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Goldsborough 'G. B.' Mears

My 3rd Great Uncle

Son of William Mears and Christinia 'Charity' Melton

Goldsborough 'G. B.' Mears

--b. February 6, 1816 Guilford Co., NC or TN
--d. Feb 16, 1859 Cannon Co., TN
--m. Amanda Melivina STONE
--January 10, 1836 Warren Co. TN
----b. September 20, 1821 Warren Co., TN
----d. October 4, 1883 Cannon Co. TN
------d/o William Stone and Ruth LAWING
--------gd/o Eusebius 'Eusibius' 'Uriah' Stone and Milly GRANT
------Amanda m/2 P. D. CUMMINGS November 12, 1865 Cannon Co. TN

Background Information

We are very indebted to Goldsborough and his descendants for preserving his family Bible which lists his parent's names, births and deaths and the fact that his father was born on the Eastern shore of Maryland. Plus the fact, that he left a will in which he names his elderly mother, Christina. And to help us even more, he named his second daughter, Elizaeth Sharp Mears, a namesake of his own grandmother, Elizabeth Sharp who had married Zadock Mears.

At this time, I'm not positive whether G. B. or Goldsbury, as he was so commonly known was born in Guilford Co., NC or TN. I'm more inclined to go with TN, but it was before the family actually moved to Warren Co., TN - so we're probably talking in the vicinity of Rutherford or Anderson County. Research is still going on to locate his parents between 1815 and 1830 though we do know some of his siblings were in the Warren Co., TN vicinity as early as 1826-1827.

G. B. married Amanda Melvina Stone Jan 10, 1836. She was the d/o William Stone and Ruth Lawing. In fact, Melvina's sister, Parilee Stone, married John F. Preston, s/o Mary (Mears) Preston and a 1st cousin to G. B. She also had two sisters who married Bailey boys, who are more than likely related to Nancy Bailey, wife of Eliah Mears mentioned above. William Stone, Melvina's father, had a brother, Archibald Stone and you'll find him mentioned in several deeds concerning the Mears. William and Archibald Stone were sons of Eusebius 'Eusibius' Stone and Milly Grant. In fact, if someone had time to research the Stone family, there is a good chance that more information could be discovered here.

Census, Deeds and Other Records

Some of the early records that we have of G. B. from Cannon Co., TN include:

Cannon Co., TN Deed Abstract, Book A, p. 443-444 - (reg. April 25, 1838)
George W. MEARS to Goldsbury MEARS
$1.00 1 sorrell mare, calves, etc. -indebted to Goldsbury $80

Cannon Co., TN Deeds Index (1836-1840)
G. B. MERS from Henry Ford (Book E, page 141)
G. B. MEARS from Joseph Ramsey (Book C, page 165)

1838 and 1839 Cannon Co., Tn Tax List, District 6
G. B. Mears - 1 white poll

Cannon Co., TN Deed Abstrct Book B, page 465-467 (reg. Nov 22, 1839)
William MEARS to Goldsborough MEARS
1-2-1839 $400 67 acres on East fork, line of Henry Ford, Allens line
wit: Ass Neely, Robert Walkup, Jackson Wharry

Cannon Co., TN Deeds Index (1836-1840), Book A, page 443
George W. MEARS TO Goldsbury Mears

On the 1840 Cannon Co., TN Census, this family is listed as Goldsberry Mears and he is living right next door to his father, William Mears. Nearby neighbors include: Henry Ford, Jesse Lawrence, Joseph Moore, George T. Ford, Robert Walkup, Isaiah Neely,Hardy Wimley, Midford Caffey, John Barrett, Thomas Thompson, Benjamin Sapp, George C. Barrett, Jackson Wharey, and John B. Stone - to name a few.

Then in the 1840's Cannon Co., TN records, we have:

Cannon Co., TN Deed Abstracts, Book D, page 123 (reg. Nov 12, 1842)
Joseph Ramsey to G. B. MEARS
20 acres 12-7-1841 (Goldsbury Mears) n side east fork Dist 4
Elijah Neely line
wit: Elihu Sanders, Wm. Wharton

Cannon Co., TN Deed Abstracts, Book F, pp 374-375 (reg. Dec 11, 1848)
after death of Mary Ford my interest in land dist 6 - 100 acres
Archabald Stone line, land from Henry M. Ford

We then find this family listed as G. B. Mears on 1850 Census of Cannon Co., TN, District 6, #706. Value of real esate is listed as $1200. Besides his own children, there is a girl, Harriet Elkins, age 13, listed with the family.

In the 1850's, we find more deeds which mention G. B. I'm listing these deeds as we never know when it will help us or another family connect. have learned the importance of keeping close watch on neighbors and witnesses as they have a habit of 'popping up again!.

