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William Bluford 'Willie' Mears

My Great Great Uncle

d/o William F. Mears and Frances Elizabeth Young

William Bluford Mears

William Bluford 'Willie' Mears

--b. September 27, 1843 Cannon Co. TN
--d. December 25, 1932 Cowan Barrens, Marion Co., AR
----buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
--m. Anna Elizabeth BRASHEARS
--abt 1867 Marion Co., AR
----b. Decmeber 27, 1850 Searcy Co., AR
----d. August 30, 1923 Marion Co., AR
------buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
------d/o Henry Brashear and Becca ?

* * * * *

Background Information

As a young lad of 10-11, Bluford came to Arkansas with his family. He was the one that my great grandfather, G. W., talked the most about and called him Willie or Billy. There was just less than 2 years between them. During my research between 1968-1972, I had the pleasure of getting to meet several of his grandchildren and they were the nicest warm-hearted people that you could ever ask to meet. Around Yellville, he was known as 'Uncle Bluford'.

During the civl war, like G.W. and Mark, he served in the Confederacy. He was a private in Captain Woods Co A, 1st Regiment, McBride's Brigade, Arkansas Infantry. Mustred out on February 10, 1862. Joined for duty May 15, 1862 in Yellville, ARK. He had an $80.00 horse and $10.00 tack with him. Dismounted July 29, 1862. He was at Fort Bragg, Arkansas.

Though Bluford managed to get through the civil war without any injuries, after the war he broke a leg by falling off a horse. Col. C. L. Mears gives us this description as given to him by his father, Mark Mears:

Elizabeth (Brashears) Mears

"Doctors and medicines being scarce articles in those days, his leg became infected and gangrene set up. Of course, there were no hospitals and, as I recall the way my Dad (Mark) told me, the leg was amputated with a cross cut saw and a butcher knife. My grandmother (Elizabeth Young Mears) made a poultice of, I believe, honey and herbs which controlled the infection. Bacteria cannot live in honey. . . Anyway, he survived it and later made his own wooden leg out of a cedar tree."

Uncle Bluford was an old time blacksmith and Howard Morrow, who remembers him well, showed me a lot of his old equipment such as forges, anvilsl, tongs, etc. and some plows and things that Uncle Bluford had made. Howard said he could repair anything."

The leg which he wore at the time of his death came to his waist and had a place that his belt could go through.

He married Anna Elizabeth Brashears about 1867 in Arkansas. She was the d/o Henry and Icca Brashears. She was 7 years younger than he was.

After his father's death, Bluford's mother, Elizabeth, came to live with his family where she shows up on the 1880 census.

Elizabeth died in August 1923 and William died 1932, both in Marion County, Arkansas and both buried at the Cowan Cemetery which is SE of Yellville, Arkansas.

* * * * *


* * * * *


Cowan Cemetery Entrance 1 Cowan Cemetery Entrance 2

Bluford and Elizabeth's Tombstone

* * * * *

Special Thanks

First of all must give special thanks to Geneva Williams (early 1970's) and Col. Clifton L. Mears (1980) for their research on Bluford's family.

Also, thanks to the grandchildren and other descendants for their kindness, hospitality, and generosity to my many questions around 1970. These include: Robert Jefferson Mears, William Floyd Mears, Alsie (Mears) Marchant, Della (Mears) Horn, Troy Forest Mears, Willie W. Mears. Also thanks to Nancy Nolan (1999).

Children of William Bluford Mears and Anna Elizabeth Brashears

Albert 'Abb' Washington Mears

  1. Albert 'Abb' Washington Mears

    --b. September 25, 1868 Bearden Twp, Marion Co., AR
    --d. May 5, 1954 Marion Co., AR
    ----buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
    --m. Charlotte Jane LANGSTON
    --November 13, 1892 Bearden Twp, Marion Co., AR
    ----b. May 18, 1874 DeSota Twp, Marion Co., AR
    ----d. September 25, 1945 Greville, Marion Co., AR
    ------buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
    ------d/o James Langston and Carolyn ?

