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Rev. Philemon W. 'Phil' Wright

Charity (Gilliland?) - Mrs. Elizabeth Vann

Philemon and Charity are My 4th Great Grandparents

s/o William Wright and Frances 'Fanny' Campbell

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Dedication and Special Thanks

The Philemon W. Wright site is dedicated to my close friend, Irene Wright, who set me on the 'right track' as to the parents of my Granville Lafayette Wright. Irene has spent years researching the Wright and Campbell families.

Special thanks must be given to Kendall Sparkman who shared these very old receipts and transcriptions with us. He is also responsible for many of the old photos.

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My direct ancestor, Philemon W. Wright was a farmer and a Methodist Minister by occupation. He m/1 Charity ? about 1823 probably in the Simpson Co., KY area - a marriage record HAS NOT BEEN FOUND. However, it is believed to have been Gilliland.

Kendall Sparkman in 2002 writes

My grandmother was not certain, but believed Charity's maiden name was Gilliland.

Irene writes:

There was a John GILLILAND/GILLILAN (who could be Charity's father) who died about 1850 in Simpson county, Kentucky. He was married to Charity RICHARDSON. They were in Barren, Simpson and Logan countes in Kentucky.

Per 1820 census there were 4 sons and 6 daugthers. I am missing 2 daughters. A daughter (Elizabeth GILLILAND born 1795 KY) married Moses Chaney.

Charity died sometime between the 1880 census and September 1884. Though there is no marker, it is believed that Philemon and Charity are both buried at Pitman (aka Mt. Pleasant) Cemetery at Pitman, Randolph Co., AR.

Philemon married Mrs. Elizabeth Vann, a widow with grown sons, on November 9, 1884 Ripley Co., Missouri. She appears on

1880-Randolph Co., AR, Warm Springs, page 31C

Thomas F. VAN   Self     W   M   W   31   IL   Farm Laborer   TN   VA  
Elizabeth VAN   Mother   W   F   W   63   VA   Hse Kpng       VA VA  

Kendall Sparkman writes:

In 1880, you will find that he is living next door to Randolph Co. Baptist minister David Henry Sharp. David's son James Franklin Sharp married Dollie Melissa McCauley, daughter of John Henry McCauley and Philemon's daughter Adeline Wright,

The marriage was performed by Anthony Foster, a Baptist minister you find living 11 households away from Philemon in 1880, who was the brother in law of David Henry Sharp (in Anthony's household that year is Polly Sharp, David's mother). Our family tradition is that Philemon overheard Elizabeth and her son plotting to kill him and left her.

Kohn Henry McCauley, who Adeline Wright married at age 13 or 14, left Adeline a widow in her thirties after dying from lung problems stemming from the TB he had contracted in the Civil War. Adeline lived to age 90 and never remarried. She was very close to my grandmother, and Adeline's sister, "Aunt Rock", is keenly remembered as is her tobacco chewing. I have been intrigued by Philemon Wright since childhood, as every time I visited my grandmother, I had to get into the cedar chest at the foot of her bed for the 1846 or so tintype photo of Philemon from Tishamingo Co. and his reading glasses in their original case that she had inherited from her grandmother. Grandmother also has the original Civil War prisoner release of Philemon's son George W. Wright, and my mother has Philemon's book entitled "Italy"

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History of Randolph Co., Arkansas
1st Edition - 1946

page 209 "The Old Antioch Methodist Church was organized at Pitman in 1850. The organizers are now known. Some of the early preachers were Philemon Wright, Larkin F. Johnston, W. H. Phipps, W. A. Downing, Jesse Robinson and Willis H. Hall. The church no longer exists."

page 243 "Among the first preachers to preach at Siloam were Rev. Robinson, L. F. Johnson, Philemon Wright, Ankrum Hilburn, Calvin Paddy and earlier than these were possibly Jonathan Waylnad, Philip Davis and Eli Lindsey. ASs these were last named old-time circuit riders were living in this section even before this church was established. "

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Chronological Time Table

Based upon Sources and Records that we have Found

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Philemon and Charity's Children

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    Line of Irene Wright

  1. George Washington Wright

    --b. abt 1824 Simpson Co., KY
    --d. 1877/80 probably Greene Co., AR
    --m/1 Lucy Ann NEWMAN
    --March 4, 1845 Tishomingo Co. MS
    ----b. 1827 Tennessee
    ----d. 1857/59 probably Wolcott, Cache Twp, Greene Co., Arkansas
    ------d/o Adam Newman and Alisa Rebecca --
    --m/2 Mary F. WIDENER
    --about 1860
    ----b. abt 1834 Tennessee
    ----Mary was m/1 to a Mr. PHILLIPS
    ------d/o Moses M. Widener and Catherine 'Katie' ?

