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The Regarde Bien

Issue No. 16

Quintin Milligan
Of Nether Holm of Dalquhairn

The parish census of Carsphairn, taken in 1684, records the names of the following tenants in Holm of Dalquhairn: James McTurk, Nicollas Ferguson, his spouse, James and Roger McTurk, their sons, James McMichael and his daughter, Elizabeth McMichael, and James Clerk and his family. The following Mullikins are listed in the same parish: “William Milliken”, his spouse, Janet Droannan in Holm of Daltallochan; “James Milliken” at the Cairn of Upper Knockgray; “Marion Milliken” in Brownhills and her son George McAdam; “Annapel Milliken” probably a servant in Strahanna. Unfortunately, there is no extant parish census surviving for Dalry, covering the same period. In the Kirk session records the following names are connected with the parish of Dalry between 1690 and 1699: “Quentin Milligan” and his spouse Barbara McMillan of Nether Holm of Dalquhairn, “Margaret Milligan” servant in Mackilston in 1691; “Jean Milligan” in Halfmark, aged 60 years in 1696; “Robert Milligan” in Margee, who with Barbara Grierson in Margee confessed to fornication in 1698; and “John Milligan” in Clauchan (St. John’s Clauchan of Dalry), deacon, aged 74 years in 1699, giving him a potential birth date of 1625. Undoubtedly, there were others whose names are to be found in other records.

Quintin Milligan of Nether Holm of Dalquhairn may have been the son of Roger Milligan in Craigengillen, where Quintin is first mentioned in 1662. Roger is last mentioned on record in 1662, being replaced by Quintin in that same year. It is very possible, Roger is one of the two Roger Milliganes listed in the 1637 petition or perhaps the son of Robert Milligan in Holm of Dalquhairn. The farms of Craigengillen and Holm of Dalquhairn are both located along an open valley traversed by the river Ken far up in the Galloway hills. Quintin purchased part of the land of Glenshimmeroch in the parish of Dalry from John Gordon of Edinburgh in 1678, and by the early 1690s, was in possession of Nether Holm of Dalquhairn. He died in November 1695, and was succeeded by his eldest son, James Milligan of Nether Holm, who in 1704, granted his mother, Barbara McMillan, relict of the deceased Quintin Milligan of Nether Holm an annual rent of £40 Scots to be uplifted from the lands of Nether Holm. By their marriage, Quintin Milligan and Barbara McMillan had six children:

  1. Margaret Milligan, eldest daughter, gave in her name for ‘proclamation of marriage’ to Hugh McCaw on 18th October 1696 at the Church of St. John’s Clauchan of Dalry.

  2. Rossina Milligan had her intended marriage to George Fergusson proclaimed on 21st November 1703 at the Church of St. John’s Clauchan of Dalry.

  3. James Milligan may have married first, Margaret Smith from the parish of Balmaclellan on 26th March 1693, at the Church of St. John’s Clauchan of Dalry. She appears to have died the following year, having given birth to 'Margaret daughter of James Milligan of this parish'. Margaret was baptised on 22nd February 1694. James married secondly, Helen Dickson of Dumfries, their names being registered for marriage on 6th May 1694.

  4. Janet Milligan married James McCaw, probably the brother of Hugh McCaw, on 28th November 1703 at the Church of St. John’s Clauchan of Dalry.

  5. Robert Milligan baptised 16th February 1693 at Church of St. John’s Clauchan of Dalry, and married Margaret Hoatson (Houston) sometime before 1716. In that year, he was served heir to his father, Quintin Milligan in Glenshimmeroch, his father having died in the faith and peace of King William in 1695. Margaret Hoatson died on 7th March 1726 aged 27 years and lies buried at St. John Clauchan of Dalry churchyard, along side her husband, Robert, who departed this life on 6th April 173[1] aged 4[0/8].

  6. Agnes Milligan baptised on 16th February 1693 at the Church of St. John’s Clauchan of Dalry. She may have been the spouse of John McMillan of Brednoch, who died in 1736 aged 43 years.

Inscribed on a Headstone in the churchyard of St. John’s Clauchan of Dalry are the words: - Here lies the corps of Jean Wilson, died 28th March 1754, also husband, Quintin Milligan, merchant in St. John’s Clauchan, died 1765, aged 63 years. On the west side of the Headstone: his second wife Marion McWilson, died 22nd January 1805 aged 86 years. Quintin married his first wife sometime before 1744, and bore him at the very least three children. He married his second wife, Mary Wilson, on 1st January 1759. Quintin Milligan was the grandson of Quintin Milligan and Barbara McMillan in Glenshimmeroch. He is known to have had at least four children by his two wives:

  1. Jannet Milligan a daughter of Quintin Milligan and Jean Wilson baptised on 30th September 1744. No more information.

  2. James Milligan of merchant of Philadelphia, see below.

  3. John Milligan, brother of James Milligan of merchant of Philadelphia.

  4. Mary Milligan daughter of Quintin Milligan and Marion Wilson baptised on 12th July 1761 and married Adam Forrester. Inscribed on a Headstone in the churchyard of St. John’s Clauchan of Dalry: - Erected to the memory of Adam Forrester, died 28th December 1794 aged 35 years, his wife Mary Milligan, died 29th May 1822, aged 61 years.

