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Esther MaLinda Dunahoo
Granville Lafayette Wright - William R. Wingo

Esther and Granville are my 3rd Great Grandparents

d/o Alexander Dunahoo and Charlotte Hensley - s/o Philemon W. Wright and Charity Unknown

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Dunahoo Family

Esther Malinda (Donahoo) Wright was the daughter of Alexander Dunahoo and Charlotte HENSLEY. Dunahoo can also be found spelled as DUNAHOO, DONAHO, and DONAHOO.

Alexander was born 1803-1805 in Virginia. His parents are unknown. He married Charlotte Hensley July 28, 1823 in Lawrence Co., TN. Sometime before 1830, the family migrated to Wayne Co., TN and by 1840 had migrated to Tishomingo Co., MS.

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Wright Family

Granville, or G. L. as he is listed in many places, was born 1826/1827. As a young boy, he grew up in Henry Co., TN in the area that would later become Benton Co., TN. By 1840, when Granville was just entering his teens, his parents, Philemon and Charity Wright, had moved to Old Tishomingo Co., MS. It was here that he met and married Esther Malinda DUNAHOO on July 9, 1848. About this same time, his parents moved to Randolph Co., AR while his grandfather and many other family members returned to Benton Co., Tennessee.

We know that G. L. had to be an educated man as he served as Justice of the Peace and witnesses many documents.

The last we hear of G. L. was when he recruited into Company A of the Second Mississippi Regiment under Captain J. M. Leath(Leeth).

Special Thanks to Irene Wright for identifying the parents of my Granville Lafayette Wright.

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Wingo Family

William, the son of Willis Seay Wingo and Sarah Jane Wakefield, was born June 4, 1828 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

He was married first to Margaret Ann Scaggs on December 27, 1850 Lauderdale Co., Alabama. They were the parens of eight children. Though these children are not directly related to me (since I descend from Esther's marriage to Granville Lafayette Wright), I'm listing them since Esther did play an imporat part in their upbringing and we will share some of the Wingo cousins. Would love to hear from any of the Wingo descendants, listed below.

  1. Susan Elizabeth (Wingo) Shearing
    --b. January 28, 1853 Tishomingo Co. MS
    --m. Thomas Anderson SHEARING October 18, 1868 Tishomingo Co. MS

  2. Roda Wingo --b. abt 1855 Tennessee

  3. Francis Wingo
    --b. abt 1857 Tennessee

  4. Sarah J. Wingo --b. abt 1859 Tishomingo Co. Ms

  5. Joseph Wingo
    --b. abt 1860 Tishomingo Co. MS

  6. Martha J. Wingo
    --b. abt 1862 Tishomingo Co. MS

  7. Jesse L. Wingo
    --b. abt 1863 Tishomingo Co. Ms

  8. Lilly B. 'Tishie' (Wingo) Kennedy
    --b. September 19, 1864 Tishomingo Co., Ms
    --d. July 11, 1943 McNairy Co., TN
    --m. Peter W. Kennedy April 5, 1885 probably McNairy Co., TN
    ----(July 22, 1859 McNairy Co., TN - June 12, 1926 McNairy Co., TN)
    ------s/o William Wesley Kennedy and Malinda RICHARDSON

William died April 1879 Prentiss Co., Mississippi. Once again, my 3rd great grandmother, Esther Malinda, was left a widow.

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Wright Dunahoo Wingo Line1

Children by Granville Lafayette Wright

Wright Dunahoo Wingo Line1

  1. William Wright

    --b. Dec 1849 4th District North, Tishomingo Co. MS
    --d. 1850's Tishomingo Co., MS

    Other than being age 9 months on the 1850 Tishomingo Co., MS census with his parents, I know nothing else about him. He does NOT appear on the 1860 census with his parents.

