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The process is quite simple.  After you sign up you are sent a kit that has two scrapers which look like tooth brushes, and two small vials with a liquid in them.  The scraper is rubbed on the inside of the cheek for about a minute.   Then the Ascraper end@ of the tool is pushed off into the vile by pushing on the other end of the scraper.   The vials are mailed to the lab, along with your check or Credit Card number.   That is it!!    Simple.


I suggest that you sign the “Release” included with the packet.  It will allow Family Tree to notify you if there is someone else that has your haplotype.  [That is what the set of markers which are analyzed are called.]   Also, if you have an email address, include it.   If you don’t have one, perhaps there is a trusted friend or family member who will allow Family Tree to contact you through them.   It’s convenient. 


Results will be ready in about 4+ weeks, depending on backlog.  They will be e-mailed and/or post office mailed to participants.   Have patience.