James Milligan Sen. of Philadelphia

In 1772, James Milligan merchant of Philadelphia acquired the dwelling house once occupied by his deceased father, Quintin Milligan merchant of St. John’s Clauchan of Dalry. The Instrument of Sasine recording this transaction has been extracted and is given below. James Milligan, sometime merchant in Philadelphia, was elected to the Continental Treasury as a commissioner of accounts in 1777. He was appointed Auditor General of the Treasury in 1779 and then Comptroller General of Treasury in 1781. He may be the same James Milligan of Philadelphia, Gentleman, who according to the 1790 Heads of Families lived on Second Street, Eastside. The house was occupied by one white adult male, two under the aged of 16 years, one white adult female and another person.

At Dumfries the fourteenth day of the April 1772, the following Sasine was presented by William McMillan apprentice to John Clerk, writer in Dumfries and which tenor follows: Be it known that in the ninth day of April 1772, the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third, by the Grace of God King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, defender of the Faith, in the presence of me Notary Public, subscribing and the witnesses aftermentioned compeared personally upon the ground of the subject mentioned Mess. Gordon Taylor in St. John’s Clauchan as Baillie in that part of James Gibson, late merchant of St. John’s Clauchan now residing in Carssford especially constituted by the precept of sasine contained in the Disposition aftermentioned and there also compeared personally James Milligan merchant in Philadelphia eldest son lawful son of the deceased Quintin Milligan late merchant in St. John’s Clauchan having and holding in his hands principal Disposition of the same date herewith Granted by the said James Gibson in his favour whereby for the causes therein specified, he Gave Granted & Disponed from him & all of his heirs and survivors to and in favour of the said James Milligan and his heirs and survivors & Dispones whatsoever absolutely and irredeemably All & Whole these Stollages of houses commonly called Knockardie with the yards and crofts of land belonging thereto lying in and about St. John’s Clauchan within the barony of Grennan and parish of Dalry and Stewartry of Kirkcudbright and described as follows Viz. the one Stellage of Houses, Yards and Crofts by Marian Wilson widow of the said Quintin Milligan with house and yards adjoining thereto possessed by Samuel Allan, bounded by to the high road leading from St. John’s Clauchan to … and Dalry Church on the north, by the Roshalls and Meikle Kirkland on the south west and by the high road leading from the said Clauchan to Kirkland of New Galloway on the east part and the others Stellage of houses possessed by David Shaw merchant in John’s Clauchan with the yard belonging thereto and an old house sometime occupied and used a byre and … Together with the whole part and pertinents of the said subject wherein the said James Gibson bounds and obliges him to infelt and lease the said James Milligan by two several infeftments there mentioned. The Disposition also contains precept of Sasine of the following tenor Viz. my Baillies in that part to pass and give and deliver to the said James Milligan a sasine for all and whole the Stellages of houses, yards and crofts abovementioned. He commits his full power by the said precept written by Robert Ramsay writer in Dumfries and subscribed by James Gibson at John’s Clauchan the ninth day of April 1772 before the witnesses Mr. John Campbell, schoolmaster in Dalry, Robert Ramsay and John Milligan, brother german to the said James Milligan and who are also witnesses to the Disposition which also contains a resignation and other clauses to James Milligan to be exhibited by Alexander Gordon baillie of the aforesaid. And so, having read the clauses, he delivered the Disposition to the said public notary, who delivered it to James Milligan as instructed in the precept of sasine and gave instrument on the ground of the said property between hours of five and six in the afternoon in the presence of Mr. John Campbell, Thomas McGhie blacksmith in St. John’s Clauchan, William Wallace merchant there, William McCartney innkeeper there, witnesses especially called. Signed and Sealed.
[Dumfries Register of Sasines (NAS), RS. 23/20/461-462]

He is also mentioned in the following Will extract:

Will Book I, page 141, No. 84, John Campbell of Jefferson County, VA, dated 21 July 1786 and recorded 13 Jan 1800 Proved before court of Fayette County, Kentucky. Father was Allen Campbell of Snobane, County Tyrone, Ireland. Half-brother: Allen Campbell. Sister: Sarah Beard and her children, if she and half-brother come to America. Brother: Robert Campbell. Refers to: James Milligan, N.Y.C. Controller of Continental Treasury. Executors: James Milligan, Charles Simms of Alexandria, VA, Richard Taylor, William Elliott of Westmoreland Co., PA, Philip Ross of Washington Co., PA to sell slaves, land, and PA/VA warrants. Witnesses: Harry Innis, T. Perkins, Christo Greenup. Codicil dated 5 Apr 1791 annulled James Milligan as Executor.

