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Cenel Eogain of the Úi Néill in Tuaiscirt

Laud 610, Rawlinson B 502 & Book of Ballymote

The earliest extant Irish genealogical collections, Rawlinson B 502 (Rawl) in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and the Book of Leinster (LL) in Trinity College, Dublin, date from the twelfth century; all the other genealogical sources survive from the late medieval or early modern period. The first of these, the Dublin Trinity College MS 1298 (H.2.7) (H) was written probably in the middle decades of the fourteenth century. Its contents are mostly of a genealogical nature, including a significant amount of material lacking in the two early manuscripts. It is followed by an almost contemporary manuscript, MS G 2 3 (G) preserved in the National Library of Ireland, Dublin. These two manuscripts are then followed in the last decade of the fourteenth century by two important collections, the Book of Ballymote (BB) and the Book of Lecan (Lec) both in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. They contain not only later medieval genealogies, but also versions of earlier material some of which is lacking in Rawlinson B 502, the Book of Leinster and MS 1298 (H.2.7). However, there is material in the MS Laud 610 in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, written mostly during 1453-54, which preserves material that dates from the eleventh century and primarily is related to the Northern Ui Neill.

Irish medieval manuscripts ususally employ two styles for recording genealogical information. The earliest sections are preserved in the ‘minigud senchais’ or ‘craeb coibnessa’, which outline the genealogical relationships between the kindred or descendants of a real historic ancestor or legendry figure believed to be a common ancestor. These tractates are usually found in the earlier sections of the manuscript, e.g. Sil Cuinn, and are recorded in two columns. The second style employs liner retrograde patrilines, which are usually set out in a series of columns with one or sometimes two names per line. These two styles are important to compare and below, I compare three manuscripts dating from different periods, Laud 610 (11th Century), Rawlinson B 502 (12th Century) and the Book of Ballymote (late 14th century).

Only the material relating to the Genealogical tracts of the Cenel Eogain are compared and were appropriate I will add notes on areas of interest in the future.



An explaination of the history of the Sil Cuinn begins

1. Niall of the Nine Hostages

[Laud] Niall Noígiallach m. Echach .xiiii. mc leis .i. Conall Err Breg nó Cremthainne nó Cerrbél, Conall Gulbain Guirt nó Foibni, Éogan, Cairpre, Láegaire, Fiachra, Maine, Énna, Óengus Ulderg, Fergus Antoit nó Antem, Fergus Mátlorg, Trian, Cóeldub, Uaithgein. Conall Err Breg a quo Clann Colmáin & Síl n-Áeda Sláine. Conall Gulbain Guirt a quo Cenél Conaill. Láegaire a quo Cenél Láegaire. Maine a quo Úi Maine & Fir Thethba. Cairpri a quo Cenél Cairpre. Énna a quo Cenél Énna. Óengus Ulderg a quo Cenél n- Óengusa.

[Rawl] Níall mac Echach, cethri maic déc (14) leis .i. Conall err Breg, Conall Gulpain Guirt, Eogan, Carpre, Lóegaire, Fíachra, Mane, Énna, Óengus h-Uillderg, ulderg Fergus Antem, Fergus Mátlorg, Trian, Húathgen, Coíldub. Conall Bregh a quo Cland Colmán & Síl Áeda Sláne, Conall Gulban Guirt a quo Cenél Conaill, Lóegaire a quoCenél Lóegaire; Mane, a quo Fir Tethba; Carpre, a quo Cenél Carpre; Enna, a quo Cenél nEnnae; Oengus, a quo Cenél nOengusa.

