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John Smith Perkins - Mary Lida Wohlford

My Own Jobe Branch

Son of Avery Allen Perkins and Martha J. Abbott

COUSINS to each other

Daughter of Jonathan Wohlford and Sarah Elizabeth 'Lib' Jobe

3rd cousin to my great grandfather, Caleb Jobe

John Smith Perkins

--b. August 22, 1849 Burnside, Hancock Co., Illinois
--d. Decmeber 26, 1940 Nodaway Co., Missouri

--m. August 23, 1874 Nodaway Co., Missouri

Mary Lida Wohlford

----b. February 1858 Barnard, Nodaway Co., MO
----d. 1906 Barnard, Nodaway Co., MO
------d/o Jonathan Wohlford and Sarah Elizabeth 'Lib' JOBE
--------gd d/o John George Wohlford and Lydia DAUGHENBAUGH
----------gt gd/o Philip WOHLFART II and Catharine WEISER
------------2nd gt gd/o Johann Georg Philip WOLFHART and Catharine Elizabeth KRAMER
--------------3rd gt gd/o Johannes WOLFHART and Anna Maria ZIMMERMAN
----------------4th gt gd/o George Heinrich WOLFHARDT and Dorothea NAHM
----------------4th gt gd/o Hans Johann ZIMMERMAN and Saloma RUFTNER
--------------3rd gt gd/o Andrew KRAMER and Mary Magdelena BIRCKEL
----------------3rd gt gd/o Matthias KRAMER and Elizabeth --
----------gt gd/o Christian DAUGHENBAUGH and Maria GRAFF
--------gd/o Iraby Stone Jobe - Mary Sara Chilton
----------gt gd/o Caleb Jobe and Sally PRYOR
------------2nd gt gd/o Samuel Job and Dorcas MacKAY
--------------3rd gt gd/o Caleb Job and Barbary -
----------------4th gt gd/o Andrew Job Jr and Elizabeth VERNON
--------------3rd gt gd/o Zacharian Mackay
------------2nd gt d/o Richard E. Pryor and Mourning THOMSON
--------------3r gt gd/o Thomas Thomson and Hannah McALLISTER
----------------4th gt gd/o Samuel Thomson and Helen GLASS
----------------4th gt gd/o William McAllister and Elizabeth GARLAND
----------gt gd/o William Duke Chilton and Mary Gentry KIMBROUGH

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    Descendants of this family are DOUBLE COUSINS to me

  1. Estella 'Ettie' Perkins

    --b. 1875 Barnard, Nodaway Co., Missouri

  2. Jonathan K. Perkins

    --b. August 19, 1877 Barnard, Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --d. January 3, 1951 Buchanan Co., Missouri
    ----buried Memoral Park Cemetery, St., Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO
    --m. Maude -
    --abt 1898 probably Nodaway Co., Missouri
    ----b. abt 1881

  3. Avery A. Perkins

    --b. January 13, 1881 Barnard, Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --d. March 4, 1947 Barnard, Nodaway Co., Missouri

  4. Katherine Olive 'Katie' (Perkins) Breit

    --b. April 10, 1889 Barnard, Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --d. October 31, 1919 Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --m. Walter James BREIT
    ----b. December 2, 1880 Missouri

  5. Eva Perkins

    --b. 1882 Barnard, Nodaway Co., Missouri

  6. Carl Albert Perkins

    --b. July 27, 1883 Barnard, Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --d. August 30, 1950 Barnard, Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --m. Jim JORDAN
    --August 17, 1929 Svannah, Andrew Co., Missouri

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