    * * * * *


    Albert and Charlotte Mears Tobmstone

    Children of Albert Washington Mears and Charlotte Langston

    1. Flora Elizabeth (Mears) Hall

      --b. October 17, 1893 Marion Co. AR
      --d. February 4, 1963 Yellville, Marion Co., AR
      ----buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
      --m. Wilburn D. 'Doc' HALL
      --Decmeber 18, 1921 Marion Co., AR
      ----(April 29, 1900 Marion Co., AR - Jan 7, 1961 Marion Co., AR)
      ------buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
      ------s/o Lemuel Thomas Hall and Martha TILLEY

      * * * * *


      Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Entrance

      Flora and Doc Hall Tombstones

    2. William Floyd Mears, Sr.

      William Floyd Meaars and wife, Ellis Pitchford, me, my father, Earl F. Jobe --b. May 2, 1897 Marion Co., AR
      --d. November 1983 Cove, Polk Co. AR
      --m. Ellis Elizabeth PITCHFORK
      --November 30, 1920 Rush, Marion Co., AR
      ----b. May 29, 1903 Duncan, Webster Co., MO
      ----d. December 23, 1970 Maud, Ok
      ------d/o Benton Pitchfork and Sarah NUNN

      Ellis (Pitchfork), William Floyd Mears
      Ann (Jobe) (ME), Earl Jobe (my father)
      Taken January 1972

      *Earl F. Jobe (1919-1981) is son of Minnie Leamer (Mears) Jobe and grandson of G. W. Mears, brother to William Bluford Mears. Therefore Daddy and Floyd were 2nd cousins.

      Robert Jefferson Mears and wife, Addie (Hall)

    3. Robert Jefferson 'Bob' Mears

      --b. October 27, 1899 Yellville, Marion Co., AR
      --d. March 27, 1983 Yellville, Marion Co., AR
      ----buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
      --m. Addie HALL
      --March 4, 1923 Marion Co., AR
      ----b. July 4, 1904 Rea Valley, Marion Co., AR
      ----d. July 18, 1993
      ------buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
      ------d/o Hezekiah Hall and Kansade Elizabeth JONES

      Photo Taken Sept 1971

      * * * * *


      Robert and Addie Mears Tobmstone

      Children of Robert Jefferson Mears and Addie Hall

      1. Jewell Mears

        --b. April 9, 1924 Yellville, Marion Co. AR
        --d. February 27, 1944 Italy (World War II)
        ----buried Cowan Cemetery, Marion Co., AR


      2. Ewell Mears

        --b. May 16, 1928 Marion Co. AR
        --d. March 14, 2002 Mountain Home, AR
        ----buried Cowan Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
        --m. Barbara COPELAND


    4. Jay Fredrick 'Fred' Mears

      --b. September 7, 1903 Yellville, Marion Co., AR
      --d. May 30, 1979 Yakima, Yakima Co., WA
      --m.Lillian V. OTT
      --December 23, 1923 Marion Co., AR
      ----b. June 24, 1906 Yellville, Marion Co., AR
      ----d. October 28, 2000 Yakima, Yakima Co. WA
      ------d/o Walter Martin Ott and Janie Menerva HOLLOWELL
      --------gd/o John Buchanan Ott, Jr. and Mary Louise DOSHIER
      ----------gt gd/o John B. Ott and Sarah OWENS
      ----------gt gd/o Peter T. Doshier, Sr. and Mary Annie 'Polly' ELKINS
      ------------2nd gt gd/o Wiley Peter Doshier, Sr. and Rebecca HAINES
      ------------2nd gt gd/o William Elkins and Salina ?

      Children of Jay Frederick 'Fred' Mears and Lillian Ott

      1. Guyla Lorraine (Mears) Grow

        --details withheld

      2. Dottie Lee (Mears) Clark

        --details withheld

      3. Bonnie Jean (Mears) Cox

        --b. July 15, 1931 Yellville, Marion Co. AR
        --d. July 10, 2002 Pasco, Washington
        --m. Harold S. COX

      4. Jay Frederick 'Fred' Mears, Jr.

        --m. Nancy A. BAIRD

        Mears Farms - Yakima Co., Washington

        Jay Fredrick Mears checking out the grapes 2002 Jay Fredrick Mears Jr and wife, Nancy, checking out the grapes just before harvest

        Fred (Junior) and his wife, Nancy, started Mears Farms in 1958, on the Yakima Indian Reservation (near Mabton, Washington). Asparagus, cherries and grapes were the main crops. Colin (son) took over the farm in 1996. This picture was taken in September 2002 just before harvest.

