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Lt. John Hardin FOSTER and wife
Martha 'Patsy' WINGFIELD

My 4th Great Grandparents

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Dedication and Special Thanks

The John Hardin Foster section of my Foster website is dedicated to Houston S. Foster. When I first started trying to research the Foster early history, Houston was one of the first cousins that I was blessed and lucky enough to find. While I was busy researching the Boon, Mears, Jobe and other families that intermarried with John Hardin Foster descendants, Houston was busy trying to discover all that he could on our Foster ancestor and his immediate family. The Wingfields had already had a lot of research done on them. My concentration, therefore, when I did get back to the Foster family, was on the descendants of my ancestor, Francis Hardin Foster and his wife, Amy H. Edwards. But the Foster foundation and early research, I give my gratitude to Houston.

His research has given us an insight into the time in which John Hardin Foster lived and the struggles that Martha (Wingfield), as a widow endured in the early 1800's.

In his book, Sons and Daughters of John Hardin Foster "Patriot" and Allied Families, (2007) co-authored by Hershell Foster, Houston writes (since I have several quotes from Houston, most from the above-mentioned book or personal correspondence between us throughout the years , I'm going to put them in blue:

Our family name has been Foster as far back as 1755 but at some point in history was probably Forster.

Our family has a proud and good history. Over the years they have proved to be hard working, religious and patriotic people. They are as a rule independent minded. Many have served our country in the Armed Forces for which we are grateful."

A few words about Slaves, I am not happy that our ancestors owned slaves but in order to have a true history of our family I did have to include the information as it occurred and not as I wish it had happened. . . . I have come to the realization that our ancestors lived in a different time and their actions were dictated by the times that they lived in, to judge them according to our times and customs would be wrong."

After many years of research, I have to agree with Houston's statement and conclusion.

Thank you, Houston, for all of your years of dedication to researching our Foster heritage. Your work is greatly appreciated.

The Foster Family - Houston's World Connect Site


As you can see from the records below, John H. Foster was a highly respected man in Wilkes Co., Georgia. His middle name has been written as Harden or Hardin. Several have joined the DAR based upon his military service. During the war, he was an Ensign and Lieutenant in Captain Ballard Smith's Company from Prince Edward Co. Virginia. By 1785, He was was living in Georgia.

Houston writes:

According to his wife, John Hardin Foster, his middle name was sometimes spelled as Harden, was born in 1755 in Virginia. His place of birth is unknown but we know that he entered the Revolutionary War from Prince Edward County, Virginia. Not much is known of his early years however we do know that he was educated, this is apparent from his writing and the fact that he was able to do the complex jobs of tax collector, census taker, coroner, surveyor and planter. Although we are not positive who John Hardin Foster's father was, John Foster Sr. witnessed John Hardin's signature and signed affidavits that he had witnesses John Hardin's signature on documents that were filed after John Hardin's death. John Foster SR. also owned land near John Hardin's land.

John Hardin was a versatile person. He was a tax collector, deputy sheriff, coroner, planter and census taker. His name is listed many times in the Wilkes County, Georgia Court House Records. He is also named in a bill by the Georgia Legislature appointing him to survey land for the state of Georgia.


On January 1, 1875, John H. Foster married into the well-respected and close-knit, prosperous Wingfield family, who had migrated from Hanover Co., Virginia. His wife, Martha 'Patsy' Wingfield was born May 30, 1767 in Hanover Co., Virginia and she died April 28, 1847, living over 40 years as a widow. When her husband died, her oldest child was about 15 and had recently married. But with the help of her family, she provided for her children.

Wingfield Family

Martha was the daughter of John Wingfield and Frances Oliver Buck who married December 14, 1744 in Hanover Co. Virginia. As a young woman, Martha migrated to Wilkes Co., Georgia with her parents.

John Wingfield was the son of Thomas Wingfield II and Sarah Garland. The "Chronicles of Wilkes Co., (Settlers - Wingfields)" Page 89 says this about the Wingfield family.

"I will now speak of some of the more noted families of settlers. The Wingfields are a marked instance of the immigration of a large body of kindred settlers which seems to have been common in 1784, the year when Georgia's land law was put in operation. The lands east of the Oconee were distributed by the 'head right' system in which the settler selected his land and had it surveyed. The lands west of the Oconee were afterwards distributed by a land lottery.

The Wingfields of Wilkes were all descendants of John Wingfield and his wife Sarah Garland of Hanover Co., Virginia. The family came originally from Suffolk Co. in England, where there is a Wingfield Castle. They were gentry, and entitled to a coat of arms, . .."