[Abstracts of Allegheny County, PA Will Books, Volumes I through V (1789 -1845)]

James Milligan Jr. of Philadelphia

In her book Colonial Philadelphians, Hannah Roach’s notes two Milligan brothers, whose names are taken from Dr. Benjamin Rush’s patient’s ledger: 1775 - “Mr. Milligan, Jun’r – B’r to Milligan merchant” [1]. Samuel Ward in his diary entry, dated 21st September 1775, mentions “an account for Duck & of James Millikin [Milligan] Jr. allowed” [2]. The records show that James Milligan Jr., son of James Milligan of Philadelphia, was given an officer’s commission in the Continental Army during the America Revolution:

Continental Line

[Vol. II, Page 213] Sixth Pennsylvania Battalion
Col. William Irvine
James Milligan, sergeant, muster 9th January 1776

[Vol. II, Page 693] First Regiment 1782
Second Pennsylvania Battalion
Roll and Muster of the 4th Company: - Lieutenant James Milligan

[Vol. II, Page 699] First Regiment (command of Col. Daniel Brodhead)
Roll taken on 1st January 1783
James Milligan appointed First Lieutenant on April 16, 1779

[Vol. II, Page 702] First Regiment
James Milligan transferred to Capt. Fishbourne’s company

[Vol. II, Page 731] Non-Commissioned officers and privates of the First Pennsylvania Regiment
Seventh Pennsylvania Battalion
Ensigns: - James Milligan March 1777, promoted second lieutenant on September 1, 1777
Second Lieutenants: - James Milligan, from ensign September 1, 1777, promoted first lieutenant on April 16, 1779
First Lieutenants: - James Milligan promoted from second lieutenant, April 16 1779, transferred to the Fourth Pennsylvania on 7th January 1778

[Montgomery, Thomas Lynch (editor): Pennsylvania Archives, Fifth Series, Vol. II]

There is some indication to suggest James Milligan merchant may have traded with the American Indians, as he was in a group of traders who actually bought land in the interior of Pennsylvania and Ohio from Indians. He appears to be the same James Milligan, a resident in Middle Ward, Philadelphia, in 1810. The Census for that year, indicates the property of James Milligan was occupied by one male over 45 years, one female over 45 years and one male aged between 16 and 26 years, probably James's son, Samuel Milligan of Philadelphia.
1. Roach, Hannah Benner: Colonial Philadelphians (1999), p. 188.
2. Smith, Paul H.: Letters of Delegates of Congress, Sept-Dec. 1775, Vol. 2, p. 42.

Samuel Milligan of Philadelphia

Samuel Milligan, son of James Milligan of Philadelphia, merchant, by his wife Martha Morris, graduated A.B. (Princ.), studied medicine and afterwards law, and for some years practised law in Philadelphia. He was a member of the City Council in 1819, and resided sometime in Susquehanna County, Pa. He married in 1820, Ann Morris, born Mch. --, 1789, daughter of Cadwalader Morris and Ann Strettell of Philadelphia. Ann’s father, Cadwalader Morris, was member of the Continental Congress after the Revolutionary War. She died at “the Knoll” in 1831; Samuel died at “the Knoll” April 1854.

  1. Anna Frances Milligan lived “at the Knoll”, unmarried.

  2. Martha Cadwalader Milligan married Charles Moore Wheatley, Hon. A. Am (Yale 1858), b. in England in 1822, author of a Catalogue of the Shells of the United States, died 6th May 1882.

  3. James Cadwalader Milligan married on 25th November 1851, Mary D. daughter of Whiting Sanford by his wife Debbie, daughter of Nathaniel Mitchell, Gov. of Delaware and had a son called:

      I. John Morris Milligan of Philadelphia

  4. Hannah Morris Milligan lived at the Knoll, unmarried.

Don and I are keen to learn more about James Milligan of Philadelphia, his sons and their descendants, can anyone help?

The Milligans of North Ormesby, England

The following research has been supplied by Brian Stuttard and concerns the family of John Milligan of North Ormesby, England.

St Hilda Middlesbrough Marriage
1863 Nov 24 Charles Spencelayh, full age, bach, mariner, Middlesbrough, father, Philip Spencelayh, mariner. = Ann Milligan, full age, spin, North Ormesby, father, John Milligan, contractor. Wit: Thomas Spencelayh, Mary Milligan. (Ann`s sister?)

