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Meet the Family

We will periodically highlight various members of the Alsup/Alsop DNA Project. The first person we will look at is our project administrator, David P. Alsup.

David Peter Alsup was born in Buffalo, New York, the oldest of four children of William Edward Alsup and Ethel Kostow.

David’s father, William Alsup, contracted an unknown illness while in the Army in World War II. Due to this unknown illness, doctors suggested the family move to a warm climate. At age 10, the family packed everything and moved to Arizona. David grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. He finished college at Arizona State University with a double degree in Engineering and Business. His business career took him across the country--living, working, and raising a family, in eight cities over a span of 30 years. He finally relocated to the Los Angeles area, rejoining family in 1994.

David O. and Mary Alsup Family about 1867

David is an 11th generation American born Alsop. He can trace his roots to the late 1600’s in Virginia. His ancestors were true pioneers and patriots, as he can document family members who fought for freedom in every U.S. war. His ancestors fought in the Civil War for both sides. He also can trace at least four direct ancestors who fought in the American Revolution.

The desire to trace his family roots came from both parents, who were history buffs. His mother is a second generation Ukrainian American. She had a relentless desire to find her origins, which helped David build a similar desire.

His father had dozens of cousins, and he knew most of them. His memory of childhood stories passed down from the elders was repeated many times at family gatherings. In the late 90’s, David had a heavy travel schedule, and he began to blend business trips with family research. Most of his father’s stories turned out to be true, and David, in his travels, found more specific data to add to these stories.

At this time, lot of the Alsop family history was also being researched by others, namely Jerry Alsup, Reba Alsup, and the late Henry Conor. By connecting with these other Alsop researchers, David’s information was greatly enhanced. Thanks can be given, as these three people had produced mountains of Alsop data.

There is a lot of family research still to be done. For example, if David can find one more shred of evidence of connection, he will confirm a great-great uncle who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery during the Civil War.

The enclosed photo is that of David O. Alsop, and wife Mary Ellen Houser, great-great grandparents of David Peter Alsup. The picture was taken just after the Civil War in Atlanta, Illinois. The young male child on David’s lap is Edward Grant Alsop (born in 1865), great-grandfather of David Peter Alsup.