  • abt 1755

    John Hardin Foster was born in Virginia

    Revolutionary War
    Thorough research was done by Houston S. Foster

  • 1776

    John Hardin Foster entered the Revolutionary War from Prince Edward County, Virginia. He fought the British for seven years in battles from New York to Savannah, Georgia.

    He served most of the War under Col, Christian Febiger. Febiger’s Virginia Regiment fought in many battles, in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Febiger was one of the Heroes of the storming of the British Fort at Stony Point, New York.

    Virginians in the Revolution, page 283--DAR Patriot Index
    Pension Papers W3793,BLWt 589-150

    John Harden Foster served in the Revolutionary War as an Ensign and Lieutenant in Captain Ballard Smith's Company from Prince Edward Co. Virginia.

  • 1781

    John Hardin Foster was in the 2nd Virginia Regiment and was involved in the siege and defeat of the British who were commanded by Cornwallis, at Yorktown, Virginia. His Regiment dug siege trenches while under cannon fire from the British.

  • 1782

    August 21 - Muster Roll
    National Archives - Washington D. C.

    John H. Foster, rank of Ensign, present and on command of Lt. Ballard Smiths Company

    August - Roll and Muster
    National Archives - Washington D. C.

    Signed by J. H. Foster, Ensign, who was on command in the absence of Lt. Ballard Smith

    He was transferred to Lt. Ballard Smith’s company in the Virginia Regiment. His company, in a daring night attack seized the British ship HMS Alligator and burned it in mid-channel of the Ashley River near Charleston, South Carolina. His company was assigned by General Greene to General Anthony Wayne, who was under orders from General George Washington to rid Georgia of the British. General Wayne’s forces met the British just north of Savannah and defeated a British force lead by loyalist, Col. Thomas Browne. About a month later, while encamped just north of Savannah, Georgia, Gen. Wayne’s forces, of which John Hardin Foster was a part, fought Indians at night in hand to hand combat. His company was attacked by 300 Creek Indians who were lead by Creek Indian Chief Guristersigo. Chief Guristersigo was killed that night. After returning to General Nathaniel Greene’s, headquarters near Charleston, his company commander Lt. Ballard Smith was absent and Lt. John Hardin Foster signed a Roll and Muster for his company of men, recording that over half of his company was sick, most with malaria contracted in the swamps near Savannah. The Virginia Regiment of which he was a part was given the honor by General Nathaniel Greene of leading his army into Charleston, South Carolina, as the British evacuated.

  • 1783

    In early 1783 John Hardin had fought land battles, a ship battle, fought Indians hand to hand in the dark, witnessed the surrender of British General Cornwallis and marched at the head of General Greene's Army into Charleston. He then marched back to Virginia and was discharged at the end of the war after serving the new Republic about seven years from New York to Savannah.

    Migration to Georgia

  • 1784

    John H. Foster, along with many others from Virginia, migrated to Georgia.

  • 1785 - January 1, Wilkes Co., GA

    Married Martha 'Patsy' Wingfield at her father's home in Wilkes Co., GA.

  • 1785 - June 8, Wilkes Co., GA

    --Remnant of Oldest Deed Book--Not Bound--Partly Gone--1784-85
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Page 25--Starke, William of Wilkes Co., to Anthony Griffin of Lunenberg Co. Va., 200 acres adj. McNabb.
    orig. grant 1784 to said Starke.
    J. H. Foster, John Wingfield, Test."

  • 1785 - Wilkes Co., GA

    --Earlest Tax Digest (1785-remnant)
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "John H. Foster, 1 1/2 polls, 1 slave, 1420 acres Wilkes Co., 500 acres Franklin Co."

    *This is the first tax digest found in the court house, and was taken to give a practically complete census of the heads of families of that date, to identify their lands as headrights, and possible bounty grants for Revolutionary service, and to replace in a measure the census of 1790, all of which for Georgia was destroyed by the British during the War of 1812 in Washington, D. C.

  • 1786 - Wilkes Co., GA

    --Deed Book "C. C"
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Page 70--Lumpkin, George and wife Ann to John Hardin Foster, description torn.
    Sept. 4, 1786.
    Walton Harris, Jacob Hinley, Test."

  • 1788 - Wilkes Co., GA

    --Deed Book "F. F."
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Page 73--FOSTER, JOHN HARDIN and wife Patsy to Joseph Echols 630 acres on Beaverdam Fork of Long creek, orig. grant 1787 to said Foster.
    Feb. 19, 1787. Jos. Crockett, Jacob Early, J. P., Test"

  • 1789/91 - Wilkes Co., GA

    --Deed Book "G. G.."
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Page 11--FOSTER, JOHN HARDIN to Jeffrey Early, 10 1/2 acres part of the survey whereon said Foster now lives.
    Sept. 11, 1789. Buckner Harris, Jacob Early, J. P. test."

