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YORK's in the Military

War of 1812 - page lists York's who served

Revolutionary War Service Records 1775-83

The following 2 people are from Rabun County , GA:

Buster (John) York merchant marine who died 1/19/1941 when his ship was torpedoed off New York

Miss Maude York chairperson of a committe of the Jr Red Cross  in 11/1918

Vietnam Casualties: Fallen Heroes

Name Rank Residence

YORK, Daniel Webster,       CWO/Chief Warrant Officer,      Tulsa, OK

YORK, Don Joseph      CPT/Captain,       Asheville, NC

YORK, Emmett Lee, Jr      SSG/Staff Sergeant,       Corpus Christi, TX

YORK, Gary Wilson      SP4/Specialist 4,       Atlanta, GA

YORK, Henry      CPL/Corporal,       North Babylon, NY

YORK, Ivol Micheal      SGT/Sergeant,       Peru, IN

YORK, Joel Craig      SP4/Specialist 4,      Fort Walton Beach, FL

YORK, Lanny Allen      1LT/First Lieutenant,       Muscatine, IA

YORK, Larry Lee      CPL/Corporal,       Trumbauersville, PA

YORK, Robert Leo      PFC/Private First Class,       Maple Shade, NJ

YORK, William Prather      LCPL/Lance Corporal,       Liberty, NC

See Fallen Heroes/Vietnam Memorial here:

WW11 Honor Roll

Name    Rank     Serial No.     Date of Death     Cemetery

YORK ALFRED I    CPL 31398650 January 15, 1945 EC

YORK CARL        U PFC 31424801 June 13, 1946 LO

YORK CLARENCE D    PFC 36807133 April 5, 1945 HN

YORK CLYDE B    MM1C 00220479 June 13, 1943 EC

YORK CLYDE L   TM3C 03562475 November 25, 1945 ML

YORK GRADY A JR     AOM3C 05568232 February 23, 1945 HN

YORK HOLDEN E    LT/JG/ 0-328562 May 11, 1945 HN

YORK HOWARD J   CPL 16005878 August 3, 1943 SR

YORK JAMES E    STM1C 08547339 May 1, 1945 HN

YORK JAMES H    LT COL 01699563 January 25, 1946 ML

YORK JAMES W    SSGT 34476463 April 18, 1945 LO

YORK JAMES W    SSGT 38220185 October 13, 1944 SR

YORK JOHN F    PVT 12007067 October 24, 1944 ML

YORK JOHN P    SGT 39342343 January 21, 1945 CA

YORK MARION A    SGT 38683331 March 2, 1945 NE

YORK MAX E    2LT 0-696670 April 26, 1944 HN

YORK MAX L    QM3C 03867256 October 25, 1944 ML

YORK OSCAR C    PVT 35564178 July 15, 1944 NA

YORK RAY E    S1C 02641610 May 28, 1945 HN

YORK ROBERT E L   SSGT 06288668 March 10, 1944 ML

YORK ROBERT J    TEC5 06070064 August 29, 1943 ML

YORK SAMUEL G   SSGT 34773703 October 12, 1944 HC

YORK WALTER A    TEC4 38333952 July 10, 1944 NO

YORK WALTER E   TEC5 14041423 July 11, 1943 SR

YORK WALTER KEITH    PFC 00295235 June 16, 1944 HN

YORK WILBURN R   TEC5 34473835 March 25, 1945 LO

YORK WILLIAM H    PFC 38082957 June 29, 1944 NO

YORK WILLIAM L   ENS 0-418982 March 19, 1945 HN

YORKE RICHARD A    CAPT 0-432675 March 8, 1943 ML

YORKE WILBERT R   TSGT 31317380 April 6, 1945 ML

YORKO WILLIAM J    PVT 06896441 October 6, 1944 NE


Civil War Letters of Galutia YORK

Sergeant John F. York Fourteenth Regiment, NYSM, Co. E Company E 1842- 1929

Misc. places/YORK's military:

Name     Rank     Residence     Line      Comments

York, Gershom     Private Vermont  New Hampshire

York, Isaac    Private Maine  Massachusetts

York, Isaac       Private Maine  New Hampshire  --Isaac York, 2d

York, John        Private Kentucky  Virginia

York, Joseph      Private New Hampshire  New Hampshire

York, Joshua      Private Kentucky  Pennsylvania

York, Robert      Private New Hampshire  New Hampshire

York, Samuel       Private New Hampshire  New Hampshire

York, Sawney      Private Connecticut  Connecticut

York, William Ring      Private Maine  Massachusetts

First Maine Heavy Artillary Roster:
Franklin York,     (also known as Lewis F. YORK)   Company K,  PP: 375/445
George A. York,     Company D,  PP: 283/316/442


“A STATEMENT of the names of all the pensioners for services during the revolutionary war, pensioned under the act of Congress of the 18th March, 1818, whose names were struck off by virtue of the act of 1st May, 1820, specifying those restored to pensions by the act of 1st March, 1823, or since again pensioned under the act of 15th May, 1828, the act of June 7, 1832, or any other act of Congress subsequent to that of the 1st May, 1820, prepared in conformity with a resolution of the House of Representatives of the United States of the 17th December1835.”


