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Shartzer Bible Pages

These Bible pages were purchased from a
collector. I am not related to these people.
If you are, please contact me.

These pages were separated from the Bible
so exact any dating here is impossible.
The first part all looks in about the same
script and pen, so sometime around 1838
or afterwards is my guess.

These pages are currently in the possession
of Tracy St. Claire of 114 Hilltop Lane,
Sleepy Hollow, IL 60118.



TRANSCRIPT BEGINS HERE____________________

[Page One -- Births]

David Shartzer Sr was Borne June 10th 1791

Marry Wife of David Shartzer was Born Feb. 7 1794

Samuel Shartzer was Born Sept. 11 1811

John Shartzer was Born June 21 1814

Marry Shartzer was Born Feb. 18th 1816

Ann Shartzer was Born Oct. 8th 1817

David Shartzer was Born Jan. 26 1819

Suanah Shartzer was Born Jan. 26 1827

Elizabeth Shatzer was Born Feb. 26 1928

Catherine A. Cyrus Shartzer was May 8 1830

Eli Shartzer was Born Jan 16th 1834

Benjamin Shartzer was Born March 14th 1831

Milton Shartzer was Born May 3 1838

[Page Two--Marriages]

Benjn Shartzer March 24. 1857

----------END TRANSCRIPT--------------