    • 1830 Henry Co., TN
      --would be one of the sons listed with Philomen H Wright
    • 1840 Tishomingo Co., MS
      --male age 15-20 with Phil Wright

      George Washington Wright - 1857

      George Washington Wright - 1857
      Courtesy of Kendall Sparkman

    • 1860 Greene Co., AR
      --listed as G. W. Wright, age 36
    • 1870 Greene Co., AR
    • 1880 Greene Co., AR for Widow

    P W Wright  Line1

    Granville is my 3rd Great Grandfather

  2. Granville Lafayette 'G. L.' Wright

    --b. 182627 probably Henry Co., TN
    --d. 1861/65 civil war - living Tishomingo Co., MS
    --m. Esther Malinda 'Ether' DUNAHOO
    ----b. March 1831 Wayne Co. TN
    ----d. after June 27, 1900 probably Navarro Co., Texas
    ----Esther m/2 William R. WINGO February 4, 1867 Acorn Co., MS
    ------d/o Alexander Dunahoo and Charlotte HENSLEY
    --------gd/o Washington Hensley and Lucinda ?

    • 1830 Henry Co., TN
      --would be one of the sons listed with Philomen H Wright
    • 1840 Tishomingo Co., Ms
      --male age 10-15 with Phil Wright
    • 1850 Tishomingo Co., MS
      --listed as Granville Wright, age 23
    • 1860 Tishomingo Co., Ms
      --listed as Granville Wright, age 34
    • 1870 Tishomingo Co., Ms
      --widow, Esther now married to William R. Wingo
    • 1880 Prentiss Co., Ms
      --widow listed as E. M. Wingo
    • 1900 Navarro Co., Texas
      --widow listed as Malinda Wingo

    P W Wright  Line1

  3. Mary Ann (Wright) Higginbottom

    --b. abt 1829 Henry Co., TN
    --d. 1845 - 1850 probably Tishomingo Co., MS
    --m. Michael A. HIGGINBOTTOM
    --February 2, 1845 Tishomingo Co., MS
    ----b.abt 1822 possibly Tuscaloosa Co.,. Alabama
    ------Michael m/2 Elizabeth Frances JONES November 3, 1859 Alcorn Co. MS
    -----s/o Benjamin Higginbottom and Rebecca HORN
    -------gs/o William H. HigginbOTHAM and Dorothy Dudley 'Dolly' SANDIDGE
    ---------gt gs/o Benjamin Higginbotham and Elizabeth GRAVES
    -----------2nd gt gs/o John Higginbotham and Frances RILEY
    -------------3rd gt gs/o Charles Higginbotham and Ann RAWLINGS
    -------------3rd gt gs/o John Riley and Mary FORD
    -----------2nd gt gs/o Francis Graves and Ann REYNOLDS
    -------------3rd gt gs/o Francis Graves and Jane DAVENPORT
    -------------3rd gt gs/o John Reynolds and Sarah GRIMES

    • 1850 Tishomingo Co., MS
      --listed as M. A. Higginbottom (male) - which would be her husband

    P W Wright  Line1

  4. Frances (Wright) Moore

    --b. abt 1831 Henry Co., TN
    --m. Leonard Clinton MOORE
    --July 21, 1850 Randolph Co., AR
    ----b. 1831 Tennessee
    -----s/o Don Carlos Moore and Sarah G. PHILLIPS
    -------gs/o John Moore and Eleanor G. MARBERRY

    • 1860 Randolph Co., AR
    • 1880 Randolph Co., AR

    P W Wright  Line1

  5. Philemon W. Wright, Jr.

    --b. abt 1833 Henry Co. TN
    --d. abt Aug 4, 1862 Civil War
    --m. Mary A. PEARCE
    --July 22, 1858 Randolph Co. AR
    ----b. abt 1837 Alabama
    ----d. April 1921 Randolph Co., AR
    ------buried Pitman Cemetery, Randolph Co., Arkansas
    -----Mary m/2 Charles H. COOPER after 1862
    ------d/o John Pearce and Nancy ALLEN
    --------gd/o William Pearce and Mary J. ?

    • 1860 Randolph Co., AR

    Guion Miller Roll lists the names of applicants for the Eastern Cherokee Court of Claims, 1906-1909. This list shows her name as Mary A. Cooper (her second marriage being to Charles H. Cooper), but she applied under the surname Pearce, so in the index her name is Mary A. Cooper Pearce. Her parents were John Pearce and Nancy Allen

    John Pearce’s parents were William Pearce and Mary J. LNU

    William’s father is unknown and his mother was Rebecca, who was full blooded Cherokee. This information was provided by Mary on her application. Rebecca, William, and Mary are buried in Benton Co., AR. Prior to Benton Co., AR they were in Van Buren Co., AR, and prior to that they were in Benton Co., TN, which prior to that had been Humphreys Co., TN.

