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Richard Lemuel Duncan - Mary 'Polly' Owens

Son of Elijah Duncan Sr. and Cate Cole

Surname also appears on records as spelled Dunkin and Dunkun

My 5th Great Uncle

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DeKalb Co. ,TN Families 2 - Cole, Davis, Duncan, Kelley, Lawrence, Pafford

Richard Lemuel Duncan

--b. 1787 - 1789 Lincoln Co., NC
--d. 1852/53 Jefferson Co., Missouri
--m. Mary 'Polly' OWENS
--abt 1812 probably Smith Co., TN
----b. abt 1792
----d. 1850 Jefferson Co., Missouri


Children of Richard and Mary

Note from Donna Barthow

The list of children for Richard and Polly is based solely on a process of elminating those Duncans in the area that we know belong to other families, and matching age ranges and the known data from the 1850 census. (No record of the estate has been found)

  1. Elijah Duncan

    --b. 1812/13 Smith Co., TN
    --d. 1848/49 Jefferson Co., Missouri
    --m. Elizabeth C. T. ELLIOTT
    --May 4, 1841 Franklin Co., Missouri
    ----b. 1814 Kentucky

    Children of Elijah and Elizabeth

    1. Mary Jane (Duncan) Graham

      --b. 1842 Missouri
      --d. 1923 Nuckolls Co, NE
      --m. John Linder GRAHAM
      --October 19, 1862 Jefferson Co., Missouri
      ----b. 1832 Jersey Co., Illinos
      ----d. October 12, 1901

    2. Leah (Duncan) Pruitt

      --b. 1844 Jefferson Co., Missouri
      --d. 1920 Big River, Jefferson Co., Missouri
      --m. Christopher Clark PRUITT
      ----b. 1822 Cedar Hill, Jefferson Co., Missouri
      ----d. 1877 Big River, Jefferson Co., Missouri

    3. Isiah Clark Duncan

      --b. 1846 Jefferson Co., Missouri
      --d. March 28, 1931 Jersey Co., Illinois
      ----buried Meadow Branch Cemetery, Jersey County, IL
      --m/1 Frances Maranda HIGHFILL
      --December 11, 1867 Jersey Co., Illinois
      ----b. November 12, 1850 Alton, Madison Co., Illinois
      ----d. January 1, 1875 Jersey Co., Illinois
      ------buried Meadow Branch Cemetery, Jersey County, IL
      ------d/o Davis M. Highfill and Mary Jane CHAPPELL
      --------gd/o Thomas Highfill and Nancy MILLER
      --m/2 Ruth J. FLIPPO
      --February 24, 1879 Jersey Co., Illinois
      ----b. February 16, 1860 Reynolds Co., Missouri
      ----d. 1946 Jersey Co., Illinois
      ------buried Hartford Cemetery, Jersey County, IL
      ------d/o George Flippo and Irene WILLIS
      --------gd/o Solomon Flippo and Abigail JOHNSON

    4. Sarah Ann Duncan

      --b. 1848 Jefferson Co., Missouri

    5. Celia Ann (Duncan) Thompson

      --b. 1848 Jefferson Co., Missouri
      --m. William G. THOMPSON
      --March 9, 1874 Jersey Co., Illinois
      ----b. May 14, 1819 Tennessee
      ----d. November 14, 1885 Jersey Co., Illinois
      ------s/o William G. Thompson and Sarah SKELLY
      ----William was m/1 to Mary Ann McCAULEY August 10, 1854 Jersey Co., Illinois

  2. Elizabeth (Duncan) Duncan

    --b. 1814 Smith Co., TN
    --m. John DUNCAN
    --October 18, 1837 Franklin Co., Missouri
    ----b. 1802 Missouri

    Children of Elizabeth and John

    1. Martin Duncan

      --b. 1841 Jefferson Co., Missouri

    2. Mary A. (Duncan) Branstetter

      --b. July 15, 1847 Jefferson Co., Missouri
      --d. August 5, 1865 Missouri
      --m. Charles Marion BRANSTETTER
      --May 17, 1864 Jefferson Co., Missouri
      ----d. October 28, 1905

