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Mary 'Polly' (Mears) Preston

My 3rd Great Aunt

Daughter of William Mears and Christinia 'Charity' Melton

  • Mary 'Polly' (Mears) Preston

    --b. August 18, 1801 Guilford Co., NC
    --d. August 27, 1885 Cannon Co., TN --m. William Buchanan 'Buck' PRESTON
    --abt 1825/26 probably Warren Co., Tennessee
    ----b. November 22, 1801 Kentucky
    ----d. February 14, 1855 Cannon Co., Tennessee
    ------s/o William Preston and Frances ROSS

    Background Information

    One of the first records that we find of William Preston in Warren Co., TN is when he purchases property from William Mears. Helen says in her letters that,
    "this is very hard to document because for the three William Mears and two William Preston in the same area. William Preston purchased some property from William Mears about 1830 in Warren County, TN and then again in about 1837 he sold the same property to William Mears. The deeds to NOT distinguish between William Preston, Sr. or Jr, or WHICH of the William Mears."

    The Prestons are buried on the Cummings farm on HWY 70 on the eastern edge of Woodbury, Cannon Co., TN. It was called the Preston Farm and is lcoated behind old Judge Huston home.

    Official Records

    Special Thanks

    First and foresmost, thanks must be given to descendant, Helen Rogers, who I corresponded with several months in 1998-1999. Her research, at that time, on the Preston and Young families was very extensive, to say the least. Also, must thank Mrs. L. A. Klingamon who wrote me in early 1979.

    Children of Polly Mears and Buck Preston

    1. William Preston Jr.

      --b. abt 1827 Warren Co., TN
      --d. Unknown
      --m. Jane RIGSBY
      --June 30, 1850 Cannon Co., TN
      ----b. abt 1829 Tennessee
      ----d. Unknown

    2. Samuel Preston

      --abt 1829 Warren Co., TN
      --d. Unknown
      --m. Sarah Jane FOSTER
      --June 8, 1850 Cannon Co., TN
      ----b. abt 1832 Texas
      ----d. Unknown

    3. John F. Preston

      --b. March 16, 1829 Warren Co., TN
      --d. aft 1880 Cannon Co., TN
      --m. Parilee STONE
      --December 22, 1847 Cannon Co., TN
      ----b. abt 1835 Tennessee
      ----d. aft 1880 Cannon Co., Tennessee
      ------d/o William Stone and Ruth LAWING
      --------gd/o Eusebius 'Eusibius' 'Uriah' Stone and Milly GRANT

    4. Thomas Jefferson 'Jeff' Preston

      --b. October 1831 Warren Co., TN
      --d. Unknown
      --m. Eliza RIGSBY
      --January 22, 1845 Cannon Co., TN
      ----b. abt 1826
      ----d. Unknown

    5. James Preston

      --b. abt 1833 Warren Co., TN
      --d. Unknown
      --m. Mary Elizabeth YOUNG
      --September 11, 1865 Warren Co., TN
      ----b. abt 1833 Tennessee
      ----d. Unknown

    6. Elijah Cheatham Preston

      --b. abt 1834 Warren Co., TN
      --d. 1916 White Co,. TN
      ----buried Oddfellow Cemetery, Quebeck, White Co., TN
      --m. Elizabeth TENPENNY
      --December 16, 1856 Cannon Co., TN
      ----b. abt 1840
      ----d. Unknown

    7. Jesse Preston

      --b. abt 1835 TN
      --d. Unknown

    8. Nancy E. 'Polly' (Preston) Young

      --b. abt 1836 Cannon Co., TN
      --d. Unknown
      --m. William Henry YOUNG
      --January 5, 1864 Cannon Co., TN
      ----b. March 29, 1836 Cannon Co., TN
      ----d. Unknown
      ------s/o Alexander Young and Nancy MULLENS
      --------gs/o Henry Young and Elizabeth 'Betsey' KEDEY
      ----------gt gs/o Jasper 'Kasper' 'Casper' 'Gaspar' Kiddy

      Descendant so this family are DOUBLE COUSINS to me since I'm also a Young descendant

    9. Jane (Preston) Bogle

      --(abt 1837 Cannon Co., TN
      --d. Unknown
      --m. George BOGLE
      --date and location Unknown
      ----b. Unknown
      ----d. Unknown

    10. Rebecca Louisa (Preston) Harris

      --b. Decmeber 23, 1838 Cannon Co., TN
      --d. December 18, 1919 Cannon Co., TN
      --m. David P. HARRIS
      --January 16, 1866 Cannon Co., TN
      ----b. October 15, 1839
      ----d. September 1, 1912

    11. Napoleon Bonaparte 'Bony' Preston

      --b. April 11, 1840 Cannon Co., TN
      --d. March 1922
      --m. Susan Ducke ETCHERSON
      --May 30, 1866 Wilson Co., TN
      ----b. May 31, 1845
      ----d. January 3, 1905

    12. Hugh Lawson Preston

      --b. October 7, 1842 Cannon Co., TN
      --d. September 4, 1919
      --m. Thankful Caroline DOAKE
      --September 7, 1865 Cannon Co., TN
      ----b. 1845 Tennessee
      ----d. 1892

    13. Moses H. Preston

      --b. abt 1844 Cannon Co,. TN
      --d. Unknown
      --m. Mary A. Unknown
      --abt 1870 Tennessee
      ----b. abt 1848 Tennessee
      ----d. Unknown

    14. Josephine 'Josie' (Preston) Mullican

      --b. March 6, 1845 Cannon Co., TN
      --d. January 3, 1923 Lawrence Co. Alabama
      --m. Anthony Tittle MULLICAN
      --September 25, 1867 Cannon Co., TN
      ----b. March 29, 1847 Tennessee
      ----d. August 17, 1923 Moulton, Lawrence Co. Alabama
      ------buried Cheatham Cemetery, Lawrence Co. Alabama
      ------s/o Thomas G. Mullican and Millie Melvina WALLING

    15. Sarah A. (Preston) Bailey

      --b. abt 1847 Cannon Co., TN
      --d. 1914
      --m. Joseph BAILEY
      --Date and location Unknown
      ----b. Unknown
      ----d. Unknown

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