      5. Mary Jo (Mears) Heinle

        --details withheld

      6. Jim Wayne Mears

        --details withheld

    5. Archie Ware Mears

      --b. June 24, 1906 Marion Co., AR
      --d. June 5, 1967 Marion Co. AR
      ----buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
      --m. Anna Elizabeth MILLER
      --April 27, 1926
      ----b. June 2, 1909
      ----d. March 30, 1999 Yellville, Marion Co., AR
      ------buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
      ------d/o Francis Marion Miller and Bertha Maude ASHELMAN

      * * * * *


      Archie and Anna Mears Tobmstone

      Children of Archie Ware Mears and Anna Elizabeth Miller

      1. Raymond Lee Mears

        --b. May 8, 1927 Marion Co. AR
        --d. February 17, 1939

      2. Gladys Sue (Mears) Wagoner

        --b. June 3, 1932 Cowan Barrens, Marion Co., AR
        --d. June 6, 1998 Yellville, Marion Co., AR
        ----buried Cowan Cemetery, Marion Co. AR
        --m/1 Luther G. WAGONER
        --m/2 Eben IVES


      3. Donald Hugh Mears

        --b. July 8, 1939 Marion Co. AR
        --d. September 30, 1957
        ----accident while in the military service
        ----buried Cowan Cemetery, Marion Co., AR


      4. Charlotte Gaye Mears

        --b. July 19, 1942 Marion Co. AR
        --d. June 25, 1955
        ----buried Cowan Cemetery, Marion Co., AR


    6. Ernest Terrell Mears

      --b. June 1, 1909 Marion Co., AR
      --d. June 1976 Grandview, Yakima Co., WA
      ----buried Mabton Cemetery, Mabton, Yakima Co., WA

    7. Alsie Linnie (Mears) Marchant

      --b. June 6, 1916 Yellville, Marion Co., AR
      --d. January 27, 2001 Prosser, Benton Co., WA
      --m. Homer Aaron 'Jack' MARCHANT
      --December 2, 1933 Yellville, Marion Co., AR
      ----b. March 21, 1914 Calico Rock, Izard Co., AR
      ----d. March 10, 1987 Grandview, Yakima Co., WA
      ------s/o Rufus Marchant and Mary ARNOLD

  2. George Wesley Mears

    --b. October 25, 1870 Marion Co., AR
    --d. December 29, 1952 Marion Co., AR
    ----buried DeSoto Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
    --m. Rachel Elizabeth EVANS
    --November 10, 1892 Marion Co., AR
    ----b. September 26, 1873 Momell, AR
    ----d. January 3, 1941 Yellville, Marion Co.,AR
    ------buried DeSoto Cemetery, Marion Co. AR
    ------d/o James Evans and Sarah BURNES

    * * * * *


    DeSoto Cemetery Entrance

    George Wesley's Tombstone Rachel's

    Children of George Wesley Mears and Rachel Evans

    1. Elzie Shereden Mears

      --(June 15, 1894 Marion Co., AR - April 24, 1972 Yakima Co., WA)
      --m. Martha Bell GROOMS February 13, 1916 Marion Co., AR
      ----(February 28, 1894 Marion Co. AR - July 14, 1975 Yakima Co., WA)
      ------d/o Orlando Frederick Grooms and Lettie MATLOCK
      ----Martha m/1 John Franklin CORN October 30, 1908 Marion Co, AR
      ------John was s/o William Corn and Sarah Elizabeth GILLIAM
      --------John was gs/o John C. Gilliam and Caroline MEARS

      Children of Elzie Shereden Mears and Martha Grooms

      1. Ray Edward Mears

        --b. March 26, 1928 Mull, Marion Co., AR
        --d. June 19, 1992 Michigan
        --m. Mary Anne KNAPP

