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The Millikens in Lochranza
Island of Arran

Thomas, James & John Milliken in Lochranza



Documents and Manuscripts

[1] Thomas Milliken at Toward
July 18, 1673: Letter of Thomas Milliken to Lord Neil Campbell at Ardmaddy. Dated at Toward. Transcription: - My lord, I received your lordships (no word given for letter? Order?) this day and am sorry that I cannot serve your lordship as I wold desayer for my briter in la was cast away upon the sho? (damaged, shore?) of bot wreck and the tuo rorch? or which or ??? (illegible goods) my wes tak so sad thay. I cannot go asel thes seson for abot to seynd your lordship ther is non in thes iland that can serve your lordship but I am goin over the next week to the mainland and sal do my best for to get abot and acont to John Ronens in Grenok to be sent to your lordship as far your salt your lordship ordred 8 barel to my ledy markes? and 5 to Johen Ronen in Grenock I have to send and I sold the rest bot leyes the money yet the man that done sold the salt to of sex barel of et has? is? [hole here] sop ?stons Stones thay ar al layen witin the lanlat? Lawlat? and the ymerer has ben at in sevrel temes (times?) rescue? them.
Your lordship servant.
At command, signed Th (hole) Milliken.
[Breadalbane Muniments (NAS), GD112/39/119/7]

Note: 'Toward' is located on the mainland of Argyle on the Peninsula south of Dunoon. It faces Skelmorlie and Knock across the Firth of the Clyde in North Ayrshire.
[2] James Millikin son of Thomas Millikin
August 12, 1692: Burgh of Irvine: “Honorarie burges James Millikin” (heading at side). “The quilk day the Magistrates and dean of Gild with consent of a quorum of their Counsall, did admitt and creat James Millikin son to Thomas Millikin in Ar. (Arran) Burges and Gild brother of the burgh. Gratis pro auxilio”.
[Irvine Burgh Council Records 1674-1700; B37/12/4/118]

Note: He was made a burgess not by right of his father Thomas Millikin in Arran, but at no cost, because of his help to the burgh.

[3] John Mulligan in Lochranza
December 31, 1701: Marriage of John Mulligan and Katherine McAllister both in this parish [Kilmory] who gave in their names to be booked in order to be proclaimed December 13, and were married on December 31, 1701.
[Kilmory 1701-1854, OPR 554/1/14]

[4] John Mullikin in Lochranza
March 6, 1702: Bond by John Mullikin in Lochranza as principal and James Fullarton of Kilmichael, younger, his cautioner to James Montgomery merchant in Glasgow for sum of £1000 Scots.
[Mitchell Library, Glasgow, TD.589/271]

[5] John Milliken in Lochranza
June, 1702: Elders present at Kirk Session of Kilmory held at Lochranza: - Mr Dugal Bannatyne, John Milliken, Archibald Kerr in Drummydon, Sorlie McAllister, Findly Kerr and others.
[All reference to Kirk Session of Kilmory 1701-1750 hereafter are found in CH/2/214/1]

[6] Thomas Millikin
August 23, 1702: Kirk Session at Kilmory: Mary Shaw found to be with child and the father said to be Thomas Millikin.

[7] Thomas Millikin
October 22, 1702: Kirk Session at Kilmory: the Kirk session appointed Thomas Millikin aforesaid to be summoned to the next session at Lochranza “in regard of his remote residence from this place”.

[8] John and Thomas Mullikin
November 22, 1702: Kirk Session at Lochranza: Mr Dugal Bannatyne, minister, John Mullikin, Hector McAllister, Findly Kerr and Millmore Kerr, Archibald Kerr and Donald McCurrie, elders. “The which day compeared Thomas Mullikin aforesaid, who being interrogated - of guilt of fornication to Mary Shaw above mentioned - acknowledged the same and being exhorted to consider the heinousness of his sin and to repent seriously of the same, the session appointed him to appear before the Congregation and make repentance.

