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My Kendall Ancestry and Cousins
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Last modified 26 Mar 2013

Hensley, Kendall, Vinson, Wright

Edward Ealms 'Elums' 'Neddy' Kendall

My 4th Great Grandfather

--b. 1800/01 North Carolina
--d. abt 1868 Hornbeak, Obion Co., TN

--m/1 Nancy SMITH
--abt 1820 North Carolina
----b. abt 1803 probably Montgomery Co., NC
----d. July 1849 Tishomingo Co., MS
------d/o Robert Smith and Miss FREEMAN

--m/2 Lidia 'Lydia' HOWELL
--January 4, 1850 Stanly Co., NC
----b. abt 1800 North Carolina
----d. aft 1860 Obion Co., TN

Sometimes his name is written as Edward Nelms Kendall. A note from Edward K. Hudson in Feb 1999.

"As an aside, the word 'elm' was often pronounced by older Kendall folks around here as 'ellum', as in 'ellum tree'. This is probably how the middle name of Edward Elms Kendall (the elder) got corrupted to 'Nelms' .  I have seend it spelled 'Elums'."
Edward Elms Kendall's PARENTAGE: (letter Bill Kendall in answer to my letter of June 5, 2001)

"Thanks for the info Ann. I'm carrying Peter as Edward Elms father primarily based on the ages of children in the census records and the fact of them being in Henry Co. at the same time. No definite proof, but looks pretty realistic to me. One other point that makes me believe that Edward Elms father was Peter is the name of the son, Amos Gray Kendall. Cecelia Gray would have been Edwards grandmother if they are indeed related as father and son Keep in touch. Bill"


For many years, I had to agree with Bill, even though my Edward E. Kendall was NOT mentioned in Peter's will. Also, recently (Oct 2006), new inforamtion has came forth with these deeds: (I now believe Edward's parents to be a Mr. (unknown) Kendall and Bethany CALLOWAY)

* * * * *

Henry County Tennessee Deeds Vol. 3 by Laura Willis, page 92 and 93 Deed Book C, Page 13 Deed from Bethany Kendall to children I, Bethany Kendall, of Henry county, for and in consideration of the love and good will and affection which I have for my loving children, namely, Nancy Palmer, Sarah High, Neddy Elams Kendall, Bethany Moody, William Barnett Kendall, and Lurany Kendall, all of Henry county, and Elizabeth Rowland of Carroll county, and John B. Kendall and Lucy Parker of Montgomery county, North Carolina, have given to them, all my legacy that will be coming to me in North Carolina of my fathers's estate, at my mother's death, to be equally divided among my children. Witness my hand and seal this 3rd day of March 1828.

John Davidson
William Palmer
Henry (X) Moody

Bethany Kendall

Deed was proven in open court at the March term of 1828, and registered on the 7th day of November, 1828.

James Hicks, Clerk

* * * * *

Record dated 1 Aug1836, Deed Book 3, page 9, Montgomery Co. Agreeable to an order from Montgomery Co Court, July Session 1836. Land divided for children Ann Randle, Isaac, Sally Randle, Elizabeth Stoker,John, David, Job, Bethany Kendall, Eunice Coggin, Vashti (who received 76 1/2 acres valued at $21.42)

* * * * *

*Also see the deed notation, below for 1831 under Edward E. Kendall.

Everything point to Bethany as being Bethany Calloway, d/o Isaac Calloway and Elizabeth Arnold. We know that Isaac died between 1810-1819 Montgomery Co., North Carolina which would agree with the deed above. Also, his wife, Elizabeth, died June 30, 1834 Montgomery Co., NC, again agreeing with the deed.

Plus I have letters from others who say that Edward E. Kendall was known as 'Neddy', again agreeing.

Most, and I do not necessarily agree at this time, indicate that Bethany was married to a David Kendall. However, they also indicate that this David Kendall was born August 23, 1792 NC and died February 26, 1878 NC and was married also to Charlotte Sophia Smith. Well it just doesn't add up that this David was the wife of Bethany Calloway. Either there are TWO DIFFERENT David Kendalls, an older David in Montgomery Co., NC, or else Bethany married another Mr. Kendall, whose first name is unknown.