    Page 139--FOSTER, JOHN HARDIN and wife Patsy to Wm. Acree, 600 acres on Broad river adj Joshua Perry, orig grant 1785 to said Foster.
    Nov. 10, 1789. Jas. Wood, Jacob Early, J. P. test.

    "Page 38--Wingfield, John and wife Frances to John Wingfield, Jr., for 5 shillings, 650 acres being two grants 1784 and 1785 to John, Sr.
    May 24, 1790. J. H. Foster, E. Butler, J. P. test."

    "Page 335--Bibb, William and wife Sally S. to Job Callaway, Sr., 850 acres on Fishing creek adj the water grist mill of said Callaway, it being part of a tract said Bibb purchased from Thos. Glascock.
    Aug. 22, 1791.
    J. H. Foster, R. Worsham, Dan Gaines, test."

    "Page 377--Bibb, Wm., to John Grayham, 100 acres at Warhoo on the waters of Beaverdam creek for 10,000 weight of inspected tobacco.
    Feb. 21, 1791.
    R. Worsham, J. P., J. H. Foster, test."

    "Page 508--FOSTER, JOHN H., to John Wright, 271 acres on little Kettle creek, part of orig grant 1784 to Geo. Lumpkin,
    May 19, 1791.
    John Henley, Jacob Early, J. P. test."

  • 1791 - Wilkes Co., GA

    --Deed Book "G. G.."
    ----loose papers found in attic
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Page 81--Wingfield, John. To son Garland the land whereon I live, about 660 acres, son John holding a deed to the residue. To dau. Ann Wingfield a slave Sall. To dau. Frances Meriwether a slave Amy. Speaks of having loaned a slave each to dau. Rebecca Darracott, dau. Pattey Foster, son John, all to be returned to the estate. Wife, not named, to have the use of the home plantation, at her death to be divided among all children, to-wit: Thomas, Garland, John, Sarah, Anne, Francis, Elizabeth, Mary, Rebeckah, and Patty, land in Va., to be divided among the daughters. Sons, Excrs.
    Signed Mar. 10, 1791.
    Probated Jan. 15, 1794.
    William Moore, Will Terrell, Hickerson Cosby, Test"

  • 1794 - Wilkes Co., GA Tax Records

    *records show 400 Acres on Bealor Car

  • 1795

    John Hardin Foster's Military Service File
    National Archives - Washington DC
    Transcribed by Houston S. Foster (March 2006)

    "know all men by these presents that I John H. Foster of the County of Wilkes and State of Georgia have this day Bargained and sold and these do bargain sell and convey to David Meriwether of the County and State aforesaid all my right title and intent in and to one hundred & fifty ac of land due me in consideration of my service in the army of United States America in the war with great Britain under the command of Colo Febigar_ agreeable to an act of Congress and I do Request order and direct Henry Knox Esquire Secretary at war for the time being or his successors to Issue to David Meriwether his heirs or assigns in his or the their oen name as assignee of me the Said John H. Foster a warrent for the land aforesaid and a receipt of the same I do hereby satisfy and confirm any receipt or other Instrument in writing that he the said David Meriwether may nessarily sign or produce to be signed touching on the premises aforesaid as fully as if I was present. In witness where of I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this nineteenth Day of December 1795.
    Sealed and Delivered
    Jn Hardin Foster - Seal"

  • 1796 - Wilkes Co., GA

    --Original Papers - Part 4
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Wingfield, John dec'd. Returns for 1798. Receipts of John Darracott and J. Hardin Foster 1796, for their part of a sale of a tract of land in Va. left to his daus; of David Meriwether and Sarah Pettus for their legacy in a tract of land according to the will; of Hope Hull for his wife's legacy; of Edward Butler in full of his wife's legacy; of Wm. Terrell's bond for Va. land "of which my wife had one seventh part." Order of Thos. Terrells excrs to Thos. and John Wingfield, excrs for their part of the legacy in landed property. Division of slaves Mar. 1798. Garland, Thomas, and John Wingfield, Mary Terrell, Patsy Foster, Sarah Pettus, Fanny Merriwether, Nancy Hull, Elizabeth Butler, Rebeccah Darracott, distributees."