[9] John Milliken in Lochranza
December 28, 1702: Elders present at Kirk Session held at Lochranza: John Milliken and others.

[10] Thomas Milliken
February 14, 1703: Kirk Session at Lochranza: Thomas Milliken “delinquent” compeared several Sabbaths before the Congregation, and was ‘absolved from the scandalous sin of fornication committed with Mary Shaw’.

[11] John Milliken in Lochranza
1703-09: Kirk Session of Kilmory: - John Milliken mentioned as one of several elders present at sessions held at Lochranza and once at Kilmory.

[12] Marie Milliken
March 6, 1709: Marriage of James Cunisone and Marie Milliken in Kilcolmonell parish [Kintrye].
Note: Kilcolmonell is located in the Island of Kintyre.
[Campbeltown 1659-1854, OPR 507/1a, fr. 216]

[13] Marie Millikin
March 6, 1709: Marriage of James Cunison and Marie Millikin in Kilcolmonell parish at the Lowland Congregation in Campbeltown by Mr. James Boes.
[Campbeltown 1659-1854, OPR 507/1a, fr. 306]

[14] John Mulliken in Lochranza
December 19, 1713: Letter of Horning by Hugh Montgomery of Busbie.
Execution of Letter of Horning: I Matthew McFun messenger by virtue of letters of horning containing arrestment conferred at the instance of Hugh Montgomery of Busbie for himself and as assignee after specified against John Mulliken in Lochranza, as principal and James Fullarton of Kilmichael younger, in her Majesties name and authority fence and arrest in the hands of you Claud Hamilton elder of Barnes -------- the sum of one thousand pounds Scots less or more with all the goods, geir debts sums of money owing them wherefore in your hands and custody or any ways want by you to either of them to remain under sure fence and arrestment at the complainers instance until he be paid of three hundred and forty four pounds Scots, sixty pounds Scots of pennies and hail annual rent of the said principal sum contained in a bond granted by the said principal and cautioner conjunctly and severally to the complainer James Montgomery merchant in Glasgow dated March 6, 1702, in and to the equal half of the which bond and sums contained, the complainer has right by assignation for the said James Montgomery dated September 30, 1703, which bond is registered in the books of Council and Session upon March 30, 1704, with witnesses conform to the present letters signet at Edinburgh April 5, 1704, ex deliberatione dominorum consilli (by deliverance of the Lords of Council), witnesses hereto Patrick Sympson messenger in Glasgow and [unclear] McFunn, my lawful son and William [unclear] in Glasgow: signed Matthew McFunn messenger.
[Mitchell Library, Glasgow: TD.589/271]

[15] John Milliken
Oct. 23, 1718: Kirk Session held at Lochranza: - John Milliken present.

[16] Ann Milliken in Lochranza
1720-1756: The Genealogy of the Campbells of Auchinbreck in the Highland Papers:

Campbells of Drimnamuckloch

Dugald Campbell in Amod thereafter of Drimnamuckloch married first Fingwell NcNeile daughter of Lossit NcNeile, by whom he had:

  1. Black Duncan Campbell now of Drimnamuckloch who married Elizabeth
  2. Campbell daughter of Donald Campbell of Glencaradel.

Dugald Campbell married secondly Janet Cameron daughter of Mr. John Cameron of Dunloskin (m. 13th January 1681) by whom he had:

  1. John Campbell who died aboard unmarried.
  2. James Campbell married Ann Mulliken at Lochranza by whom he had two sons, Dugald and John, and one daughter Mary.
  3. Isobel Campbell married first David Moor son to Capt. David Moor of Drimmore and had issue. Secondly, Archibald Cunison and had issue.
[MacPhail, J. R. N (editor): Highland Papers (1934), Vol. IV, p.84-85]

[17] Ann Milliken in Lochranza
January 9, 1750: Instrument of Sasine in favour of Ann Milliken relict of James Campbell in Lochranza and Dugald Campbell her son. On December 2, 1749, Alexander McAllister, merchant in Lephinchoroch acting as attorney for Ann Miliken (sic.) relict of James Campbell in Lochranza and Dugald Campbell her eldest lawful son, came to the notary, with letters of assignation to commit the ground and lands of Auchnasoul through the clauses of dispensation in the charter after mentioned, which included sasines of the lands and other enumerated with are to be handed over.