Cannon Co., TN Deed Abstracts, Book Letter gone, page 138 (reg. Jan 19, 1856)
Archabald STONE to G. B. MEARS
$150 acres Dist 6 riber 3-11-1851
McAdoo line
with: John Barry, Ed Wood

Cannon Co., TN Deed Abstracts, Book L, pp 31-32
G. B. MEARS to G. W. Thompson
132 1/2 acres $2500 - District 6, James Woods line. A. Stone line, Rushing line, Henry Ford line, Wm Stone line, R. O. Walkup & A. C. Nealey line
Middle Advancers Branch
Wit: James N. Stone, A. M. Weedon

Cannon Co., TN Deed Abstracts, , Book L, p. 80 (reg. Jan 19, 1856)
Archibald Stone to G. B. MEARS
15 1/2 acres - Dist 6
James Wood's line, except one acre set apart for church purposes on which meeting house called Todd's Meeting house now stands 3-11-1851
wit: John Barry and E. J. Wood

Cannon Co., TN Deed Abstracts, Book M, pp 188-189 (reg. Nov 1, 1858)
AS B. Carnes to G. B. MEARS
98 acres - District 7
corner Elizabeth Wherry, Wm Stone, including a house built for a meeting house, John Higgins corner
with: E. Kersey, Wm. Braton

Cannon Co., TN Deed Abstracts, Book M, pp. 239-240 (reg. Feb 11, 1859)
Isaac FOX to G. B. MEARS
50 acres - Eledges line, Wm Stone line 11-19-1858
wit: E. Kersey, Wm (X) Bratten

Will of G. B. Mears and Burial

Though I will scan a copy of this will and put under scanned records, below, I do want a transcribed copy here - due to the importance of Christina being mentioned. The will written Feb 12, 1859 and was probated March 22, 1859. During this time, there was a typhoid epidemic, more of which will be described later, but not only did it take the life of G. B., but several of his children. Again, I really have to feel for G. B.'s wife, Melvina. Not only did she lose her husband but 4 children within a couple of months of each other. Compare the dates of this will with the death dates of several of his children.

Will Book A - Cannon Co, Tennessee

I, G.B. MEARS do make and publish this as my last will and Testament here to revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made.

First, I direct that my funrnel expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any monies that I may die possesed of or that may first come into the hands of my Executor.

Secondly, I give and bequeath to my wif Malvina during her life & widowhood all of my estate both real and personal for the purpose of raising, educationing my children in a proper manor.

Thirdly, I direct that my Executor Shall sell on a credit of twelve month any property that I may die possessed of that is no nessary for the Support of my family.

Fourthly, I direct that my wife Malvina sell any property that may be raised on my farm for the benefit of my family.

Fifthly, I direct that each of my children shall receive there Distributive share of my personal Estate when they arrive at twenty one years of age or money.

Sixthly, I direct that at the marriage or death of my Said wife that my Executor sell all my real & personal Estate on a credit of twelve month and the proceds be divided equally amongst my children after accounting for what each have been advanced previously.

Seventhly, I direct that my aged Mother Christina who now lives with me Shall be comfortable supported dureing her life out of my estate who is to live with my family and be taken care of by them.

Lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint James B. Elledge my Executor in Witness whereof I do to this my will set my hand and seal this the 12th day of February 1859.

G.B. (his X mark) Meres (Seal)

Signed, sealed and published in our presants and we have subscribed our names (P 141) hereton tin the presant of the Testator.
Feby 12th 1859
C.T. New
Robert O. Walkup

State of Tennessee, Cannon County--March Term of said County Court A.D. 1859

Then personally appeared in open Court C.T. New & Robert O. Walkup, Subscribing witness to the within paper. Wrighting who being first sworn depose and say that they were acquainted with G.B. Meres the Testator in his life time and that he assigned and acknowledged the same in there presants to be his last Will and Testament on the day it bears date. Witness Brinkley Laseter, Clerk of said County Court at office this first Monday and seventh Day of March l859.
B. Laseter, Clerk
Registered 22nd day of March 1859

All were buried on what became known later as the Melton Place on the Stones River in Cannon Co., TN. Also, for the next 4 years, Melvina would continue to care for her aged mother-in-law. These are women that we have to be proud of and as descendants or cousins really feel the struggles that they must have endurecd just to survive.

Amanda Melvina Remarries

On Nov 12, 1865 in Cannon Co., TN, after the death of her mother-in-law and much of her family, Melvina married a second time to P. D. Cummings. We don't know when he died, but by the 1880 census, we find Melvina living with her son, Elijah Mears in the 3rd District of Cannon Co., TN.