Name    State Roll Act(s) Under Which Restored     Remarks

York, Gershom                 Vermont      March 1, 1823 [none]

York, Isaac            Maine June 7, 1832 [none]

York, Isaac,               2d Maine June 7, 1832 [none]

York, Joshua                 Kentucky March 1, 1823 [none]

York, William Ring       Maine June 7, 1832 [none]


Source: Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting a list of the names of pensioners, under the act of 18th of March, 1818, whose names were struck off the list by act of 1st May, 1820, and subsequently restored, &c., &c. February 25, 1836.

Civil War Pension Claims for 1906 Rabun County, GA
Pendergrass, H.P. Enlisted Co. "I" 59th GA March 1861. Z
Surrendered Apr. 18th 1865 Meridian, Miss. Infirmity and poverty.
Witnesses-W. E. Long and  J. M. YORK


Alvin York World War I Hero

Sgt. Alvin York

Thumbnail Bio of York

Alvin York Historic Park - TN
The Sgt. Alvin C. York State Historic Park, located in Pall Mall, Tennessee, pays tribute to Sgt. Alvin C. York, the backwoods marksman from the mountains of Tennessee who became one of the most decorated soldiers of World War I. York's fame rose from his legendary exploits on October 8, 1918 in the Argonne Forest in France. Leading a small patrol, York was sent out to eliminate flanking machine gun fire that was halting the advance of his regiment. York found himself alone opposing a German machine gun unit. With rifle and pistol he engaged the enemy. The fight ended with more than twenty Germans dead. Then, the other one hundred and thirty-two soldiers, including four officers and thirty-five machine guns, became discouraged and surrendered to York and six of his comrades. For that he was decorated with a dozen metals, including the Congressional Medal of Honor and the French Croix de Guerre. He has been honored by a 10-foot statue on the grounds of the State Capitol in Nashville, and his medals and trophies may be seen at the Tennessee State Museum. 
The historic park includes the York family farm and the grist mill he operated for many years on the banks of the Wolf River.


Wolf River CemeteryPall Mall, Tennessee

Lots of info here about Sgt. York - Includes diaries of Sgt. York's and pictures!!


The following website is a biography which includes some ....

Genealogy of Sergeant York


Nashville (AP)- The family of Alvin C York, one of America's most decorated war heroes, agreed Monday to lend documents and other memorabilia to the Sgt. York Historical Association and to the state. The announcement was made Monday to commemorate York's actions on Oct. 8, 1918, during a World War I battle in the Argonne Forest in France. York, then a Corporal, got seperated from his squadand single-handedly battled several Germanmachine gun placements. He was awarded the Medal Of Honor by the United States and the Croix De Guerre by the French goverment. W. Lipscomb "Buzz" Davis of the Sgt. York Historical Association said a personal diary York kept during his military service, personal correspondence and family photos are among the items made available to the association through the agreement with the York family. He said the association would work with a curator to identify and catalog the artifacts and documents lent by the family. The Tennessee State Library and Archives will coordinate the preservation and conservation of the papers, photographs and certificates. "We think it very important to remember not only what he did, but why he did it. The principles and values by which he lived before, during and after his military service made him a great American citizen and soldier." said Andrew J York, son of the war hero.........

"The Civil War Centennial Commisson of Tennessee" UNION ARMY:

YORK, ALEXANDER M. -   Lt. Col. G Co 15th U.S. Cld. Inf.

YORK, BRISCO       Pvt, D Co. 40th U.S. Cld. Inf.

YORK, CAGE -   Pvt. D Co. 2nd Inf.

YORK, CALEB -      Pvt. D. Co. 11th Cav.

YORK, CHRISENBERRY B. -     Pvt. B Co. 9th Cav.

YORK, FRANCIS M. -     Pvt. G Co. 7th MI

YORK, GEORGE -     Pvt. Beaty's Co. Indpt. Scts.

YORK, HAYWOOD -      Pvt. A Co. 8th MI

YORK, HENRY -     Pvt. B. Co. 14th U.S. Cld. Inf.

YORK, HEWILT W. -      Pvt. A Co. 8th MI

YORK, JAMES -     Pvt. H Co. 1st Inf.

YORK, JAMES -      Pvt. G Co. 7th MI

YORK, JAMES M. -     Pvt. F Co. 1st MI

YORK, JESSE -      Pvt. A Co. 1st L-Arty. Bn.

YORK, JOHN -     1 Lt. H Co. 1st Inf.

YORK, JOSEPH -      Pvt. F Co. 1st MI

YORK, LEANDER W. -      Pvt. H Co. 9th Cav.

