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My Cemetery Transcriptions
DeKalb Co., TN - Beautiful Land (Land of D. Mitchell Jones)

Photographs courtesy of D. Mitchell Jones - His land in DeKalb Co., TN
Site managed by by Ann (Jobe) Brown

Assisted by D. Mitchell Jones, Cheryl (Davis) Holman, Tom Simpson

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Ones where My Direct Ancestors are Buried


Barnabas Page (b. 1799-1802) and d. Feb 3, 1866, his wife Mary Allen (b. abt 1797 and died Dec 27, 1865) and an infant are buried on the old Page homeplace on Hannah's Branch.

Pictures taken early 1970's

Resen Page overlooking Page gravesGrave Marker of Barnabas Page

Will of Barnabas Page - shows my line of descent

Photos: My 2nd Gt Grandparents - Hugh Page and Jemima Atnip
The man in photograph, above, is my cousin Resen Page (1909 - 1995) and he is overlooking the rock which indicates where Barnabas is buried. Resen was the s/o William Rosias 'Osias' Page and Eveline Terrell 'Evelyn' Taylor, gs/o gs/o Hugh Page and Jemima Atnip, gt gs/o Barnabas Page and Mary Allen.

My great grandparents were Robert Davis and Exzine Cora Handy Page.


-Located midway between Dowelltown and Temperance Hall on a dirt road -District 12.

My great uncle, William Frendley 'Friend' Davis (1900-1980) and great aunt Delia Davis (1908-1971), children of Robert Davis and Exzine Cora Handy (Page) are standing near the graves of Solomon Davis and Thomas Jasper and Delia (Laurance) Davis. They made the same pilgrimage in the mid 1920's that I would later make in 40+ years to this 'Home of our Ancestors'. Pisgah cemetery was very near the Old Davis homestead, shown below, and was donated by the Laurance family of which I also descend.

Old Davis Homestead1920's visit to Pisgah by my great uncle and great aunt

There is a Methodist Church still standing and is still attended today. (1969). Not many recent graves. There are a few with no markers-but most are in good shape.

My mother and I at Pisgah Church in 1969 Pisgah Church in 1969

I transcribed this cemetery myself in 1969 when I visited this county in search of my own ancestors - MANY OF WHICH ARE BURIED IN THIS CEMETERY. (I tried to keep them in order with any other pertinent genealogical information. Please let me know if you find any of your own ancestors buried here.

(Right Side of Church)

Floyd CALDWELL              December    10,1907       February    19,1929
Tabbie M. CALDWELL          April       27,1908       December    15,1935

Vera Delton ELLIS           January     10,1903       July        29,1925
Elizabeth A. ELLIS          March       24,1862       November     2,1926
Monroe ELLIS                September   23,1856       May         10,1928

Joe JOHNSON                                1863                      1928
Nancy JOHNSON                              1882       (No Date)

Ruth L. ELLIS               July         4,1924       (No Date)
Elmer L. ELLIS              June        30,1914       June         8,1964
M. Athelene ELLIS           August       4,1909       February    17,1946

Jackson J. SMITH            August      18,1867       February    10,1933
Mollie E. SMITH             May          5,1962       (Only date Given)

Lola last name)                                  September     1923 
---probably ELLIS                                     (age 21)

Jim ELLIS                   March       9,1848        April        3,1921

Ivan s/o JJ & Mollie
     SMITH)	            July       17,1899        November     2,1901

Minnie E. ELLIS             June       27,1908        November     4,1909

Verah(d/o WA & 
Minnie ELLIS                January    18,1911        February     4,1912

William N. ELLIS            December   24,1883        September   26,1948
Minnie M. ELLIS             March      30,1888        March        7,1950

Nannie J. CAPLINGER         November   11,1875        December     3,1961
Bertha M.C.CAPLINGER        July       16,1880        October     27,1939

John F. CAPLINGER           Janaury    22,1877        June         4,1962

James H.(s/o WR &
Catherine CAPLINGER)        August      7,1878        August     10, 1888

William T.(s/o WR &
 Catherine CAPLINGER)       September  24,1871        March      10, 1875

Catherine CAPLINGER         Decmeber   14,1847        March       22,1902
W.R. CAPLINGER              November   29,1847        September    7,1902

