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BENJAMIN F. BOON (1783-1865)
Anny Winston - Nancy Smith

Son of William Boon and Rebecca English

Brother to My Kinchin Boon Senior

Welcome to my Boon Family Pages
Last modified 19 Jul 2007

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Benjamin F. Boon - A Claification

THOMAS BOON IMMIGRANT DIED 1723 ISLE OF WIGHT CO., VIRGINIA AND 1000 OF HIS DESCENDANTS, written by Rupert Farnham Thompson in 1981, mistakely lists this Benjamin from William's 1st marriage with a wife of Betsey Alford. This is NOT correct. Benjamin is from William's second marriage.

In his 1984 book, BOON GENEALOGY - 1984, Rupert on page 286 did make a bit of a correction on page 286 - under the Franklin Co., NC section. However, even here, the information is NOT completely correct. For example, he lists Sally as d/o Nancy Smith where she is actually d/o Annie. Also, he lists son, James, as marrying Caroline Turner, when it SHOULD BE Caroline Thomas. He has Jordan Boon marrying Elizabeth Shark, where is SHOULD BE Sharp.


It just wouldn't be proper if the Benjamin Boon page was not decided to Sharon Courty, who descends from Benjamin and Anna through their son, James H. Boon, grandaughter, Mary Frances 'Fannie' (Boon) Long, and gt granddaughter, Mary Louise (Long) Darby.

She is the one who provided the Bible pages, diary, old letters, news clippings and most of the pictures for Benajmin's descendants. We have to be very blessed to have had these preserved and passed down through the generations, from Tennessee to Texas. So glad that she contacted me the end of 2004 and eagerly shared these with us.

God Bless you Sharon!


Anna 'Anny' Winston - Mother of His Children

Anna, 'Anny' Winston was the mother of all of Benjamin's children. She was born May 22, 1791 NC and died January 3, 1832 Jackson, Madison Co., TN. She was buried at Cotton Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, located in Jackson, Madison Co., TN.

* * * * * *

Winston Family

Annie was the d/o John Winson (born 1750 and died 1802 Franklin Co., NC) and his wife, Edith 'Edie' Arendell.

Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith was Benjamin's 2nd wife and he married her sometime between Annie's death in January 1832 and the 1850 census. She was born in 1814 NC and died about 1853 Madison Co., TN. At this time, I don't know for sure if Smith was a maiden name or whether she was a widow when she married Benjamin.


Franklin Co., North Carolina (1783-1825)

Madison Co., TN (1825-1865)

Boon Family Bible

Boon Family Bible (as of 1968) by Sharon Courtney

The Boon family Bible was owned by Benjamin and “Any” Boon, passed to James H. Boon and passed to his daughter, (Mary Frances) “Fannie” Boon Long, who passed it to Walter Long, her son. It was owned by him until 1968 (the year he died). He lived in Midland, TX at the time. Probably his son, Wilma Long inherited it after Aunt Vida (his wife) died. Have lost track of it since then. Aunt Vida loaned it to me after Uncle Walt died, and the following are copies of it’s contents.

Parent's Page * * * Birth Page * * * Marriage Page * * * Death Page

Their Children

  1. Anthony H. Boon

    --b. Unknown
    --d. April 25, 1846 Madison Co., TN

  2. Eady Mozelle 'Edith' (Boon) McCoy

    --b. Unknown
    --d. October 7, 1846 Madison Co., TN
    --m. Ezekiel T. McCOY
    --October 23, 1845 Madison Co. TN

  3. William Boon
    --b. 1808 Franklin Co. NC
    --d. August 29, 1873 Madison Co., TN
    --m. Lucretia DOAK --October 13, 1831 TN
    ----(1812 TN - aft June 25, 1870 probably Madison Co.,TN)
    ------d/o William Doak and Jane ?

    Whig-Tribune, Jackson, TN, September 6, 1873

    "Another Pioneer Gone

    Wm. Boone, esq., died at his residence in Madison County, Tenn., 29th August 1873. Aged 65 years and 10 days. He was born in Franklin County, North Carolina on the 19th of August 1808. Moved to Tennessee with his father in the year 1823. Married Lucretia, daughter of William and Jane Doak, Oct. 13, 1831. Was elected one of the Justices of the Peace for Madison County in the year 1845, which office he has continued to hold until the day of his death — twenty-eight years.

