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(abt 1730 PA or VA - abt March 10, 1794 Laurens Co., SC)


"GENEALOGY OF THE WRIGHT FAMILY" - written by Joseph Lair Wright (1832-1912) about 1888

"Our Great, great great grandfather born in England. Our great grandfather Jacob Wright was born in Charlotteville, North Carolinia about 1730 and married Nancy Waters. He died in NC and left great grandma Wright with eight children - Jacob, George (our grandfather), Thomas, William, Polly, Nancy, Elizabeth, and one girl married a man by the name of Bau? -the Tories shot him standing in his mill door. Mrs Bau did not come to KY with them. Grandma (Nancy Wright) and seven children came to KY about 1790 and settled in Washington CO from there they came to Glasgow then to Smith Grove. They were of English descend. . . ."

NOTE: Since this is the oldest written record we have by a descendant of 'our' Jacob Wright, I have decided to include this - in hopes that someone will be able to identify or explain some things which we do question. It must be rememered that this was written from memory by one of Jacob's grandsons and he DID NOT have access to the records that we have available to us today. I am SURE that this record is based upon some truth and we are trying to discover it.

My Comments on the above:

Chronological Time Table

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Elizabeth - Widow of Thomas Waters

Facts this Marriage is Based Upon!

To learn more about the WATERS FAMILY, please write Jean Day or visit her extensive Waters site which list many sources. Thomas Waters (1714-1760) was s/o Philemon Waters I. Jean descends from Thomas' brother, Capt. Philemon Waters II who was married to Sarah Bordroyne. This Captain Philemon Waters is on the 1779 Old 96th District (Lauren's Co., SC) where Jacob Wright is also listed.

Jacob Wright's Children

ONGOING RESEARCH - Searching for Answers!

The mother of Jacob's children is still undergoing MUCH RESEARCH! Though progress has been made, there is still many UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. Guardianship and other records above indicate that Jacob did in fact marry the widow of Thomas Waters - who was named Elizabeth. This Elizabeth did have a child born in 1847 so she had to be born around 1833 - so COULD NOT be the mother of Jacob's last 2 children. Also, it must be noted here that Thomas Waters father's name was Philemon and that is a common first name in Jacob's descendants. Also, it must be noted that Elizabeth's children by Thomas Waters - a Philemon Waters and a Rosannah (Waters) Baugh also went to Barren Co., KY and did live near Jacob's widow and his known children. In fact this Philemon Waters who died in 1829 was a very well-known person.

Notice that there is a gap in years where no children, that we know about, were born. There is certainly a 'POSSIBLITY' that during this 'gap' that Jacob could certainly have remarried a young woman. We also know that at the time of Jacob's death in 1794, his widow was named Elizabeth and this Elizabeth did go to Barren Co., KY with most of her children. Now whether this 'second Elizabeth' was a Waters by blood or marriage, is STILL UNDER RESEARCH and at this time it is not known!

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