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The Parish of Blaris or Lisburn

The parish of Blaris or Lisburn is bounded by the parishes of Derryaghy, Magheragall and Magheramesk in County Antrim, and extends across the river Lagan into County Down, where the parish of Lambeg bounds it on the north, Drumbeg on the east and Hillsborough on the south. It consisted of 26 townlands; nine of these were in the barony of Lower Iveagh in County Down, and were the property of the Marquis of Downshire. The first church in Lisburn was called St. Thomas of Lisnagarvey, taking its name from the town of Lisnagarvey, first built by Sir Fulke Conway, an officer in the English Army, who received a patent in 1609 for territory of Killultagh.

In time, Lisnagarvey was renamed Lisburn and became the seat of the Bishop of Conner with Christ Church his Cathedral. The diocese covered the whole of County Antrim. The records of St. Thomas of Lisnagarvey and Christ Church Cathedral, preserve some of the oldest baptismal and marriage records relating to the Mullikins and Mulligans in the north of Ireland. The Presbyterian Church of Lisburn also has early baptismal, marriage and session records dating from 1688.

St. Thomas of Lisnagarvey, Church of Ireland, 1637-1646

November 19, 1646
Baptism of James Mulligan son of Robert Mulligan.

[Refausse, Raymond: Register of the Church of St. Thomas, Lisnagarvey, p. 27]

Christ Church Cathedral, Lisburn

Baptisms: 1655-56, 1661-1720: Marriages: 1664-1739

October 5, 1665
Marriage of Thomas Mullikin and Christian Kearn both of Blaris.

February 15, 1666
Baptism of Thomas Milligan son of Andrew Milligan of Blairs.

June 20, 1668
Baptism of Elizabeth Mulligan daughter of Thomas Mulligan of Blaris.

January 8, 1670
Baptism of Mary Milligan daughter of Thomas Milligan of Blaris.

April 2, 1672
Marriage of Elizabeth Mullagan of Blaris and Peter Clinchy of Blaris.

April 12, 1675
Baptism of Richard son of David Mulligan of Derryaghy parish.

November 8, 1685
Marriage of Jannet Mullagan and Joseph Black both of Lisburn parish.

May 9, 1691
Baptism of Thomas Mulligan son of Alexander Mulligan of Blaris.

October 31, 1693
Baptism of Samuel Mulligan son of Alexander Mulligan of Blairs.

May 8, 1695
Baptism of Mary Mullegin daughter of John Mullegin of Lisburn.

January 6, 1705
Baptism of Jane Mullegan daughter of John Mullegan of Lambeg.

May 20, 1706
Marriage of Mary Mullagan and Patrick Stewart both of Lisburn parish.

August 10, 1706
Marriage of Mary Mulligan and William Raceberry both of Lisburn parish.

February 27, 1707
Baptism of Robert Mullagin son of John Mullagin of Lambeg.

[Source: PRONI MIC.1/3-5]

First Presbyterian Church in Lisburn

Baptism 1692-1732, 1736-1764: Marriage 1688-1696, 1711-1719

March 27, 1692
Baptism of child of James Mulliken.

May 23, 1694
Marriage of Agnes Mulliken and Thomas Hunter.

March 25, 1695
Baptism of James Mulliken son of James Mulliken.

March 28, 1695
Baptism of John Mulliken son of Robert Mulliken.

July 15, 1697
Baptism of Elizabeth Mulliken daughter of James Mulliken.

January 23, 1701
Baptism of Robert Mulliken son of Robert Mulliken.

April 27, 1704
Baptism of Daniel Mulliken son of Robert Mulliken.

June 25, 1704
Baptism of William Mulliken son of John Mulliken.

August 25, 1706
Baptism of Mary Mulliken daughter of John Mulliken.

February 22, 1708
Baptism of Jean Mulligan daughter of Joseph Mulligan.

March 7, 1708
Baptism of Robert Mulliken son of Robert Mulliken.

[blank] 1711
Baptism of Mary Mulliken daughter of John Mulliken.

March 19, 1714
Baptism of Marjory Mulliken daughter of James Mulliken.

April 2, 1716
Marriage of Thomas Mulliken to Elizabeth Bruce.

February 7, 1717
Baptism of John Mulliken son of Thomas Mulliken.

September 5, 1717
Marriage of Robert Miliken to Eliza Foot.

December 5, 1717
Baptism of Agnes Miliken daughter of John Miliken.

April 10, 1718
Baptism of William Miliken son of Robert Miliken.

[blank] 1719
Marriage of Mary Milikin to John Berenger.

[blank] 1720
Baptism of Eliza Miliken daughter of John Miliken.

January 31, 1723
Baptism of James Milikin son of Robert Milikin.

March --, 1723
Baptism of James & Robert Milikin sons of John Milikin.

February 20, 1724
Baptism of Margaret Miliken daughter of James Miliken.

October 19, 1725
Baptism of male child of John Milligan.

November 24, 1726
Baptism of Robert Miligan son of [blank] Miligan.

February --, 1727
Baptism of Elspey Milliken daughter of James Milliken.

October --, 1749
Baptism of Robert Mulican son of James Mulican.

June 16, 1752
Baptism of Mary Mulican son of James Mulican.

November 18, 1756
Baptism of Mary Muligan daughter of John Muligan.

May --, 1760
Baptism of Jane Millican daughter of John Millican.

December --, 1761
Baptism of child of Jas Mulican.

December --, 1761
Baptism of child of James Moligan.

Session Minutes 1688-1709, 1711-63

[blank] 1723
James, John & James Muligan subscribed to petition.

[Source: PRONI MIC.1P/159]

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