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Ireland and Scotland

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    The Provence of Ulster

    Geographical Map Resources
    Ulster Counties & Baronies c.1600
    Co. Londonderry Baronies & Parish c.1500
    Co. Donegal Parishes & Townlands c.1500
    Co. Tyrone Parishes & Townlands c.1500
    Ulster Native Lordship c.1300
    Cantreds of West Ulster c.1200
    Cenel Eogain in Mid Ulster c.1000
    Tir Enna & Fir Magh Itha c.1000
    Northern Uí Neill c.800-1000
    Island of Bute (Dunagoil) c.1400
    Subclade DF85>DF97>FGC8739
    West and Southwest of Scotland
    Dalraita, Scots and Gael Gaedhil Classical Records AD 300 to 550
    Extracts AD 500 to 599
    Extracts AD 600 to 699
    Extracts AD 700 to 799
    Extracts AD 800 to 999
    Extracts AD 1000 to 1170
    Gall Gaedhil in Ireland 1154 to 1299
    The Scots in Ireland 1300 to 1399
    The Scots in Ireland 1400 to 1499
    The Scots in Ireland 1500 to 1585
    Recordings relating to Cos. Antrim and Down Upper and Lower Clandeboye 1300 to 1600
    Lower Clandeboye 1540 to 1615
    Upper Clandeboye 1540 to 1609
    Co. Down General Pardon 1603 to 1609
    Co. Antrim Jacobite forfeitures 1689 to 1699
    Co. Down Jacobite forfeitures 1689 to 1699
    Ua Maolagain Genealogies and Annals AD 600-1110
    Genealogies and Annals AD 1110-1400
    Records and Documents AD 1200-1500
    Records and Documents AD 1500-1630
    Sept Ua Maolagain, Co. Donegal
    Sept Ua Maolagain Pedigree
    Irish Miscellaneous Abbots and Community of Iona
    Acallam na Senórach
    Ailech in the Metrical Dindshenchas
    Britons (North) in the Annals and Chronicles
    Britons (North) in Early Welsh Literature
    Cind cethri ndíni iar Frigrind
    Daire Calagaich of Coluim Cille
    King List of the Dal Araide
    Norse Personal Names in the Irish Annals
    The Cruithin of Ulster
    Ui Neill and Dal Riata Cenéls
    Cenél Conaill Annal Extracts AD 405 to 542
    Annal Extracts AD 542 to 561
    Annal Extracts AD 562 to 699
    Annal Extracts AD 691 to 899
    Annal Extracts AD 900 to 1099
    Annal Extracts AD 1100 to 1300
    Cenel Conaill Genealogy
    Cenel Conaill Pedigree
    Cenél Eogain Annal Extracts AD 405 to 542
    Annal Extracts AD 542 to 561
    Annal Extracts AD 562 to 699
    Annal Extracts AD 700 to 799
    Annal Extracts AD 800 to 899
    Cenel Eogain Genealogy
    Cenél Lugdach Annal Extracts AD 800 to 899
    Cenel Lugdach Pedigree
    Cenél Enna Annal Extracts AD 957 to 1511
    Cenel Enna Pedigree
    Ua Dochartaigh Annal Extracts AD 1180-1608
    Ua Dochartaigh Pedigree
    Cenél Moán Annal Extracts AD 1084-1570
    Cenel Moain Pedigree.html
    Ua Lochlainn Annal Extracts AD 845-1110
    Clann Neill Pedigree
    Clann Domnaill Pedigree
    Clann Lochlainn Pedigree
    Ua Brain MacNeill Annal Extracts AD 1070-1170
    Ua Brain MacNeill Pedigree
    Ua Cathain Annal Extracts AD 1099-1268
    Ua Cathain Pedigree

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