Jessie Jones                              1888                       1918

(d/o TN & NM CLOSE)         May         7,1869         October    30,1878

T.N. CLOSE                  June       25,1839         November   22,1896
Nancy M. CLOSE              June        7,1839         April      18,1913

Benson R. CLOSE             May         5,1878         March      13,1919
Nettie W. CLOSE             May        18,1885         January    13,1926

W. Troy SELF                December    8,1902         April      17,1969
Minnie D. SELF              September   5,1900         (no date)

Shirley M. SMITH            March      26,1896         March      29,1959
                                (TN PVT- CO C, 114 Machine Gun BN WWI)

Carrie M. SMITH                           1890        (no date)

Clarence L. OAKLEY                        1894                       1961
Annie E. OAKLEY                           1898        (no date)

William R. CAPLINGER                      1872                       1955
Helen D. CAPLINGER                        1875                       1938

Lucy M. (d/o WG & TA
   DAVIS)                   April      18,1880        August      31,1885

Logan (s/o WG & TA
   DAVIS)                   June        6,1884        April       23,1885

Louisa (wife of WM
   DAVIS)                   October    28,1850        September   10,1878

W.C. LAWRENCE               April      18,1827        December    21,1909

Callie (d/o FM & MM
   CLOSE)                   August      3,1869        March        8,1905

Tennie (wife of CD
   TAYLOR)                  August     24,1871        February    25,1900

Sgt. FM CLOSE                   (No Dates--5th Tenn Calvary-Company A)

F.M. CLOSE                 September  24,1843         December    30,1899
Malinda M. CLOSE           February   16,1845         November    28,1919

A. Helen (d/o FM &
  MM CLOSE)                August     31,1878         September   25,1895

Margaret TURPENTINE                                   January      2,1903
                                                     (77 yrs,3 mo,4 days)

Rev. William N. 
   McNERMAR                November   24,1811         December    16,1872

Thomas J. MALONE           January    24,1854         May         11,1922
Tennie MALONE              September  27,1862         November     8,1937

Claude J. ELLIS                          1882        (no date)
Nellie J. ELLIS                          1887                        1920

J.M. MALONE                February   20,1831         July        19,1911
Mary MALONE                May        27,1832         August      23,1872

William C. (s/o TM
  & Hattie MALONE)         July       20,1902         March        2,1903
Thomas Benjamin ELLIS      October     2,1873         September   23,1947
Nancy L. Zora ELLIS        March       9,1876         July        23,1962

Wesley OVERALL                                        March       18,1869 (age 50)

Junior (s/o WS & 
  Virginia ELLIS)          February    9,1943         February     9,1943

My Second Great Grandparents
Thomas Jasper and Delia (Laurance) Davis

(Parents of Robert Davis)
Thomas Jasper DAVIS January 16,1840 February 9,1892 Delia A. DAVIS January 14,1847 January 10,1878 Delia DAVIS December 18,1865 September 20,1873 MaLissa DAVIS September 7,1877 February 12,1878 MaLinda DAVIS August 24,1874 November 28,1891
Malinda's inscription is actually on back of her father's marker
Grave of Thomas Jasper Davis - my 2nd great grandfatherGrave of Malinda Davis - actually back of Thomas Jasper DavisGrave of Delia (Laurance) Davis - my 2nd great grandmother with 2 daughters

My Third Great Grandparents
Solomon and Anna (Kelley) Davis

(Parents of Thomas Jasper Davis
Anna DAVIS (age 68) March 23,1875 Solomon DAVIS 1802 January 24,1885
Grave of Solomon Davis - my 3rd great grandfatherGrave of Anna (Kelley) Davis - my 3rd great grandmother

James T. LAWRENCE 1877 1933 Mettie LAWRENCE 1880 1963 Eli J. LAWRENCE June 4,1828 Decmeber 14,1896 Andrew PAGE October 7,1825 (45yr,10mo,16days)

My Third Great Grandparents
Thomas and Susanna (Pafford) Laurance

(Parents of Delia (Laurance) - wife of Thomas Jasper Davis
Thomas LAURANCE December 29,1797 August 14,1880 Susanna LAURANCE August 16,1801 September 16,1880
Grave of Thomas Laurance - my 3rd great grandfatherGrave of Thomas Laurance - my 3rd great grandmother