Also there are many PROVEN LINKS between the Isaac Calloway family and Nancy Smith, the wife of Edward Kendall.

Anyone that can add to the above, please write, me, Ann (Jobe) Brown.

Smith Family

Will of father, Robert Smith - Stanley Co., NC

-- written March 27, 1848
-- probated Nov 1848 Stnaley Co., NC

"I give and bequeath to my daughter Nancy Kendall wife of Elums Kendall the sum of three hundred dollars if she is living if not to her children on condition she does apply for said amount within two years after my death of her children with two years after they become of age in that case it is my will that the said three hundred dollars be equally divided between the same six sons and daughters named in the condition of Henry Smith's heirs."


Nancy died July 1849 in Tishomingo Co., MS ( per Tishomingo Co., MS Mortality Schedule) and her husband had remarried by 1850 census). Soon after 1850, Edward Elms Kendall moved his family to Obion Co., TN. At this time, we do not know if Nancy or her children received this money.

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Howell Family

We now know that Edward went back to NC (possibly to get the Money due his children from his wife's father's estate - Nancy had died in July 1849) after his first wife died and left him with several small children.

1850 Tuesday, January 8, Fayette Observer (Fayeyetteville. NC)

-Married: In Stanley county by Dr. H.D. Kendall, at the residence of Col. David Kendall on the 4th, Elems Kendall of Mississippi to Miss Lidia Howell, all of Stanley county.

Can anyone tell me more about this Lidia 'Lydia' HOWELL? Who were her parents? siblings? Also, how is Colonel David Kendall and Dr. H. D. Kendall related to Edward Elams Kendall (Edward's unknown Kendall father) or to Lidia?


Children of Edward Kendall and Nancy Smith

  1. Isaac Kendall

    --b. August 24, 1823 North Carolina
    --d. April 7, 1892 Johnson Co., Arkansas
    ----buried Bethlehelm Cemetery, Johnson Co., AR
    --m/1 Mary Ann WILSON
    --February 29, 1844 Fayette Co. TN
    --m/2 Sarah Melissa 'Sally' CLARK
    --abt 1846 TN
    ----(January 21, 1826 TN - January 20, 1917 AR)
    ------buried Bethlehelm Cemetery, Johnson Co., AR

    My Third Great Grandmother

  2. Martha Anna (Kendall) Vinson

    --b. December 14, 1825 North Carolina
    --d. see note below

    *Martha's death date is listed as August 27, 1886 in Hiriam Sr's Bible record and 1885 in Hiriam Jr's Bible record - both copied in 1963 by Inez Kincheloe. However, note that Inez Kincheloe said the Bible record of Hiriam Sr. was very faded and difficult to read. She did not make the same note about Hiriam Jr's Bible record.

    ----buried Old Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Tishomingo Co., MS
    m. Hiriam Calvin VINSON
    --November 19, 1844 Fayette Co., TN
    ----(August 22, 1822 probably Maury Co. TN - July 18, 1909 Coolidge, Limestone Co., Texas
    ------buried Old Armour Cemetery, Coolidge, Limestone Co. Texas
    ------s/o Jesse R. Vinson/Vincent and Mahaley LIGGETT
    ----Hiriam m/2 Nancy R. (Seago) Bates, a widow, February 9, 1893 Alcorn Co., MS

    THIS IS MY DIRECT LINE - See my Vinson site

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  3. Robert Smith Kendall

    --b. May 8, 1827 North Carolina
    --d. June 15, 1911 Hornbeak, Obion Co. TN
    ----buried Cobbs Chapel Cemetery, Obion Co., TN
    --m/1 Eliza C. SIMMONS
    --December 21, 1848 Tishomingo Co., MS
    ----(May 8, 1827 NC - Unknown)
    --m/2 Mary Ann TAYLOR
    --September 1, 1859 Obion Co., TN
    ----(abt 1830 TN - Unknown)
    --m/3 Millie Ray TRAVIS
    --April 10, 1879 Obion Co., TN
    --m/4 Margaret A. 'Maggie' WATSON
    --aft 1880 probably Obion Co., TN
    ----(August 10, 1833 - February 15, 1918 Hornbeak, Obion Co., TN)