[BB] Niall mc. Eachach muighmedon tra .xiiii. mc. lais .i. Conall err bregh, Conall gulban ghuirt, Cairpri, Loegaire, Eogan Fiachu Maine Enda Aengus oilderg, Fergus aindteain Fergus mathlorg tria an uaithgen Caeldubh. Conall earr bregh a quo Clann Colman & Sil Aedha Slaine, Conall .g. a quo Ceniel Conaill, Laegaire a quo Ceniel Laegaire, Maine a quo Fir Teabhtha, Cairpri a quo Ceniel Cairpri, Enda a quo Cenel nEnda, Aengus a quo Ceniel nAengusa.

Note: In the Book of Ballymote, this tractate appears under that segement called the ‘Genelach Dal Mc Con’ and is immediately followed by the ‘Genelach Cenel nEoghain’.

2. Eogain son of Niall

[Laud] Éogan immorro m. Néill .x. filios habuit id est: Muiredach a quo Cenél Muiredaich, Binech a quo Cenél m-Binnich, Fergus a quo Cenél Fergusa, Óengus a quo Cenél n-Óengusa, Dallán a quo Cenél n- Dalláin, Cormac a quo Cenél Cormaic, Feideilmid a quo Cenél Feideilmid, Ailill a quo Clann Ailella, Echen a quo Cenél n-Echin, Illann a quo Cenél n-Ellaind, Eochaid a quo Cenél n-Echdach.

[Rawl] Eogan mac Néill, deich (10) maic leis .i. Muredach, a quo Cenél Muredaig; Bindech, a quo Cenél m-Binnig; Fergus, a quo Cenél Fergusa; Óengus, a quo Cenél nÓengusa; Dallán, a quo Cinél Dalláin;cinel dallainadded above by a later hand. Cormac, a quo Cenél Cormaic; Fedilmid, a quo Cenél Fedilmid; Ailill, a quo Cenél nAililla; Echen, a quo Cenél nEchin; Illann, a quo Cenél nEllainn, et Eochaid, a quo Cenél nEchdach.

[BB] Eogan mc. Neill .xi. mc. lais .i. Muiredhach a quo Ceniel Muiredaigh, Bindeach a quo Cenel mBindich, Fergus a quo Ceniel Fergusa, Aengus a quo Ceniel nAenghusa, Dallan a quo Ceniel nDhallan, Cormac a quo Ceniel Cormaic, Feidlimid a quo Cenel Feidlimid, Oilill a quo Ceniel nOililla, Eichen a quo Ceniel nEichein, Illand a quo Ceniel nIllaind, Eochaidh a quo Ceinel nEachach.

Note: In the Book of Ballymote list the above under the ‘Genelach Cenel nEoghain’.

3. Muiredach son of Eogain

[Laud] Muiredach cóic (5) mc leis .i. Muircherdach, Feradach a quo Cenél Feradaig, Tigernach a quo Cenél Tigernaich, Máién a quo Cenél Máién, & Rúnach sanctus.

[Rawl] Muredach, cúic maic leis .i. Murchertach; Feradach, a quo Cenél Feradaig; Tignárach, a quo Cenél Tigernaig; Máián, a quo Cenél Maián; Rúnach, id est sanctus.

[BB] Muiredach mc. Eoghain .u. mc. lais .i. Muirceartach, Feradach a quo Ceniel Tigernaigh, Moan a quo Ceniel Moan, Ruanach .i. naem.

4. Muircherdach son of Ercca

[Laud] Cúic (5) maic Muirchertaich maic Ercca .i. Forgus, Fergus Baetán, Néllén a quo Cenél Néllén; Scandal immorru. Báetán athair Maelhumai; Fergus a quo Cenél Fergusa. Domnoll.

[Rawl] Cóic mc Muirchertaich m. Ercca: Fergus, Báetán, Néillíne a quo Cenél Néillíni; Báetán immorro pater Máel h-Umai herois (nó Gairg), Fergus a quo Clann Fergusa, Domnall.

[BB] Coig mc. Muirceartaigh mc. Erca .i. Neillin Scannall Baedan a quo athair Maeluma gairg, Forgus otait Clann Forgusa amail adbert.