  • 1797 - Wilkes Co., GA

    --Loose Papers Found in Atic
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Page 183--Wingfield, Thomas. John H. Foster and Peter B. Terrell to divide his land in three equal parts. To son Sam, the lot up the river, to wife (not named) the middle lot where the house stands for life, at her decease to son Charles. To son Thomas the third or lower lot. To dau. Molley Wingfield, slave, etc. To son John slaves, bed, etc. To dau. Fanny Wingfield slave, bed, etc. Sons Sam and Thomas and Edward Butler and Garland and John Wingfield my three friends, Excrs.
    Signed July 21, 1797.
    Probated Dec. 27, 1797.
    Samuel Whatley, John W. Butler, James Walker, Test"

  • 1798 - Wilkes Co., GA

    --Minutes of Inferior Court 1797-1798
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Page 99-100--June 23, 1798. To take the census, John H. Foster, approved for Major Johnson's Batt., William West for Maj. Lipphams, and John Butler for Major Turner's Batt., of this county, agreeable to the Constitution."

  • 1799 - Wilkes Co., GA

    --Original Papers - Part 4
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Talbot, John, dec'd. Matthew Talbot, excr. Acct. of Dr. Gilbert Hay 1795 to Aug. 11, 1798. Jul. 22, 1798 consultation with Dr. Abbott. Aug. 4, assisting in tapping $10.00. Acct. of Dr. Joel Abbott July 1797 to Aug. 21, 1798. 20 hours attendance on last date. Receipt of John H. Foster Apr. 12, 1799, for tax for Henry and Judith Branch, for whom Matthew Talbot, excr is agent. (See will of John Talbot, Vol. 1, p. 67)."

    --Minutes of Inferior Court 1798-1811
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Page 9--Mar. 20, 1799. Robert B. Washington elected T. R., John H. Foster, T. C., and Thomas Terrell, Vendue Master."

    --Original Papers - Part 2
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Harper, Pleasant dec'd. Wm. Harper, admr with will annexed. Receipt of John Foster, Coroner for fees for an inquisition held over the body of Pleasant Harper supposed to have been killed by the discharge of a gun in the hands of John Campbell, May 4, 1799."

    Will, Death and Estate

  • 1801 - May, Wilkes Co., GA

    April 21 - John wrote his will
    Transcribed by Houston S. Foster

    Will of John Hardin Foster
    I John Harden Foster of the County of Wilkes State of Georgia do make this my last will- It is my desire that first my debts be paid. It is my Desire that the whole of my Estate both real and personal be Kept together under the direction of my Executors for the maintenance and Support of my wife and Children and for the Education of my children Until One of my children comes of age or Marry's At which Time It is my desire that my Executors make an Estimate OF my Negroes Stock and all other Property. Except the Land where on I now live Household and Kitchen Furniture and to give them such Part as they may judge right and the balance To be Kept Together for the aforementioned Purposes until the next child comes of age or Marry at which Time he shall Receive in proportion as the first and so do continue until the whole of my children come of age or Marry or until the death of my wife: at which time it is my desire that my Estate be equally divided by my Executors between the whole of my Children; It is my desire that my wife shall have my land whereon I now live household and kitchen furniture in profusion for the mutual advantage of herself and my children under the direction of my Executors during her Life and at her death the Land household and Kitchen Furniture be sold as my Executors and equally divided among my children. And to prevent any lawsuit Respecting my will of Estate between those concerned it is my Desire that it be determined in the following manner that is to say the party so dissatisfied Shall make choice of Two honest discreet men my Executors of Two and the four thus chosen shall choose one. The decision of this five thus chosen shall be Final and conclusive: Lastly I do hereby appoint the Reverent Hope Hull Garland Wingfield and David Meriwether Executors to this my last will done and signed this twenty first Day of April One Thousand Eight hundred and one.

    D. Meriwether
    F. Meriwether

    Signed J. Harden Foster

    *Rev. Hope Hull was married to Nancy Ann Wingfield, David Meriewether was married to Frances 'Fanny' Wingfield. Nancy (Wingfield) Hull, Fanny (Wingfield) Meriwether, and Garland Wingfield were siblings of Martha (Wingfield) Foster.

    John H. Foster died at the age of 46 - leaving a widow, Martha, and several children. This was 27 days after he wrote his will.

    Martha 'Patty' (Wingfield) Foster - Widow

    --Loose Papers Found in Attic
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Page 238--FOSTER, JOHN HARDEN. Property to be kept together for support of wife and children (not named).
    Rev. Hope Hull, Garland Wingfield and David Meriwether, Excrs.
    Signed Apr. 21, 1801.
    Probated July 27, 1801.
    D. Meriwether, F. Meriwether, Test."