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    My 2nd Great Grandparents

  2. Caroline Wright

    --b. abt 1851 Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., MS
    --d. abt 1885 McNairy Co., TN
    --m. Wiliam Meredith VINSON
    --January 14, 1868 Alcorn Co., MS
    ----b. March 23, 1849 Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., MS
    ----d. February 6, 1943 Coolidge, Limestone Co. Texas
    ----Meredith m/2 Sarah Jane 'Sackie' HOWELL November 1, 1886 McNairy Co. TN
    ----Meredith m/3 Mary Bell TUCKER May 3, 1891 Sardis Lake, Hardin Co. TN
    --s/o Hiriam Calvin Vinson and Martha Anna KENDALL
    ----gs/o Jesse R. Vinson (Vincent) and Mahaley LIGGETT
    ----gs/o Edward Elms Kendall and Nancy SMITH
    ------gt gs/o Mr. Kendall and Bethany CALLAWAY
    --------2nd gt gs/o Isaac Callaway and Elizabeth ARNOLD
    ------gt gs/o Robert Smith and Miss FREEMAN

    • 1860 Tishomingo Co., MS
      --listed as Caroline Wright, age 9 with parents
    • 1870 Tishomingo Co. Ms
      --listed as Caroline Vinson, age 18
    • 1880 McNairy Co., TN
      --(widower remarried) Meridith Vinson
    • 1900 Limestone Co., Texas
      --(widower remarried) William M. Vinson
    • 1910 Limestone Co. Texas
      --(widower remarried) Meridith W. Visnon
    • 1920 Limestone Co., Texas
      --(widower remarried) William M. Vinson
    • 1930 Limestone Co., Texas
      --(widower remarried) William M. Vinson

    Children of Caroline Wright and William Meredith Vinson

    Caroline's descenants, with photos, are carried down on the Vinson site.

    Wright Dunahoo Wingo Line2

  3. Lucinda Wright

    --b. abt 1855 Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., MS
    --d. 1860's Tishomingo Co., MS)

    Other than the 1860 census of Tishomingo Co., MS when she is age 5 with her parents, nothing else is known about her. She is not on the 1870 census with her mother who has now remarried William R. Wingo. Does anyone know whether Lucinda died or married in the 1860's?

    Wright Dunahoo Wingo Line2

  4. George W. Wright

    --b. abt 1858 Tishomngo Co., MS
    --d. 1860's Tishomingo Co., MS)

    Other than the 1860 census of Tishomingo Co., MS when he is age 2 with her parents, nothing else is known about him. HEe is not on the 1870 census with his mother who has now remarried William R. Wingo.

    Wright Dunahoo Wingo Line2

  5. Josiah Wright

    --b. March 6, 1860 Tishomingo Co., MS
    --d. August 29, 1939 Burbank, Los Angeles, CA
    --m. Sarah Lucyndia Jane 'Jennie' LANKFORD
    --Novemer 22, 1888 Dawson, Navarro Co. Texas
    ----b. August 9, 1872 Tennessee or Lafayette Co., MS
    ----d. February 1, 1963 Burank, Los Angeles Co. CA
    ------buried Valhalla Memorial Park in Burbank, California
    ------d/o Tyre Riddle 'T.R.' Lankford and Sarah Barbara 'Barbary' SHEARING
    --------gd/o Peter Lankford and Jansa WASHBURN
    --------gd/o Joseph Shearing

    • 1860 Tishomingo Co. Ms
      --listed as Josiah Wright, age 4 months with parents
    • 1870 - hasn't been located unless he is the Joseph Wingo, age 10
    • 1880 Prentiss Co. MS
      --listed as Josiah Wright, age 20, with mother and step siblings
    • 1900 Limestone Co. Texas
      --listed as Josiah Wright, age 40
    • 1910 Limestone Co. Texas
      --listed as Josiah Wright, age 53
    • 1920 McLennan Co., Texas
      --listed as Josia Wright, age 59

    Children of Josiah Wright and Jennie Lankford

    1. Charles Edward Wright

      --b. August 22, 1889 probably Navarro Co., Texas
      --d. August 12, 1891 probably Navarro Co. Texas

    2. Glenny Elbert Wright

      --b. October 7, 1891 probably Navarro Co., Texas
      --d. November 8, 1968 Los Angeles Co., California
      --m. Myrtle Ivy McKINNEY
      --October 3, 1910
      ----b. July 25, 1893 Texas
      ----d. February 18, 1947 Los Angeles Co., California