  4. Ann Eliza 'Anilizer'(Kendall) Crossno

    --b. February 2, 1828 Henry Co., TN
    --d. June 16, 1881 Logan Co., AR
    ----buried Kersey Cemetery, Franklin Co., AR
    --m. Isaac CROSSNO, Sr.
    --September 30, 1847 Tishomingo Co., MS
    ----(September 16, 1817 Wayne Co., TN - March 26, 1876 Wittich, Franklin Co, AR)
    ------buried Kersey Cemetery, Franklin Co., AR

  5. Rev.William Franklin Kendall

    --b. March 22, 1830 Henry Co., TN
    --d. March 11, 1898 Texas
    --m. Jeanetta 'Jeanette' HINDMAN
    --October 13, 1850 Hardin Co., TN
    ----b. Feb 1829 South Carolina
    ------d/o Jonathan Hindman

    The Baptist Standard Bearer, - The Baptist History Collection
    Texas Historical and Biographical Magazine
    by J. B. Link, Volume 2 (1892)

    REV. W.F. KENDALL was born in Henry county, West Tennessee, March 22, 1830. His parents were E.E. and Nancy Kendall. He was raised on a farm and trained to work from his earliest boyhood. His educational advantages were very limited, on account of the scarcity of schools, and the circumstances surrounding the family. His parents were Methodists, and he frequently speaks of his mother as a devotedly religious woman, and attributes his first serious impressions to her influence and prayers. He joined the church of his parents, in North Mississippi, July 6, 1847, being then in his seventeenth year. He was married to Jeannette Hindman, 13th October, 1850, in Harden county, West Tennessee. His young wife was a Baptist of the most pronounced type, and a zealous Christian as well. Like most young married couples of different denominational views, they “agreed to disagree” and allow each other all the religious liberty consistent with their new state. All went harmoniously, until the advent of their first child, and the momentous question of “christening” the baby arose. She told him she would gladly consent to its baptism if he would produce satisfactory Bible authority for the rite. The issue was joined, and he went bravely to work, believing that the task was an easy one. The investigation ended, however, in a complete change of views on his part, and as soon as convenient he joined the Center Baptist church in West Tennessee. He was impressed about the time of his marriage, with the duty of preaching the gospel, but delayed entering upon the work, on account of his sense of insufficient preparation in the way of scholastic training, the stumbling block of so many men similarly impressed. He continued in this state of mind for nearly twenty years, but at last concluded that there was no hope for him here nor hereafter if be did not heed the call. Accordingly, after preaching about four months under license, he was ordained to the full work of the ministry in June, 1871, at New Hope church, Harden county, Tennessee, the ordaining presbytery consisting of Elders J.W. York, Moses Wyat, J.W. Pickens and — Kennedy. He afterwards served churches in Harden and McNary counties. In December, 1875, he removed to Texas with his wife and daughter — his only surviving child — and settled on the line of Smith and Cherokee counties, serving, the first year, County Line church, now extinct. In the fall of 1876, he was called to the care of Noonday church, Smith county, and moved into the vicinity of that church. After a residence and service there of three years, he moved to Tyler, thence, after two or three years, to Lindale, and finally to Lone Oak, in Hunt county, where he still resides. He served churches around each of the above named points. Bro. Kendall has always been accustomed to hard manual labor, until disabled by the disorders of his nervous system and advancing years. He has been in every respect an industrious man. Nevertheless, he has been almost habitually harrassed by financial troubles, and this has been the chief hindrance to his ministerial success and usefulness. His style of preaching is nervous and highly emotional, and sometimes very effective. Considering his lack of education, the hard manual labor to which he has always been subjected, and the time of life when he began his work, he may be considered a success in the ministry. No sketch of Bro. Kendall would be complete without conspicuous mention of his wife. She has been to him not only a helpmate, as all good wives are, but a true “yoke fellow in the gospel.” Since the death of their daughter, in 1879, she has been his constant companion in his ministerial work, rendering him most valuable aid, especially in protracted meetings and the homes of his people. They traveled together one year as missionaries in the employ of the Cherokee Association, chiefly in the destitute places in Cherokee county, and they are journeying together in loving companionship and simple faith toward the end of their toilsome pilgrimage. — E.W. S.