    --Original Papers - Part 2
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "FOSTER, JOHN HARDIN dec'd. Warrant of apprmt Jul. 27, 1801.
    David Meriwether, Hope Hull, Garland Wingfield, excrs."

    August 15 - Estate of John H. Foster was appraised

    ----Negro men slaves - Anthony ($400), Sam ($400), Sam ($500), Bob ($550), Ben ($380)

    ----Negro women slaves - Edey ($380), Ester ($275), Suckey ($400), Rhodah ($420), Mariah ($380)

    ----Negro boy slaves - Jeffery ($275), Will ($200), Henry ($150), Moses ($150), Qualley ($75), Iudah ($125)

    ----Negro girl slaves - Peggy ($00)

    Household items inclued (not complete) - chairs, folding tables, walnut chests, trunk, dishes, jugs, candle sticks, looking glass, feather beds, blankets, loom, cotton wheels, iron pots, 2 Dutch ovens, pairs, shot gun, washing tub, carpenter tools, beef hooks, wagon box, ploughs, hoes, wedges,saddle

    Animals - black mare ($80), Sorrell Colt ($60), Bay Horse ($50), Sorrell Horse ($60), another Bay Horse ($80), Bay Mare with 2 Colts ($75), Yoke of Steers ($30), 6 cows and calves ($72), 13 other cattle ($80),stocks of hogs ($90), Geese ($9.50)

    Estate was valued at $5970.00 and was sworn by Peter B. Terrell, John Colley, and Thos. Green.

  • 1803

    --Land Lottery of 1803
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    *Drawer's Name and Number of Draws Allowed

    Foster, Martha - widow 2

    *Those entitled to draw were every free white male twenty-one years and upwards, and an inhabitant of the state twelve months immediately preceding the passage of this act, who had paid tax, one draw; every free white male having a wife and one or more legitimate children, two draws; all widows having legitimate child or children, two draws; all families of orphans having no parents living, two draws.

  • 1805

    --Minutes of Inferior Court 1798-1811
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Page 246--Mar. 14, 1805. Garland Wingfield for Mrs. Patsy Foster, widow of John Hardin Foster, T. C., for 1796-1799, made settlement. "

  • 1806

    June 18 - David Meriwether, in trust for the Heirs of John H. Foster received a deed for 1000 acres of land in Ohio. This was part of warrant #2610 for land grated John Hardin for his service during the Revolutionary War. The deed is signed by Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States of America also signed by James Madison Secretate of State and H. Dearborn Secretary of War. He also received another 1000 acres in Ohio. The total land tht John Hardin received for his service during the war was 2666 1/2 acres.

  • 1814 - Wilkes Co., GA

    --Will Book 'H. H.' 1810-1816
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Page 115--Holtzclaw, Nathan. "To be decently buried on the east side of a walnut tree back of my garden with my head against the tree." To wife Jincy a tract of land described in my father's will adj. Patsy Foster and Elizabeth Holtzclaw, also land on Beaverdam creek, slaves, household goods, etc. and the distributive share of the estate of Richard Beasley now coming to me, for widowhood, final division to wife Jincy and my two children, Lucinda Jordan Holtzclaw and Wm. Beasley Holtzclaw.
    Joseph Henderson, Jr., and Peter B. Terrell, Excrs.
    Signed Aug. 8, 1814.
    Probated Nov. 7, 1814.
    Elijah Holtzclaw, Charles Kerr, Billy Kerr, Henry Holtzclaw, Test"

  • 1817 - Wilkes Co., GA

    --Minutes of Inferior Court 1811-1817
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA

    "Page 153--Petition of David Meriwether, Excr., of John H. Foster to divide the estate the legatees being of age to receive their property."

    January 6 - Division of Personal Propery of John H. Foster
    Thanks to Houston S. Foster for this document and transcription which proves children of John Hardin Foster.

    Richard Foster - slave Negroes Bobb Lyria and Jefferson appraised to $1412

    Hardin Foster - slave Negroes Will Malinda and Mapey appraised to $1275

    Catherine Willis - slave Negroes Qualley and Anne appraised to $1100

    F. Granville Foster - slave Negroes Henry and Mtilda appraised to $1100

    George Ruddell - slave Negroes Jinny and Mary appraised $1050

    Conclusion from Houston S. Foster

    This document proves that Richard, Catherine, Frances (married George Ruddle) and Granville were children of John Hardin Foster. The Hardin draw was apparently Martha's draw. I have saw where other wives got a draw so I am pretty sure the slave draw was for Martha.