Coig mc. Muirceartaigh comblaidh
mc. Muiredaig mc. Eogan
Domnall Neillin garg aghus
Baedan Scandal is Forgus.

5. Domnall son of Muircherdach (Mac Erca) (obit 566)

[Laud] Trí (3) mc Domnaill: Eocho, Áed Uaridnach, Colgo.

[Rawl] Trí mic Domnaill .i. Eocho, Colco, Áed Úaridnach.

[BB] Domnall dano in coiced mc. Muircertaigh. Tri mc. lais .i. Eocho a quo Cenel nEachach Droma Lighen, Colgo, Aedh uaridhnach.

AU 566

Death of Domnall son of Muirchertach Mac Erca, to whom succeeded Ainmire son of Sétna.

6. Aed Uaridnach son of Domnall (obit 612)

[Laud] Dá m. Áeda Uaridnaig: Dáre & Máel Fithrich.

[Rawl] Dá mac Áeda Úaridnaig: Dáre, Maelfithrig.

[BB] Da mc. Aedha uairidhnaigh .i. Daire & Maelfithridh.

7. Mael Fithrich son of Aed Uaridnach (obit 630)

[Laud] Máel Fithrich dá (2) mc leis: Máel Dúin ocus Máel Tuile in mc aile ó n-ainmnigther Síl Maíle Fithrich.

[Rawl] Maelfithrig immorru, dá mac leis: Maeldúin & ní hétur cia hainm in maic aile, Maeltuile on ainmnigther Síl Máilefithrig.

[BB] Maelfithrigh uero da mc. lais .i. Maelduin & Maeltuile in mc. ele on ainm nighter Sil Maelafitrigh.

AU 630

Bellum Lethirbe eter Cenel Mc. Erca & Cenel Feradaig in quo Mael Fithrich cecidit. Ernaine m. Fiachna uictor erat.

8. Mael Duin son of Mael Fithrich (obit 681)

[Laud] Maeldúin, óen (1) mac lais .i. Fergal.

[Rawl] Máel Dúin immorro óen mc leis .i. Fergal.

[BB] Maelduin aen mc. lais .i. Fergal.

9. Fergail son of Mael Duin (obit 722)

[Laud] Cethri (4) maic Fergaile maic Máiledúin: Níall Frosach, ótá ind rígrad; Áed Alláin,ótá Muinter Beirn & Muinter Erduilb; & Conchobor cona dib maccaib déc; & Colcu, diatá Clann Cholcan.

[Rawl] Cethri mc Fergaile m. Máeli Dúin .i. Niall Frosach m. Fergaile a quo sunt reges, Áed Ollán a quo Muinter Birn ocus Muinter Eruilb, & Conchobar cum .xii. filiis suis, & Colgu a quo Clann Colgan.

[BB] Ceitri mc. Fergaili mc. Maeladuin .i. Niall frosach otaid in rigraidh & Aedh ollain a quo Muinter Birn & Muinter Earoilbh & Concobar cona dibh mc. aibhdec & Colgo diatait Clann Colgan.

Note: Fergail had another son called Murchad and his obit is recorded under:

AU 741

The killing of Murchad son of Fergal son of Mael Dúin.

10. Neill Frossach son of Fergail (obit 778, died in Iona Colum Cille)

[Laud] Cóic (5) maic Néill Frossaig mic Fergaile: Áed Ordnide & Colmán, diatá Clann Colmáin for Feraib Lí; & Ferchar, diatá Muinter Dúinbó; & Muirchertach diatá Clann Muirchertaig Locha Enaig.

[Rawl] Cóic m. Néill Frosaig m. Fergaile: Áed Oirnidi, Colmán a quo Clann Colmáin h-i Feraib Lii, Ferchar a quo Muinter Dúin Bó, Muirchertach a quo Clann Muirchertaich Locha Enaich.