    In all the relations of life, W. Boon was a good and true man, an affectionate father, a devoted brother, and a friend always steady in his attachments. He leaves a void in his neighborhood, and family circle which no one can fill, and death itself can only obliterate from memory of those who survive him, the tender associations that cluster about his honored name."

    Children of William and Lucretia (Doak) Boon

    1. Rufus H. Boon
      --(October 25, 1852 Madison Co., TN - March 26, 1896 Madison Co., TN)
      ----buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Madison Co., TN
      --m/1 Tennessee R. 'Tennie' FLY abt 1852 TN
      ----(June 19, 1834 TN - April 4, 1888 Madison Co., TN)
      ------buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Madison Co., TN
      --m/2 Adznella 'Dellie' FLY 1890 Gibson Co., TN
      ----(November 14, 1840 Madison Co., TN - November 24, 1920 Madison Co., TN)
      ------buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Madison Co., TN

    2. Robert Doak Boon
      --(February 11, 1835 Madison Co., TN - September 21, 1884 Madison Co., TN)
      ----buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Madison Co., TN
      --m. Martha Ann Ophelia SENTER October 20, 1856 Madison Co., TN
      ----(November 22, 1839 TN - June 10, 1915 Gibson Co., TN)
      ------buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Madison Co., TN

    3. Newton Boon
      --(1838 Madison Co. TN - aft Sept 12, 1860)

    4. Thomas Boon
      --(1842 Madison Co., TN - aft 1850)

    5. John C. Boon
      --(1843 Madison Co., TN - aft September 12, 1860)

    6. Martha Boon
      --(1849 Madison Co., TN - aft Sept 12, 1860)

    7. Mary Boon
      --(1852 Madison Co., TN - aft Sept 12, 1860)

  4. John Boon
    --b. 1810/20 Franklin Co., NC
    --d. August 17, 1843 Madison Co., TN
    --m. Elizabeth Ann 'Eliza' BOBBITT
    --abt 1838 probably Madison Co., TN

    Children of John and Eliza (Bobbit) Boon

    1. Laura A. (Boon) Cox
      --(September 9, 1839 Madison Co., TN - 1865/70 Madison Co., TN)
      --m. George W. COX January 15, 1856 Madison Co., TN

    2. Mary Wallace (Boon) Brown
      --(September 9, 1839 Madison Co., TN - September 10, 1900 Madison Co., TN)
      ----buried Riverside Cemetery, Madison Co., TN
      --m. James Monroe BROWN May 4, 1856 Madison Co., TN
      ----(January 21, 1828 TN - December 9, 1910 Madison co., TN)
      ------bubired Riverside Cemetery, Madison Co., TN

    3. Benjamin A. Boon
      --(May 1840/44 Madison Co., TN - Sept 1846/50 Madison Co., TN)

  5. Marina (Boon) Thomas

    --b. Feburary 7, 1812 Franklin Co., NC
    --d. April 15, 1846 Madison Co., TN
    ----buried Cotton Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Madison Co., TN
    --m. John Peace 'Jack' THOMAS
    --December 23, 1828 Madison Co., TN
    ----(April 17, 1804 Franklin Co., NC - June 20, 1882 Madison Co., TN)
    ------buried Browns Cemetery, Madison Co., TN
    ------s/o Athanatius THOMAS and Gilla 'Gilly' WINSTON

    Children of Marina (Boon) and John Peace Thomas

    1. William James 'Bill' Thomas
      --(March 28, 1830 Madison Co., TN - aft July 23, 1870))

    2. Mary Ann (Thomas) Irvine
      --(October 17, 1831 Madison Co., TN - October 26, 1861)
      --m. James M. IRVINE

    3. Athanasius 'Atha' Thomas
      --(December 28, 1833 Madison Co., TN - July 21, 1914 Gibson Co., TN)
      ----buried Browns Cemetery, Madison Co., TN
      --m. Lucinda Elizabeth 'Lizzie' BLACKMON February 2, 1860 Madison Co., TN
      ----(November 18, 1840 Gibson Co., TN - December 19, 1927 Madison Co., TN)
      ------buried Browns Cemetery, Madison Co., TN
      ------d/o William Blackmon and Martha Helen ROLLINS