Official Records

Special Thanks

As previously state, first and foremost, I thank Goldsborough Mears, himself, even though he died in 1859 and his wife Amanda Melvina Stone. Next I have to thank Cindy Mears, who I just recently met through the internet as many years ago she actually copied the record from Goldsborough Bible which was then in possession of Eva Lancaster. Plus Cindy actually photocopied and snailmailed me many deeds, census, wills and other official records. Plus it was with her encouragement that I started these web pages in rememberance of 'our' Mears families! Next, one has to thank Eva Lancaster, a descendant of this branch, who wrote in 1981, The Home Place, Booklet and Bible Records of Goldsbrough Mears, a very descriptive booklet which gives us a very 'vivid' picture of some of the descendants of this branch. Then ones must not forget Craig Mears, who when I corresponded with him, was a very young boy who was even younger than I was at the time (early 1970's). Then there is my father's first cousin, Zada Sharp, who did a lot of research on the Mears family back in the late 1950's, 1960's and early 1970's.

Children of Goldsborough Mears and Amanda Melvina Stone

  1. Martha Ann Mears

    --b. April 23, 1837 Cannon Co., TN
    --d. Jan 22, 1859 Cannon Co., TN)
    ----buried Stones River (later Melton Place), Cannon Co., TN (no marker)

  2. Elizabeth Sharp Mears

    --b. Jan 20, 1839 Cannon Co., TN
    --d. Feb 26, 1889 Cannon Co., TN)

  3. Thomas Hart Benton Meaars

    --b. Nov 19, 1840 Cannon Co., TN
    --d. May 12, 1913 Cannon Co., TN
    ----buried Wile Cemetery, Doolettle Rd, Woodbury, Cannon Co., TN
    --m. Sarah ELLEDGE April 19, 1876 Cannon Co., TN
    ----(May 26, 1850 TN - May 27, 1904)
    ------buried Wile Cemetery, Doolettle Rd, Woodbury, Cannon Co., TN

  4. Josephine Mears

    --b. July 1, 1843 Cannon Co., TN
    --d. Feb 5, 1859 Cannon Co., TN
    ----buried Stones River (later Melton Place), Cannon Co., TN (no marker)

  5. John Calhoun Meaars

    --b. Juy 1, 1845 Cannon Co., TN
    --d. April 30, 1921 Cannon Co., TN)
    ----buried Wile Cemetery, Doolettle Rd, Woodbury, Cannon Co., TN
    --m. Elizabeth Frances WHERRY Decmeber 20, 1866 Cannon Co., TN
    ----(November 24, 1845 - March 24, 1917 Cannon Co., TN)

  6. William Jasper Mears

    --b. Sept 14, 1847 Cannon Co., TN
    --d. Feb 5, 1859 Cannon Co., TN
    ----buried Stones River (later Melton Place), Cannon Co., TN (no marker)

  7. Elijah Meaars

    --b. Aug 4, 1849 Cannon Co., TN
    --d. Oct 4, 1894 Cannon Co., TN) ----buried Wile Cemetery, Doolettle Rd, Woodbury, Cannon Co., TN
    --m. Mary Elizabeth 'Lizzie' FUSTON nOVEMBER 12, 1877 Warren Co., TN
    ----(Novmeber 19, 1858 Warren Co., TN - July 11, 1936 Cannon Co., TN)
    ------buried Wile Cemetery, Doolettle Rd, Woodbury, Cannon Co., TN
    ------d/o William Jasper Fuston and Sarah Catharine NEAL
    --------gd/o Samuel Fuston and Nancy MULLICAN
    --------gd/o Hamilton Neal and Sarah FORREST

  8. Colijah Mears

    --b. July 28, 1851 Cannon Co., TN
    --d. Jan 23, 1859 Cannon Co., TN
    ----buried Stones River (later Melton Place), Cannon Co., TN (no marker)

  9. George B. 'Goldsborough' Meaars

    --b. Aug 28, 1853 Cannon Co., TN
    --d. Aug 28, 1929 TN
    --m. Bell Dora FUSTON October 17, 1885 Warren Co., TN
    ----(April 30, 1872 Warren Co., TN - March 29, 1935 Rutherford Co. TN)
    ------d/o William Jasper Fuston and Sarah Catharine NEAL
    --------gd/o Samuel Fuston and Nancy MULLICAN
    --------gd/o Hamilton Neal and Sarah FORREST

  10. Amanda Melvina Mears

    --b. July 20, 1856 Cannon Co., TN
    --d. Unknown

  11. Frances Ann (Mears) Miller

    --b. Nov 27, 1858 Cannon Co. TN
    --d. Unknown in Texas
    --m. Frank P. MILLER February 18, 1877 Cannon Co., TN

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