        Children of Ray Edward Mears
        Taken 1959
        Courtesy of Lonnie Mears

        1959 - Children of Ray Edward Mears

      2. James Roy Mears

        --b. July 25, 1931 Mull, Marion Co. AR
        --d. August 13, 1936 Poinsett Co., AR

        James  Roy Mears Tombstone

    2. Feley M. Mears

      --(February 1897 Marion Co., AR - 1900/05 Marion Co., AR)

    3. Veda Elsie Moat (Mears)Dillard Smith

      --(February 16, 1897 Marion Co., AR - August 24, 1998 San Diego Co., CA)
      --m/1 LeRoy DILLARD, Sr. March 16, 1917 Marion Co., AR
      ----(December 23, 1894 Marion Co., AR - September 23, 1929 Anderson Co, TX)
      ------s/o James Franklin Dillard and Nancy SMITH
      --m/2 Cassious SMITH 1961 Sacramento Co., CA
      ----( birth unknown - 1969)

    4. Della Laura (Mears) Horn

      --(October 2, 1902 Marion Co., AR - July 3, 1988 Marion Co, AR)
      ----buried Layton Cemetery, Marion Co, AR
      --m. Irwin HORN August 20, 1925 Marion Co, AR
      ----(February 16, 1903 AR - June 15, 1994 Baxter Co. AR)
      ------buried Layton Cemetery, Marion Co, AR
      ------s/o Henry Horn and Minnie COLSTON

      * * * * *


      Layton Cemetery Entrance

      Della and Irwin's Tombstone

    5. Dorothy Catherine 'Doretha' (Mears) Hand

      --(June 6, 1904 Marion Co, AR - June 30, 1981 Yakima Co, WA)
      --m. Levi D. HAND April 18, 1931 Marion Co, AR
      ----(December 7, 1905 Marion Co, AR - November 3, 1991 Yakima Co, WA)
      ------s/o White Hand and Sarah SUGGS

    6. Troy Forest Mears

      --(August 1, 1907 Marion Co., AR - July 12, 1988 Yakima Co,. WA)
      --m. Lois Delores FREEMAN April 23, 1933 Marion Co, AR
      ----(June 15, 1916 Marion Co., AR - May 30, 1989 Yakima Co., WA)
      ------d/o Joseph Freeman and Mittie EVERETT

    7. Maudie Ruth (Mears) Thompson

      --(January 13, 1909 Marion Co., AR - January 17, 1996 Greene Co, MO)
      --m. Charles Edward THOMPSON 1927 Marion Co., AR
      ----(April 1, 1904 MO - July 21, 1972 Greene Co., MO)
      ------s/o Fred Thompson and Unknown

  3. Martha Hannah (Mears) Dunlap Schooenover

    --b. March 27, 1873 Marion Co., AR
    --d. June 1899 AR
    --m/1 Hurshell V. DUNLAP
    --July 12, 1891 Marion Co., AR
    ----b. 1874 Marion Co., AR
    ----d. Unknown
    ------s/o John Dunlap and Nancy C. COWAN
    --------gs/o John Wesley Cowan and Margaret P. STARNES
    ----------gt gs/o Silas Cowan and Phildera BURNS
    ----------gt gs/o Nicholas Starnes and Barbara WINTERS
    --m/2 Noah Web SCHOOENOVER
    --September 13, 1895 Marion Co., AR
    ----b. abt 1873 KY

    Children of Martha Hannah Mears and Hershell V. Dunlaph

    1. Oscar Lee Dunlap

      --(May 19, 1892 Marion Co., AR - Decmeber 15, 1973 Mississippi Co., AR)
      --m. Virginia 'Virgie' STUBBS
      ----(March 18, 1893 - December 1986 Mississippi Co., AR)
      ------d/o Jonathan Stubbs and Jane DOSHIER
      --------gd/o Peter T. Doshier, Sr. and Mary Annie 'Polly' ELKINS
      ----------gt gd/o Wiley Peter Doshier, Sr. and Rebecca HAINES
      --------gd/o William Elkins and Salina ?
      ----------gt gd/o Gabriel Elkins and Stacy DILLARD