      * * * * * *

      Family Bible Record of Athanasius Thomas, s/o Marina (Boon) Thomas,
      Recorded in Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 1, January 1970, pp. 21-22

      * * * * * *

      History of Tennessee, Nashville, Goodspeed Publishing Co. 1888. pp. 907 & 908
      Sent to me by Mark Wiliams


      The parents of Athanasius Thomas, John Peace Thomas and Marina Boon Thomas, came to Tennessee with their families from Franklin Co.,, North Carolina in 1825 and settled in Madison Co.,, Tennessee. Franklin Co.,, North Carolina lies east of Durham and was a journey of close to 700 miles to Madison Co.,. The family Bible of Robert A. (one of their three sons) and his wife, Eva Thomas lists the parents of John Peace Thomas as William and Gilla Thomas. John Peace Thomas was born on April 17, 1804 in Franklin Co.,, N.C.. The names of their other children have not been located but it appears that William Thomas died around 1818 when John Thomas was 14 years old and his mother, Gilly remarried afterward. In 1818, relatives of John P. Thomas, Athanasius and Mary Thomas, are shown as guardians for John P. Thomas. The relation of this Athanasius Thomas to John Peace Thomas is not known but it can be presumed that he was a relative, perhaps an uncle. The Probate records show that in March 1791 Christian Thomas deeded to his son Athanasius Thomas for “five shillings, love and affection”, three slaves. Listed as a charter member of the first Masonic Lodge in Franklin Co.,, N.C. is Athanasius Thomas. He is listed as a landowner and farmer with over 200 acres of land. The 1790 census lists Athanasius Thomas with a family of three and one slave. In 1799 this Athanasius had received a deed gift from his father, Christian Thomas. Apparently, Athanasius Thomas was a prominent citizen of Franklin Co., as his name appears on deeds from the 1790's to the 1820's. Our Atha Thomas was probably named for this relative.

      Major Benjamin Boon (sometimes spelled Boone) and his wife, Anna who came to Madison Co., in 1825, were Marina Boon's parents according to a biography of Atha Thomas published in “History of Tennessee”, Goodspeed Publishing Co., Nashville, 1888. It is probable that John Peace Thomas migrated to Madison Co., from North Carolina in a group of settlers which included the Boon family. After settling in Madison Co.,, John P. Thomas and Marina Boon Thomas began to raise a family. Athanasius was born on December 28, 1833, the third of eight children to be born to John and Marina Thomas. Atha experienced the sorrow of the loss of family members while he was a boy. During childhood, his youngest brother died. His mother, Marina, died on April 15, 1846 when Atha was twelve years old. Marina Boon Thomas had been born in North Carolina on February 9, 1812. She was laid to rest in the Cotton Grove Cemetery at Cotton Grove Baptist Church not far from Brown's Cemetery near Jackson, Tennessee. Near Marina Boon Thomas are her parents, Major Benjamin Boon and his wife, Anna. John P. Thomas never remarried.

      Lucinda Elizabeth Blackmon Thomas, "Lizzie", was born on November 18, 1840. She was one of twelve children born to William and Martha Rollins Blackmon. Her father was brought to Tennessee by his parents from North Carolina at twelve years of age. Her mother, Martha was the daughter of Thomas Rollins and also came to Tennessee from North Carolina with her family at age nine.

      The Thomas and the Blackmon families were involved in the beginnings of Brown's Methodist Episcopal Church. Atha met Lizzie at the Church and were married on February 2, 1860 by Pastor R. J. Sea. They set out together to raise a family and to begin a life of farming.

