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Catherine Petty - Mary Taylor

Also spelled: Millington, Middleton, Milenton, Mittenton

My 3rd Great Grandparents

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Millenton Ledbetter - His Ancestry

The first name, Millenton, can be found spelled many ways in the various documents. He was the son of Lewis Ledbetter and Sarah (unknown) who lived in Union Co., SC. More reserch, including DNA testing, is now being done to aid in determining the parents of Lewis Ledbetter.

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Catherine Petty

Though they were NEVER MARRIED, there is much circumstantial evidence that she and Millenton Ledbetter, did have a bastard child, Solomon James Petty. (Check the chronology, below, for the details).

Catharine was the d/o James Petty and Martha Clanton. She was born about 1763 probably in Bute Co., NC. When she was in her early 30's, Catharine did eventually marry Edward Summerford. He was born abt 1766 South Carolina and died July 1838 York District, Union Co., SC.

Mary Taylor (Wife and My Ancestor)

From the various census records, we get these ages for her birth:

  • 1810 - age 26 to 45 - (1765 - 1784)
  • 1820 - age 26 to 45 - (1775 - 1794)
  • 1830 - age 40 to 50 - (1780 - 1790
  • 1840 - age 50 to 60 - (1780 - 1790)
  • 1850 - age 68
  • 1860 - age 78
  • 1870 - age 88
  • Tombstone (Nevill Cemetery, Coffee Co., TN)
    ---- born March 22, 1782 and died September 4, 1871

A recently-discovered affidavit by Millenton Ledbetter was recently found in the 29 page pension application for Celia Taylor, widow of Arthur Taylor of Rutherford and Old Tryon Co., NC. This document was sent to me by Josephine Sparks who descends from Arthur's son, Charles Taylor.

As you can see, this document clearly says that Millenton was the son-in-law of Celia/Selea Taylor. He would have married her in the late 1790's probably in the Greenville - Union Co., SC area.

Josephine writes:

Unfortunately, the widow's application does not include any name of any child even though it is 29 pages in length!!! She states she has 5 children and was big with one when Arthur died (December 1781). The mentioned affidavit looks like it is written by Millington himself. very interesting! He actually tried to disprove the claim of Celia that Arthur died in the Revolution. However, someone in Arthur's unit disputed this with his affidavit. I do have information on sons Charles and Arthur Jr. My GGG Charles was the older son and is mentioned several times with Celia in documents in Rutherford Co after Arthur Sr.died. I am also related to another branch of the Ledbetters who migrated from Rutherford Co NC to Lumpkin Co Ga. Old Johnson Ledbetter was the father of this clan. Millington stated that Celia did go to Georgia and lived for abt 2 years. However, many of the Taylor family moved to Lumpkin from Greenville Co SC too, so she did not necessarily live with Ledbetters.

Some of her children could have migrated to Ga.Just abt all the family of Arthur's brother James who married Rebecca Childress of Laurens Co SC.migrated to Lumpkin Co Ga before 1830. I have a book of info collected on the Taylor family. Have been doing it for years. I am just trying to find the 4 lost children of Celia and Arthur.Feel free to ask any questions. I wondered if the one who was born in 1781-early 1782 was the wife of Millington. However, she did have another daughter born a little earlier. (NOTE: We now know that Mary was born March 22, 1782 - which does agree with the above)

Millington mentions this in his affidavit, but does not states with whom. Celia ststes she was living with relatives during the time of her application 1805-1807. I have no idea when she died. She never lived with Charles and Arthur Jr. I assume she lived in SC with children there until she died. What is interesting is the fact that she hired Thomas Haslip attorney to represent her in the estate of Arthur in Rutherford 1782-1784, but she ststed she had no land nor any negroes to take care of her in 1805. Arthur had extensive land holdings in Anson and Rutherford.Charles and Arthur Jr, must have gotten all the land in Anson. Charles was listed next door to Celia in 1790 Rutherford Co NC. He married GGG Elizabeth Potts in 1788 Rutherford. Oh yes Thomas Haslip represented her when she applied for the widow's pension. She did receive it plus back pay.

If anyone can help with any additional information on this lady,, my direct ancestor, please write me, Ann (Jobe) Brown

Millenton's Affidavit 1807, Greenville District, SC
Mother-in-law Selea 'Celia' Taylor Pension Application
Special Thanks to my cousin, Randy Jobe for transcribing

Actual Transcription

        So Carolina )     Pearsinily come 
Greenville District )     before me Millinton Ledbeter 
                          Sun in Law to Selia Taylor 
now owed a penshon in this State and 
made oath that he offen and a miney a 
time heard Selia Taylor Say that her husband 
Arthur Tayler was kild in his own house by 
Sum person unknown but Susposd is a 
Indian __ad__ by the name of Mehapi 
in Abbevel District is now  Then She 
moved of to North Carolina Ther She Lived 
Seven or Eight years from there moved to the 
State of Georgi wheare She Lived till a 
Bout two years Last fall for this he heard 
he Says on oath Selia Taylor and Thomas 
Haselip Inter in agreement conserning 
Getting this penshon and Haselip was 
to have part of the money if it could 
be discovered how is a Resident of No 
Carolina  Sworn to before me me this 
30th day of April 1807
Reuben Barrett Jr    Millinton Ledbetter