    P W Wright  Line1

  6. Susie Wright?

    --b. abt 1835
    --may have died young

    P W Wright  Line1

  7. Elizabeth (Wright) Dunahoo

    --b. August 9, 1838 probably Tishomingo Co., MS
    --d. October 9, 1870 Tishomingo Co. MS
    ----buried Old Hepsitch Cemetery, Tishomingo Co., MS
    --m. James H. DUNAHOO
    --September 1, 1853 Ripley Co., Missouri
    ----b. abt 1826 Wayne Co., TN
    ----d. September 14, 1887 Tishomingo Co., MS
    ------James m/2 Eliza 'Louisa' CHOATE abt 1875
    ------s/o Alexander Dunahoo and Charlotte Hensley
    --------gs/o Washington Hensley and Lucinda ---

      1840 Tishomingo Co., Ms
      --less than age 5 with Phil Wright
    • 1850 Randolph Co., AR
      --listed as Elizabeth Wright, age 12, with P. W. Wright
    • 1860 Tishomingo Co., MS
      --listed as Elizabeth DONAHO, age 21
    • 1870 Tishomingo Co., Ms
      --listed as Elizabeth DUNAHOO, age 32
    • 1880 Tishomingo Co., MS
      --widower now married to Louisa

    Descendants of this line are 'double cousins to me. Be sure and see my Dunahoo site>

    Click to view my Dunahoo Family pages

    P W Wright  Line1

  8. William Wright

    --b. October 8, 1839 Tishomingo Co., MS
    --d. September 22, 1902 Washington Co., AR
    ----buried White Oak Cemetery, Washington Co., Arkansas
    --m. Manerva Adelina BROWN
    --July 18, 1860 Randolph Co. AR
    ----b. March 31, 1838 McNairy Co., TN
    ----d. Septmeber 18, 1916 Washington Co. AR
    ------d/o Absalom Abner Brown and Lucinda SWAIN
    ------s/o Absalom Abner Brown and Lucinda SWAIN
    --------gd/o William W. Swain and Rebecca A. WILLIAMSON
    ---------gt gd/o Joseph Swain and Jediah MACY
    -----------2nd gt gd/o Nathaniel Swain and Bethiah MACY
    -----------2nd gt gd/o Jethro Macy and Hepzibah WORTH
    ---------gt gd/o Elijah Williamson and Sarah REED

    • 1880 Washington Co., AR

    P W Wright  Line1

  9. Amanda J. (Wright) Brown

    --b. abt 1844 Tishomingo Co., Ms
    --d. 1877-Dec 1879 Randolph Co. AR
    --m/1 Milous R. 'Miles' SHEMWELL
    --July 19, 1860 Randolph Co., AR
    ----b. unknown
    ----d. October 3, 1862 Civil War - Battle of Cornith
    --m/2 LeRoy Franklin 'Frank' BROWN
    --March 24, 1863 Randolph Co. AR
    ----b. January 1833 Tennessee
    ----d. after 1900
    ------Leroy m/2 Belzora Valdora RUFF December 24, 1879 Ripley Co., MO
    ------s/o Absalom Abner Brown and Lucinda SWAIN
    --------gd/o William W. Swain and Rebecca A. WILLIAMSON
    ---------gt gd/o Joseph Swain and Jediah MACY
    -----------2nd gt gd/o Nathaniel Swain and Bethiah MACY
    -----------2nd gt gd/o Jethro Macy and Hepzibah WORTH
    ---------gt gd/o Elijah Williamson and Sarah REED

    • 1870 Randolph Co., AR
      --listed as Amanda Brown, age 25
    • 1880 Randolph Co., AR
      --Leroy F. Brown, widower, now remarried
    • 1900 Randolph Co., AR
      --Leroy F. Brown, widower, now remarried

    P W Wright  Line1

  10. Adeline (Wright) McCauley

    --b. February 16, 1847 Tishomingo Co., MS
    --d. April 1, 1937 Clay Co. AR
    ----buried Pitman (aka Mt. Pleasant) Cemetery, Pitman, Randolph Co., AR
    --m. John Henry McCAULEY
    --March 10, 1863 Randolph Co., AR
    ----b. abt 1838 Tennessee
    ----d. January 3, 1888 Ripley Co. Missouri
    ------buried Towles Cemetery, Ripley Co., Missouri
    ------s/o John Henry McCauley Sr. and Sarah 'Sally' ?

    • 1860 Randolph Co., AR
      --listed as Adeline Wright, age 13, with Philemon Wright
    • 1870 Ripley Co., MO, Current River
      --listed as Adelin McCauley, age 20
    • 1880 Ripley Co., MO
      --listed as Adaline McCauley, age 33
    • 1900 Ripley Co., MO
      --listed as Adaline McCauley, age 43
    • 1910 Ripley Co., MO
      --listed as Adaline McCauley, age 60
    • 1920 Olustee, Jackson, Oklahoma
      --listed as Adeline McCauley, age 72
    • 1930 Clay Co., AR
      --listed as Adeline McCaullin, age 83

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