    3. Granville Homer Wright

      --b. December 8,1893 Dawson, Navarro Co. Texas
      --d. June 12, 1970 North Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., California
      --m. Katie L. -----
      --November 14, 1921 Texas
      ----b. 1897 Texas
      ----d. December 25, 1975 Los Angeles Co., California

    4. Annie Ruth (Wright) Bruce

      --b. May 13, 1895 Texas
      --d. Jan 14, 1946 Los Angeles Co., California
      --m. Franklin Lafayette 'Frank' BRUCE
      --July 4, 1909 Grosbeck, Limestone Co., Texas

    5. Joseph Franklin 'Joe' Wright

      --b. October 20, 1896 Limestone Co., Texas
      --d. July 22, 1991 California
      --m. Ercil Z. ROWLAND
      --January 16, 1918
      ----b. June 20, 1899 Alabama
      ----d. April 16, 1983 Riverside Co., California

    6. William Sherwood Wright

      --b. December 11, 1899 Limestone Co. Texas
      --d. November 20, 1978 Los Angeles Co., California
      --m. Margaret C. ----
      --December 20, 1919 probably Waco, McLennan Co. Texas

    Wright Dunahoo Wingo Line1

    Children by William R. Wingo

    Wright Dunahoo Wingo Line1

  6. Louisa C. 'Eliza' Wingo

    --b. abt 1868 Tishomingo Co., MS
    --d. aft 1880

    Nothing is known about Louisa or Eliza after the 1880 Prentiss Co., Mississippi census where she appears with her widowed mother at age 12. Does anyone know what happened to her?

    Wright Dunahoo Wingo Line2

  7. Albert Sidney 'A. S.' Wingo

    --b. April 8, 1873 probably Tishomingo Co., MS
    --never married
    --d. August 27, 1939 Elk City, Beckham Co., Oklahoma
    ----buried Fairlawn Cemetery, Elk City, Beckham Co., Oklahoma

    Fairlawn Cemetery Entrance

    Wright Dunahoo Wingo Line2

  8. Theodocia Ann 'Docia' (Wingo) Rowe

    --b. December 4, 1875 Mcnairy- Hardin Co., TN area
    --d. January 18, 1958 Probably Beckham Co., Oklahoma
    ----buried Fairlaw Cemetery, Elk City, Beckham Co., Oklahoma
    --m. John Vincent ROWE
    --abt 1893 probably Texas
    ----b February 1864 Mississippi
    ----d. 1920/April 4, 1930 Beckham Co., OK

    Children of Docie Wingo and John V. Rowe

    1. William Eugene Rowe

      --b. October 23, 1894 Waco, McLennan Co. Texas
      --d. September 22, 1918 Camp Dix, New Jersey
      ----buried Fairlawn Cemetery, Elk City, Beckham Co., Oklahoma

    2. Jennie Catherine (Rowe) Rogers Walker

      --b. July 30, 1896 near San Angelo, Tom Green Co., Texas
      --d. January 2, 1987 Elk City, Beckham Co., Oklahoma
      ----buried Fairlawn Cemetery, Elk City, Beckham Co., Oklahoma
      --m/1 Luther Edward ROGERS
      --April 13, 1919 Beckham Co., Oklahoma
      ----b. February 2, 1894 Honey Grove, Fannin Co., Texas
      ----d. October 3, 1959 Elk City, Beckham Co., Oklahoma
      ------buried Fairlawn Cemetery, Elk City, Beckham Co., Oklahoma
      --m/2 Harvey WALKER
      --after 1959

    3. Vincent Harwood Rowe

      --b. August 28, 1899 Hubbard, Hill Co., Texas
      --d. October 7, 1991
      --m. Pearl Luella SLATE
      ----b. July 17, 1904
      ----d. December 11, 1991 Ft. Cobb, Caddo Co., Oklahoma

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Additional Pictures, Stories, Information

Would love to have any additional 'old' pictures, stories, scans of documents, etc to add to this file.
Please send these or any comments to myself

Ann (Jobe) Brown

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Sources and Special Thanks

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