Thomas Willberry LAWRENCE May 9,1837 July 10,1879 Mary Ann LAWRENCE February 8,1842 February 23,1920 Marcissa C. (wife of Morgan LAWRENCE) February 1,1831 December 6,1862 Children of Marcissa C. LAWRENCE Amanda J. LAWRENCE November 15,1862 September 8,1869 Matilda G. LAWRENCE July 27,1856 September 17,1871 Elgania LAWRENCE August 28,1864 August 9,1886 John H. CAPLINGER 1877 1948 Lourana CAPLINGER 1884 1956 Burley B. CAPLINGER August 14,1908 August 28,1908 A.J. CAPLINGER October 4,1819 March 29,1889 Isabell C. CAPLINGER January 9,1818 July 6,1883

(Graves located in the back of the church)

Louisa (wife of James LEE) June 6,1841 May 23,1890 G.E. JONES March 29,1893 August 26,1893 W.H. JONES 1842 1930 Caroline JONES 1851 1893 E.C. ROSS February 13,1889 (no date) J.J. ROSS August 10,1828 June 4,1900

(Graves located in the left side of the church)

Martha A. (wife of Samuel CAPLINGER) November 20,1825 June 2,1887 Athaleen (d/o Asa & Bettie CARTER) February 13,1903 August 2,1904 Maggie (d/o Asa & Bettie CARTER) June 15,1892 June 15,1892 Asa CARTER November 3,1868 October 28,1947 Bettie CARTER October 19,1873 February 1,1932 Roy Lee SELF June 6,1908 February 5,1909 John R. ROBINSON 1857 1931 Mandy J. ROBINSON 1862 1949 Martha JACOBS 1874 1907 Pleas ROBINSON October 23,1871 July 25,1899 Eliza ROBINSON 1873 September 7,1899 Andrew ROBINSON April 7,1859 January 15,1892 Grant BRATTEN 1872 1940 Etta M. BRATTEN 1872 1955 Samuel HATHAWAY May 16,1962 (age86) Telitha J. HATHWAY June 13,1833 (no other date) Clarence J. CAPLINGER January 7,1909 January 14,1910 (d/o MA & Sarah CAPLINGER) June 1,1904 June 6,1904 Andy THOMAS 1858 1925 Eliza THOMAS 1857 1928 William Benjamin THOMAS Ocober 26,1883 June 30,1909 Susan (d/o Andy & Eliza THOMAS) July 3,1879 January 27,1893 Ivan B. OAKLEY June 2,1922 August 7,1945 Nettie L (d/o JA & MA REYNOLDS) January 8,1884 March 17,1884 Willie B. BRATTEN 1892 (no other date) Ora BRATTEN 1896 1955 Catherine (wife of Roy McBride) September 27,1889 July 22,1913 Columbus (s/o JT & NA VANATTA) March 8,1893 May 19,1904 Mary J. (wife of WK CANTRELL) July 20,1886 Elijah Sherman CAPLINGER June 18,1887 August 2,1958 Pearlie CAPLINGER January 15,1894 (no date) Hester (d/o AA & MA October 25,1891 ROBINSON) (age 3yrs,27 days) James SIMPSON Septmeber 16,1858 September 10,1945 Manda J. SIMPSON August 1,1865 March 9,1944 Frances CARDER April 29,1849 (only date given) J.R. CARDER December 25,1838 Augsut 5,1906 Harrison BAIN September 4,1895 March 31,1969 (WWII) (s/o JT & Mary VANATTA) November 9,1894 June 13,1896 Mary Elizabeth (wife March 29,1869 January 21,1945 of I.D. CANTRELL) Isaac D. CANTRELL May 22,1855 August 12,1928 Floyd (s/o ID & Mary CANTRELL) September 4,1891 January 9,1912 William Joseph CANTRELL January 31,1881 March 22,1948 Elizabeth (wife of I.D. CANTRELL) August 28,1856 March 11,1890 Laura E. (d/o ID & Elizabeth CANTRELL) August 4,1883 August 28,1883 L.S. DRIVER February 19,1885 June 28,1936 Virchie DRIVER January 1,1887 (no date) W.B. THOMAS December 22,1846 (no other date) M.N. THOMAS February 22,1855 August 24,1913 James L (d/o Sam & Isabell VANATTA) October 5,1885 September 30,1897 Mary E. (d/o Sam & Isabelle VANATTA) June 13,1884 October 17,1885 Ezra F. SELF December 27,1892 May 21,1962 Nola T. SELF November 6,1891 (no date) T.J. SELF 1808 1937 Samuel SIMPSON October 5,1827 June 29,1890 Armintie (d/o WL & Parlee MOORE) December 1879 February 19,1882 Mary Belle (wife of William HUNT) May 5,1859 May 28,1892 W.G. HUNT Decmeber 12,1881 January 25,1898 Charley HUNT August 24,1879 November 2,1902 Freda Gail BRATTEN July 13,1941 March 16,1942 Nealous MOORE July 25,1903 (no date) Odis MOORE October 8,1902 July 15,1949 Mildred Alene CRAWFORD November 1,1936 December 31,1936 Thomas J. COWELL 1876 1960 Elizabeth COWELL 1876 1934 Sara E. SELF 1862 1938 Frank M. SELF 1861 1945 William L. CARTER September 20,1931 (no other date) Irene CARTER April 6,1927 October 30,1933 Mollie SMITH May 5,1962 (91yr,9mo,14days) William AMONETTE 1892 1945 Alma AMONETTE 1894 (no other date) James Edward GOTHARD August 2,1949 August 4,1949 Billy W. GOTHARD PVT-Company D-76th Regmt Tenn Sam TURNER April 15,1874 (no other date) Arah Elizabeth TURNER March 17,1893 March 31,1930 Gussa N. (d/o EW & SA BASS) August 16,1873 January 12,1875 James L (s/o EW & SA BASS) June 9,1851 January 30,1853 Fealie DAVIS (s/o Robert & Handy) June 30,1891 February 1892 Rowena SIMPSON 1853 1921