      Atha liked farming and was well prepared for it. As a boy, Atha’s father, John Peace Thomas, was a respectable farmer. The 1850 census taken ten years prior to Atha's marriage to Lizzie reveals some interesting data about Atha's family life. His father was forty six years old at the time and the names and ages of the children were: William- 20, Mary A.- 17, Athanasius- 16, Junius J.- 14, Benjamin F.- 12, Milton W.- 10, and Martha T.- 8. The family owned two slaves; one male 30 years old, and one female 18 years old. (The 1830 census shows that John P. owned five slaves at that time; one male aged 24 to 36, one male under 10, two females age 10 to 24, and one female under 10 years old.) The following is an agricultural census of the farm of John P. Thomas in 1850:

      100 acres farmed, 200 acres not being farmed,value $1000 Livestock: 5 horses, 3 oxen, 24 cattle of which 6 were milk cows, 30 sheep, 100 swine. value $700 Produce: 46 bushels of wheat, 1500 bushels of corn, 200 bushels of oats, 11 bales of cotton, 400 bushels of peas, 300 bushels of sweet potatoes, 150 lbs of butter, 30 lbs of honey, and 60 lbs of wool. Farm tools: $100 Value of animals slaughtered: $150 Value of things made at home: $10

      Atha was fairly well educated as evidenced by the grammar and writing ability demonstrated in his letters. The 1850 census shows five of the children attending school; Athanasius, Junius, Benjamin, Milton, and Martha. His father, John P. Thomas, was an early trustee of of Brown's Methodist Episcopal Church, which the family attended. Athanasius embraced Christ as his Saviour when he was seventeen years old. His faith undoubtedly helped carry him through many difficult circumstances throughout his life and helped develop the strong moral character which was obvious to those around him. His son, Julian Thomas, wrote that he led them in family devotions, rose early in the morning for times of prayer and led a clean and Godly life.

      Atha and Lizzie were married for two years when the Civil War separated them for nearly three years. They had a daughter, Martha Marina, perhaps named for Atha's sister and mother, which they called Mattie, in the year that Atha went off to war in 1862. He joined Company L, of the Sixth Tennessee Regiment. He did not see his wife and child until he received a furlough and came home in the winter of 1864-65. He fell off a horse on his way home and was so stiff and sore that he remained bedridden for several weeks after his arrival. He was at home recuperating when the war ended. He had served with the Sixth Regiment in the Army of Tennessee in every engagement except Shiloh and the final surrender in North Carolina. Captain M. D. Meriwether of Company L had this to say about Athanasius Thomas,

      "I have such great confidence in Mr. Thomas' integrity and veracity I would unhesitatingly accept any statement made by him as true. This I know, that he made a most loyal and faithful soldier."

      Much could be written of the devastation, destruction, and utter poverty that Madison Co., and the South experienced immediately after the war. Atha and Lizzie began to raise children and make a living by farming. They had a total of eight children. They lost a young son at seven years old and an infant died while yet a few days old. They raised the six surviving children to be hard working, productive citizens. They were Martha Marina "Mattie", Julian James, Tennessee Jane, Robert Athanasius, Pearle Elizabeth, and Claude Bethel Thomas.

      His father, John P. Thomas, died while residing with Atha and Lizzie in 1882. It was common for aging parents to live with their children at the time. By 1888, the family was farming 230 acres located about ten miles northeast of Jackson. During this time he was photographed on the steps of the Madison Co., Courthouse. The picture appears in Emma Inman Williams' book Historic Madison with the caption, "The Courthouse Group in the Early 1880's". He may have held a part-time job at the courthouse. His father, John P. Thomas, had been a commissioner and constable in Gibson Co., and it is possible that Atha served in some similar capacity in Madison Co.,.

      According to his application for a soldier's pension, he and Lizzie were living in Medina, Gibson Co.,, in 1905. The soldier's pension amounted to about $100 per year. He was seventy years old and she was sixty three years old with one child living with them, Claude age twenty one. Atha stated that he was making a scant living farming and was getting by with the help of his children. He owned no real estate at the time and had very little personal property. He was in reasonably good physical shape for his age, although he had lost the sight in one eye. It is not known for certain how he lost his eye, but his granddaughter, Evelyn Thomas Heaberg, remembered being told that a fishhook got caught in his eye.