YORK, LEANDER W. -      Pvt. B Co 11th Cav.

YORK, MANUEL -       Pvt. J Co. 9th Cav.

YORK, MARION L. -      Pvt. E Co. 10th Inf.

YORK, MARTIN F. -      Pvt. J Co. 1st MI

YORK, MARTIN T.      Pvt. A Co. 8th MI

YORK, MEREDITH H. -      Pvt. E Co 1st MI

YORK, MITCHELL -       Pvt. Beaty's Co. Indpt. Scts.

YORK, NATHAN A. -      Cpl. L Co 1st Cav.

YORK, RICHARD      Wagoner K Co. 17th U.S. Cld Inf.

YORK, SIMON      Pvt. 13th Cav.

YORK, THOMAS -      Pvt. C Co. 9th Cav.

YORK, URIAH M. -      Pvt. H Co. 1st Inf.

YORK, WILLIAM -      Pvt. B Co. 1st L-Arty. Bn.

YORK, WILLIAM -      Cpl. D Co. 8th MI

YORK, WILLIAM -      Pvt. C Co. 9th Cav.

YORK, WILLIAM A. -      Pvt. E Co. 1st MI

YORK, WILLIAM A. -      Pvt. F Co. 1st MI

YORK, WILLIAM C. -      Pvt. H Co. 1st Inf.

YORK, WILLIAM H. -      A. Surg. 15th U.S. Cld. Inf.

" Civil War Centennial Commission of Tennessee" CONFEDERATE ARMY:

YORK, AARON -      Pvt. B Co. 16th Cav.

YORK, A. C. -     Pvt. I Co. 16th Inf.

YORK, A. C. -      Sgt. C Co. 35th Inf.

YORK, CALAWAY -      Pvt. D Co. 3rd (Lillard's) MI

YORK, CHARLES FRANKLIN -      Pvt. A Co. 40th Inf.

YORK, DOCK -      Pvt. B Co. 16th Cav.

YORK, D. P. -      Sgt. I Co. 21st (Wilson's) Cav.

YORK, D. P. -      Pvt. K Co. 21/22 Cav.

YORK, E. A. -     Pvt.K Co. 26th Inf.

YORK, E. A. -      Pvt. Cons. Cp. Instr.

YORK, E. M. -      2nd Cav.

YORK, ENOCH H. -      Pvt. Burrough's L-Arty. Co.

YORK, F. M. -     Capt. D Co. 16th Inf.

YORK, G. W. -      Pvt. E Co. 16th Inf.

YORK, HARMON -      Capt. I Co. 16th Inf.

YORK, HARRISON F. -      Pvt. D Co. 32nd Inf.

YORK, H. L. -     Pvt. B Co. 51st Inf.

YORK, H. L. -      Pvt. H Co. 51st Con. Inf.

YORK, JAMES -     Pvt. B Co. 19th Cav.

YORK, JAMES C. -      Pvt. E Co. 5th Cav.

YORK, JAMES F. -      Pvt. F Co. 4th (McLemore's) Cav.

YORK, JAMES T. -      Pvt. 5th Cav.

YORK, JESSE J. E. -      Pvt. C Co. 14th Inf.

YORK, J. N. -      Pvt. E Co. 8th Cav.

YORK, JOHN -           Pvt. 3rd (Clack's) Inf.

YORK, JOHN -      Pvt. G Co. 35th Inf.

YORK, JOHN - Pvt. B Co. Cons. Cp. Instr.

YORK, JOHN E. -      Cpl. I Co. 16th Inf.

YORK, JOHN F. -      Pvt. I Co. 7th Inf.

YORK, JOHN H. -      Pvt. 4th Inf.

YORK, JOHN W. -      Pvt. F Co. 12th Cav.

YORK, J. OLIVER -      Pvt. H Co. 1st (Feild's) Inf.

YORK, JOSEPH -      Pvt. D. Co. 3rd (Lillard's) MI

YORK, JOSEPH A. -      Pvt D Co. 3rd Cav.

YORK, M. A. -      Pvt. B Co. 19th Cav.

YORK, M. D. -      Pvt. D Co. 3rd (Lillard's) MI

YORK, D. J. -      Capt. A Co. 13th Cav.

YORK, O. J. -      1 Sgt. E Co. 22nd Inf. Bn.

YORK, PLEASANT -      Pvt. B Co. 29th Inf.

YORK, PRESLEY POLK -      Pvt. A Co. 40th Inf.

YORK, P. S. -      Pvt. D Co. 38th Inf.

YORK, ROBERT -      Pvt. K Co. 6th Cav.

YORK, SANFORD -      Pvt. K Co. 38th Inf.

YORK, S. R. -      Sgt. I Co. 16th Inf.

YORK, T. J. -      Pvt.  D Co. 3rd (Lillard's) MI

YORK, T. A. -      Pvt. C Co. 61st MI

YORK, THADD -      Pvt. K Co. 48th (Voorhies') Inf.

