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There are a number of companies now serving families interested in DNA Genealogy.   The major ones are:  

Oxford Ancestors                   Family Tree DNA;   

 Relative Genetics & Ancestry;                    GeneTree

Family Tree DNA is the company we are using.   I urge you to go onto their web site, so you can see for yourself the details they have prepared for our benefit

     The laboratory will discover what pattern [or patterns] of "markers" we have.    These patterns are called Haplotypes and sometimes as a “fingerprint” even though the haplotype is for a group and not an individual.   It is because the individual Amarkers,@ which in combination make up the Haplotype, remain stable for many generations that the connections can be made. [Great grandfather, grandfather, father; son; grandson, etc]  It appears that the median [average] spontaneous mutation [change] rate for each single marker is 500 generations.    [That=s real steady!!]   But mutations do occur, and for unknown reasons.   It actually is a help in determining what sub-descendant lines various men are connected to. 





The costs for the laboratory work were in the thousands of dollars just a few years ago.    The laboratory we are using can now do a "12 marker" basic analysis for just $99, [USA] plus $2 for handling and shipping.  It may suggest that you are a part of one of the already discovered family groups.  If you want to gamble another $20 [total $119] the lab will look at total of 37 markers.  If you are a part of an existing family group it may show what sub-group you are a part of and more about how far back in time the common ancestor is.      These data do not tell us what generation contained our common ancestor.   They will report a range of possible years.