eddie & Sharon divorced in August 1977. Sharon Jean (Spears) Anderson married #2 David Arthur Teague 05-08-1995 (2) Shiela Ann Spears b. 05-31-1949, she married Robert Lee Quisenberry on 06-17-1967, they have a son named Robert Lee Quisenberry (Jr.) b. 11-23-1967 (3) Norman Ronald Spears b. 11-16-1950, he married #1 Brenda Gail Branch on 07-10-1970, they had 2 sons Christopher Brett Spears b. 02-26-1975 & Jared Shayne Spears b. 02-10-1977, Norman Ronald Spears married #2 Mary Ann Blong 06-08-1995

ii. Ophelia Beth Patterson b. 02-03-1924, she married Arl Gordon Hightower on 07-31-1945, they have two sons:

(1), Douglas Gordon b. 08-28-1946, he married Dora Lee Tillison on 07-02-1966, they have 2 children: (1) Melissa Marie Hightower, b. 04-08-1968, she married Joe Byron Ranson 04-08-1990 (2) Katherine Kay Hightower b. 03-19-1971, she married David Rakowitz on 05-22-1993, they have 3 children, Kalin Ann b. 02-25-1998, Claire b. unknown & Camille Marie b. 11-09-1999

(2) William Earl Hightower, b. 10-23-1952, married Patricia Gail (Wolf) (Moore) on 07-12-1980, they have two children: Kimberly Gail Moore b. 03-27-1969 & James Bryan Moore b. 03-17-1974.

iii. Margaret Jo Patterson b. 10-12-1926, she married �unknown first name� McDonald. They had one son Carl Wayne McDonald b. 11-11-1943, d. 11-24-2014 he was given up for adoption in June 1950, and is now named Carl Wayne Trussell. **Carl Wayne Trussell married Constance Lorraine (McConnell) b. 11-03-1947, they have two sons: (a) William Dana Trussell, b. 03-07-1970. He is married to Gwen (Watson) b. 05-27-1973 and they have two children Heather Ashley & Craig Breland (b) Edmund Wayne married Tonya Sherie (Boothe), they have two children Cheyanne Leigh b. 08-14-1999 & Justin Wayne b. 09-14-2001

Margaret Jo Patterson then had a son James Richard Patterson b. 09-26-1945, he was given up for adoption in June 1950 and is now named James Richard Trussell. ** James Richard Trussell married Olga Rivera in 1965 and they had a son James Richard Trussell Jr. (Jimmy) b. 04-1967, they divorced and he then married  Shirley Mae (Lubbock) 01-31-1968, they have three children. (1) Tonia Lea Trussell b. 03-25-1969, she married Jeff Shaw and they had two daughters: Jordan Lea Shaw b. 11-02-1990, Jerica Morgan Shaw b. 07-15-1995. Jeff and Tonia divorced and she then married Ricky Turner and they have one daughter Carlee Haven Turner b.07-25-2002

Carl Wayne & James Richard were adopted by Herbert Wilson & Ruth (Jarman) (Pulliam) Trussell in June 1950.

Margaret Jo Patterson then had a daughter named Christine b. 08-08-1947. Christene was put up for adoption in Roswell, New Mexico. She was adopted by John Herschal Elliott & Lou J. (Brooks) Elliott She married Stanley Howard Leach on 05-22-1974 in Lampasas, Texas and they had one son John Elliott Leach b. 02-20-1975. He drowned in 1996 in New Mexico. Christine was given up for adoption in Roswell, New Mexico. Christine also had a daughter while living at home in Roswell, New Mexico and she was given up for adoption in El Paso, Texas, her name was Tamara Leigh Elliott b. 11-17-1970. Christene is now living in the Veterans home in Amarillo, Texas where she is to remain till her death. 

Margaret Jo Patterson then had twin boys named David Edward and Daniel Edwin born 06-16-1949. These two twin boys were given up for adoption the same day in June of 1950 as their brothers Carl Wayne McDonald and James Richard Patterson. David Edward and Daniel Edwin were adopted by Mr. Elton & Millo Louise (Neal) Marcum.

Margaret Jo Patterson then had a daughter named Mary Ann Sanchez b. 04-10-1951,Her father was Herman Christopher Sanchez, Mary Ann was raised by her aunt & uncle, she is presently married to Monty Shaw and lives in Bosque Farms, New Mexico. (for more information on Mary Ann and her family go to the Trussell Family Page)

Margaret Jo Patterson then had a daughter named Dorothy Jean or Betty Sanchez b. 11-24-1953, her father is believed to also be Herman Christopher Sanchez,  she also was given up for adoption. (We are currently looking for any informaion on her)

Margaret Jo Patterson then married Donald Lyle Taylor on 09-01-1954 and they have three children:

1. Donna Lynn Taylor, b. 10-02-1955, she had a son named Michael Allen Taylor b. 11-24-1971, d. 09-01-2000 his father was Mitchell Elsman. Michael had a son named Trevor Don Taylor born 05-31-2000, Trevor�s mother is Jill Duccummon, Trevor lives with his mother in Oklahoma.