YORK, THOMAS -      Pvt. F Co. 4th (Murray's) Cav.

YORK, THOMAS -      Pvt. H Co. 34th Inf.

YORK, THOMAS A. -      Pvt. D Co. 4th Cav. Bn.

YORK, THOMAS J. -      3 Lt. E Co. 16th Inf.

YORK, THOMAS R. -     Pvt. E Co. 32nd Inf.

YORK, T. J. -      Pvt. H Co. 20th Inf.

YORK, T. W. -      Pvt. 22nd Inf.

YORK, T. W. -      2 Lt. C Co. 48th (Nixon's) Inf.

YORK, T. W. -      Pvt. Sowell's Inf. Det.

YORK, U. L. -      Pvt. H Co. 19th Inf.

YORK, U. L. -      Adjt. F&S 63rd Inf.

YORK, W. F. -      Pvt. D Co. 35th Inf.

YORK, W. H. -      Pvt. A Co. 13th Cav.

YORK, WILLIAM -      Pvt. D Co. 19th Inf.

YORK, WILLIAM B. -      Pvt. G Co. 6th Inf.

YORK, WILLIAM B. -      F&S 34th Inf.

YORK, WILLILAM H. -      Pvt. D Co. 32nd Inf.


Confederate Naval Pesonnel
Franklin YORK,
b.  Randolph County, North Carolina
pre-war occupation, seaman; enlisted in the Confederate States Navy, March 18, 1864; served as landsman, CSS Albemarle, and Halifax Station, 1864. [CSN Shipping Articles; ORN 2, 1, 274.]
47th KY Mounted Infantry, Co. A
YORK, Alfred


YORK, E.H.-   PENSION #: S12830      COUNTY: Johnson UNIT: 54th N.C. Inf.
YORK, E.M.   PENSION #: S16308      COUNTY: Warren UNIT: 2nd Cav.
YORK, Eli Milton.    WIDOW: YORK, Lizzie   PENSION #: W9836      COUNTY: Warren
YORK, John W.    WIDOW: YORK, Margaret Rachel   PENSION #: W4075   COUNTY: Williamson
YORK, Moses Alexander.    WIDOW: YORK, Jennie   PENSION #: W8684   COUNTY: Shelby
YORK, Moss Alexander   PENSION #: S10435    COUNTY: Tipton UNIT: 19th (Biffle's). Cav.
YORK, Uriah L.    WIDOW: YORK, Mary D.   PENSION #: W1655    COUNTY: Sullivan
YORK, William B. PENSION #: S12078     COUNTY: Crockett UNIT: 6th Inf.
YORK, William Blackburn.    WIDOW: YORK, Elizabeth Frances   PENSION #: W6678    COUNTY: Crockett
submitted by Mary Morgan Robertson*

James Allison York's location
Headstone Inscription & Sentiments
1936 Photo of the tombstone of James Allison YORK
Birth Date 07/04/1800- Death Date 02/16/1869 Service to Texas Eligibility  REPUBLIC OF TEXAS VETERAN Biography Additional Information,  Reinterred from Sweethome, Lavaca Co., Texas in 1936 Burial Site Section Republic Hill, Section 1 Row U Plot 3


Contact your local library to arrange an Interlibrary Loan of the microfilm reels you wish to view. The reels are also available for viewing in the Genealogy Collection of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

