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Collection produced by Alan Milliken, Armadale, Scotland



Scotland’s first university, at St. Andrews, was established in 1412. Another college was founded there in 1450 for the study of theology and philosophy. After this, Colleges were created at Glasgow in 1451, Aberdeen in 1495 and further ones at St. Andrews in 1513 and 1538, and Edinburgh in 1582, which achieved university status c.1621 after a Divinity School was added. Edinburgh School of Law was founded in 1707. The matriculation rolls for Edinburgh, Glasgow and St. Andrews record the names of quite a few Milligans, Mulligans and Millikens, which have been extracted and listed below.


Graduates of the University of Edinburgh in the Faculties of Art, Divinity and Law

Before taking a degree in the University, the student was required in subscribed to the National Covenant of 1580. The names were recorded in the Book of Laureatia.

Register of Laureations in University from 1585

A Scroll and General Confession of the True and Christian Religion according to God’s word.

Masters of Art

Class 82: Disciplina Prof. John Wood, Anno 1670

Nos Ingenus Adolescents – Georgius Milligen

Class 27: Manumissa Anno Domni 1685

Disciplina D. Roberti Lidderdale

May 1686
Guilielmus Mulligine

Class 90: Manumissa Anno Domni 1698

Disciplina M. Joannis Wood

August 22, 1698
John Mulligine

Class 110: Manumissa Anno Domni 1698

Disciplina M. Herberti Kennedi

Thomas Mulligan

Class 111: Manumissa Anno Domni 1699

Disciplina D. Gulielmi Scott

July 6, 1699
Jacobus Hamilton
Jacobus Millikin

Class 112: Manumisso Anno Domni 1700

Disciplina D. Joanis Row

December 26, 1700
Privatim Laurea donate – Jacobus Millikin

Art Matriculation Rolls

A Catalogue of the Graduates in the Faculty of Art, Divinity and Law of the University of Edinburgh since its foundation in 1582.

1670: Milligen, Georgius- Discipuli Initiati Sub Disciplina M. J. Wood, p. 57.

1685: Gullielmus Mulligine, Discipuli Initiat, Sub Disciplina Magistri Robert Lidderdale, p. 84.

March 24, 1710
George Milligen, Discipali Magristi Colin Drummond, Philosophiae Professor, p. 141.

1. George Milligan was the son of George Milligan, minister of Moffat.
2. Colin Drummond, was Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, 1708-1730.

1742: Georgii Milligen, Discipuli Domini George Stewart, p. 216.
1763: William Milligan, Discipuli D. Hugh Blair, Art Prof., p. 262.
1779: Thomas Mulligan, Discipuli, D. Johnis Bruce (Maths), 1st Class, p. 382.
1779: Thomas Mulligan, Discipuli, D. Dugald Stewart, p. 386.
1786: Jacobus Milligan, Discipuli, Prof. John Hill, class Litt, Hum, p. 447.

December 12, 1786: Jacobus Milligan, Discipuli Andrew Dalzeil, Literrarum, p. 449.
December 10, 1787: Jacobus Milligan, Discipuli Joannis Hill, Literrarum Humanioru, p. 460.
December 11, 1787: Jacobus Milligan, Discipuli Andrew Dalzeil, Literrarum grace, p. 463.
December 10, 1788: James Milligan, Dicipuli Joannis Bruce, Logices, p. 478.

1808: William Milligan, Litt et Phill, p. 680.
1814: Robert Milligan, Dumfries, 1st Law, p. 760.
1815: Edward Milligan, Galloway, 2nd Litt, p. 782.
1816: Robert L. Milligan, Dumfries, 1st Law, p. 786.
1817: Robert L. Milligan, Kirkcudbright, 2nd Law, p. 801.
1818: Robert L. Milligan, Galloway, 3rd Law, p. 818.
1819: Robert L. Milligan, Dumfriesshire, 4th Law, p. 854.
1819: Robert Milligan, Kilmarnock, 1st Law, 854.
1820: Robert L. Milligan, America US, 5th Law, p. 874.
1825: Richard Milliken, Dublin, p. 965.
1828: John Milliken, Gatehouse, Galloway, p. 1011.
1831: Archibald Milligan, Dumfriesshire, 1st Litt, p. 1059.
1833: Archibald Milligan, Dumfries, 2nd Litt, p. 1088.
1834: Archibald H. Milligan, Dumfries, 3rd Litt, p. 1103.
1838: James Milligan, Kirkcudbright, 1st. Law, p. 1148.
1839: Andrew Milligan, Stirling, 1st Law, p. 1160.
1841: Andrew Milligan, Stirlingshire, 2nd Law, p. 1180.
1841: James Milligan, Kirkcudbright, 2nd Law, p. 1180.
1844: John Shaw Milligan, Edinburgh, 1st Law, p. 1210.
1847: William Milligan, Dumfriesshire, 1st Litt, p. 1251.
1848: Andrew Milligan, Kirkcudbrightshire, 1st Law, p. 1261.
1849: Andrew Milligan, Kirkcudbrightshire, 2nd Law, p. 1272.
1852: Robert Milligan, Dumfries, 1st Lit, p. 1308.
1852: John S. Milligan, Edinburgh, 2nd Law, p. 1315.
1853: Robert Milligan, Dumfries, 2nd Litt, p. 1320.
1854: Robert Milligan, Dumfries, 3rd Litt, p. 1337.
1854: John S. Milligan, Edinburgh, 3rd Law, p. 1341.
1855: John S. Milligan, Edinburgh, 4th Law, p. 1357.
1855: Robert Milligan, Dumfries, 4th Litt, p. 1351.
1856: Robert Milligan, Dumfries, 4th Litt, p. 1364.
1858: Alexander Milligan, Constantinople, 1st Litt, p. 1385.

