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The family of David Alsup, maybe descending from George Alsope, of Derbyshire  England. (Updated 22 Sep 2011)

Recent discovery of documents in late 2008 have proven the children of Benjamin Alsop and Nellie of Spotsylvania Co, VA.

Therefore, this family did NOT descend specifically from Benjamin & Nellie, as outlined in Vol 1, page 157.

The children of Benjamin Alsop and Nellie were named in three separate court documents, and none of them named Joseph Alsop


Listed below are possible siblings of Joseph Alsup (abt 1748-1817), as the first five were all connected by shreds of evidence in documents.

They also were NOT named in any recent discovery of wills and lawsuits (as heirs), and they cannot be connected to any known Spotsylvania parentage.


This is the Hanover County Alsup clan.  Additionally positive DNA evidence (David Alsup) connects this clan.


The first five children were all connected by shreds of evidence in documents. They also were NOT named in any recent discovery of wills

and lawsuits (such as heirs of Benjamin & Nellie Alsop), and they cannot be connected to any known Spotsylvania parentage.

(This family is also known as the Douglas County Alsup clan.) 


1.Joseph Alsop showed up in Fayette Co, KY by 1789.

   A Joseph Alsup jr (with family) disappeared from Pittsylvania Co, VA a couple years earlier.


2. Elizabeth Alsop, and husband John Darnaby, were part of a lawsuit on behalf of the heirs of Joseph Alsop. She must have been a sister to Joseph.

However, a witness to John Darnaby’s will was Beverly Alsop Hicks, s/o Thomas S. Hicks & Lucy Alsop (Lucy was a daughter of Samuel 1738-1814 & Anne)


3. Susannah Alsop had three husbands, the second was Steven Harmon. Her first son, Lewis Harmon, married Polly Gray, the daughter of James Gray,

and sister to Rosannah Gray, who married James Alsop, oldest son of Joseph Alsop.

    Her third husband was Henry Bass. Both daughters married sons of James Gray. They all moved to Monroe Co, IN.


4. Reuben Alsop who married Peggy Sale, named John Darnaby in a legal document. (Reuben may have a different parentage)

  Reuben was in Gibson Co, IN by 1809, as he was involved in an Election on 22 May at the home of Jacob Warrick.

5. John Alsop who married Eleanor Wren, showed up in Montgomery Co, KY, bought land in Vincennes, Knox Co, IN in 1816, and then moved to Monroe Co, IN,

where many of these specific family members also migrated. John may have been a brother or son to Joseph Alsop, or possibly a brother to Reuben Alsop.


6. The George Alsop listed was on Fayette Co, KY tax lists with Joseph Alsop.  (Circumstantial, maybe from a different clan)


Sally Sarah Alsop, a daughter of Joseph Alsop, married Richard Rieger. Richard Rieger was named as a son in the will of Jacob Rieger in 1798 in

Pittsylvania Co, VA.   There was no other Richard Rieger to be found in the U.S. who was born in VA before 1800.


Jacob Rieger was a close neighbor of the Alsup’s of Pittsylvania Co, VA. Thomas Alsup was named (non-legatee) in Jacob’s will.

In 1793, Jacob Rieger sold property bounded by that of Joseph Alsup (sr).

If additional proof of descendency is found, this page will update the corrections/additions.


First Generation


George Alsope, (abt 1643- aft 1694) was probably born in Chesterfield Parish, Derbyshire, England.

He was transported to Accomack Co., VA by William Taylor, on Nov 17, 1664.

He was awarded land between Occohanock Creek and Matchepungoe.

On March 13, 1665, Ann Ossipe, wife of George, was transported by same to Virginia.

Source: Alsup's Table, Vol 1, Page 147.

Children of George Alsope and wife, Anne Ossipe:

1. George Alsop b. bef 1664 - ?

2. William Alsop  b. abt 1670 - ?                            

3. Gilbert Alsop, b. abt 1656 – 1705,  m. Elizabeth _,     (4 known children)

Note: There were at least two men named William Alsup/Alsop in VA in this era. They had different death dates.

Therefore, maybe a 50% chance of this being correct.


Second Generation    (Circumstantial evidence only)


William Alsup  (abt 1660-aft 1730) & Unk (2nd was Mary East md: 1721-1723, probably no children)

Known children of William Alsup and wife, Unk

1. William Alsup jr 1690 – 1788   m. Unk.

2. Benjamin Alsup (abt 1680-1748)  & wife Susannah (abt 1681-aft 1748) (Circumstantial)

Note: The differential in age of William Alsup (b: abt1660 vs First Generation listing, which shows abt 1670)


Third Generation


Joseph Alsup  & wife Unk.  (1705-1785)   Halifax Co, VA

The children of Joseph Alsup were named by circumstantial evidence:

1. Unk son Alsop,  abt 1729

4. Robert Alsup   abt 1729 to 1787, possibly moved to NC by 1787.


Fourth Generation


Robert Alsup (c1729 –c aft 1787) possibly NC  (This is pure speculation, however, I feel the grandfather is correct.)

