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Job, Jobe, Jobs, Jobes Descendants
Emphasis on Y-DNA Testing

I highly encourage all males with the surname, Jobe, who are interested in the Job(e) genealogy, to do the ydna test. An explanation of this test and how it works can be found at the World Families.Net at their page, called The Y-DNA Test for Genealogy. This page explains the testing much better than I could. Since only male descendants can do a y-dna test, Women researchers could have a brother, father, uncle or a very close male cousin do the test.

Presently, the Job/Jobe/Jobs/Jobes family does not have its own y-dna project. However, Marilyn Hering, has graciously agreed to include our family with the project she administers. I've been working very closely with her in this regard. If you would like to be tested, have further questions, or would like to know cost, please contact me, Ann Jobe Brown at or Marilyn at to make sure sure that you order the correct test and get into the project where the other Jobes are that are being tested. This is very important. We need to be able to compare your results with other testees. If you've already had a y-dna test done, your results can be transferred over.

For less confusion and continuity, I'm going to use the subdivisions that I already have set up for this site - Legacy (Andrew Job Jr descendants) - Branches (Thomas Job - will 1787 Rowan Co., NC - Twigs - Probable Descendants of Andrew Job Jr or Sr - Leaves - Not descendants of Andrew Job Jr - Jobs - Jobes Spellings. Please remember, any of the subdivisions may cross-over with the others.

Since this is a Job(e) site and our emphasis is on y-dna testing to determine paternal Job(e) ancestors, I'll only be listing female lineages when a testee has done another type of DNA testing.


Please remember when I say that a testee doesn't match any of the Jobe testees so far - this means those testees that we are aware of. There may be others who have tested that we just don't know about. Plus, at this time, we have a very small 'pool' of Job, Jobe, Jobs and/or Jobes testees to compare and analyze results with. Also, please remember, y-dna tests only paternal ancestors and has nothing to do with any maternal lineages that you might have.

Also, at this time, we are finding quite a few Cofer testees who are matching Job(e) testees. We do NOT know, what this will mean, as more testees are added to the pool. But with so many matches, this is a significant finding and one that we will continue to research further.

Y-Search: A Free Public Service from Family Tree DNA

It is always best to join at least one Project. Cannot stress enough how valuable an active administrator can be in helping you to understand/interpret your y-dna test results. Sometimes this isn't an easy process. They can communitate with other project administrators (surnames and geographic ones), and researchers who have spent their entire lives studying specific surnames and/or geographic vicinities, migrations, religions, etc..

Here, you can enter your y-dna test results yourself, no matter where you tested, and compare with others that have been entered. You will notice in the testee's information below, on some I have also listed a user # at y-search. You can compare any results here by entering the user code. However, we really need you to be in the project where the Jobes are located - but if for some reason, you prefer not to, please do register here if you've had a y-dna test. It would be much appreciated if you would write me and let me know that you did have a y-dna test, # of markers,your user number at y-search and a bit about your lineage. Every little bit helps us to compile our Job(e) anestry. Please remember that a match with someone who only has a 12 marker test is not very reliable as this could change drastically once a 37 or 64 marker test is done. We're especially looking for ones who closely-match a Job(e) surname who have had a 37 marker test.

GedMatch - Tools for DNA & Genealogy Research

You must register with the site, but it is free.

This site is similiar to y-search, but is for comparing Family Finder Results that were taken at various places (FTDNA, Ancestry, etc). However, to do any searches, you will need your own Gedmatch user code or the code of someone that you're searching or looking to match.