    3. Thomas Newman Duncan

      --b. May 10, 1854 Franklin Co., Missouri
      --d. July 26, 1915 Wright Co., Missouri
      --m. Mary E. PAYNE

  3. Unknown Daughter Duncan

    --b. abt 1816 Smith Co., TN

  4. John Duncan

    --b. March 6, 1817 Smith Co., TN
    --d. August 20, 1879 Spring Valley, Coulsa Co., California
    --m. Eliza WOODLAND
    --April 27, 1842 Franklin Co., Missouri
    ----b. 1826 Missouri
    ----d. March 2, 1908 South Willows, Glenn Co., California

    • 1850 Franklin Co., Missouri

    * * * * *

    John Duncan
    Probably Taken just after Civil War
    Courtesy of Tamara J. Hawk

    John Duncan - Taken just after Civil War

    Children of John and Eliza

    1. James Richard Duncan

      --b. June 17, 1845 Franklin Co., Missouri
      --d. June 16, 1920 Beckham Co., Oklahoma
      --m/1 Emma TWITTY
      --August 1866
      ----b. abt 1845
      ----d. January 30, 1922
      --m/2 Louise Virginia JOHNSON
      --September 1876
      ----b. 1853
      --m/3 Lizzie MOSS
      --September 29, 1886 Tom Greene Co., Texas
      --m/4 Emmaline CASON
      --April 11, 1887 Brownwood, Brown Co., Texas
      ----b. March 15, 1866
      ----d. Janaury 30, 1922 Beckham Co., Oklahoma

    2. Elias Boyd Duncan

      --b. August 1847 Franklin Co., Missouri
      --d. December 28, 1932 San Francisco, California
      --m/1 Elizabeth J. RAGAIN
      --September 10, 1876 Coulsa Co., California
      ----b. 1860 Kansas
      ----d. 1885/90
      --m/2 Emma BOND
      --November 17, 1890 Coulsa Co., California
      ----b. August 9, 1870
      ----d. December 11, 1898

    3. Mary Duncan

      --b. 1850
      --d. 1908

    4. Louisiana Virginia 'Lou' (Duncan) Boardman

      --b. September 16, 1853 Franklin Co., Missouri
      --d. August 1921 Willows, California
      --m. Francis Marion BOARDMAN
      --1877 Williams, California
      ----b. December 4, 1836 Burlington, Vermont
      ----d. November 20, 1920 Willows, California

  5. Martin A. Duncan

    --b. January 10, 1819 St. Charles Co., Missouri
    --d. February 1884 Pulaski Co., Missouri
    ----buried Bradford Cemetery, Gasconade Co, MO
    --m. Rhoda WITHINGTON
    --September 4, 1842 Franklin Co., Missouri
    ----b. December 12, 1823 St. Charles Co., Missouri
    ----d. June 5, 1878 Pulaski Co., Missouri
    ------buried Bradford Cemetery, Gasconade Co, MO

    • 1850 Frankln Co., Missouri
    • 1870 Pulaski Co., Missouri
    • 1880 Pulaski Co., Missouri

    * * * * *

    Martin A. Duncan
    Taken about 1883
    Courtesy of Norma Jean Endersby

    Martin A. Duncan - 1883

    Children of Martin and Rhoda

    Martin and Rhoda and their descendants have their own site. Be sure to check it for more details and photos.

  6. William B. Duncan

    --b. August 26, 1823 St. Charles Co., Missouri
    --d. January 26, 1903 Kansas
    ----buried Ft. Scott National Cemetery, Bouubon Co, Kansas
    --m. Margaret Johanna JONES
    --April 23, 1848 Union, Franklin Co., Missouri
    ----b. August 31, 1827 Pendleton, Virginia (today West Virginia)
    ----d. May 15, 1891 Madison Co., AR
    ------buried Boston Cemetery N. of Pettigrew
    ------d/o Henry Jones, Jr. and Hannah HENKEL

    • 1845 Franklin Co., Missouri State Census
    • 1850 Holt Co., Missouri Census
    • 1860 Brown Co., Kansas Census
    • 1870 Jackson Co., Missouri Census
    • 1880 Madison Co., Arkansas Census

    * * * * *

    William B. Duncan
    Courtesy of Tamara J. Hawk

    William B. Duncan

    Note the military medals.