University of Edinburgh Medical School

The College of Medicine only gained formal recognition in 1726; however, medicine had been taught at Edinburgh since the sixteenth century and was achieved through the efforts of the first teaching hospital, the town’s physicians and the town’s guild of Surgeons and Babar Surgeons, which was incorporated in 1505. Later in 1681, it became the Royal College of Physicians. Since the Renaissance the primary facet of medical teaching was anatomy. In 1720, Alexander Monro was appointed Professor of Anatomy and over subsequent years, six further chairs would complete the college allowing it to grant the qualification of Doctor of Medicine (MD).

In 1764, the numbers of medical students had reached such as height that a new 200-seat Anatomy Theatre was built in the College Garden. Students were attracted to Edinburgh Medical School from Ireland, America and the Colonies by a succession of brilliant teachers, such as William Cullen, James Gregory and Joseph Black, the Medical Society and a flourishing Extra-Mural School. Below is a list of the Milligans etc, who matriculated and graduated in medicine.

Medical Matriculation Rolls

1765-66: Robert S. Milligan
1781-82: Eliezer Milligan
1784-85: George Mulligan
1789-90: James Milligan
1790-91: James Milligan
1802-03: Jas. Milligan
1803-04: Maurice Milligan
1807-08: Alexander Milligan
1807-08: John Milligan
1808-09: John Milligan
1800-10: William Milligan
1809-10: Robert Milligan
1812-13: George Milligan, Kirkcudbright
1812-13: Edward Milligan, Galloway
1813-14: Edward Milligan, Galloway
1814-15: Edward Milligan, Galloway
1815-16: Edward Milligan, Galloway
1813-14: Robert Milligan, Sanquhar
1817-18: Julius Milligan, Calais
1818-19: Julius Milligan, Paris
1819-20: Julius Milligan, Calais
1820-21: Julius Milligan, London
1820-21: Augustus Milligan, London
1820-21: William Milligan, Caven, Ireland
1821-22: William Milligan, Caven, Ireland
1821-22: Robert L. Milligan, South Carolina
1827-28: Robert L. Milligan, United States
1828-29: Robert L. Milligan, Edinburgh
1828-29: Joseph Milligan, Dumfries
1830-31: R. S. Milligan, Edinburgh (S could be a mistype for L)
1830-31: Samuel D. Milligan, Haddington
1832-33: Samuel D. Milligan, Stirlingshire
1849-50: William Milligan, Dumfriesshire
1850-51: William Milligan, Dumfriesshire
1851-52: William Milligan, Dumfriesshire
1858-59: Charles Milligan, Constantinople
1859-60: Charles Milligan, Constantinople
1860-61: Charles Milligan, Constantinople
1857-58: John Milligan, Dumfriesshire
1858-59: John Milligan, Dumfriesshire
1859-60: John Milligan, Dumfriesshire
1860-61: John Milligan, Dumfriesshire

List of the Graduates in Medicine, in the University of Edinburgh (1867)

Edinburgh Medical Graduates 1705 - 1866

1815: Edward Milligan, Scotus, de Hernia
1822: Guliehus Milligan, Hibernus, de Febre Flava
1822: Robertus Lindsay Milligan, Americanus, de Pota Assimilande
1862: John Laidlaw Milligan, Scotland, on reflex action


Munimenta Alme Universitatis Glasgow Vol. II (1864)

Records of the University of Glasgow from its foundation till 1727

Nomina Discpulorum quanta classa 1666

Jacobus Douglasius Marchionis Douglasiae filius.
Robert Steuartus Comitis Gallovidiae filius.
Robertus Grierson a Lag.
Georgius Milligen.