[BB] Coic mc. Neill frossaigh mc. Feargaile .i. Aed ornidhe & Colman diatad Clann Colman for fearaibh lii, & Fearchar diatat Clann Fearcair & Cuana diada Muinter Duine bo & Muircertach diadat Clann Muircertaigh Locha h-Eaneagh.

AU 778
Niall Frosach son of Fergal in Í Choluim Chille, and Aed Finn son of Echaid, king of Dál Riata, died.

11. Aed Ordinide son of Neill Frossach (obit 819)

[Laud] Cóic (5) maic Áeda Ordnide: Níall Kaille rí Érenn & Maeldúin, ótát Síl Máiledúin for Húib Echdach & Fogartach, ótá Cinaed mac Máilograi hi Finninne Fininne & Blaithmac, ótáit Húi Duibh Enaich & Maelkailne, dianid ferann Dúin Druing inn-Inis Eogain.

[Rawl] Cóic mc Áeda Oirdnide: Niall Kaille, Maíl Dúin a quo Síl Máela Dúin for Úib Echdach, Fogartach a quo Cináed mc mc Máel Ogra i Fininne, Blaithmac a quo Úi Duib Enaich, Máel Kalland con-gaib Dún Druing i n-Inis Éogain.

[BB] Se mc. Aedha ornidhe, Niall caille ri Erinn, & Maelduin otait Sil Maeleduin fer h-ibeathach & Diarmaid diataid Clann Diarmada & Fogartac (.i. a quo Cland Fogartaig anad dail oig) diata Cinaeth mc. Maelfoghartaigh I Findine & Blathmac otaid I Duibhenaigh & Maelfhalland dianadh ferand dun, druing in Inis Eogain.

12. Neill Caillie son of Aed Ordinide (obit 846)

[Laud] Sé (6) maic Néill Kalle: Áed Finnlíath rí Hérenn & Dubindrecht & Óengus, diatá Cenél nÓengusa .i. Carrbaethán & Muirchertach, diatá Cenél Murchertaig .i. Maic Muredaig; & Flaithbertach ótá Congalach húa Húallgairg, & Bráen, diata Cenél Broén imMaig Ítha.

[Rawl] Sé mc Néill Kaille: Áed Findliath rí h-Érenn, Dub Indrecht, Óengus .i. Carrbáethán a quo Clann Óengusa, Muircherdach a quo Clann Muircherdaich .i. Meicc Muiredaich, & Flaithbertach a quo Congalach Úa h- Ualgairg, Bróen a quo Clann Bróen i m-Maig Ítha.

[BB] Se mc. Neill caille .i. Aedh findliath (ni cn) & Duibindrecht (a quo Clann Duibindrecht), et Aengus data Ceniel nAengusa, Carr Baedan & Muircertach diatha Clann Muirchertaigh .i. Mc. Muircertaigh. (i Cluain Mor bFhear nArda & i Colpa a mBreagaib), et Flaithbertach ota Congalac Ua h-Ualairg & Braen diata Clann Brain a Maig Itha.

13. Aed Findlaith son of Neill Caillie (obit 879)

[Laud] Dá (2) mac Áeda Finnláeith .i. Níall Glúndubh & Domnall ríg Ailig.

[Rawl] Dá mc Áeda Findléith: Niall Glúndub rí h-Érenn, Domnall rí Ailich.

[BB] Da mc. Aeda finnleth .i. Niall glundhubh ri Erinn & Domnall ri Oiligh.

14. Neill Glundub son of Aed Findlaith (obit 919)

[Laud] Trí (3) maic Néill Glúnduibh .i. Muirchertach & Conaing & Maelciarán.

[Rawl] Trí mc Néill Glúnduib: Muirchertach, Conaing, Máel Ciarán.

[BB] Tri mc. Neill glunduibh .i. Muircertach & Conaing & Maelciaran.

