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Any male Correll of whatever spelling, who was born with that surname.    However, if there is a family of grandfather, father and some sons, the most economical way to start is for the oldest man to be Atested.@   There is less chance of a spontaneous mutation because there will be fewer generations back to a presumable MRCA.   However, all generations are welcome to participate. When the results are returned, there will be time to add other folks to the project.   Some of us may find that it will be useful to have our samples analyzed using many more markers.   



Becoming a member of the Correll Project is easy.   The steps to participate in the Correll Surname Project are shown below.   

C                     On the Web go to  FamilyTreeDNA by clicking on:

C                     Find the  ASurname Projects@ probably located in the center of their home page. .

C                     Find and Click on the letter AC@

C                     Scroll down to CORRELL and click on it.

C                     Fill in the form and send it by email.    [At the bottom of the form is “Type of test.”  Choose “Male 12” unless you are quite sure that you are a part of one of the existing groups listed in RESULTS here on our Correll DNA Genealogy Project.]     Many of us have had 25 and up to 37 analyzed to assist in determing family branching.


I will be notified that you are joining our group. 


The test kit will arrive in the mail from Family Tree DNA.   You may pay Family Tree DNA by check, or you may pay with a credit card.   If you want to use a Credit Card use it when you enter the order for your test kit, or pay by check when you return your test kit for analysis.    The Lab usually takes 6 weeks + from when you return your test kit to provide your results.



No problem.   You may proceed in either of two ways:


C                     You act as an Intermediary, by being the conduit between the prospective Participant and me, the Project Coordinator.   Start by printing material from this Web site, and any of the pages of the Family Tree DNA site that you feel will be of value to the prospective Correll Surname Project participant.   When the potential participant decides to participate or has questions, email me to indicate his participation or to get answers to questions. 


C                     OR - - You ask the prospect to write to me via post office mail. [My address is under Project Coordinator] 

             I will correspond with the prospect and guide him through the process by post mail.