      An early childhood fishing experience with her grandfather was recalled by Evelyn Thomas Heaberg,

      "I remember going fishing with him when I was a little girl. He had white hair and a white beard. One time when he stood up on the muddy bank, he seemed to lose his balance and I jumped between him and the water. He was greatly impressed by my courage and later repeated the story with a chuckle, of how his "brave little granddaughter" kept him from falling in."

      A 1906 photograph of the Athanasius Thomas family taken at Christmas shows Athanasius and Lizzie surrounded by their children and grandchildren. A copy of this rare photograph is included in this work.

      Atha lived until the 21st of July, 1914, when he died at home in Medina, Tennessee. He died at the age of eighty years, six months, and twenty five days. He had witnessed in his lifetime the frontier days of west Tennessee, the nation divided by a horrible war, and the advent of a new century. He lived in Madison Co., all of his life until the final nine years spent in Gibson Co.,. He was known among his contemporaries for his many good deeds and for his devotion to his family and church. This spirit of devotion and service was transmitted to his children, all of whom were at his bedside when the end came. As evidence of the high esteem in which he was held, every Methodist minister in the city attended the funeral service held on a rain soaked summer morning. As a small boy, Bascomb Waterfield Thomas, son of Julian Thomas, attended the funeral of his grandfather, Atha Thomas. He recalled the ride to the funeral in a horse drawn surrey with windows on each side, the muddy road to Brown's Church, and the rain on that sad day.

      Lucinda Elizabeth Blackmon Thomas, "Lizzie", went on to live with her children until her death in Jackson at 6:00 pm on December the 19th, 1927. She lived with her daughter Pearle during the last twelve years of her life. Bascomb Waterfield Thomas, remembers dropping by with his father, Julian, to visit on several occasions. Pearle was a terrible housekeeper and her home looked somewhat like a junkyard. Grandmother Lizzie would be in the house wearing a bonnet, dipping snuff, and spitting into the fireplace. They usually stopped by unannounced, but she would always say, "something told me you were coming by today, Julian". An interesting photograph shows Lizzie surrounded by her children on her birthday, sometime during the early 1920's. A copy of this photograph is included in this work. She died at the age of eighty seven years and one month. She had been a faithful companion to her husband and a loving mother.

      Atha and Lizzie Thomas lived a life of devotion and service to each other, to their children, to their Church, and to their fellow man. Their lives were truly a life well spent. They are buried together in Brown's Cemetery at Brown's United Methodist Church in Madison Co.,.

    4. Lucius John Thomas
      --(November 1, 1836 Madison Co., TN - unknown)

    5. Benjamin Franklin Thomas
      --(April 21, 1838 Madison Co. TN - June 14, 1859 Madison Co. TN)

    6. Milton Winston Thomas
      --(November 11, 1840 Madison Co., TN - August 26, 1861 Camp Blythe, New Madrid Co., MO)

    7. Martha Tennessee Thomas
      --(April 22, 1843 Madison Co., TN - February 12, 1863)

    8. David Robert Thomas
      --(November 18, 1845 Madison Co. TN - August 17, 1846 Madison Co., Tn)

  6. Mary Ann (Boon) Awbrey

    --b. 1813 Franklin Co., NC
    --d. October 26, 1861
    --m. James H. AWBREY (also spelled AUBREY)
    --August 26, 1845 Madison Co., TN
    ----(1793 SC - February 14, 1862)

    Children of Mary Ann (Boon) and James H. Awbrey

    1. William M. Awbrey
      --(1849 Madison Co., TN - Unknown)

    2. Sion Boon Awbrey
      --(aft July 14, 1850 Madison Co., TN - July 18, 1859 Madison Co., TN)

  7. Jourdan B. 'Jordan' Boon

    --b. November 23, 1818 Franklin Co., NC
    --d. October 28, 1869 Madison Co, TN
    ----buried Brown's Cemetery, Madison Co., TN
    --m. Elizabeth L. SHARP
    --January 11, 1844 Madison Co., TN
    ----(October 5, 1826 TN - January 31, 1892 Madison Co., TN)
    ------buried Brown's Cemetery, Madison Co. TN