Quick Access to 'Our Testees' and 'Matching Testees of Other Surnames'

  1. Testees for Those that Appear in Legacy (Andrew Job Jr 1650)

    Charles Michael 'Mike' Jobe, James Randolph 'Randy' Jobe, Robert Dale Jobe, ------, -----,

  2. Testees for Those that Appear in Branches (Thomas Job of Rowan Co., NC

    William L. 'Larry' Jobe, Testee 1 Jobe, Testee 2 Jobe, Grady Sherman Jobe (Results Pending), ----,

  3. Testees for Jobe Twigs (Miscellaneous Files)

  4. Tetees for Jobe Leaves (Later Immigrants to North America)

  5. Testees for Jobs/Jobes Spelling

    David Lloyd Jobes, Roquey G. Jobes, ----,

  6. Testees - Other Surnames

Jobe Legacy
Andrew Job Jr Testees - ydna and Family Finder (FF)

*As you can see, we are in urgent need of more testees. Presently, we have no one from the sons, Jacob, Thomas Vernon Job or Abraham Job.

Job(e) Branches
Thomas Job (Will 1787 Rowan Co., NC)
Testees - ydna and Family Finder (FF)

The thing that ydna testing proves is that the Andrew Jobe 1650 and the Thomas Job (will 1787 Rowan Co., NC) line (Branches) are related. However, since we do not have any proof of this Thomas parents or grandparents, it does NOT prove that this Thomas descends from a brother of Andrew Job, Jr. It does, however, prove that somewhere, many of the testees, who are descendants of this Thomas Job, do have a "COMMON MALE ANCESTOR" with many of those testees who are believed to descend from Andrew Job Jr.

*As you can see, we are in urgent need of more testees. Presently, we have no one from the sons, Samuel or Thomas.

Jobe Twigs - Miscellaneous Files

Jobe Twigs: unknown - Jobe Twigs II: Jefferson Co., KY <1825 - Jobe Twigs III: Hickman Co., KY <1830

There are no testees at this time that I'm aware of. Remember these are miscellaneous lines whose earlies Job(e) progenitor was in the states at a very early date and could possibly (no proof) be a descendant of Andrew Job Sr.

Jobe Leaves

There are no testees at this time that I'm aware of. Remember these are ones who can actually trace their Job(e) ancestor back to an immigrant to the states, Canada, or another country.

Jobs and Jobes Spellings

  1. Early New Jersey Ones (no file)

    * * * * *

    Lineage as we believe it to be:

    • William Jobes (abt 1746 - 1789 probably Trenton, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey

      • William Jobes (abt 1763 probably near Trenton, Hunterdon Co., NJ - 1851 Miracle run, Monongalia Co., (West) Virginia)

        • George Jobes (1806 probably Miracle Run, Monongalia Co., (West) Virginia - 1883 Maple Grove, Hennepin Co., Minnesota)

          • Mortice Bishop Jobes (1841 Newport, Washington Co., Ohio - 1922 Maple Grove, Hennepin Co., Minnesota)

            • Elias Jobes (1875 Maple Grove, Hennepin Co., Minnesota - 1906 Maple Grove, Hennepin Co., Minnesota>

              ---Testee ---
              David Lloyd Jobes

              Ftdna -37 Ydna test -Kit #b3187-Halpo Group R - Ysearch User id S9XZ2---
              Ancestry -43 Ydna test
              Contact #1 David L. Jobes
              Contact #2 Marilyn Hering

              Y-DNA MATCHES

              • -Does not match any of the Jobe surnames as to date.
              • -

    Questions at this time:

    • Who is the Job(e) progenitor of these early New Jersey Job(e)'s?

    • Who is the wife of this William Jobe b. abt 1746 and who enlisted in the Rev. War?

    • How is this William b. abt 1746 related to Ezekial, John and Samuel Jobes who also joined Capt. Yard's Company in the Rev. War in 1777?