15. Muirchertach son of Neill Glundub (obit 943)

[Laud] Cethri (4) Maic Murchertaig mic Néill Glúnduib .i. Domnall rí Hérend & Flaithbertach rí Ailig & Murchad & Flann.

[Rawl] Cethri mc Murchertaich m. Néill Glúnduib: Domnall rí h-Érenn & Flaithbertach rí Ailich, Murchad, Flann.

[BB] Ceitri mc. Muircertaigh mc. Neill glunduibh .i. Domnall ri Erinn & Flaithbertach ri Oiligh & Murchad & Flann.

16. Domnall son of Muirchertach (obit 980)

[Laud] Cethri (4) Maic Domnaill: dá hÁed & Muiredach.

[Rawl] Cethri mc Domnaill: dá Áed & Muredach & Murchertach.

[BB] Cetri mc. Domnall, da Aedh & Muircertach & Muiredach.

Domnall son of Aed Findlaith (obit 915)

[Laud] Sé (6) maic Domnaill .i. Fergal mac Domnaill rí Ailig & Dondchadh, ótá Dubgall mac Dondchada, & Flann, diatá Níall mac Máilsechnaill & Flaithbertach, diatá Murchad húa Flaithbertaig, & Maelmithig, & Conchobor, dia rabatar Mic Concubair. Finit.

[Rawl] Sé mc Domnaill .i. Fergal rii Ailich, Donnchad a quo Dubgall mc Donnchada, Flann a quo Niall mc Máel Sechnaill, Flaithbertach a quo Murchad Úa Flaithbertaig, Máel Mithich, Conchobor a quo Meic Conchobuir.

[BB] Se mc. Domnall .i. Feargal ri Oilig & Donnchad ota Dubgall mc. Donncadha & Flann (a quo Muinter Flaind) diata Niall Mc. Maelshechlainn & Flaithbertach diata Murchad Ua Flaithbertaigh & Maelmithigh Concobar diarabadar Mc. Concobair.

AU 911
Domnall son of Aed assumed the pilgrim’s staff.

AU 915
Domnall son of Aed, king of Ailech, dies in penitence at the spring equinox.

Mael Duin son of Aed Ordinide (obit 867)

[Rawl] Trí meic Máela Dúin .i. Fachtnán rí Ailich, Niall, Murchad.

[BB] Tri mc. Maeladuin .i. Fachtnan ri Oiligh & Niall & Murchad.

Note: This tractate is not included in Laud 610.

AU 867

Mael Dúin son of Aed, king of Ailech, died in religion after long suffering.

Note: Fachtna son of Mael Dúin, heir designate of the North, was killed at a battle at Cell Ua nDaigri in 867. Another son 'Murchad son of Mael Dúin, heir designate of the North, was killed by Flannacán son of Fogartach, king of Fernmag' in 887.

Baetan son of Muirechertach

[Laud] Cóic maic Baetáin maic Muirchertaig .i. Forgus, Fergus ótáit Cenél Forgusa; Fergusa Forannán, a quo Húi Forannain; Ailill .i. athair Cindfaelad; Maelhumai .i. in rígfénid; Colmán Rímid athair Fína máthar Flainn.

[Rawl] Cóic mc Báetáin mc Muirchertaich .i. Fergus a quo Clann Fergusa, Forannán a quo Úi Fhairennáin, Ailill pater Cind Fáelad, Máel h-Uma in rígfhéinnid. Colmán Rímid athair Fína, máthair íside Fhlaind Fína m. Ossu regis Saxonum.

[BB] Coic mc. Baedan mc. Muircheartaigh .i. Forgus a quo Ceniel Fergusa, Forandan a quo U Forandan & Oilill athair Cindfhaelad, Maeluma in righ feindigh & Colman rimhi athair Fhina mathair Flaind Fhina (.i. ri Saxan).