    Children of Jourdan B. and Elizabeth L. (Sharp) Boon

    1. William L. F. Boon
      --(1846 Madison Co., TN - Unknown)

    2. James B. Boon
      --(April 23, 1849 Madison Co., TN - April 30, 1850 Madison Co., TN)

    3. Charles F. Boon
      --(March 9, 1851 Madison Co. TN - February 6, 1914 Madison Co., TN)

    4. Robert Eudora Boon (daughter)
      --(no dates)

  8. Julianne 'Julie' (Boon) Parker

    --b. November 23, 1818 Franklin Co., NC
    --d. unknown
    --m. William H. PARKER
    --January 7, 1840 Madison Co., TN
    ----(1814 NC - unknown)

    Children of Juliana (Boon) and William H. Parker

    1. Elizabeth Parker
      --(1842 Madison Co., TN - unknown)

    2. Virginia Parker
      --(1848 Madison Co., TN - unknown)

    3. Martha Parker
      --(1850 Madison Co., TN - unknown)

    4. Felix H. Parker
      --(February 1854 Madison Co. TN - March 10, 1874 Harrison Co., Texas)

  9. Benjamin Franklin 'B. F.' Boon, Jr.

    --b. 1818-1824 according to census records
    --b. March 1819-March 1820 according to Newspaper Death Notice
    --d. March 22, 1872 Memphis, Shelby Co., TN
    --m. Martha SLAUGHTER
    --February 21, 1844 Madison Co., TN
    ----b. 1818/25 Alabama or Tennessee
    ----d. aft 1880 possibly Holly Springs, Marshall Co., Ms

    WHIG and TRIBUNE, Jackson, Madison Co., TN, March 30, 1872

    "B. F. BOON died in Memphis, Tenn. March 22, aged 52. Bro. of S. W. Boon, Madison Co."

    Children of Benjamin Franklin and Martha Ann (Slaughter) Boon

    1. James M. Boon
      --b. 1847 Memphis, Shelby Co., TN
      --d. aft Jan 1920 probably Marion Co., MO
      --m. Sarah ? abt 1873 MS
      ----b. 1849 MS
      ----d. aft Jan 1920 probably Marion Co., MO

    2. Mary Boon
      --b. abt 1850 Memphis, Shelby Co., TN
      --d. unknown

    3. Laura 'Anna' Boon
      --b. 1852 Memphis, Shelby Co., TN
      --d. Unknown
      --m. David WHITBY abt 1872 Shelby Co., TN
      ----b. 1847 TN
      ----d. Unknown

    4. Louella 'Ella' Boon
      --b. 1856 Memphis, Shelby Co., TN
      --d. 1891 Memphis, Shelby Co., TN
      --m. Sergeant Patrick Joseph HACKETT
      --1873/80 Memphis, Shelby Co., TN
      ----b. Oct 1840 Tipperary, Ireland
      ----d. aft 1900 Memphis, Shelby Co., TN
      -----he m/1 Mary Ellen LANE 1866

    5. Steven William Boon
      --b. 1859 Memphis, Shelby Co., TN
      --d. unknown

  10. Elizabeth A. (Boon) Perry

    --b. abt 1819 Franklin Co., NC
    --d. October 26, 1853 Madison Co., TN
    --m. John PERRY
    --1840/45 probably Madison Co., TN
    ----(1810 NC - aft 1880 Madison Co., TN)