1871 Census
RG10/4855 / f 86 / p 17 / ns 81 @ 52 Stovin St North Ormesby
Charles Spencely head, mar, 32, sailor working at iron wks, Yks, Middlesborough
Ann Spencely wife, mar, 30, Cul, Carlisle
Elizabeth Spencely dau, 6, Yks, Middlesborough
John Spencely son, 4, Yks, North Ormesby
Emma Spencely dau, 2, Yks, North Ormesby
Charles Spencely son, 2m, Dur, Shields
Ellen Neper? serv, unm, 12, Dur, Shields
William Joseph bord, 23, labourer iron works, Dur, Sunderland

1881 Census
RG11/4861 / f 77 / p 35 / ns 164 @ 12 Pierson St North Ormesby
Charles Spencelay head, mar, 41, foreman iron works, Yks, Middlesborough
Ann Spencelay wife, mar, 40, Cul, Carlisle
Eliza J Spencelay dau, unm, 16, dressmaker, Yks, North Ormesby
John W Spencelay son, 14, labourer iron works, Yks, North Ormesby
Earnest Spencelay son 10, scholar, Yks, North Ormesby
Henry Spencelay son, 8, scholar, Yks, North Ormesby
Helena Spencelay dau, 2, Yks, North Ormesby
Grace Spencelay dau, 2m, Yks, North Ormesby

The first two burials I believe to be the parents of Ann.
Holy Trinity North Ormesby Burials
20) 1876 Apr 27 Jane Milligan of Smeaton St 65yrs (died Sep 21)
26) 1880 Mar 19 John Milligan of 89 Smeaton St 63yrs (died Mar 17)
57) 1887 Nov 11 Ann Spencelayh of 5 Trinity Terrace 46yrs

RG12/4018 / f 8 / p 9 / ns 46 @ 5 Trinity Terrace North Ormesby
Charles Spenclay head, widr, mariner, Yks, Middlesborough
Eliza Jane Spencelay dau, single, 26, Yks, North Ormesby
John Wm Spencelay son, s, 24, ironworker, Yks, North Ormesby
Charles E Spencelay son, s, 20, warehouseman, Yks, North Ormesby
Henry H Spencelay son, s, 18, commercial traveller, Yks, North Ormesby
Helena Spencelay dau, s, 12, Yks, North Ormesby
Ann Spencelay dau, 3, Yks, North Ormesby
Hannah E Taylor serv, s, 18, housemaid, Yks, North Ormesby

This I think will be Ann`s sister, but have more research to do.

Holy Trinity North Ormesby Marriage
1874, Sep 14 Simeon Siddaway, 23, bach, moulder, Trinity Terrace, father, Thomas Sidaway, labourer. = Grace Milligan, 27, spin, Smeaton St, father, John Milligan, storekeeper. Wit: John Milligan, Mary E Woodward, Elizabeth? Brodie?

Please find the following two events giving evidence that Grace was indeed the sister of Ann whose details I sent before, plus their brother John. Grace was born circa 1843, John I don`t know about yet. The John Milligan that was a witness at Graces wedding could have been either father or brother, but perhaps leaning more towards father.

Baptisms Holy Trinity North Ormesby
69) 1863 Nov 3 Grace Milligan dau of John & Jane, North Ormesby, foreman
70) 1863 Nov 3 John Milligan son of John & Jane, North Ormesby, foreman

1861 Census
RG10/4856/ f 11 & 12 / p 16 & 17 / ns 88 & 89 Smeaton St, North Ormesby
John Milligan, head, mar, 54, store? & time keeper in iron wks, Cul, Carlisle
Jane Milligan, wife, mar, 60, formerly dressmaker, Cul, Carlisle
John Milligan, son, unm, 21, draughtsman engine, Wes, Kendal
Grace Milligan, dau, unm, 24, dressmaker, Cul, Penrith

Since finding this entry I have had to rethink the children of John the younger. I had found a baptism from Holy Trinity Stockton as follows:

1853) 1875 Nov 5 Gertrude Milligan d John & Dorothy, Stockton, draughtsman

This is more likely to be the correct family.
I looked for them on the 1881 census and this is what I found.
Dorothy as a widow with daughter, parents and nephew.

Dwelling: 1 School House
Census Place: Southwick, Durham, England
Source: FHL Film 1342205, PRO Ref RG11, Piece 5003, Folio 112, Page 8.
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Dorothy MILLIGAN, W, 32, F, Sunderland, Durham, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Teacher (Sch)
Gertrude MILLIGAN, U, 5, F, Stockon On Tees, Durham, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Scholar
John ALLEN, M, 57, M Newcastle On Tyne
Rel: Father
Occ: Sawyer
Elizabeth ALLEN, M, 55, F Newcastle On Tyne
Rel: Mother
John G.A. BOOTH, U, 11, M Hartlepool, Durham, England
Rel: Nephew
Occ: Scholar

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