    William enlisted in Company F 16 Kansas Volunteers during the civil War. He was 40 years old at the time. His military record states that he was 6'1" tall, with gray hair, fair complexion and blue eyes.

    He also volunteered for Doniphan's Expedition to Mexico. He later applied for pension benefits because of his service and it is from this record that we have much information on this line. He was honorably discharged at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas on the 6th of Dec 1867.

    Children of William and Margaret Johanna

    William and Margaret and their descendants have their own site. Be sure to check it for more details and photos.

  7. Thomas Huston Duncan

    --b. December 21, 1829 Kentucky
    --d. 1865 Holt Co., Missouri
    --m. Elizabeth Catherine JONES
    --November 25, 1847 Franklin Co., Missouri
    ----b. March 1, 1831 Pendleton District, Virginia
    ----d. December 24, 1906 Holt Co., Missouri
    ------buried Rulo, Richardson Co., Nebraska
    ------d/o Henry Jones, Jr. and Hannah HENKEL
    ------Elizabeth m/2 Josiah CHAMBERS aft 1865

    Children of Thomas and Elizabeth

    1. Mahulda Jane (Duncan) Hamker

      --b. December 28, 1848 Missouri
      --d. May 15, 1889
      --m. Matthias HAMKER

    2. Emily Catherine (Duncan) Heater

      --b. November 3, 1851 Missouri
      --d. October 11, 1921
      --m/1 Freeman HEATER
      --m/2 Mr. KEATON

    3. Mary Margaret (Duncan) Bush

      --b. 1852 Missouri
      --d. March 15, 1916
      --m. Oliver H. BUSH

    4. Edward Franklin Duncan

      --b. September 1855 Fortescue, Holt Co, Missouri
      --d. 1929
      --m.Alice Josephine ROBERTS
      --April 2, 1876 Bigelow, Holt Co., Missouri
      ----b. March 1858 Wisconsin

    5. Uriah Thomas Duncan

      --b. December 21, 1857 Franklin Co., Missouri
      --d. March 22, 1952 Blackwell, Kay Co., Oklahoma
      --m/1 Belle Gatherine RIGGS
      --October 18, 1877 Holt Co., Missouri
      ----b. September 15, 1859 Illinois
      ----d. April 27, 1916 Blackwell, Kay Co., Oklahoma
      --m/2 Etta M. SECORD
      --November 2, 1929 Newkirk, Oklahoma
      ----b. 1875

    6. Eliza Ellen (Duncan) McDannaald

      --b. January 26, 1863 St. Louis, Missouri
      --d. April 11, 1936 Snohomish Co., WA
      --m. Robert Kelly McDANNALD
      ----b. October 26, 1854 Illinois
      ----d. April 11, 1936 Snohomish, Snohomish, Washington

    7. Iola F. (Duncan) Martin

      --b. August 30, 1865 Missouri
      --d. July 17, 1937
      --m. Elias Oscar MARTIN
      ----b. December 25, 1860 Illinois
      ----d. October 13, 1943

  8. Sarah G. (Duncan) Henson

    --b. October 31, 1829 Jackson Co., Missouri
    --d. September 26, 1906 Pulaski Co., Missouri
    --m. Andrew Jackson HENSON
    --October 19, 1857 Franklin Co., Missouri
    ----b. 1840 Indiana

    Children of Sarah and Andrew

    1. Mary Alice Henson

      --b. abt 1866 Missouri
      --d. December 16, 1890

  9. Mary Edmondson (Duncan) Harst

    --b. October 31, 1829 Franklin Co., Missouri
    --d. 1858 probably Jefferson Co., Missouri
    --m. John HARST
    --December 21, 1853 Franklin Co., Missouri

  10. Jonathan Newman Duncan

    --b. 1832 Franklin Co., Missouri
    --d. September 16, 1897 Robrtsville, Franklin Co., Missouri
    --m. Mary E. McCOURTNEY
    --December 20, 1855 Robertsville, Franklin Co., Missouri

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Ann (Jobe) Brown.

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