York PD:Davis, Samuel S. 254 Reel:148 Fr:0337-0337

York (Capt.) AU:Allison, Moses 7299 Reel:002 Fr:0315-0315

York (Capt.) AU:Bell, William 6260 Reel:007 Fr:0272-0272

York (Capt.) AU:Jack, Spencer H. 6922 Reel:051 Fr:0083-0083

York (Capt.) AU:Lockhart, Washington 9503 Reel:061 Fr:0665-0665

York (Capt.) AU:Sherrer, Bernard 7829 Reel:095 Fr:0397-0397

York (Capt.) PE:Allen, Mary A. N/A Reel:200 Fr:0557-0557

York (Capt.) PE:Balch, John N/A Reel:201 Fr:0584-0584

York (Capt.) PE:Foster, James N/A Reel:215 Fr:0420-0434

York (Capt.) PE:Thornton, William N/A Reel:242 Fr:0127-0127

York, E.M. PE:Cayce, Mary F. N/A Reel:208 Fr:0217-0234

York, Harrison AU:York, Harrison 9202 Reel:119 Fr:0032-0034

York, James A. AU:York, James A. 1570 Reel:119 Fr:0035-0039

York, James A. AU:York, Thomas 8063 Reel:119 Fr:0049-0056

York, James A. PD:York, James A. 3054 Reel:199 Fr:0007-0014

York, James Alllison PD:Tobin, R.H. 1489 Reel:199 Fr:0465-0465

York, John AU:Donoho, Charles 668 Reel:026 Fr:0383-0383

York, John AU:Gayle, William B. 4067 Reel:034 Fr:0709-0709

York, John AU:Gervais, S.D. 580 Reel:035 Fr:0289-0289

York, John AU:Millican, W.T. 1068 Reel:071 Fr:0435-0435

York, John AU:Reid, John R. 3002 Reel:087 Fr:0294-0294

York, John AU:Winburn, McHenry 3090 Reel:117 Fr:0061-0061

York, John AU:York, John 43 Reel:119 Fr:0040-0042

York, John AU:York, John 8127 Reel:119 Fr:0043-0047

York, John PD:Penjarvis, James Alexander 205 Reel:179 Fr:0052-0054

York, John PD:Tobin, R.H. 1489 Reel:199 Fr:0465-0465

York, John PE:Dever, William N/A Reel:212 Fr:0332-0337

York, John (Capt.) AU:Amsler, Charles 4947 Reel:002 Fr:0552-0552

York, John (Capt.) AU:Anderson, Ephraim 6506 Reel:002 Fr:0607-0607

York, John (Capt.) AU:Bell, Jackson 79 Reel:007 Fr:0146-0146

York, John (Capt.) AU:Bell, James 78 Reel:007 Fr:0153-0153

York, John (Capt.) AU:Bell, James 4022 Reel:007 Fr:0160-0163

York, John (Capt.) AU:Best, E.W. 6718 Reel:008 Fr:0043-0043

York, John (Capt.) AU:Black, John S. 1084 Reel:008 Fr:0521-0521

York, John (Capt.) AU:Black, Washington M. 7977 Reel:008 Fr:0532-0532

York, John (Capt.) AU:Burnett, William 66 Reel:013 Fr:0589-0589

York, John (Capt.) AU:Burns, Squire 793 Reel:013 Fr:0725-0725

York, John (Capt.) AU:Campbell, Joseph 1501 Reel:015 Fr:0321-0322

York, John (Capt.) AU:Clary, John 5963 Reel:018 Fr:0180-0180

York, John (Capt.) AU:Cody, Michael 1506 Reel:019 Fr:0081-0081

York, John (Capt.) AU:Conrad, Peter 1371 Reel:020 Fr:0071-0071

York, John (Capt.) AU:Cox, Euclid M. 3458 Reel:021 Fr:0161-0161

York, John (Capt.) AU:Dickinson, L. 9343 Reel:025 Fr:0740-0745

York, John (Capt.) AU:Drake, James 7395 Reel:026 Fr:0784-0784

York, John (Capt.) AU:Dunlavy, Alexander 50 Reel:027 Fr:0441-0442

York, John (Capt.) AU:Ernst, Frederick 2954 Reel:029 Fr:0631-0631

York, John (Capt.) AU:Foster, James 2952 Reel:032 Fr:0562-0562

York, John (Capt.) AU:Frels, William 2953 Reel:033 Fr:0419-0421

York, John (Capt.) AU:Gill, John P. 6665 Reel:035 Fr:0490-0491

York, John (Capt.) AU:Graham, Richard 4164 Reel:259 Fr:0046-0048

York, John (Capt.) AU:Gregg, Darius 172 Reel:038 Fr:0253-0253

York, John (Capt.) AU:Heill, William G. 5718 Reel:043 Fr:0339-0341

York, John (Capt.) AU:Henece, Francis 2632 Reel:044 Fr:0064-0064

York, John (Capt.) AU:Heskew, William A. 1278 Reel:044 Fr:0359-0359

York, John (Capt.) AU:Isbell, Alexander 1219 Reel:050 Fr:0532-0532

York, John (Capt.) AU:Isbell, John H. 1215 Reel:050 Fr:0550-0550

York, John (Capt.) AU:Karnes, Henry 91 Reel:055 Fr:0487-0489

York, John (Capt.) AU:King, Thomas 7042 Reel:057 Fr:0385-0387

York, John (Capt.) AU:Kuykendall, Abner 147 & 7681 Reel:058 Fr:0238-0238

York, John (Capt.) AU:Kuykendall, Matthew 7115 Reel:058 Fr:0312-0312

York, John (Capt.) AU:Kuykendall, William 2713 Reel:058 Fr:0328-0328

York, John (Capt.) AU:Lockhart, Byrd B. 7775 Reel:061 Fr:0566-0566