The attorney had a charter of resignation dated under the Great Seal of Scotland, February 12, 1733, by which George I gave and granted to Archibald Campbell, deputy clerk of Argyll and his heirs and assignees all the lands of Auchnasoul, Auchinbreck, Keironschie, Auchiroich and Corrimackonds, extending to the 12 merk lands of old extent … and now commonly called … viz. the 4 merk land of old extent of two Duchorrens with all the houses, buildings, fields, parts pendicles and pertinents lying in the lordship of North Kintyre formerly of Auchnasould, the 3 merk land of old extent of Kilmichael, the one merk land of extent of Keironshie, the two merk land of old extent of Auchiroich and two merk of extent of the two Duchorrens with all houses, buildings, yards, orchards, mosses, moors, fields, the grazings, shielings, multures, mills, oaks and other woods, salmon and other fishings, parts pendicles and pertinents lying in the lordship of Kintyre and sheriffdom of Tarbet and now through annexation in the sheriffdom of Argyll. These lands with their pertinents Duncan Campbell of Glencarradel eldest lawful son of the late Donald Campbell of Glencarradel held previously, with the King as immediate superior. On February 12, 1723, these lands had been resigned and disponed by Duncan Campbell to the fore said Archibald Campbell, by letters of disposition made on November 3 & 10, 1709, and recorded in the Books of Session on October 20, 1722.

The attorney also held letters of disposition and assignation dated May 17, 1726, made and granted by the said Archibald Campbell in favour of the late James Campbell of Stonefield, judge and deputy sheriff of Argyll. He also held a general service of retour to Master Archibald Campbell, advocate, heir of the said James Campbell, his brother, dated March 16, 1749. He also held letter of disposition and translation by the said Master Archibald Campbell to Graham William Boyd of Portincross of these lands, but under reversion by the terms therein mentioned, dated June 12, 1741.

The attorney also held letters of disposition and translation of the lands, charter and precept of sasine above mentioned by the said William Boyd of Portincross made and granted to the foresaid Ann Milikin relict of James Campbell in Lochranza in life rent and to Dugald Campbell her eldest son and to his heirs male in fee, whom failing to John Campbell her second son and his heirs male, whom failing to the heirs female of the said Dugald Campbell lawfully procreated, whom failing to the heirs female of the said John Campbell lawfully procreated, whom failing to Marie Campbell daughter of Ann Millikin and her heirs male lawfully procreated, whom failing her heirs female lawfully procreated, whom all failing the heirs and assignees whomsoever of Ann Millikin. But with all the reversions therein, and reserving full power and freedom in life to Ann Milliken with the agreement of the said Dugald Campbell her son, and with all burdens mentioned on the lands. These lands were redeemable by Dugald Campbell now of Glencarradel and his heirs and successors by payment to Ann Milliken and her foresaids at the feast of Pentecost of £9, 903. 7s. 10d. money Scots and the expense of taking infeftment of this charter, at the church of the parish of Campbeltown. This document is dated May 4, 1749.

After the notary public had read the relevant documents out, Archibald McCoag, deputy sheriff of Argyll gave life rent sasine to Ann Milliken and sasine in fee to Dugald Campbell her son, through their attorney Hector McAllister, of the lands of Auchnasoul and others in the said charter, between 10 and 11 in the morning of December 2, 1749, with Lachlane McNeill of Killchrist and Alexander McAllister merchant at Cum as witnesses. It closes with the notary’s docket declaring that he has seen everything and that it is all true, which he then signs, Peter Stewart.

[Argyllshire Register of Sasines, RS10/8 folio 98v-99v]

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