The first five children listed below were connected by either court documents or family migration to Monroe Co, IN.

1. Joseph Alsop (b. abt 1748- 1817) Hanover County, VA, m. Elizabeth ___

2. Elizabeth Alsop 1757-1832 m. 1782 , Lexington, KY, John Darnaby                      (7 children)

3. Reuben Alsop 1760-1822,  m. Peggy Sale    (10 named children) (Recent document discovery showed

Reuben was in Caroline Co, VA in 1781, Per War Petition records. Therefore, he may have been of a different parentage)

4. Susannah Alsop,  c1770, m (1) _ Cogshill (2) 1794 Stephen Harmon (3) 1803, Henry Bass (0 + 1 + 2)

5. John ALSOP 1776-bef 1829, IL, m. 23 Jan 1800, Montgomery Co., KY, Eleanor Wren (10 children)

6. George Alsop, b. Abt. 1751, , VA, d. Bef. 1800, Fayette Co., KY. (Unmarried).  (Only connected by Fayette Tax List)



Fifth Generation


Joseph Alsop, b. abt 1748-1817, prob Hanover County, VA, moved to Fayette Co, KY, abt 1789,

The four children named in Joseph Alsop’s will were:

1. Allen Alsop b. abt 1785, Caroline Co., VA, m. 1815, Rebecca Wilson.                (No known issue)

2. Sally Sarah Alsop, b. abt 1786-aft 1850  m. 18 Dec 1809 Richard Rieger,           (3 children found)

3. Bartlett Alsop, 1790- bef 1870 IN, m. 21 Sept 1807 Delilah Daniel (4 children, 5 others not found)

4. James Alsop, b. 1791-abt 1849, m. 31 Dec 1812, Rosanna Gray, (1796, KY-aft 1880)


Sixth Generation


James Alsop, b. 1791, Fayette County, KY, d. bef 1850 in either Spencer or Shelby Co.

Rosannah Gray Alsop lived with her children past 1880, where she was enumerated in

Daviess Co., KY with her youngest son, Henry. Rosanna’s father, James Gray, was

named as an executor of Joseph Alsop’s will (father of James Alsop).

The children of James Alsop & Rosannah Gray were:

      1. Elizabeth Alsop.  1814- 1884, m. 6 Jan 1836, Christopher II Sutt, 1814-1888           (7 children)

      2. Rebecca Alsop, b. 1818-1912, m. 10 Aug 1837, George Cook  c1815-c1848.        (3 children)

      3. William Penn Alsop, 1819-1871, IL, m. (1) DeQuincy Terrell (2) Letitia Jackson (6 + 5 children)

      4. James Alsop, 1826-1840. Died young, (maybe)

      5. David O. Alsop 1827-1898  m. 1 Oct 1845 Mary Ellen Houser 1830-1876.

      6. Andrew Beda Alsop 1830-1880 m. 7 Jan 1861, Joanna Sparks 1839-1931.              (4 children)

      7. Henry L. Alsop 1837-1911 m. 21 Jan 1858, Mary Elizabeth Richardson 1834- c.1909. (8 children)

         Andrew and Henry changed the spelling of their last names to Alsip.


Seventh Generation


David O. Alsop, married Mary Ellen Houser. The Houser clan began migrating to Logan County, IL.

David & family moved there abt 1859. They lived on a houseboat for a few years, and they fished for

their food. David served in the Civil War. By 1870, they owned property. Mary Ellen died in 1876,

and David married (2) Josephine Mann in 1877.


The children of David O. Alsop & Mary Ellen Houser were:

      1. Elizabeth Parilee Alsop 1847-1923 m.(1) Dr. David Killebrew, (2) Johnson Dowdy (3 + 3 children)

      2. Laura Belle Alsop m.(1) Quincy Dunham, (2) Charles Whitton                             (6 + 2 children)

      3. Jonas Houser Alsop 1852-1865, died young.

      4. Katherine Lorene Alsop 1854-1933 m. (1) Monroe Dunham, (2) Robert Walters (5 + 6 children)

      5. James Brazilor Alsop 1857-1930 m. 1899, Maggie McBrayer, divorced.      (2 sons died young)

      6. Sarah Frances Alsop 1859-1950 m. 28 Nov 1883 Charles Leslie Coburn 1854-1930 (2 children)

      7. Ella Olive Alsop 1861-1905   Possibly died unmarried.

      8. Edward Grant Alsup 1865-1947 m. 30 Aug 1891 Armina Frances Tevis 1867-1931

      9. Charles Leslie Alsop 1868-1913 m. 4 Jan 1905 Mae Elizabeth Newman 1885-1961 (4 children)

      10. Mary Rose Alsop 1871-? m. Jesse Trent,  divorced    (1 child out of wedlock, Harold Fuller)

      11. Thomas Frank Alsop 1875-1936 Unmarried.


Eighth Generation


Edward Grant Alsup, b. Atlanta, Logan County, IL, changed the spelling of his last name to Alsup.

Edward relocated to SW Missouri abt 1909, then on to the Tulsa Area, where he spent his last years.

1. William David Alsup 1893-1957 m. (1) Florence Marie Lawson, (2) Rowena Thomas

      2. Maud Alsup 1895-1918 m. Charles Lowellen. Maud died in the Flu Pandemic of 1918. (no issue).

      3. Velma Francis Alsup 1897-1985 m. Wade Cecil Crull (2) Clyde Younger                   (3 children)

      4. Edward A. Alsup 1898-1898, died young.

      5. Fred L. Alsup 1902-1935 m. Gladys Shoopman, Inez Ledford. Fred was shot by police. (3 children)

      6. Cordie Marie Alsop 1903-1904, died young

      7. George W. Alsup 1904-1987 m. 8 April 1928, Hazel Marie Cunningham, 1912-2000 (3 children)

      8. Claude J. Alsup 1907-1962, m. (1) Freddie __, (2) Ethel Ledgerwood                             (no issue).

      9. Clyde Samuel Alsup 1909-1986 m. 12 Nov 1931, Velma Ralston 1916-2002              (7 children)


Ninth Generation


William David Alsup, married Florence Lawson. They partied for the first seven years. Finally, they

settled down and produced seven children. Life was difficult in the Ozarks during the depression, and

food was scarce. Willie worked two jobs to make ends meet. He once bought a lead mine and he

worked it with his uncle, Frank. The mine did not produce, and they had to abandon the operation.

Florence died at age 47, and Willie remarried Charlsie Rowena Thomas. He spent his last years with

Rowena. Willie smoked, and in late 1956, he had a lung removed. Willie never left the hospital. He

died a few months later, a victim of lung cancer, at the age of 63.

      1. William Edward Alsup 1921-2000 m. 31 Jan 1942, Ethel Mae Kostow

      2. Pauline Elizabeth  Alsup 1922-1999  m  (1) James Pennington, m (2) Jolly Friend Mayfield

      3. Freddie Leroy Alsup 1924-1981   m. (1) Audrey Hall, m (2) Louise Cantrell                (No issue)

      4. Velma Lee Alsup 1926-1999   m. Jack Thornley Pohl                                                  (3 children)

      5. Virginia Lee Alsup 1931-1990   m.   (Living)

      7. Carl David Alsup 1933 – 2011   m.   (Unk) One Child         

      8. Joanne Alsup 1936 -                   m     (Living) Three children


Tenth Generation


William Edward Alsup, was a wanderer, and a dreamer. He was called “Edward” by his family,

and “Bill”, by his friends. Many times in his youth, he would hop trains and ride to New York, or

New Orleans, to find any kind of work. When WW2 broke out, he went to Canada attempting to join

the Canadian Air Force. The Canadians removed him back to Buffalo, NY, where he met Ethel

Kostow. William  joined the U.S. Army Air Corps, and he became a Morse Code Instructor. During the War,

William became sick with an unknown illness. The doctors did not have a cure, so they advised him

to move to a warmer climate. In 1952, he sold everything, packed his belongings, and moved his

family to Phoenix. The family again made a move in 1962, to the Los Angeles area, where he spent

the rest of his days. He died on Dec 1, 2000, at age 79, of lung problems (pulmonary fibrosis)

brought on by smoking in his early years, and contracting Valley fever while living in Phoenix.

      1. David Peter Alsup b. 1942, Buffalo, NY

      2. Judith Ann Alsup

      3. Kathleen Marie Alsup

      4. William Edward II Alsup


Eleventh Generation


David Peter Alsup, grew up in Phoenix, AZ. He finished college at Arizona State University with a

double degree in Construction Engineering and Business. His business career took him across the

country; living,  working, and raising a family, in eight cities over a span of 30 years. He finally

relocated back to the Los Angeles area, rejoining family, in 1995.