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Extracts from the Annals of Ireland


AU = Annals of Ulster 431-1541
FM = Annals of the Four Masters 123-1616
LC = Annals of Loch Ce 1014-1648

Genelach .H. mBrain mc. Neill andso

Book of Ballymote

Dondchadh m. Flaithbertaigh m. Neill m. Feargaile m. Gairbeith m. Maeleduin m. Ruarcan m. Cathalan m. Brain m. Neill kille.

AU 1078

Conchobor ua Briain, king of Telach Óc and heir-designate of Ireland, was killed, with his wife, by the Cenél Binnigh of Glenn.

AU 1082

Gilla Críst ua Maelfabhaill, king of Carraic Brachaidhe, Finnchad son of Amalgaidh, chief of Clann Bresail, Domnall son of Conchobor ua Briain, Cathal son of Aed ua Conchobuir, Flaithbertach ua Maeladúin, king of Lorg, Uidrín son of Mael Muire, chief of Cenél Feradaigh—all were killed.

FM 1167

A hosting and mustering of the men of Ireland, with their chieftains, by Ruaidhri Ua Conchobhair. Thither came Diarmaid, son of Cormac, lord of Desmond; Muircheartach Ua Briain, lord of Thomond; Diarmaid Ua Maeleachlainn, King of Meath; Donnchadh Ua Cearbhaill, lord of Oirghialla; and all the chieftains of Leinster. They afterwards arrived in Tir-Eoghain, and Ua Conchobhair divided the territory into two parts, i.e. gave that part of Tir-Eoghain north of the mountain, i.e. Callainn, to Niall Ua Lochlainn, for two hostages, i.e. Ua Cathain of Craebh, and Macan-Ghaill Ua Brain, and that part of the country of the Cinel to the south of the mountain to Aedh Ua Neill, for two other hostages, i.e. Ua Maelaedha, one of the Cinel-Aenghusa, and Ua hUrthuile, one of the Ui-Tuirtre Ua Neill's own foster-brothers. The men of Ireland returned back southwards over Sliabh-Fuaid, through Tir-Eoghain, and Tir-Conaill, and over Eas-Ruaidh to meet thelr sea-fleet; and Ua Conchobhair escorted the lord of Desmond, with his forces, southwards through Thomond as far as Cnoc-Aine with many jewels and riches.