    I know that a James H. Foster helped Martha get her pension started. This James H. Foster was a law partner with Charles D. Davis, husband of Elizabeth Foster. It is possible that James H. Foster's name was James Hardin Foster. Several of the children had the H. probably for Hardin in their names. James H. Foster also may have been a son of Richard Foster and a grandson of Martha.

    I now know a lot more about James H. Foster the Attorney, still not sure who his dad was. But he was not a son of Martha. He died in the civil war at Chickamauga, he was a LT. in the Alabama Sharpshooters. I am certain only that he was a grandson of Martha but am still researching him.

  • 1819 - Wilkes Co., GA

    --Land Lottery of 1819
    ----extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County
    ----abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA
    Foster, Granville W       1  
    Fanning, Welcome          1  
    Foster, Harden            2  
    Foster, Francis           1 

    *Harden is actually for Martha, Widow. Widows got 2 draws.

  • 1820 Wilkes Co., GA Census

    page 193 -Foster, Arden
    page 191 -Foster, Francis
    page 164 -Foster, Joseph S.
    page 170 -Foster, Lewis

    page 191 -Foster, Martha

    white males age 16/26 - 2
    white females age 16/26 - 2
    white females more than age 45 - 1
    males slaves - 11
    females slaves - 6
    Total persons 22
    Number of persons engaged in agriculture 7

    Foster, William L. 165

  • 1821 Wilkes Co, GA Land Lottery

    Foster, Granville W.       1  
    Foster, Patsy wid.         1  
    Foster, John H., orphs of  1  
    Foster, Harden, orphs. of  1 
    Foster, Francis            1  
    From these draws Patsy and the Orphan children won two land lants in Henry County.

    (Foster, Patsy, Wid. Militia District Hillhouse Land Lot No 7 Section 13 County, Henry

    Foster, Harden, Orphans. Militia Dist. Hillhouse Land Lot No 197 Section 6 County, Henry)

  • 1823 -Wilkes Co., GA

    Returns 1821-1825 Book QQ - Wilkes Co., Georgia
    Transcribed by Houston S. Foster
    Know all men by these presents that we the undersigned Legatees bind ourselves to abide the Valuation and distribution of Henry Terrell, Edward Sharman & William A. Terrell appointed distributees of and agree to receive Certain named Negroes belonging to the Estate John Hardin Foster dec. at their valuation from the estate of managers of said Estate. Francis Foster, Eliza Foster Charter Campbell in rights of his wife.

    Negroes named as follows,

    Jeffrey, Anderson, Jacob, Eli, Judy, Elick, Caroline, July

    This is to certify the undersigned have drawn the Negros opposite their names and received them according to their Valuation as above agreed to by them.

    Francis Foster drew - Judy, Anders, Eli

    Eliza Foster drew - Jacob Caroline

    Mr. Campbell in rights of his wife drew - Jeffery, July, Elick

    Signed by Henry Terrell, Clinant Sharman, William A. Terrell
    Recorded March 17th, 1823

    Concerning the above document, Houston writes:

    This document proves that Francis Foster, Elizabeth H. Foster and Sophia Foster, who was the wife of Charter Campbel, were children of John Hardin Foster. Frances received slaves Judy, Anderson and Eli as his draws. Twenty years later only Judy remained and was named in the list of his slaves that were to be distributed to his heirs. What happened to Anderson and Eli is not recorded.

    March 19 -Division of his estate which consisted of 500 acres in Franklin Co, Georgia.

    Martha Moves to Walton Co., Georgia
    Lives with daughter, Elizabeth (Foster) Davis

  • 1830 Walton Co., GA Census

    Charles D. Davis
    1 male age 30 to 40
    1 female 20 to 30
    1 female 50 to 60

    1 male slave 55 to 100, 1 female slave 10 to 24, 1 female slave 24 to 36. total 6.

    *Martha, a widow, would be the female age 50-60.

  • 1840 Walton Co., GA (Town District) Census

    C.D. Davis

    1 male 20 to 30
    1 male 40 to 50
    1 female 15 to 20
    1 female 30 to 40
    1 female 70 to 80

    1 male slave under 10, 1 male slave 10 to 24, 2 female slaves under 10, 2 female slaves 10 to 24
    ----total 11 number engaged in agriculture 6.

