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Descendants of Heinrich WAGNER


5. Heinrich Wilhelm WAGNER

Taken from a newspaper article titled "Old Resident Recalls" circa 1950:
Early days in Toowoomba were recalled yesterday by Mr H. W. Wagner, and 80 years old native of this city, to in his years was the first boy to be employed delivering newspapers in the Toowoomba area. The "Chronicle" building was situated on the southern side of Margaret Street in those days, and printing was not the push button affair it is today. Mr Wagner remembers watching the tiring work at the cumbersome hand presses as he and other paper always waited around the office until the "Chronicle" came out at 3:30 am. "Usually we were roped in to helping with the folding of the papers each of which had to be done separately" he said.
Mr Wagner was one of six sons of German parents. His mother and father came to Australia in the 1850s and were married at Drayton by Archdeacon Glennie. All of his five brothers followed him into newspaper delivering. Later on he went droving and shearing and then lived for 50 years on his dairy farm Cedarvale at the foot of the range. His wife, whom he married in 1895 died in 1935. They raised a family of 10 children, all of whom are still living.
Mr Wagner's brother Mr August Wagner, was a printer at the chronicle for many years and enlisted when the Boer War broke out. He claimed to be the first non commissioned officer in the British Dominions to volunteer for active service in South Africa. On his return he settled down to be training and racing of horses. Mr Wagner retired from his dairy farm three years ago and now is living in retirement in Toowoomba. Looking back over the years, he has only one comment to make "Some used to think it was a hard life but I always had good fun".

36. Herbert George WAGNER

The sudden death of Herbert George Wagner on July 3 has broken a link in one of the oldest pioneering families in Queensland. The late Mr Wagner to live at 35 Thorpe Street, Indooroopilly, was a son of the late H. W. Wagner and a grandson of the late Henry Wagner one of the to the pioneer bullock dray owners to transported goods from Goondiwindi to the banks of Bremer River in Ipswich where they met the sailing ships linking Sydney to that point. Henry Wagner was also one of the first selectors at Middle Ridge Toowoomba (then part of the Eton Vale cattle station). Over the years descendants have kept the family name in the district and part of the original selection is still in the family name.
Herbert Wagner was born in Toowoomba on November 1 1899, and spent his boyhood day's with his parents at Cedar Vale at the foot of the old Toll Bar, at what is still known as Wagner's Dip.
He was one of the first pupils on the role of the Rangeville school, and with his brothers and sisters often travelled the five miles to and from school on foot. He was the school mounted bugler, and a member of the Rangeville group of boy scouts.
Both the school and the scouts were under the leadership of well-known Mr Thomas Henderson who now at 89 is known to all as The Grand Old Man.
Herbert Wagner was also a keen footballer in his youth. The school team was coached by the famous Bob Meibusch.
Mr Wagner was a dental technician and received his early training for his profession with the late Mr Nolan and Dr Wilcox, of Toowoomba. He followed this profession until the time of his death, and was an executive member of the Dental Technician's Association.

Maud Winifred FITZGERALD

My father James Francis Fitzgerald was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia in 1870
My mother Ivy May Asher was born in Christchurch, New Zealand about 1885 and was of the Catholic faith and Maori descent. She migrated to Queensland with her family about 1887
My parents were known as the Flying Jordans Trapeze act and they toured the world and Australia with the Wirth Brothers Circus. While on tour in the United States of America they were married in New York City on New Year's Eve c. 1905. After a tragic accident while touring North Queensland c. 1906 they left the circus and changed their name to Collins. This was because of a legal matter with Wirth Brothers and the name of the Tapeze act.

7. Johann Gottlieb WAGNER

Johann Gottleib (Gus) and Emma were publicans running the family Federal Hotel in Gatton andpurchasing the freehold to the Gladstone Hotel Neil Street Toowoomba. They had an interest in racehorses and had a horse Weetwood which was successful in Toowoomba and Brisbane. Emma was active in charities, Red Cross and St Vincent's Hospital and was well respected for her work.