  2. Jobes (1)- Samuel Jobes and Eleanor Low(e)

    No Testees for this group

  3. Jobes (2) -Family of Samuel Jobes and Martha ?

    No Testees for this group

  4. Jobes (3) - John H. Jobes (Stewart Co., TN, Livingston Co, KY, Texas)

    * * * * *
    Lineage as we believe it to be:

    • Sally Jobe (may be maiden or married name) (1801/04

      • John H. (Hall/Hale) Jobes (abt 1832 Stewart Co.,TN - abt 1910 Wilson Co.,TX)

        • Samuel Shelby 'Sam' Jobes (1853 Stewart Co., TN - 1902 Kimble Co., TX)

          • Harry Douglas Jobes (1880 Kimble Co,. TX - 1964 Kerr Co, TX)

            ---Testee ---
            Roquey G. Jobes

            Ftdna -37 Ydna test - Kit #330048 - Ysearch User id F8t6U
            Contact #1 Roqey G. Jobes --
            Contact #2 Marilyn Hering

            Y-DNA MATCHES

            • -Does not match any of the Jobe testees who have tested so far
            • -3 to 4 off in 37 to 10 speer/spears
            • -3 off in 37 to 1 Walden
            • -3 off in 37 to 1 Pitts
            • -3 off in 37 to 1 Hannon
            • -3 off in 37 to 1 Crisp

    Questions at this time:

    • Could John be s/o Lawrence Jobes born about 1780 NC and married to Hester ? born about 1779 TN? (1850 Stewart Co., TN)

    • Who is Sally Jobe on the 1840 Stewart Co., TN census - showing with 5 males?

    • Does anyone have any proof as to who these 5 males are?

    • Does the middle initial, H, stand for Hall or Hale?

    • Is there any connection between Sarah Job on 1830 McNairy Co., TN census and Sally Jobe on 1840 Stewart Co., TN census?

    • Anyone know how the Spears/Speers and this Jobes family might be connected - marriage, area proximity, ect?
* * * * *

Y-DNA Testess: Various Surnames who closely-match Jobe testees

Remember these are miscellaneous lines of surnames, other than Jobe, who closely-match one or more Jobe testees.

  1. Matches More Than One Jobe Testee

    * * * * *

    Lineages for Gary and Don as we believe it to be:

    • Unknown and Lina (may have maiden name of Henry)
      ---Lina (1815 TN - after 1860 probably Cocke Co,TN)

      • Marshall N. Henry (1839 Newport, Cocke Co., TN - 1909 French Broad, Jefferson Co., TN)

        • Alonzo H. 'Lonzo' Henry (1862 Cocke Co., TN - 1883 Cocke Co., TN)

          ---Testee ---
          Gary Franklin Henry

          Ftdna -37 Ydna test - Kit #13539 Halpo Group R- Ysearch User id RK5KE

          Y-DNA MATCHES

          • -2 off in 37 to Charles Michael 'Mike' Jobe
          • -2 off in 37 to Robert Dale Jobe
          • -1 off in 67 to Testee 1 (Branches: Desc. of Henry Ossian Jobe)
          • -1 off in 67 to Testee 2 (Branches: Desc of William Bryson Jobe)
          • -2 off in 37 to 4 Cofer
          • -3 off in 37 to 6 Cofer
          • -4 off in 37 to 3 Cofer

        • Martha Deliala (Henry) Phillips (1870 Cocke Co., TN - 1944 Knoxville, TN)

          ---Testee ---
          Donald Herman 'Don' Phillips

          Ftdna -37 and 67 Ydna test - Kit #207489 - Ysearch User Id E2283
          Ftdna-FF test--kit no 207489, mtdna kit #207489 - gedmatch F207489
          Contact - Don Phillips

          ** Don has been very instrumental in helping Marilyn and me with this research.

          Y-DNA MATCHES

          • Group 12 of Phillips Project

          Don's FF Matches

          • 1 match with a Jobe/MacKay
          • 1 match with Gary F. Henry

            20 matches with Henry

          • 37 matches with Phillips
          • 10 matches with Hodges
          • 0 matches with Cofers

    Questions at this time:

    • Was Lina's maiden name Henry or did she marry a Henry? Listed 1850 Cocke Co, TN as Lina Henry age 35, with a Julia Henry age 27, Marshall Henry, age 11, Harriet Henry age 7 and Daniel Henry age 2

    • Who is Lina's parents?