Eochaid son of Domnall

[Laud] Eochaid mac Domnaill, trí maic leis .i. Cellach, a quo Tellach Conaing & Cellacháin & Mochatáin; Fogartach, a quo Munter Reocáin & Banbáin; Ailill, a quo Muinter Eochadáin.

[Rawl] Eochaid mc Domnaill trí meicc leis: Cellach a quo Tellach Conaing & Cellacháin & Mochatáin, Fogartach a quo Munter Reócáin & Banbáin, Ailill a quo Muinter Echadáin.

[BB] Eochu mc. Domnaill tri mc. lais .i. Cellach a quo Teallach Conaing & Ceallachan & Mochtorain Fogartach a quo Muinter Rocain & Banban Ailill a quo Muindter Eochach.

Aed Allan son of Fergail

[Laud] Áed Ollán mac Fergaile, dá mac lais: Cathal, a quo Clann Chathail; Máeldúin.

[Rawl] Áed Alláin mc Fergaile dá m. leis .i. Cathal a quo Clann Cathail, Máel Dúin.

[BB] Aedh allan mc. Feargaile da mc. lais .i. Cathal a quo Clann Cathail & Maelduin.

Mael Duin son of Aed Allan (d. 788)

[Laud] Trí (3) maic lais .i. Tigernach, a quo Húi Thigernaig, Murchad & Fland, a quo Húi Chellaig & Húi Huidir.

[Rawl] Trí m. Máela Dúin: Tigernach a quo Úi Tigernaich, Murchad, Flann a quo Úi Chellaich & Úi h-Uidir.

[BB] Tri mc. la Maelduin .i. Tigernach a quo Clann Tigernaig Murcadh & Flann a quo Ua Cellaig (no Cearaig) & Ua Uidhir.

AU 788

Death of Mael Dúin son of Aed Allán, king of In Fochla.

Murchad son of Mael Duinn

[Laud] Murchad, immorru, trí (3) maic lais .i. Rúadri; Muredach, a quo Húi Flathbertaig; Erulb, a quo Muinter Eruilb.

[Rawl] Trí mc Murchada: Ruadrí, Muiredach & Úi Flaithbertaich, Erulb a quo Muinter Eruilb.

[BB] Murchad immoro tri mc. lais .i. Muiredhach a quo Ua Flaithbertaigh & Ruaidhri & Earolb a quo Muinter Earoilbh.

AU 819

A skirmish between the Cenél Eógain and the Cenél Conaill in which Mael Bresail son of Murchad, king of Cenél Conaill, fell. Murchad son of Mael Dúin was victor.

AU 823

Murchad son of Mael Dúin was deposed by Niall son of Aed and the Cenél Eógain.

Ruadri son of Murchad

[Laud] Rúadri dano, dá (2) mac lais .i. Maelcíaráin, diarbo Hóa Domnall, a quo Húi Domnalláin; Bern, a quo Muinter Birn.

[Rawl] Dá mc Ruadrí: Máel Ciaráin diarbo úa Domnallán a quo sunt Úi Domnalláin, Bern a quo Muinter Birn.

[BB] Ruaidri da mc. lais .i. Maelciaran diarbo hUa Domnall otait .H. Domnallan & Birn a quo Muinter Birn.

Birn or Bern son of Ruadri

[Laud] Bern immorru, trí (3) maic leis .i. Anbed, a quo Tellach nAnbed; Cern Guthmar, a quo Tellach Cruind.i. Húi Fergail; Donnacáin, a quo Tellach Donnacáin .i. Mic Rúadri & Mic Dondchuáin.

[Rawl] Trí m. Birn: Anféid a quo Tellach n-Anfida, Cern Guthmár a quo Tellach Cruind id est Úi Fergail, Donnacán a quo Tellach n-Donnacáin .i. Meicc Ruaidrí & Meic Duind Chuan.

[BB] Tri mc. la Birnn .i. Ainbheth a quo Tellach Ainbeith Cernach guthmar a quo Tellach Cernaig .i. I Feargail Dondagan a quo Tellach nDhondagan .i. Mc. Ruaidri & Mc. Duindcuan.

