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The Regarde Bien

By Alan Milliken

Publication List

Issue #1 April 29, 1999 Introduction
Gilmalagon of Lesmahagow
Molegan the Eponymous Ancestor
Macrath ap Molegan
The McRaths of Laught
The Surname of Amuligane
Issue #2 June 5, 1999 Fergus Amuligane of Blackmyre
Blackmyre House
Cuthbert Amuligane of Crogo
Upper Holm of Dalquhairn
John Amuligane, 2nd Laird of Blackmyre
John Amuligane, 3rd Laird of Blackmyre
James Amuligane, 4th Laird of Blackmyre
James Mullikin, 5th Laird of Blackmyre
James Mullikin, last Laird of Blackmyre
Issue #3 August 25, 1999
The Chiefs of the Name in ScotlandA Florentine Banker in Scotland
Ms in County Londonderry
John Milligan Esq. of Westmoreland
The Boston Scottish Charitable Society
Ms in County Londonderry
Samuel Millikin of Coleraine
The Millikins of Drumraighland
Issue #4 October 31, 1999 Greetings Clansmen and Women
The Chiefs of the Name in Scotland
The Lairds of Blackmyre
The Ms of County Londonderry
The Millikins of Ardreagh
The Millikins of Drumraighland
The Millikens of Castledawson
David Milliken of Teeshan
M Queries and Interests
Issue #5 February 5, 2000 Greetings
The Ms of County Londonderry
The Parishes of Kilcrongham and Ballynascreen
Millikens of Gortamney
Milligans of Tobermore
Millikins/Milligans in the Parish of Ballynascreen
Millikins of Straw
Issue #6 May 14, 2000 Greetings
Early Ms in County Down, Ulster
Issue #7 June 12, 2000 The Milliken Coat of Arms
Amuliganes in Ayrshire
The Millikins of Cork
Millikens of Islandderry
Early Ms in County Antrim
St Thomas of Lisnagarvey later named Lisburn Cathedral,
Church of Ireland
First Presbyterian Church in Lisburn
First Presbyterian Church in Antrim
M Queries and Interests
Issue #8 August 12, 2000 Thomas Millikin Merchant-burgess in the Burgh of Ayr
Early Ms in County Down
Early Traditions related to County Down
Robert Mullikin of Belfast and Dromore
Ms in the City of Dublin
19th Century Dublin Voter Rolls
Issue #9 September 10, 2000 The Mullikine Coat of Arms of 1566
The Mullikins of Ayrshire
The Milligans of Dumfriesshire
Early Ms in County Londonderry
Robert Millikin of Ballyholm
Issue #10 December 3, 2000 Col. Robert Milliken-Napier of Milliken
The Rise of the Covenanters
The Pentland Uprising
The Battle of Bothwell Bridge
The Enterkin Pass Ambush
The Millikens of Ravara
Issue #11 February 16, 2001 The 2001 Gathering
Milliken House
The Farmtoun of Milliganton
Dumfries Index of Baptisms and Marriages
The Mullikens of Boston
Thomas Milliken of the Island of St Kitt
The 1630 Muster Rolls of Ulster
1871 Census of Middlesborough
Joseph Milligan and Elizabeth McMicken
Matthew Milligan and Elizabeth Dickson
Issue #12 March 14, 2001 John Millikin merchant of Ayr
The Mullikins of Edinburgh
Parsih Index to Baptisms and Marriages of Edinburgh
Parish Index to Baptims and Marriages of Canongate
Parish Index to Baptisms and Marriages of St. Cuthberts
The Mulligans of Banbridge
Issue #13 May 2, 2001 William Amuligane in Dempsterton
Early Settlers in the Neighbourhood of Belfast
The Mulligans of Dunmurry
Issue #14 July 20, 2001 Cuthbert Amuligane in Dempsterton
Indexes to Scottish Testaments
Issue #15 August 20, 2001 The Farm of Meikle Dempsterton
Fergus Milligan of Dempsterton
Reputed Chief of the Clan in 1612
The Mullikins of Friertoun
The Milligans of Caldwell Hall
Freeholder's Registers and Poll Books in the North of Ireland
Issue #16 January 2, 2002 The Founding of the Mullikine/Amuligane Clan Society
Quintin Milligan of Nether Holm of Dalquhairn
James Milligan Sen. of Philadelphia
James Milligan Jr. of Philadelphia
Samuel Milligan of Philadelphia
Dromore Church of Ireland
The Milligans of North Ormesby, England
Issue #17 December 14, 2002 The Millikins of Six Mile Water Valley
The Millikins of Donegore
The Millikins of Ballyclare
The Millikins of Lisnalinchy
The Millikins of Bruslee
The Millikins of Braidstone, Lisnalinchy
The Millikins of Rashee and Ballynashee
The Millikins of Ballyboley
The Millikins of Ballynure
My birth father Thomas Henry Milliken
De Groves of De Pool
Issue #18 March 10, 2007 Major James Milliken of Milliken
The Milliken-Napier Pedigree
Jane Millikin of Ballyboggan, Co. Donegal
Dr. Robert Lindsay Milligan, Charleston & Edinburgh
Margaret Milligan, spouse of John Gregory Esq. of Edinburgh
Issue #19 August 14, 2010 Early Mulligan/Millikens in Boston, Massachusetts
Hugh Mulligan, blacksmith in Boston, Massachusetts
John Milliken of Boston, Massachusetts, and latterly Dunstan, Maine
Issue #20 November 20, 2011 History of the Mulligan/Millikens of Ballyskeagh, Co.Down
Early traditions and Colonial Settlers
James Millikin of Ballyskeagh
Hugh Millikin of Newtownards and Ballyskeagh
Issue #21 May 24, 2012 History of the Mulligan/Milligans of the District of Rathfriland, Co.Down
Robert Mulligan of Tullyquilly
Joseph Milligan of Charleston, South Carolina
Roger Milligan of Catrine, Ayrshire
Issue #22 September 29, 2013 History of the Mulligan/Millikens of Islandmagee, Co.Down
James Mulligan of Granshabeg
James Milliken of Ballymoney
Thomas Milliken of Temple Effin

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