Donna Lynn Taylor then married #2 Richard Christianson, they had a daughter named Jennifer Lynn b. 08-30-1974. Jennifer married Roy Wayne DePew, and they have a son named Dylan Dayton Michael DePew b. 02-13-2002

Donna Lynn Taylor and Richard Christianson divorced and she then married Randy Wayne Dean 02-14-1977 and they had a son named Jeremiah Dayton Dean b. 02-04-1983.Jeremiah married Raven �Louisa� Meredith and they have three children: Michael Jerome b. 10-31-2002, Analissa Yazzmin b. 06-08-2004 and Kharizma Joylyn b. 08-15-2005

Donna married Clifton West 1988 and they had a daughter named Roxanne Lynn b. 03-16-1990. Roxanne married Steven Lee Harrison and they have a daughter named Summerlynn Joylee Harrison.

2. Carl Marion Taylor, b. 03-22-1957, he married Valerie Lynn Luhrs on 05-20-1974 and they had 2 children (a) Kimberly Ann Taylor b. 09-19-1974 & (b) Carl Bradley Taylor, Kimberly Ann & Bradley were both put up for adoption.

3. Donald Lyle �Rusty� Taylor (Jr.) b. 06-09-1959

      Rusty was awarded custody of Joshua Andrew �Josh� McRobbie b. 03-11-1992, by the court upon the death of his mother.

iv. Dorothy Ladean Patterson b. 04-01-1928, she married Merlin Floyd Klingle on 06-12-1946 they had 6 children:

1. David Eugene Klingle b. 06-11-1947, he married #1 Linda Joyce Settle on 03-22-1969,they had a son Jacob David Klingle b. 07-06-1977, then they divorced. David Eugene then married #2 Gail Marie Tinkham 01-11-1980 and they have two children (a) Joshua Eugene Klingle b. 02-06-1982 and (b) Jessica Sherylynn Louise Klingle b. 01-25-1987

(2) Glenn Floyd Klingle b. 08-07-1948, he married Paula Eve Alexander on 08-24-1968, they have 3 children. (a) Glenda Eve b. 04-06-1969 (b) Glenn Floyd Klingle II b. 05-16-1974 & (c) Paula Jean Klingle b. 01-31-1985

(3) Beverly June Klingle b. 02-20-1951, she married #1 a Williams and they had a daughter named Jennifer Lea Williams. She then married #2 Gary Ray Anderson on 11-08-1973 and they have 2 children (a) Amy Karen Anderson b. 07-29-1974 & (b) Merlin Floyd Anderson b. 06-30-1976

(4) James Lee Klingle b. 08-07-1952, he married Kim

Christine Partridge on 02-24-1973, they have 2

Children (a) James Lee Klingle (Jr.) b. 01-1974 &

(b) Christopher Lee Klingle b. 09-02-1975

(5) Kathy Elaine Klingle b. 07-18-1957, she married

Thomas Lane Fordyce on 07-31-1976, they have 4 children; (a) Leslie Ann Fordyce b. 09-08-1977 (b)

Lauren Danielle Fordyce b. 06-14-1984 (c) Laura Allison Fordyce b. 06-14-1984 (d) Thomas Land Fordyce II b. 01-03-1990(6) Lisa Beth Klingle b. 09-27-1965, she has 1 daughter named Alanna Louise b. 07-16-1997

v. Elsie Marie Patterson b. 11-02-1930, d. 08-05-2010, she married John Frank Botvidson on 11-15-1949. They had 3 children: (1) Joanna Marie Botvidson b. 11-11-1951, she married Samuel Lawrence Henry on 07-14-1973, they divorced.

(2) John Frank Botvidson (Jr.) b. 05-24-1954, he married Terri Jean (Freeman) Clark on 09-02-1978, they have a son named Justin Clark b. 11-22-1985

(3) David Charles Botvidson b. 02-01-1956, he married Teresa Denice Gilliam on 01-12-1979, they have a son named Christopher David Botvidson b. 06-26-1980

** added info on Grandpa Carl Patterson**

Grandpa Carl Lee Patterson then married Ruth Sell on 05-02-1950, they had one son: (1) Ronald Floyd Patterson b. 08-23-1951, d. 10-22-2006, he married Rebecca Marie Espinosa on 06-09-1973 and they had two children:

(a) Melissa Marie Patterson b. 12-23-1980, she married Christopher Thaddeus Figueroa on 01-03-2004, they have a son Jude Thaddeus Figueroa b. 02-10-2009.

(b) (b) Christopher Patrick Patterson b. 04-16-1982, married Sonia Yvette Perez on ________

(10) Spencer Elisha Medart, born 08-12-1892. He married Lorena Edna Miller on 07-08-1914. He died 05-13-1947 and is buried in Killeen Cemetery, Killeen, Texas. They had three children;

i. Daughter-no name- Stillborn 09-04-1915

ii. Son-no name- Stillborn 10-18-1916

iii. Edna Ruth Medart b. 03-07-1919, she married Leroy Dee Cowan, b. 03-24-1915 (they had no children)