Cheryl's 2nd Great Grandparents
John Jr. and Elizabeth (Laurance) Davis

John DAVIS 1806 August 4,1892 Elizabaeth DAVIS July 14,1819 March 29,1889

Grave of John Davis Jr. - Cheryl's 2nd Gt. grandfatherGrave of Elizabeth (Laurance) Davis - Cheryl's 2nd Gt grandmother

Bonnie DAVIS February 14,1819 October 1,1921

Cheryl's Great Grandparents
John D. and Martha C. (Fite) Davis

John D. DAVIS August 3,1851 August 10,1936 M.C. DAVIS September 4,1855 February 14,1898

Grave of M. C. (Fite) Davis - Cheryl's Gt. grandmotherGrave of John D. Davis - Cheryl's Gt grandfather

Johnnie DAVIS May 5,1895 Decmeber 9,1895 W.C. LAWRENCE April 18,1827 Decmeber 21,1909 Louisa DAVIS (wife of WC DAVIS) October 28,1850 September 10,1878 Lucy M. DAVIS (d/o WC & TA) April 18,1880 August 31,1885 Roxy A. DAVIS (wife November 14,1870 July 15,1931 of Jim BEATY) Eva DAVIS May 22,1884 August 16,1960 T.J. DAVIS February 6,1843 October 12,1916 Artimessa DAVIS May 3,1851 August 15,1899 Children of T.J. Davis Jasper Newton DAVIS October 11,1878 (only date given) James DAVIS May 25,1876 Eliza DAVIS May 25,1876 John DAVIS May 25,1876 Elizabeth DAVIS April 25,1888 Lillie Mary DAVIS July 9, 1801 February 20,1893

To the Best of my Knowledge this cemetery is complete as of 1968-1969.


Thomas PAFFORD                              1761 June      25, 1849

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If you discover any mistakes, please write me and I will be more than happy to correct. Between the ages of 17-20 (1968-1971), I transcribed these listings during three trips to DeKalb County. I have since discovered that just about anyone who remained in DeKalb County for any length of time is related to me - either by blood or marriage.

It is my hopes that you will find these listings beneficial and you will locate more many more cousins and ancestors. Please share with others. If you do find a connection, I would really like to know about it- especially if your ancestor is buried at Pisgah Cemetery.

Except for Pisgah Cemetery (which was complete at the time I transcriped it -1969), please remember that these listings in no way constitute the entire listing of burials for these cemeteries.

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