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Hohenshilt Bible



Hohenshilt Family Bible

Submitted September 4, 1998 by:
Geraldine Wismer Bruner
Email: gwbruner@mindspring

Freddie Bruner Bittenbender loaned me the Hohenshilt / Hohenshildt
Bible which she received from her father, Iber Charles Bruner, a son
of Carrie Emma Hohenshildt. I have copied these pages exactly as they
were written.
Family name of bible: John H. Hohenshilt. Taken from original bible.
Current holder of the original bible: Freddie Bruner Bittenbender,
Shickshinny, Pennsylvania. Please note: These people lived in Perry
County, Pennsylvania. Thanks, G. W. Bruner.

Surnames found in this bible:


Hohenshilt Family Bible

John H. Hohenshilt
His Bible.
Bought in the year of Our Lord
August the 12th A.D. 1835
Price 2.75

Published by McCarty & Davis,
No. 171 Market Street,

L. Ashmead & Co. Printers


John H. Hohenshilt. I was born the 16th day of February One thousand
Eight hundred and Six.

David Hohenshilt was Born the 17th day of March at half past 8 o'clock
in the Evening One thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty nine.

David Hohenshilt he was Baptized on the 9th day of May 1839. John
Hohenshilt Junior and his wife Subbina God father and mother.

Martin Henry Hohenshilt was Born on the 27th day of September 1842.

Martin Henry was baptized on the 19th day of November 1843 and his
father and mother God father and mother.

Franklin Hohenshilt was born on the 7th day of September 1845.

Anna Margaret Hohenshilt was Born January 6th 1816.

Sally Ann Hohenshilt was Born on The fifth Day of May 1848.

Mary Ellin was Born the 9th day of July 1852.

Elizabeth Ann was Born April 20, 1854.

John Anderson Hohenshildt was Born June 26, 1855.

Sarah Frances Hohenshilt was Born December 25, 1856.

Charles Hohenshilt was Born January 13, 1859.


Sarah Messaiser Hohenshildt. My Mother died June 20, 1866.
Age 85 years, 2 months & 3 days. Born April 17, 1781.

Martin H. Hohenshildt Died September 22nd, 1864.
Aged 21 years, 11 months and 25 days.

John H. Hohenshildt Died September 18 A.D. 1894.
Aged 88 years, 6 mos, 12 days.

Anna Margaret Wife of John H. Hohenshildt. Died May 9th 1888.
Aged 72 years, 4 mo & 3 days.

Henry Hohenshildt Born April 20, 1782. Died July 12 A.D. 1849.
Aged 67 years, 2 mos - 22 days.

Sally Ann Hohenshilt Died on the 14th day of April 1849.
Aged 11 months and 9 days.

My wife Mary Hohenshilt Died September 2, 1849.
Aged 40 years and 15 days.

Sarah Francis Hohenshilt Died May 12th, 1858.
Aged 1 year, 4 mos and 17 days.

Franklin Hohenshildt Died Feb. 1st, 1924
Aged 78 years, 4 mos, 24 days.

David B. Hohenshildt Died Jan. 30th, 1931.
Aged 91 years, 10 mos, 13 days. Buried in Waterman, Ill.


Annie Laura Pee was Born August 30, 1873.

Carrie Mae Pee was Born June 4, 1875.

John Edward Pee was Born August 25, 1876.

Frank Abrams Pee was Born August 10, 1878.

Wm. Robert Pee was Born December 2, 1879.

Joseph Hersh Pee was Born May 8, 1882.

Mary Ellen Pee was Born December 26, 1883.

Charles Ross Pee was Born July 30, 1885.

Myrtle Francis Pee was Born December 5, 1887.

Annie L. Pee was married to Samuel Heading 1894. She died in August 1896.


Frank A. Pee Died March 16, 1879. Aged 7 mos & 6 days.

Mary E. Pee Died May 10, 1889. Aged 35 years, 10 months & 1 day.

Charles E. Pee Died December 31, 1919. Aged 67 years.

John Edward Pee Died July 11, 1925. Aged 48 years, 10 mos, 14 days.

Carrie M. Barrick Died December 6, 1925. Aged 50 years, 6 mos & 2 days.

Charles R. Pee Died September 29, 1922. Aged 47 years, 1 mo & 29 days.

Wm. Robert Pee Died December 2, 1933 aged on his 54th birthday.

Myrtle F. Pee Died February 2, 1937. Aged 49 yrs, 1 mo, 27 days.