York, John (Capt.) AU:Logan, Greenberry 759 Reel:061 Fr:0698-0698

York, John (Capt.) AU:McDaniel, Benjamin 1310 Reel:067 Fr:0254-0254

York, John (Capt.) AU:McNeil, A.G. 1353 Reel:069 Fr:0430-0432

York, John (Capt.) AU:Pettus, Edward C. 7129 Reel:082 Fr:0639-0639

York, John (Capt.) AU:Pettus, John F. 1565 Reel:082 Fr:0656-0659

York, John (Capt.) AU:Pickering, John Un# 01 Reel:083 Fr:0172-0172

York, John (Capt.) AU:Pickering, John 1190 Reel:083 Fr:0180-0180

York, John (Capt.) AU:Pratt, Albert 883 Reel:084 Fr:0420-0420

York, John (Capt.) AU:Pratt, Thomas Un# 01 Reel:084 Fr:0432-0432

York, John (Capt.) AU:Roeder, Albrecht von 1602 Reel:089 Fr:0432-0432

York, John (Capt.) AU:Roeder, Louis von 20 Reel:089 Fr:0439-0440

York, John (Capt.) AU:Scott, Noah 9083 Reel:093 Fr:0009-0009

York, John (Capt.) AU:Swearingen, Valentine W. 3387 Reel:102 Fr:0379-0379

York, John (Capt.) AU:Tumlinson, James 5264 Reel:106 Fr:0569-0569

York, John (Capt.) AU:Tumlinson, Littleton 278 Reel:106 Fr:0593-0593

York, John (Capt.) AU:Welden, Isaac 7899 Reel:111 Fr:0635-0635

York, John (Capt.) AU:Wertzner, Christian 8085 Reel:112 Fr:0308-0308

York, John (Capt.) AU:York, John 43 Reel:119 Fr:0042-0042

York, John (Capt.) AU:York, John 8127 Reel:119 Fr:0046-0047

York, John (Capt.) PD:Bull, Pleasant M. 953 Reel:141 Fr:0233-0233

York, John (Capt.) PD:Clifton, Thomas 3119 Reel:144 Fr:0316-0322

York, John (Capt.) PD:Duvalt, Andrew 2166 Reel:150 Fr:0593-0593

York, John (Capt.) PD:Lockhart, Washington 2089 Reel:168 Fr:0639-0639

York, John (Capt.) PD:Lopez, Peter 628 Reel:169 Fr:0197-0199

York, John (Capt.) PD:White, Robert 2165 Reel:196 Fr:0163-0163

York, John (Capt.) PE:Allen, Clement N/A Reel:200 Fr:0480-0481

York, John (Capt.) PE:Amsler, Charles C. N/A Reel:200 Fr:0692-0694

York, John (Capt.) PE:Bell, Andrew J. N/A Reel:202 Fr:0497-0509

York, John (Capt.) PE:Best, Lucinda N/A Reel:203 Fr:0092-0094

York, John (Capt.) PE:Dunlavy, Alexander N/A Reel:213 Fr:0182-0193

York, John (Capt.) PE:Dunlavy, William Thomas N/A Reel:213 Fr:0207-0218

York, John (Capt.) PE:Jones, David M. N/A Reel:223 Fr:0235-0235

York, John (Capt.) PE:Logan, Caroline N/A Reel:226 Fr:0131-0132

York, John (Capt.) PE:Paine, John N/A Reel:232 Fr:0212-0216

York, John (Lt.) AU:Foster, John R. 5051 Reel:032 Fr:0607-0612

York, John M. (Capt.) AU:Thornton, William 377 Reel:104 Fr:0719-0719

York, Johnathan PD:Tobin, R.H. 1489 Reel:199 Fr:0464-0464

York, Jonathan PD:King, John A. 889 Reel:166 Fr:0386-0389

York, L.A. PD:Sieper, John G. 2219 Reel:186 Fr:0031-0036

York, Levi AU:Johnson, James B. 60 Reel:052 Fr:0310-0310

York, T.A. PD:York, James A. 3054 Reel:199 Fr:0008-0014

York, Thomas AU:York, Thomas 8063 Reel:119 Fr:0048-0056

York, William AU:York, William 27 Reel:119 Fr:0057-0059

Yorke, Isam AU:Reid, John R. 3218 Reel:087 Fr:0298-0298

Audited Claims (1835-1846)

The records in this series of payments include the claims submitted by an individual for services or goods provided to the Republic of Texas for either military or civil purposes. Usually these vouchers are small, handwritten chits, endorsed with the Auditor's certification and the amount to be paid by the government. All payments for these services were made between 1835 and 1846 by the Republic government; records for Republic-era claims that were not paid until after Annexation are included in Public Debt Claims described below.
A file can contain any or all of the following: Claim vouchers Official authorization of services or purchases Auditor's affidavits War Department Pay Certificate Discharge Assignment of benefits Power of Attorney Pay Accounts.
Additional information may also include: Name of claimant, Amount of claim, Date filed, approved, and issued, Authorizing official, Materials or services provided, Rank, Company and company commander, Dates of service, Date enlisted, and Date discharged.

