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C                     Vincent I. Correll; 840 E. Cole Ave.; Fresno, California, 93720   USA       

C                      home phone:   559 439 8404               

C                      office phone: 559 221 2600    office fax 559 221 2660      office e-mail


Please feel free to contact me by any of the above routes. 


This Correll Project has no other purpose than to help us find others with whom we may be related.   I serve in this way for the fun of what we may find out about our origins.  I have no financial return from the participation of anyone.   It=s all for fun and family knowledge.


I have written a genealogy of my American family entitled CORRELL CHRONICLES.    Since its publication in 1997 some of my efforts have been aimed at discovering where in Germany our American progenitor originated.   This DNA project has lead us to our German origin, and some living Germans.  AND, another group of American relatives I knew nothing about.  Participation might do that for you, too.


  I am hoping that some of the German Corrells will write a comprehensive book about what is already known of their origin.


There is an out of print history of some of the Ireland-to-Australia Corrells entitled “Huguenot or Not.”


We will continue to be COUSINS regardless of what the results of the DNA analysis show.   But it will be lots of fun if we do discover any positive connections.