Transcription - easier to understand

Personally came before me Millinton Ledbetter, son-in-law to Selia Taylor, (now owed a pension in this State) and made oath that he often and many a time heard Selia Taylor say that her husband, Arthur Taylor, was killed in his own house by some person unknown, but supposed it is an Indian Guide by the name of Mehapi, now in Abbieville District.

She moved off to North Carolina. She lived there seven or eight years, and from there, she moved to the State of Georgia where she lived about two years until last fall. This he heard.

He says on oath, Selia Taylor and Thomas Haselip entered into an agreement concerning getting this pension, and Haselip was to have part of the money if it could be discovered how. HE (implied) is a resident of North Carolina.

Sworn to before....


Millenton's Children By Catherine Petty

They were NOT married

  1. Solomon James Petty

    --b. May 23, 1784 Union Co., SC
    --d. January 29, 1860 Dickson Co., TN
    --m. Jerusha Jane DARWIN
    --1810/12 probably York, Union Co., SC
    ----b. October 22, 1794 Union Co., SC
    ----d. 1873 Dickson Co.,TN

    Millenton's Children By Mary Taylor

  2. Stephen Ledbetter

    --b. abt 1800 Union Co.,SC
    --d. 1870/80 Probably Linden, Perry Co., TN
    --m. Margaret ACUFF

    My 2nd Great Grandfather

  3. Henry Clay Ledbetter

    --b. 1800/10 Tennessee
    --d. 1842/48 McNairy Co., TN
    ----buried Thacker Cemetery, McNairy Co., TN
    --m. Elizabeth RUNNELS
    --abt 1828 vicinity of Lincoln Co., TN
    ----(abt 1801 TN - 1885 McNairy Co., TN)
    ------buried Thacker Cemetery, McNairy Co., TN

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  4. Margaret Ledbetter

    --b. 1804/10 Unknown

  5. Lewis Ledbetter

    --b. abt 1807 TN
    --d. 1850/70 Missouri
    --m. Mary ?
    ----(abt 1809 TN - aft 1870 Pineville, McDonald Co., MO)

  6. James P. Ledbetter

    --b. August 8, 1808 probably Franklin Co., NC
    --d. 1850/51 McNairy Co., TN
    --m/1 Martha MEADOWS
    --abt 1825 probably TN
    ----(1810/15 - 1834/36 McNairy Co., TN)
    --m/2 Susan A. SMITH
    --abt 1835 Unknown
    ----(1817/18 - August 2, 1903 Lee Co., MS)

  7. Elizabeth A. (Ledbetter) Muckelroy

    --b. January 10, 1811 probably Logan Co., KY
    --d. January 26, 1894 Frelsburg, Colorado Co., Texas
    ----buried Muckleroy Cemetery, , Colorado, Texas
    --m. Michael 'Mike' MUCKLEROY
    --January 3, 1828 Franklin Co., TN
    ----b. September 27, 1808 Franklin Co., TN
    ----d. July 28, 1896 Terrell, Kaufman Co., Texas
    ------buried Muckleroy Cemetery, , Colorado, Texas
    ------s/o Isaac Muckleroy and Sarah FLOYD

  8. Daughter Ledbetter

    --b. 1812/16 Franklin Co., TN
    --on 1840 Coffee Co., TN census
    ----appears to be unmarried at this time??

  9. Bersheba Ledbetter

    --b. December 11, 1817 Franklin Co., TN
    --d. March 14, 1891 Coffee Co., TN
    ----buried Hillsboro United Methodist Church Cemetery, Coffee Co., TN
    --m. John Quincy Adams FARRAR
    --abt 1840 probably Coffee Co., TN
    ----b. March 3, 1817 Tennessee
    ----d. January 16, 1876 Coffee Co., TN
    ------buried Hillsboro United Methodist Church Cemetery, Coffee Co., TN

  10. Milton Ledbetter

    --b. April 3, 1820 Franklin Co., TN
    --d. February 22, 1888 Coffee Co., TN
    ----buried Nevill Cemetery, Coffee Co., TN

  11. Mary M. Ledbetter

    --b. March 4, 1826 Franklin Co., North Carolina
    --d. December 27, 1912 Coffee Co., TN
    ----buried Hillsboro United Methodist Church Cemetery, Coffee Co., TN

    1900 Coffee Co., TN Census - shows up in the household of Mary E. (Farrar) Winton, where she is listed as AUNT. Mary was d/o Bersheba 'Beersheba' (Ledbetter) Farrar - (see above).

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