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Documents pertaining to my family

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I have copies of the documents below; Not all are transcribed and posted. If any are requested, please let me know and I will try to get them posted as soon as possible.

Will Orange 1772 William Blackwood  7th GG Father
Will Orange 1785 William Craig  
Will Orange 1789 Charles Johnston  6th GG Father
Will Orange 1790 John Albright  
Will Orange 1790 Samuel Craig  5th GG Uncle
Will Orange 1791 Jacob Albright  5th GG Father
Will Orange 1793 Philip Snotherly  5th GG Uncle
Will Orange 1794 Thomas (Eno) Thompson  
Will Orange 1798 John Cook  
Will Orange 1799 John Murray  
Will Orange 1803 Aquilla Jones  
Will Orange 1805 William Murray  
Will Orange 1807 Sabert Wood  5th GG Father
Will Orange 1808 Jesse Neville  5th GG Father
Will Orange 1808 Peter Foust  4th GG Father
Will Orange 1811 Matthew McCauley  5th GG Father
Will Orange 1815 William McPherson  5th GG Father
Will Orange 1817 John Thompson  4th GG Uncle
Will Orange 1823 Mary Thompson  4th GG Aunt
Will Orange 1829 William Blackwood  6th GG Uncle
Will Orange 1836 Thomas Thompson  4th GG Father
Will Orange 1837 Lewis Hornaday  4th GG Father
Will Orange 1839 William Hornaday  3rd GG Uncle
Will Orange 1842 Joseph Thompson  4th GG Uncle
Will Orange 1842 Elizabeth Cox Thompson  4th GG Mother
Will Orange 1843 Aquilla Jones  
Will Orange 1843 John Blackwood  1st C 7x removed
Will Orange 1846 Frances Cook  

Will Alamance 1849 Robert Thompson  4th GG Uncle
Will Alamance 1851 Mary Snotherly Foust  4th GG Mother
Will Alamance 1857 John Stockard  4th GG Father
Will Alamance 1857 James Thompson  1st C 5x removed
Will Alamance 1859 Ann Holmes Thompson  4th GG Aunt
Will Alamance 1865 William Murray  
Will Alamance 1866 William Roberson  by marriage
Will Alamance 1867 William Albright  3rd GG Father
Will Alamance 1869 George Spoon  
Will Alamance 1870 William P Thompson  Irish by marriage
Will Alamance 1871 William McPherson  3rd GG Father
Will Alamance 1874 Samuel Thompson  1st C 5x removed
Will Alamance 1879 William McPherson  2nd GG Father
Will Alamance 1882 Amy Freeland  
Will Alamance 1886 William Thompson  Irish
Will Alamance 1888 Peter Foust  3rd GG Uncle
Will Alamance 1891 Alfred Thompson  Irish by marriage
Will Alamance 1893 Nathan Stafford  2nd GG Father
Will Alamance 1895 Samuel Lee Thompson  Irish by marriage
Will Alamance 1898 George Thompson  Irish
Will Alamance 1899 J F Thompson  
Will Alamance 1900 Robert Shaw  2nd C 4x removed
Will Alamance 1903 Sarah Ellen Thompson Roberson  2nd. GG Aunt
Will Alamance 1903 Joseph A Thompson  1st C 4x  removed
Will Alamance 1905 Emily Thompson  2nd GG Aunt
Will Alamance 1905 J B Thompson

Will  Randolph  1834  Enos Blair



Deed  1822 Orange James Thompson to Thomas Thompson
Deed  1769 Orange James Anderson to Thomas Thompson
Deed  1774 Orange William Carruthers to Thomas Thompson
Deed 1787 Orange Samuel Strudwick to Thomas Thompson
Deed  1788 Orange Samuel Strudwick to Thomas Thompson
Deed  1789 Orange James Thompson to James Thompson
Deed  1790 Orange John Thompson to Thomas Thompson
Deed  1795 Orange William Strudwick to Thomas Thompson
Deed  1800 Orange Samuel Woody to Thomas Thompson
Letter 1817 Orange President Monroe on Thomas Thompson land
Deed 1819 Orange Matthew McCauley to James Thompson
Deed  1826 Orange Thomas Thompson to Alexander Morphis
Deed  1828 Orange John Thompson to Thomas Thompson
Deed  1828 Orange Thomas Thompson to John Newlin
Deed  1828 Orange Thomas Thompson to John Thompson
Deed  1829 Orange Thomas Thompson to John Newlin
Deed 1830 Orange John Pike to Frederick Stafford
Deed  1832 Orange Thomas Thompson to Thomas Thompson
Deed  1832 Orange Thomas Thompson to Thomas Thompson
Deed  1832 Orange State of NC to Frederick Stafford
Deed  1837 Orange John Thompson to Thomas Thompson
Deed  1839 Orange Lewis Hornaday to George Stafford
Deed  1844 Orange Richard Tapp to Daniel Foust
Deed  1844 Orange State of NC to Frederick Stafford
Deed  1845 Orange Abigail Freeland to John Thompson
Deed  1848 Orange Thomas Thompson to Thomas Thompson
Deed  1848 Orange Thomas Thompson to David Coble
Deed 1849 Alamance John Thompson to Sabert Thompson
Deed 1874 Alamance John Thompson to Sabert Thompson
Division 1882 Alamance Lands of John Thompson 
Deed 1884 Alamance Sabert Thompson to Robert Thompson
Deed 1901 Alamance Sabert Thompson to Robert Thompson
Deed 1923 Alamance Lonnie Thompson to D H Thompson
Deed 1931 Alamance Robert S. Thompson to Lonnie Thompson


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