  6. Unice Roseann 'Nicky' (Kendall) Brice

    --b. 1832 Henry Co., TN
    --d. 1880/82 Alcorn Co., MS
    ----buried Farley's Chapel, 6 Miles E. of Cornith, Alcorn Co., MS
    --m. James BRICE
    --July 4, 1848 Tishomingo Co., MS
    ----(February 14, 1830 South Carolina - July 3, 1908 Alcorn Co., MS)
    ------buried Farley's Chapel, 6 Miles E. of Cornith, Alcorn Co., MS
    ----s/o James Edward Brice and Mary Ann COLVIN

  7. Samuel David Kendall

    --b. July 22, 1834 Henry Co., TN
    --d. December 13, 1875 Williamson Co., Texas
    ----buried Macedonia Cemetery, Williamson Co., Texas
    --m. Louisa Marian SHELTON
    --abt 1859/60 probably Tishomingo Co., MS
    ----b. October 19, 1837 Mississippi
    ----d. February 7, 1898 Williamson Co., Texas
    ------buried Macedonia Cemetery, Williamson Co., Texas
    ------d/o Tolliver Shelton and Catharine ?

  8. Winser Safronca 'Wincey' (Kendall) Petty Davis Short

    --b. 1835 Henry Co., TN
    --d. 1903 Obion Co., TN
    ----buried Antiock Baptist Church Cemetery, Hornbeak, Obion Co., TN
    --m/1 William A. PETTY
    --October 9, 1851 Cornith, Tishomingo Co., MS
    --m/2 Samuel H. 'Sam' DAVIS
    --April 9, 1860 Obion Co., TN
    --m/3 Daniel W. SHORT
    --1864/70 probably Obion Co., TN

  9. Edward Elms Kendall, Jr.

    --b. April 1, 1837 Paris, Henry Co., TN
    --d. October 13,1906 Berryville, Carroll Co., AR
    ----buried Blackjack Cemetery, Berryville, Carroll Co. AR
    --m/1 Mary Almorna McELYEA
    --October 14, 1858 Hornbeak, Obion Co., TN
    ----(November 14, 1836 Paint Rock, Jackson Co. AL - April 22, 1892 Berryville, Carroll Co., AR)
    ------buried Blackjack Cemetery, Berryville, Carroll Co. AR
    ----d/o Jesse McElyea and Elizabeth WRIGHT
    ------gd/o James Wright and Louisa Mourning WILLIAMSON
    --m/2 The Widow STEELE
    --abt 1875 probably Stone Co., Missouri

    * * * * *

    Edward Elms Kendall Jr.
    Photo: Courtesy of Jamie Gibbons

    Edward Elms Kendall, Jr.

  10. Archibald Kendall

    --b. 1839 TN
    --d. 1855

    Archibald was killed by a horse at age 16.

  11. Amos Gray Kendall

    --b. April 22, 1842 Henry Co., AR
    --d. March 9, 1924 Berryville, Carroll Co. AR
    ----buried Albam Cemetery, Madison Co., AR
    --m/1 Sarah Amanda FANCHER
    --abt 1862
    ----(August 26, 1830 Overton Co., TN - December 23, 1916 Madison Co., AR)
    ------buried Albam Cemetery, Madison Co., AR
    ----d/o James Fancher and Elizabeth CARLOCK
    --m/2 Rebecca Parilee 'Becki' GRAHAM
    --January 6, 1918 Marble, Madison Co., AR
    ----(January 5, 1857 Madison Co., AR - December 22, 1952 Marble, Madison Co., AR)

  12. Elizabeth Lydia (Kendall) DeFoe Pitts

    --b. 1843 Fayette Co. TN
    --d. Unknown
    --m/1 Mr. DEFOE
    --m/2 Charles Monroe PITTS

  13. Sarah Cathryn (Kendall) McAbee

    --b. May 8, 1846 Shiloh, Tishomingo Co., MS
    --d. July 6, 1923 Nampa, Canyon Co., Idaho
    --m. Joseph Jefferson McABEE
    --March 6, 1866 Troy, Obion Co., TN
    ----(March 16, 1836 Monroe Co., GA - April 2, 1927 Pawnee Co., KS)


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