Úi Néill in Tuaiscirt condice inso. FINIT.


Rawlinson B 502 Genealogies for the Cenel Muiredach (Royal line of Cenel Eogain)

Genelach Clainne Neill

Domnall m. Ardgair m. Lochlaind m. Muiredaich m. Domnaill m. Muirchertaich m. Néill Glúnduib m. Áeda Findléith m. Néill Kaille m. Áeda Oirdnide m. Néill Frossaich m. Fergaile m. Máele Dúin m. Máel Fithrich m. Áeda Uaridnaich m. Domnaill m. Muircherdaich m. Muiredaich m. Éogain m. Néill.

Genelach Clainne Domnaill

Áed m. Néill m. Máel Sechnaill m. Máel Ruanaid m. Flaind m. Domnaill m. Áeda Findléith m. Néill Caille.

Item: Áed m. Néill m. Flaithbertaich m. Murchertaich m. Domnaill m. Murchertaich m. Néill Glúnduib m. Áeda Findléith.

These tractates are repeated in the Book of Ballymote, where it is called Clann Eogain mac Neill.

O Tugamar in treasin do chraeb scailedh Claindi Eogain mc. Neill tabram da ngeinelachaib andso sis bodheasta.

(Concobar &) Niall mc. Domnaill mc. Ardgair mc. Lochlaind mc. Muiredhaigh mc. Domnaill mc. Muirceartaig mc. Neill glunduibh mc. Aedha Findleith mc. Neill cailli mc. Aedha ornidhe mc. Neill frossaig mc. Feargaile mc. Maeladuin mc. Maelfithrigh m. Aeda uairidnaigh m. Domnaill ilchelgaig m. Muirchertaigh m. Muiredaigh m. Eogain m. Neill .ix. giallaig &rl.

Aedh m. Neill m. Maeltsechlaind m. Maelruanaig m. Flaind m. Domnaill m. Aedha findleith. Clann Domnaill conige sin.

Genelach Fer Droma Lighen

[Rawl] Gilla Meic Liac m. Echthigirn m. Donngaile m. Cellacháin m. Domailén m. Donngaile m. Sechnassaich m. Cellaich m. Echdach m. Domnaill m. Áeda Findléith.

[BB] Gilla Mc. Liag mc. Eacthigern m. Dondgaile m. Cellachan m. Idhobholen m. Dondgaile m. Sechnasaigh m. Cellaig m. Echach m. Domnaill.

Note: Ancestrial lineage of the O’Donnellys originally O’Donnaghaile; Gaelic ‘Donn’ means ‘brown’ and ‘ghaile’ or ‘galach’ meaning ‘valient’.

The O’Donnellys of Druim Lighen, now anglicised to Drumleene in the parish of Clonleigh, north of Lifford in County Donegal. They were apparently expelled from Dumleene and later obtained land in the parish of Donaghmore, about two miles west of the town of Dungannon in County Tyrone, and renamed it Ballydonnelly. Shane O’Neill (Shane the Pround) was forstered by the O’Donnellys. The chief of the O'Donnelly clan was hereditary marshal of Hugh O'Neill's army and fought at the battle of Kinsale in 1603, when he and his men were slain. In 1614, Ballydonnelly was granted by King James I to Sir Toby Caulfield and renamed it Castle Caulfield.