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Confederate Pension Application Files Texas State Archives:

York, Ann    33484 Claimant: York, Ann   Pension Number: 33484  
County: Freestone   Husband: James Richard Pension Number:

York, H. G.   rej Claimant: York, H. G.   Pension Number: Application Rejected  
County: Hopkins   Pension Number: 14598 County: Angelina

York, Henrietta    27853 Claimant:   York, Henrietta   Pension Number: 27853  
County: Rusk  Husband:   J. M. Pension Number:

York, James S.    03164 Claimant: York, James S. Pension Number: 03164   
County: Navarro Pension Number: 22113 County: Freestone

York, Kate N   . 24650 Claimant: York, Kate N. Pension Number: 24650   
County: Hopkins Husband: Hiram Yurnwood Pension Number:

York, L. D.    rej Claimant: York, L. D. Pension Number: Application Rejected   
County: Calhoun  Husband: Armstead Neuman Pension Number:

York, Lucinda    00248 Claimant: York, Lucinda Pension Number: 00248   
County: Bell Husband: William M. Pension Number:

York, M. E. (Mrs)    36524  Claimant: York, M. E. (Mrs) Pension Number: 36524   
County: Angelina Husband: Harrison Pension Number: 14598

York, Margaret    32131 Claimant: York, Margaret Pension Number: 32131  
 County: Freestone Husband: John Thomas Pension Number: 22113

York, Mary C.    27184 Claimant: York, Mary C. Pension Number: 27184   
County: Lee Husband: Samuel W. Pension Number: 20375

York, Mary J.    22114 Claimant: York, Mary J. Pension Number: 22114   
County: Hunt  Husband: Francis Marion Pension Number:

York, Mary    01168 Claimant: York, Mary  Pension Number: 01168   
County: Dewitt Husband: Jonathan Pension Number:

York, Richard G.    17499 Claimant: York, Richard G. Pension Number: 17499   
County: Comanche

York, Robert J.   rej Claimant: York, Robert J.    Pension Number: Application Rejected   
County: Comanche
*Application is missing, but other records indicate application was made

York, S. E. (Mrs)    15968 Claimant: York, S. E. (Mrs) Pension Number: 15968   
County: Marion     Husband: Wesley Pension Number:

York, Samuel W.    20375 Claimant: York, Samuel W. Pension Number: 20375   
County: Lee

York, Stella    40943 Claimant: York, Stella Pension Number: 40943   
County: Montague    Husband: James S. Pension Number: 03164

York, Theresa E.    46972 Claimant: York, Theresa E. Pension Number: 46972   
County: Harris    Husband: Shubel Bohan Pension Number:

York, Thomas Jefferson   (Mrs)    40567 Claimant: York, Thomas Jefferson (Mrs) Pension Number: 40567
County: Real     Husband: Thomas Jefferson     Pension Number: 17300

York, Thomas Jefferson    17300 Claimant: York, Thomas Jefferson Pension Number: 17300   
 County: Bandera

York, Violet Louisa    22329 Claimant: York, Violet Louisa   Pension Number: 22329   
County: Dallas Husband: John Smith Pension Number:

York, W. A.   06719 Claimant: York, W. A. Pension Number: 06719   
County: Fannin

York, William     08170 Claimant: York, William Pension Number: 08170    
County: Blanco

Texas Adjutant General Service Records, 1836-1935

York, Chas. F.    SR 401-110

York, Edwin R.,    Colonel SR 401-110

York, Edwin Ruth Van    USV 401-256

York, J. A.    FB 401-178

York, James A.    ARM 401-12

York, Johnny G.    TVG 401-218

York, Milton    SP 401-50

York, N. J.    RRR 401-126

York, Thornton    USV 401-256

York, W. J.    SR 401-110

York, W. W.    FB 401-178

York, William Kerr    ARM 401-12

York, William M.    CSA 401-40


Civil War Prisoners

ID: 03001      York, Eli      Served With: 53rd Co. A NC  Notes:    prisonheld:    Elmira

ID: 10788    York, Relay W.    Served With: 9 Co. H Private MO  Notes:    prisonheld:    Rock Island

ID: 06652   York, Daniel  ServedWith: 50th Co.D VA  Notes: Listed on Point Lookout Prison Camp For Confederates monuments   prisonheld: PointLookout

ID: 06653   York , E. J.    ServedWith: 54th Co.A NC  Notes: Listed on Point Lookout Prison Camp For Confederates monuments   prisonheld: Point Lookout


Killed: *Pvt. James York,   Co. C.   Mortally.

Mexican War Soldier Data Base

York, James M.

Service: Mexican War, Private, 4th Regiment, Company G, Monroe County. Mustered in 14 Jun 1847, at Jeffersonville, Indiana, by Captain R. C. Gatlin, mustered out 16 Jul 1848, at Madison, Indiana, by Major H. A. Goff. Source is Indiana in the Mexican War, Oran Perry, 1908.

1812 for my ancestor: (  Miriam Robbins Midkiff - Spokane, WA )
Jeremiah F. York,    enlisted at Canandaigua, Ontario Co., New York on 10 Jan 1814 in Captain J. P. Spencer's Company, New York Militia; discharged Williamsville, Erie Co., New York in Apr 1814; his service as a private was principally spent in Williamsville, guarding stores (supplies) from Buffalo; he also spent two weeks of his service as picket guard at Black Rock (now a part of Buffalo, Erie Co., New York).
*The above info is from his veteran's pension file at the National Archives.

