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"Some family trees have beautiful leaves, but some just have a bunch of nuts, remember it is the nuts that make the tree worth shaking". Unknown Author.

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I have more information on these lines and others, if you go to these pages and click on the specific state and county. I have cemetery information and other documents to look at. Happy Researching!!

My direct SWEARINGEN line starts with Thomas Swearingen.

1 Thomas Swearingen
b: 23 September 1728 in Queens Annes Parish, Prince George County, Maryland
d: 15 October 1798 in Prince George County, Maryland
+Ruth Beall
m: 1750 in Maryland

*2nd Wife of Thomas Swearingen:
+Mary ??
m: in Montgomery, Maryland
d: 28 June 1836 in Nicholas County, Kentucky

2 Josiah Swearingen
b: Abt. 1787 in Montgomery County, Maryland
d: 1842 in Monroe County, Missouri
+Mary (Polly) S. Wood
b: 1789 in Kentucky m: 16 January 1816 in Bourbon County, Kentucky
d: March 1870 in Walkersville, Shelby County, Missouri

3 Van Swearingen
b: 1823 in Kentucky
d: 14 December 1896 in Chico ,Butte County, California
+Frances J. Colley
b: 1821 in Virginia
m: 1843 in ? Kentucky ?
d: 22 May 1895 in Chico, Butte County, California

4 Mary Eliza Swearengen
b: 1846 in Missouri
d: 07 March 1906 in Chico, Butte County, California
+? Glines
m: Bef. 1875

*2nd Husband of Mary Eliza Swearengen:
+David B. Berdan
b: 1811 in Canada
m: 01 September 1886 in Butte County, California
d: 26 March 1891 in Chico, Butte County, California

*3rd Husband of Mary Eliza Swearengen:
+Harvey Patten Deskin
b: 1831
m: 21 June 1896 in Butte County, California
d: Bef. 1900

5 Bertinice (Birdie) Will Fredericks Glines
b: 20 June 1875 in Chico, Butte County, California
d: 15 January 1950 in Orange, Orange County, California
+Sherman Alva McDonald
m: in Butte County, California

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