AU 1177

Dun-da-lethglas was destroyed by John De Courcy and by the knights that came with him, and a castle was made by them there, wherefrom they twice inflicted defeat upon Ulidia and defeat upon Cenel-Eogain and upon Airgialla; where was killed Conchobur Ua Cairella[i]n (namely, chief of Clann-Diarmata) and Gilla Mac Liac Ua Donngaille, chief of Fir-Droma, and wherein was wounded with arrows Domnall Ua [F]laithbertaigh and he died of those wounds in the monastery [of Canons Regular] of Paul [and Peter] in Ard-Macha, after partaking of the Body of Christ and after his anointing and wherein were killed many other nobles. Now, Conchobur Ua Cairella[i]n before that (namely, in the Spring) inflicted defeat upon the Cenel-Eogain and upon Ua Maeldoraidh; where a great number of the Cenel-Eogain were killed, around the son of Mac Sherraigh and around many nobles besides.

Other Cenel Eogain Genealogies from Rawlinson and Book of Ballymote

Genelach Clainne Birn

[Rawl] Cú Lacha m. Con Chaille m. Muredaich m. Fergail m. Muiredaich m. Birnn m. Ruadrach m. Murchada m. Máel Dúin m. Áeda Alláin m. Fergaile m. Máel Dúin.

AU 1120

Conchobor son of Flannacán son of Donnchuan, chief of Muinter Birn, was wounded in Sliab Fuait by the Uí Chremthainn, and died of it.

Genelach Sil Aeda ollain

[BB] Gilla Mc. Liag m. Anduidh m. Flaithbertaigh m. Ruaidri m. Ieirn m. Congalaigh m. Dondagan m. Gairbeith m. Ruadrach m. Murchada m. Maeleduin m. Aedha allain m. Feargaile & rl.

[BB] Maelmuiri mc. Murchada m. Concobair m. Duindcuan m. Congalaigh.

[BB] Airgnechan m. Concaille m. Muiredaig m. Fergaile m. Muireduigh m. Cirnn m. Birnd m. Ruadrach m. Murchadha m. Maeleduin m. Aeda allain.

Genelach .H. mBrain mc. Neill andso

[BB] Dondchadh m. Flaithbertaigh m. Neill m. Feargaile m. Gairbeith m. Maeleduin m. Ruarcan m. Cathalan m. Brain m. Neill kille.

Genelach Clainne Dub Inrecht

[Rawl] Gilla Ciaráin m. Domnaill m. Laidgneáin m. Gillai Ciaráin m. Uallgairg m. Óengusa m. Máel Trea m. Dub Inrecht m. Néill Caille.

Genelach Clann Duibindrecht ann so.

[BB] Amlaimh m. Ualghairg m. Domnaill m. Laidhgnen m. Gilliciaran m. Ualgairg m. Aengusa m. Maeltrein m. Duibindrecht m. Neill killi.

[BB] Niall m. Muircertaigh m. Domnaill m. Duibdharach m. Flaind m. Domnaill m. Cinagan m. Flandagan m. Duibindrecht m. Neill kaille.

Genelach Sil Mael Duin

[Rawl] Cléirchéin mc Máeli Dúin m. Donnacáin m. Néill m. Máel Dúin m. Áeda Oirdnidi m. Néill Frossaig m. Fergaile.

[BB] Cleircen m. Maeladuin m. Dondagan m. Neill, diata Leim mc. Neill, m. Maeliduin m. Aeda oirnidhe m. Neill frosaig & rl.

Item Sil Mael Duin

[Rawl] Dub Darach m. Flaind m. Cínacáin m. Flannacáin m. Dub Indrecht m. Néill Caille m. Áeda Oirdnidi.

Genelach Ua nDhubheanaigh

[BB] Muircertach m. Aenghusa m. Gillacomgaill m. Fhirmorca m. Gairbith m. Duibeanaigh m. Cuirc m. Blathmaic m. Aedha Oirnidhe.

Genelach Clainne Ferchair

[Rawl] Gilla Martan m. Duib Essa m. Donnchada m. Cernaich m. Máelgairb m. Beraich m. Ferchair m. Néill Frossaig m. Fergaile.

[BB] Gilla Martain m. Duibhesa m. Dondchadha m. Cernaigh m. Mailgairb m. Beruig m. Ferchair m. Neill.