War of 1812

William YORK,    served in the Revolutionary War from    NC

106 . ROSTER OF OHIO SOLDIERS IN WAR OF 1812 Pages 196-197. Vol. I.

ROLL OF CAPT. JOSEPH C. HAWKINS' COMPANY (County Unknown). Served from September 30, 1813, until March 29, 1814.     York, Newberry


ROLL OF CAPT. JOSEPH EWING'S COMPANY (County Unknown)     York, Aaron


Vol. 1. ROLL OF CAPT. DAVID KASEBEER'S COMPANY (County Unknown)    York, Abram


(County Unknown.) Served from August 23, until September 19, 1812.      York, Jeremiah


(County Unknown.) Served from August 30. 1812, until February 28, 1913      York, Jeptha


(County Unknown.) Served from September 4, 1812, until March 15, 1814. Musician,      John York (I think this means he was a musician?)

Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots
Graves of Revolutionary Patriots at
Type in YORK (14 Yorks (over 100 New York) listed)

Names of each of the soldiers to whom patents were issued for land lying in the military bounty land district in the State of Illinois, for services in the late war; the description of the tract of land granted to each, with the date of the patent; the company and regiment in which they severally served, and by whom each patent was received.

Source: House Document No. 262, “Lands in Illinois To Soldiers of Late War”, 26th Congress, 1st Session (1840).

Name         Rank,      Unit     Warrant     Patent     Date      Location Delivered To Delivery    Date     Comments

York, Joel      (p. 224)    Private, Foster’s 9th Infantry 4244 10 Dec 1817 SW4 S27 T6N R1W  Hon. Mr. Parris, H. R. 22 Dec 1817

York, John     (p. 235)    Private, Hull’s 9th Infantry 9013 16 Dec 1817  Ne4 S31 T7N R8W  Hon. Mr. Parris 24 Dec 1817

York, John      (p. 249)    Private, Chadwick’s 34th Infantry 12858 27 Dec 1817 NW4 S21 T2N R2W  Hon. Mr. Parris, H. R. 07 Jan 1818

York, John      (p. 189)    Private, Pratt’s 5th Infantry 15234 21 Apr 1818 NW4 S3 T9N R4W E. W. Duval, Washington city 23 May 1818

York, Joseph      (p. 319)    Private, Foster’s 11th Infantry 7817 20 Feb 1818 NE4 S27 T14N R4E   Joseph York,    Concord, N. H.   10 Mar 1818

York, Nathaniel F.     (p. 205)    Private, Queen’s Artillery 4320 15 May 1818 SW4 S10 T3N R8W John Fillebrown, Boston, Mass. 04 Jun 1818

York, Robert     (p. 409)    Burbank’s Artillery 11089 20 Jun 1818  NE4 S25 T9N R3E Captain T. Bennett, Fort McClary, N. H. 17 Jul

History and Roster of Maryland Volunteers War of 1861-1865

Name      Rank      Regiment      Enlisted      Discharged     Remarks

York, James      Private. A Company, Thirty-Ninth Regiment, U.S.C.T., Md. Vol. Sunday, June 19, 1864  Died Nov. 14, 1864.

York, Jesse      Private. D Company, Third Regiment Infantry Thursday, September 12, 1861. Missing in action,
May 3, 1863, Chancellorsville, Va.; no further record, A. G. O., War Department.

York, Joel D.    Landsman. Maryland Volunteers in US Navy Friday, January 29, 1864 Monday, June 26, 1865  Commo. Morris and North Carolina

York, John W.    Landsman. Maryland Volunteers in US Navy Friday, January 29, 1864 Tuesday, June 27, 1865 Commo. Morris and North Carolina.


*From Shirley Hornbecks's This and That {1st column indicates "if born between ages", 2nd column the war,3rd column dates of the war}

1600-1644 - Dutch Indian War - 1655-1664

1626-1656 - Bacon's Rebellion - 1676

1639-1743 - Inter-Colonial Wars - 1689-1763

1713-1743 - Pontiac's Rebellion - 1763-1766

1720-1750 - Boston Massacre - 1770

1715-1770 - American Revolution - 1775-1783

1740-1791 - Indian Wars - 1790-1811

1756-1802 - War of 1812 - 1812-1815

1762-1812 - Black Hawk War - 1832

1780-1820 - Texas War (Alamo) - 1836

1796-1828 - Mexican War - 1846-1848

1806-1849 - Civil War - 1861-1865

1849-1880 - Spanish-American War - 1898

1870-1900 - World War I - 1914-1918

1900-1930 - World War II - 1939-1945

1910-1935 - Korean War - 1950-1953

1915-1957 - Vietnam War - 1956-1975

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