    *Martha, a widow, would be the female age 70-80

  • 1844 - Walton Co., Georgia

    Transcribed by Houston Foster

    State of Georgia S. S.
    Walton County

    On the twenty fifth day of July in the year Eighteen hundred and forty four (1844) personally appeared before the Honorable the Inferior Court of the County and State aforesaid Martha Foster aged seventy seven years a resident of said County and State who being duly sworn on her oath making the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the pension made by the act of congress passed on the seventh day of July in the year eighteen hundred and Thirty eight 1838 entitled an act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows. That she was married in due form of law in Wilks County and said State on the first day of January seventeen hundred and eighty five to John H. Foster otherwise called John Foster a native of the state of Virginia. That she lived with him as his wife until the eighteenth day of May one thousand eight hundred and one (1801) when he departed this life at his residence in the said County of Wilks and the state first aforesaid. That she is still the widow of the said John Foster having never since his death married. That the said John H. Foster entered the infantry company from Prince Edward County Virginia Commanded by Captain Ballard Smith and that he served during the whole war as Ensign or Lieutenant or during part of said time in one year and part of the time in the other and the said Martha Foster further declares that about the year eighteen hundred 1800 the said John Foster received from the government of the United States of America in consideration of his services rendered in and during the war of the revolution a bounty in land of one thousand acres located in the State of Ohio and she refers to this grant as evidence of the services of the said John Foster as above set forth. She also refers to the certificate herewith annexed from the auditor of the State of Virginia, In proof of her lawful intermarriage with the said John Foster. She refers to the certification herewith annexed she having no better evidence in her possession.

    Sworn to and subscribed in open Court this day and year above written.

    Martha Foster

    Attest. W. W. Terrill, CLK Inf. CT

    Martha finally got her pension that was due but she did not live long after receiving it. Her files in the National Archives has many letters from relatives and friends when she was trying to prove to the Government that she was due her dead husband's pension. There was a lot of red tape then as now.

    Martha gave testimony on behalf of her brother, John Wingfield Jr's wife Mary Wingfield who was trying to get a pension for her deceased husband John Wingfield's service in the Revolutionary War. She remembered her brother leaving for the War and coming home. She said that when the family was moving from Virginia to Wilkes County, Georgia they went through South Carolina. When they came to a place called Ninety-Six in South Carolina, her brother showed her the battle grounds where he had fought at that battle. Mary Wingfield was ultimately denied a pension as she could not prove his service as many records had been burned in 1800 and the War of 1812.

  • 1847 - Walton Co., Georgia

    Martha (Wingfield) Foster died. Her burial place is unknown and believed to be unmarked, at this time. (2008)

    Martha (Wingfield) Foster
    Narrative by Houston S. Foster, who researched her life

    Martha endured a lot being widowed at a relatively early age. When she died in 1847 at least two of her sons, had preceded her in death and only 11 days seperated her death and the death of her daughter, Elizabeth. By 1850 it is probable that all of her children had died.

    Martha lived for more than 45 years after her husband died but she never remarried. We know that Martha continued to farm after John Hardin died but to what extent and what else she did is not known. We do know that she was apparently an accomplished rider. When John Hardin died he had eight horses and a man's saddle and a woman's saddle. Most everyone traveled by horseback or buggy in those days.

    Martha moved to Jones/Jasper County area between 1820 and 1827. Her son Granville practiced medicine in Jones County and Martha owned some land there so they may have been living together. Elizabeth may also have been living with them as she married Charles D. David in nearby Jasper County, Georgia in 1828 and probably met him in Jones or Jasper County. By 1828 Martha was living in the home of her daughter and son-in-law Elizabeth and Charles D. Davis.

    By 1830 she was living in Monroe, Georgia with her son-in-law and daughter, Elizabeth. Martha was still living with her daughter and son-in-law Elizabeth Foster Davis and Charles D. Davis at 238 North Broad Street in Monroe, Walton County, Georgia when she died in 1847.

    In 1973 this home was added to the National Registry of Historic places.

    Her obituary, wrote by son-in-law Charles D. Davis, did a good job describing what type of person she was.

    Martha's Obituary

    * * * * *

    Southern Christian Advocate
    June 4 1847 v10, # 52, p208, c1.
    Transcribed by Houston Foster

    Mrs Martha Foster, the subject of this obituary notice, died at Monroe, Walton Co., Ga., on the 28th April 1847.

    She had been a member of the M.E. Church for more than forty years, during all which time she had been eminently remarkable for the uniformity of her Christian faith, meekness, and patience. The writer of this had lived under the same roof with her for near nineteen years, during all which period, he never heard an unchristian word escape her lips, nor did he ever know her to do an unchristian act. Her confidence during all her last sickness, was firm and unshaken in the merits of her savior; she said her suffering would soon be at an end, and answered to those that interrogated her in regard to eternity, that all was well and requesting all to praise God, when she should have departed. Thus she died in peace, lacking one month and a few days of a pilgrimage of 80 years, in this world of sorrow, pain and death.