    • Is Julia a sister to Lina, a sister-in-law, cousin??

    • This Family claims Native heritage. Where does it come from?

    Possibilites if a Jobe descendant:

    • Only Jobe listed on 1840 Cocke Co., TN census is the family of a Jesse Jobe and Adges Jobe, who could be the s/o Jesse.

    • Have 3-4 possibilities of who this Jesse Job(e) might be - but nothing definite

    * * * * *

    Lineage for John David Cofer as we believe it to be:

    • Thomas Cofer (d. 1791)

      • Joel Cofer (1750 - ?) and Eleanor Bluford

        • William Cofer (1777 VA - 1803 Rockingham Co., NC) & Catherine (1775-1860)

          • Abraham Cofer (1802 Rockingham Co., NC - 1892 Roane Co., TN)& Frances M. Willis

            • William Jackson Cofer (1845 Roane Co., TN - 1929 Roane Co., TN)

              • Abraham Franklin 'Abe' Cofer (1878 Roane Co., TN - 1960 Roane Co., TN)

                ---Testee ---
                John David Cofer

                Ftdna -37 Ydna test - Kit ?? Halpo Group R-M269
                Ftdna-FF test--kit ?
                1st Contact (sister - Sue Wright)
                2nd Contact

                Y-DNA MATCHES

                • - 4 off in 37 to Robert Dale Jobe
                • - 4 off in 37 to Charles Michael 'Mike' Jobe
                • - 4 off in 37 to Gary F. Henry
    Questions at this time:

    • How does this Cofer, and the other Cofers who match the Jobe testes (2 from Andrew Job Jr (b. 1650) and 2 from Thomas Job (will 1787 Rowan Co., NC) connect to the other matching Cofers and/or to the Jobe descendants?

    Possibilites if a Jobe descendant:

    • The Jobes living in NC in 1800/1810 time frame descend mostly from the Thomas Jobe (will of Rowan Co., NC)

    Several Other Matching Cofers
    **Special thanks to Ray Cofer, an avid Cofer/Coffer/Copher Researcher and Descendant

    • Presently, we really have no idea how these Cofers and the Jobes connect to each other. Several of us are actively researching this.

    • It does 'appear at this time' that the Cofer/Coffer/Copher (and there are several) who are matching the (Job(e) testees from both Legacy and Branches) descend from various sons of a Thomas Copher who died about December 1791 Culpepper Co., Virginia.

    • This Thomas would have been born approximately 1705 to 1725 time frame. Anyone that can identify the parents of this Thomas Cofer - we would really love to hear from you.

  2. Matches Only One Jobe Testee

    * * * * *

    Lineage for Lonnie David Powell as we believe it to be:

    • Charles Powell (1758 Herford Co.,NC - ) and Annie Outlaw (1760-- )

      • Samuel Powell (1797 Herford Co., NC - ) and Penelope Alexander (1800-1840

        • Samuel Alexander Powell (1830 Herford Co., NC - 187?) and Marie J. (1833 -?)

          • Cord Alexander Powell (1850/5 Herford Co., NC - ?) and Eugenia H. Green (1865-1907)

          • William Henry Powell (1895 Herford Co., NC - ?) and Avie Love (1897-1915)

            ---Testee ---
            Testee Powell

            ftdna--Ydna 67-kit no N87877 Halpo Group R ysearch user id ATR94
            ff at ftdna-mtdna at ftdna
            Contact --mheringtrees@gmail

            Y-DNA MATCHES

            • Randy jobe 3 off 37
            • 1 Powell
            • Many hodges

    Questions at this time:

    • What is this testee's connection with Randy Jobe?

    • What is testee's connection to the Hodges, which Randy also matches?


    • Notice that this family never seemed to leave herford co nc (NE corner of NC).

    * * * * *

Last modified 9 Sep 2014

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