Nomina Discipulorum in tertia classe sub praesidio Magistri Gershom Carmichael qui hoc Anno Academian intrarunt Matii 1, 1697.

Jacobus Millikin.

Nomina Discipulorum tertiae classis sub praesidio Magistri Joannis Law qui hoc Anno Academiam intrarunt Martii 18, 1700.

Robertus Milligen.

The Matriculation Albums of the University of Glasgow 1727-1858
By W. Innes Addison (1913)

November 14, 1734
Thomas Mulligan, Sc: Hibernus filius Thomas Mulligan A: M: pastoris ecclesiae in Kediae in Comitatu de Armagh.

November 13, 1736
Gulielmus Napier Dom. De Culcreuch. Colonel in the Army. Died at Milliken 11th April 1773. Married, in 1764, Jeanie, sister of Alexander and Jacobus Millikin of Milliken-Hall.

November 14, 1737
Hugh Mulligan, Hibernus filius William Mulligan in parish of Granard in County Longford. M.A. 1737: Irish Presbyterian Minister at (1) Bailieborough, 1742-57, (2) Aughnacloy, 1757-86; died January 1, 1786.

November 13, 1754
Alexander Milliken, filius natu secundus Jacobi, de Milliken-Hall, Armigeri, in comitatu de Renfrew. Died without issue. Brother of Jacobus; brother-in-law of William Napier.

November 13, 1754
Jacobus Milliken, filius natu maximus Jacobi, de Milliken-Hall, Armigeri, in comitatu de Renfrew. Died at Venice, without issue, 9th April 1763. Brother of Alexander; brother-in-law of William Napier.

January 8, 1759
Tempero Viri Generosi Jacobi Milliken de Milliken Rectoris Unversitatis Glasguensis Incorproatus est.

November 14, 1759
Incorproati Tempero Viri Generosi Jacobi Milliken de Milliken Rectoris Unversitatis Glasguensis.

A.D. 1770
Thomas Milligan filius natu secundus Thomas, Fabri in Burn-head, in parochial Penpont.

A.D. 1796
Gulielums Milligan filius natu maximus Archibaldi Artificuis, Sanquhar, Dumfries. MA 1800.

A.D. 1804
Robertus Milligan filius natu maximus Archibaldi Artificuis, Sanquhar, Dumfries.

A.D. 1809
John Mulligan filius natu maximus Gulielmi, Agricolae, in parochial de Aggdeng in Comitatu de Doun. M.A. 1812.

A.D. 1809
Jacobus Milligan filius natu maximus Andrew, Artificuis, Port-Glasgow, natus.

A.D. 1819
Gulielmus Milligan filius natu 3rd Joannis, Kirkconnel.

A.D. 1830
Joannes Milligan filius natu secundus Gulielmus, Artificis, in comitatu de Dumfries. Born May 26, 1810. M.A. 1836. Parochial Teacher, Dunscore, 1829-48. Minister of (1) Corsock, 1848-55, (2) Twynholm, 1855-75. Died June 16, 1875.

Roll of Graduates of the University of Glasgow 1727-1897
By W. Innes Addison (1898)

M.A. 1835
Edward Mulligan, “Hibernus” (Grad. Alb).

M.A. 1853
George Milligan, Sometime Assistant to Josiah Walker, Professor of Humanity in Glasgow University; thereafter (1832-58) Minister of Elie; died October 15, 1858, aged 66.

M.A. 1875
James Milligan, Head Master of (1) Mitchell School, Glasgow, 1866-75, (2) London Road Public School, Glasgow, 1875-78, (3) Garnethill School, Glasgow (now Glasgow High School for Girls) since 1878; Degree Examiner on Education in Glasgow University since 1895.


The Matriculation Roll of the University of St. Andrews 1747-1897
By James Maitland Anderson (1905)

February A.D. 1768
Ex Class Magistri Gualteri Wilson Graecae Linguae Profesorisv
Robert Milligan

February 5, 1836
Ex Class Chemica Roberti Briggs Professoris,

Gulielmus Milligan

February 7, 1838
Ex Class Rev. Thomas T. Jackson, Litterarum Graecarum et Humaniora

Petrus Milligan

February 10, 1841
Ex Class Domino Roberto Haldane, Litterarum Gracecarum et Humaniora

Georgius Milligan

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