    C.D. Davis

  • * * * * *

    C. D. Davis House
    238 North Broad Street, Monroe, Ga.
    Where Martha Died
    Photo Taken 2007 by Houston Foster

    C. D. Davis house in Monroe, GA

    Davis Home - Monroe Co., GA (Earlier Photo of House)

    Digital Library of Georgia - Description and History of House

    C. D. Davis house (back) in Monroe, GA

    Back of House
    Note the Three, 2 Story Fireplaces (Examine all 3 photos)

    Houston Foster writes (June 2007):

    Construction on the house started in 1845, C. D. Davis purchased the house in 1846. Less than a year later both Martha and her daughter Elizabeth were dead. C.D. Davis remarried and had a family after that although he was in middle age.

    I took the picture several months ago on a trip to Monroe, GA. when I found the home. I went to try to find where she lived and where she was buried I got one out of two could not come up with a burial site. I was, to say the least very pleased. The home is on the National Directory of Historic Places since the 1970s. It is furnished in period furniture. The Walton Genealogy Society conducts tours on the first and third Saturday of each month.

    Children of John and Martha

    1. Richard G. Foster

      --b. abt 1786 Wilkes Co., GA
      --d. abt Dec 1817 Wilkes Co., GA

    2. Catherine 'Kitty' (Foster) Willis

      --b. abt 1788 probably Wilkes Co., GA
      --d. abt unknown date and location
      --m. George Dabney WILLIS
      --January 4, 1811 Wilkes Co., GA
      ----b. November 11, 1780 King William Co., VA
      ----d. November 1815 Wilkes Co., GA
      ------s/o George Willis and Susannah BAKER
      --------gs/o Stephen Willis and Susannah TERRELL
      ------he m/1 Susannah B. BARKWELL ON Nov 26, 1807 Wilkes Co., GA

    3. Granville Wingfield Foster

      --b. abt 1790 Wilkes Co., GA
      --d. aft 1830
      --m. Charlotte HUMPHREY
      --January 4, 1818 Barren Co., Kentucky
      ----b. 1790-1800

    4. Frances 'Fanny' (Foster) RUDDELL (also spelled Ruddle)

      --b. abt 1792 Wilkes Co., GA
      --d. befeore 1835
      --m. George RUDDLE
      --May 8, 1816 Wilkes Co., Georgia
      ----b. unknown
      ----d. bef 1837
      ----s/o Andrew Ruddell and Eleanor GORE

      My 3rd Great Grandparents

    5. Francis Harden Foster

      --b abt 1793 Wilkes Co. Georgia
      --d. March 1839 LaGrange, Troup Co., Georgia
      --m. Amy Harry EDWARDS
      --abt 1821 GA
      ----b. 1797/1802 Lincoln Co. GA
      ----d. July 1859 Troup Co., GA
      ------d/o John Edwards and Elizabeth BUSSEY
      --------gd/o Hezekiah Bussey Sr. and Amy HARRY?SULLIVAN
      ----------gt gd/o Charles Bussey and Mary HAYES
      ------------2nd gt gd/o George Bussey III and Mary COLLIER
      ------------2nd gt gd/o Thomas Hayes II and Mary LEMASTRE
      --------------3rd gt gd/o George Bussey II and Anne WILLIAMS
      --------------4th gt gd/o Charles Collier and Judith MYHILL
      ----------------4th gt gd/o George Bussey I and Anne KEENE
      ----------------4th gt gd/o Thomas Hays, Sr. and Prudence Unknown
      ----------------4th gt gd/o Richard LeMaster and Martha Unknown

      For more informatin on the Edwards family - click on icon

      Click to view my very extensive Edwards pages

    6. Elizabeth H. (Foster) Davis

      --b. abt 1797 Wilkes Co. GA
      --d. May 9, 1847 Monroe, Walton Co., Georgia
      --m. Charles D. DAVIS
      --December 23, 1828 Jasper Co., Georgia
      ----b. abt 1800 Vermont

    7. Sophia (Foster) Campbell

      --b. abt 1790 brobably Wilkes Co., GA
      --d. 1823-1824 Probably Morgan Co., GA
      --m. Charter CAMPBELL
      --July 23, 1822 Wilkes Co., Georgia
      ----b. abt 1786
      ----d. abt May 7, 1838 near Madison, Morgan Co., GA
      ------buried Old Madison Cemetery, Morgan Co,. GA
      ------he m/2 Lucinda STRINGFELLOW October 24, 1824 Morgan Co., GA

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