      Children of Martha Hannah Mears and Noah Web Schooenover

    2. Elizabeth Hannah (Schooenover) Jones

      --(February 12, 1899 Kansas - August 20, 1990)
      ----buried Cowan Cemetery, Marion Co, AR
      --m. Lonnie Vergil 'Lon' JONES December 16, 1923
      ----(March 14, 1903 Marion Co, AR - Decmeber 3, 1980 Marion Co,. AR)
      ------buried Cowan Cemetery, Marion Co, AR
      ------s/o William John Jones and Melissa FREEMAN

      * * * * *


      Lonnie and Hannah (Mears) Jones Tobmstone

      Children of Elizabeth Hannah Mears and Lonnie Vergil Jones

      1. Myrtle M. Jones

        --b. October 19, 1924 Marion Co. AR
        --d. October 19, 1924 Marion Co., AR
        ----buried Cowan Cemetery, Marion Co. AR


  4. Thomas Jefferson Mears

    --b. June 25, 1875 Marion Co., AR
    --d. July 27, 1881 Marion Co., AR
    ----buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR

  5. John Henry Mears

    --b. November 27, 1877 Marion Co., AR
    --d. abt 1878 Marion Co., AR
    ----buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR

  6. Barbara Catherine (Mears) Glenn

    --b. June 20, 1880 Marion Co., AR
    --d. January 1937 Oklahoma
    --m. William Louis GLENN
    --August 31, 1899 Marion Co., AR
    ----b. abt 1872 Marion Co., AR
    ----d. May 1945 Oklahoma
    ------s/o Samuel D. Glenn and Susan BURNES
    --------gs/o Lewis Glenn and Catherine PHILLIPS
    --------gs/o Thomas S. Burnes and Elizabeth HOLTZCLAW

    Children of Barbara Catherine Mears and William Louis Glenn

    1. Olin Thelmar Glenn

      --(June 27, 1900 Elmore City, OK - February 1970)
      --m. Gladys HESTER
      ----(1910 - ?)

    2. Ola Jennings Glenn

      --(January 20, 1902 Marion Co, AR - 1983 Elmore City, OK)
      --m. Moyette 'Mattie' PYLE
      ----(1904 Marion Co., AR - ?)
      ------d/o Samuel Grover Pyle and Sarah Margaret Ann ELLIS
      --------gd/o Samuel Moten Pyle and Sarah Jane ELAM

    3. Madgie Mae Glenn

      --(abt 1904 Marion Co., AR - abt 1908 Marion Co., AR)

    4. Daughter Glenn

      --(1905 Marion Co., AR - 1909 Marion Co., AR)

    5. Marvin Watson Glenn

      --(March 1906 Marion Co, AR - 1986 Elmore City, OK)

    6. Ossie Lee Glenn

      --(1908/09 Marion Co., AR - 1983 Visalia, CA)
      --m. Jewell TAYLOR
      ----(abt 1906 - ?)

    7. Earnest Vernon Glenn

      --(abt 1910 Marion Co., AR - 1985 Sacramento, CA)
      --m. Lena ANDERSON
      ----(1912- 1960)

    8. Robert Vergil Glenn

      --(January 23, 1915 Elmore City, Ok - Unknown)
      --m. Mabel Estell GRIFFIS August 26, 1933
      ----(December 4, 1915 - ?)
      ------d/o Arthur Washington Griffis and Etta Mae ROBERSON

    9. Anna Juanita (Glenn) Irons

      --(March 14, 1917 Elmore City, OK - 1989 Modesto, CA)
      --m. Cephus IRONS March 14, 1936
      ----(1912 - 1952)

    10. Bernice Frances (Glenn) Griffin

      --(November 9, 1920 Elmore City, Oklahoma - ?)
      --m. Walter Ray GRIFFIN 1944
      ----(July 21, 1922 - ?)

