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Mount Gilead Church

Now Known as First Baptist Church

Taken 1908


First called Mt. Gilead Baptist Church, it was originally located in Cole County, Missouri. The constitution goes back to 1833 when many of our Job(e) family were members.

Today the church is still very active and is now called First Baptist Church. In 1845, California, where the church is located, became part of Moniteau County.

Over the years the church has been housed in four different buildings. The photograph on the left shows the the third building of the church as it looked in 1908. The photograph, at the bottom, shows the present church, the fourth building, which was constructed in 1922.

Located and Researched by Debbie Sparks and Alan Sparks
Photographs courtesty of Alan Sparks
Transcribed by Freida Wells (May 2000)

Spelling is as found in records!

Constitution of Mount Gilead Church

Being convined at Mount Gilead meeting house in Cole County Missouri on the 16th of August 1833. We in our official office Constituted into a church at (___) upon the articles of faith adpoted by the Concord association the following Brethern and sisters, Charles Medlin, Lewis Medlin, Seignour Hardy Medlin, David Scot, Josiah Walker, Janet Medlin, Hez Allen Junr, (___) Bolen, Wm Suggs, Lewis Medlin, Junior Lewis Foster, Archibald Robertson, Joshua Ribles, Moses Chamber, Ambrose Foster, Perciful Medlin, Mary Medlin, Suzannah Foster, Nancy Gibson, Charlotte Suggs, Elizabeth Bolen, Mary Anderson, Ruth Allen Medlin, (Mallysa Medlin, Sarah Medlin, Elizabeth Brown, (___) C. Brown, (____) Medin, P. Lucinda Foster, Sarleta H. Foster, Delila Medlin, Janes Gibson, Enoch Jobe . Remembered Woman Ann Chambers. No 37.
John Blonian - David Allen

The Church then sets in order and those brother Archibald Robertson Clerk, 2nd Appointed the Clerk to prepare a letter to the association and chose the following brothers hear it-Archibald Robertson and in case of father David Scot the Church ajourned till tomorrow.

Archibald Robertson

Sunday August 17th 1833. - The Church met and after worship proceded to business-

1st - opened the door for the reciption of members.
2nd - Received Sister Sarah Medlin by Letter
3rd - The letter to the association prepeared red and recieved and agree to send as a Constitution to the association the sun of
4th - A motion it is agreed that Brother Wm Suggs (B___) he is appointed Church Treasurer.

Archibald Robertson, Church Clerk

Mt. Gilead - Rules of Docorum for the Church

1st - Church Meeting shall be opened and closed by prayer.

2nd - No bisness shall be attended to unless it is brought in by a regular motion and second.

3rd - Every motion and second shall be attended to unless the person making the motion shall with draw it.

4th - No Brother shall be sufferd to speak in the church meeting unless he rises and addresses the moderation.

5th - Any Brother while speaking shall strickly attain to bisness then before the curch and shall not be sufferd to make remarks on slips or imperfittions of any Brother who may have spoked before him.

6th - No person shall be sufferd to whisper are alught during a piblick speach.

7th - No appellution shall be used in efference but that of Brothers are sisters.

8th - No Brother shall be sufferd to speak more than three times to any suffet unless leave attained from the church.

9th - All bisness that comes before the church shall be decided by a majority unless it be in the event of receiving are excluding members and in both cases tht church shall all be of one mind.

10th - The moderation shall have an equal right with other members to speak if the Church befilled but shall not vote unless the church be equally divided.

11th - The moderator shall be deemed a Judge of order and may call to order at anytime but if any brother thinks the moderator hat not done him Justice he may appeal the Chruch to decide the case.

12th - No person shall be intereupted while speaking (___) except the moderator and my by him unless he departs from the rules of the decorum.

13th - No member shall abrubtly leave his seat during conference without leavve obtained of the moderator.

14th - If any Brother being hurt with another and not applying to him for Sales/ Action nor to the chruch but procede to make remarks before the world and the Brother shall be deemed in disorder and shall be delte with accordingley.

The Names of the Members in Constitution

   Males				    Females
1. Charles Medlin			1.  Rachel Medlin
2. Lewis Medlin				2.  Mary Medlin
3. Hardy Medlin				3.  Susannah  Foster
4. Hall Medlin				4.  Nancy Gibson
5. David Scot			        5.  Charlotte Suggs
6. John Walker				6.  Elizabeth Bolen
7. Jarret Medlin			7.  Mary Anderson
8. Thomas Allen				8.  Ruth Allen
9  Allen Bolin				9.  Matilda Medlin
10.Wm. Suggs				10. Malissa Medlin
11.Lewis Medlin				11. Sarah Medlin
12.Leiws Foster				12. Elizabeth Brown
13.Archibald Robertson			13. Edna C. Brown
14.Joshua N. Ellis			14. Talbettha Medlin
15.Moses Chambers			15. Lucinda Foster
16.Ambrose Foster			16. Saleta H. Foster
17.James Gibson				17. Delilah Medlin
18.Enoch Jobe			        18. Venus --a coulered woman
					19. Ann Chambers

Other Females Mentioned, but not in the Constitution

Hanna Said Grafs, Mahaly Said Grafs, Matlida Hines, Pernetta Crocker, Lucretia Scot, Mary Jobe, Mourning Jetinson , Elizabeth Bartlet, Elizabeth Kenndy.

Our Many Branches - Connecting Families!

Enoch Job

Elisha Job

Logan Job

Yews, Birdsong, Landrum, Scott

Present Building Constructed in 1922

Taken 1922



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