    11. Dorothy Etta (Glenn) Carter

      --details withheld

  7. James Harvey 'Jim' Mears

    --b. July 24, 1883 Marion Co., AR
    --d. April 7, 1958 Marion Co., AR
    ----buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR

    * * * * *


    James Harvey Mears Tobmstone

  8. Benjamin Franklin 'Frank' Mears

    --b. September 3, 1886 Mario Co., AR
    --d. February 16, 1970 Marion Co., AR
    ----buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
    --m. Etta Mae HARRIS (his cousin)
    --abt 1931 Mt. Home,Baxter Co., AR
    ----b. June 12, 1904 Cowan Barrens, Marion Co., AR
    ----d. October 8, 1954 Kansas City, Missouri
    ------buried Cowan Barrens Cemetery, Marion Co., AR
    ------d/o James Franklin 'Jim' Harris and Willie Alice HUDSON
    --------gt gd/o John F. Harris and Malvina A. MEARS
    --------gt gd/o William Hudson and Lydia GALLOAY
    ----------2nd gt gd/o William F. 'Billy' Mears and Frances Elizabeth YOUNG

    * * * * *


    Benjamin F. Mears Tobmstone

    Children of Benjamin Franklin Mears and Etta Mae Harris

    1. Anna Elizabeth (Mears) Ali

      --(August 29, 1932 Marion Co., AR - August 20, 1964 Texas)

    2. Alta Mae (Mears)Guillemat

      --details withheld

    3. Daughter Mears

      --(1934 Marion Co., AR - 1934 Marion Co., AR)

    4. Willie Franklin Mears

      --b. 1936 Marion Co., AR
      --d. 1938 Marion Co, AR
      ----buried Cowan Cemetery, Marion Co, AR

      * * * * *


      Willie Franklin Mears Tobmstone

    5. Georgia Fern (Mears) Bardwell

      --details withheld

    6. Myrtle Faye (Mears) Stanley

      --details withheld

  9. Robert E. Lee Mears

    --b. July 19, 1889 Marion Co., AR
    --d. May 16, 1943 Arkansas
    --m. Vergie Algerine LAY
    --abt 1911 Searcy Co., AR
    ----b. April 6, 1889 Marion Co., AR
    ----d. August 4, 1965 AR

    Children of Robert Lee Mears and Vergie Lay

    1. Willie Washington Mears

      --(Decmeber 22, 1913 Searcy Co., AR - 1981/95)
      m. Johnnie Jorene HARRISON

    2. Mayme Mary Ellen (Mears) Wilhelm

      --(March 12, 1919 Searcy Co., AR - ?)
      m. Arthur Leon WILHELM
      ----(July 29, 1920 AR - May 20, 1978)

    3. Flora Elizabeth (Mears) Mainard

      --(October 13, 1921 Searcy Co., AR - ?)
      m. Buddie Jeff MAINARD
      ----(June 28, 1920 AR - ?)

  10. Grover Cleveland Mears

    --b. June 21, 1892 Marion Co., AR
    --d. June 4, 1959 Chandler, Arizona
    ----buried Glenn Family Plot, Elmore City, OK
    --m. Delora Otilia 'Delores' PYLE
    --September 13, 1913 Elmore City, OK
    ----b. March 24, 1897 Bruno, Marion Co., AR
    ----d. June 11, 1982 Oklahoma City, OK
    ------buried Arlington Memorial Cemetery, Midwest City, OK
    ------d/o Samuel Grover Pyle and Sarah Margaret Ann ELLIS
    --------gs/o Samuel Moten Pyle and Sarah Jane ELAM

    Children of Grover Cleveland Mears and Delores Pyle

    1. Myrtle Mae (Mears) Medford

      --(July 20, 1914 OK - ?)
      --m. Thomas Plessie MEDFORD May 6, 1942 Savannah, GA
      ----(October 8, 1914 MS - June 18, 1982 Oklahoma City, OK)
      ------buried Arlington Memorial Cemetery, Midwest City, OK

    2. Naomia Lois (Mears) Murray

      --(January 29, 1916 Elmore City, OK - ?)
      --m. Richard Stanley MURRAY July 5, 1931
      ----(October 8, 1914 - ?)

    3. Helen Winnifred (Mears) Bell

      --(July 28, 1919 Elmore City, OK - April 10, 1992 Oklahoma City, OK)
      ----buried Arlington Memorial Cemetery, Midwest City, OK

    4. Grover Cleveland Mears, Jr.

      --details withheld

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