    Children of Elizabeth A. (Boon) and John Perry

    1. Alice Perry
      --(1846 Madison Co. TN - unknown))

    2. William Galbraith Perry
      --(January 1849 Madison Co., TN - aft January 1930 probably Crockett Co., TN)

  11. James H. Boon

    --b. abt 1823 Franklin Co., NC
    --d. October 16, 1865 Madison Co., TN
    --m/1 Caroline C. THOMAS
    --December 12, 1850 Gibson Co., TN
    ----(1830 NC - January 27, 1862 probably Madison Co., TN)
    ------d/o William R. Thomas and Martha V. GARRETT
    ------gd/o Athanatius Thomas and Gilla 'Gilly' WINSTON
    --m/2 Frances R. 'Fannie' THOMAS
    --April 27, 1863 Gibson Co., TN
    ----(1827 Wake Co., NC - aft Nov 1884 probably Texas)
    ------sister to Caroline C. Thomas, 1st wife of James
    ------she m/1 Robert BILLINGSLEY
    ------she m/3 James M. SHARP
    ------she m/3 Elisha BILLINGSLEY

    Children of James H. Boon

    *Click on his name - above (lots of pictures, more information, etc)

  12. Sion Winston 'Si' Boon

    --b. March 4, 1830 Madison Co., TN
    --d. July 22, 1905 Madison Co., TN
    ----buried Riverside Cemetery, Madison Co., TN
    --m/1 Mary Louisa PYLES
    --April 8, 1856 Madison Co., TN
    ----(January 18, 1836 Madison Co., TN - July 3, 1879 Madison Co., TN)
    ------buried Riverside Cemetery, Madison Co., TN
    ------d/o James Madison Pyles and Nancy M. HARGROVE
    --m/2 Amanda E. SMITH
    --abt 1884 TN
    ----(1846 TN - 1931 Jackson, Madison Co., TN)
    ------buried Riverside Cemetery, Madison Co., TN

    * * * * * *

    Deed: John L. H. Tomlin to Sion W. Boon
    Registered December 3, 1856 - Madison Co., TN
    Originally transferred to B. F. Boon

    * * * * * *

    History of Tennessee, Nashville, Goodspeed Publishing Co. 1887

    "Sion W. Boon was born March 4, 1830, son of Benjamin and Annie. (Winston) Boon, who were native North Carolinians. The father was born November 25, 1783, and was a farmer by occupation. He came to Tennessee about 1825 and located near Cotton Grove, where he died November 26, 1865. The mother died about 1831. Mr. Boon's second wife, Nancy Smith, died about 1853. Sion W. Boon was reared on his father's farm in Madison Co.,, Tenn., and educated in the country schools. He began clerking at the age of twenty and continued the same until 1856, when he was elected circuit court clerk, and filled the office for eighteen years, thus illustrating his ability as an official and the esteem in which he was held by the people. Since retiring from official life he has been engaged in different pursuits, and in 1885 opened a family grocery in Jackson. He was married in 1856 to Louisa Pyles, a daughter of James M. and Nancy Pyles. She was born in 1836, and is the mother of nine children - two daughters and seven sons. Four of the children are yet living. Mrs. Boon died July 3, 1879, and in 1884 Mr. Boon married Amanda E. Smith, who was born about 1846, and is a daughter of James Smith. Mr. Boon votes the Demdcratic ticket."

    * * * * * *

    The Jackson Daily Sun, Front Page - 1900

    S. W. Boon

    S. W. Boon
    1900 Candidate: Re-election as Magistrate

    "S. W. Boon is a candidate for magistrate and will, very properly, be re-elected. Mr. Boone is a "typical native. He was born in this Co., in 1830 and was educated at the Co., school near Cotton Grove. He came to Jackson in 183(?)6 was made clerk of the Co., court, and held that office until 1874. In that year he engaged in the grocery business, in which he continued for a number of years, the style of the firm being Boone & Biggs. Then, for a while, he engaged in farming, and in 1894, he was elected a magistrate, receiving the largest vote that was ever cast in this Co., for that office.

    Esquire Boone's father, Benjamin Boone, came to Madison Co.,, fron Franklin Co.,, N. C., in 1825, and lived to the ripe old age of 82."

    * * * * * *

    The Commercial Appeal, July 23, 1905

    "SIMON W. BOONE /Sion W. Boon/, aged 75 years, died July 22, Jackson; oldest member of the county court."

    Children of Sion Winston and Mary Louisa (Pyles) Boon

    1. Infant Boon
      --(May 1857 Madison Co., TN - Oct/Nov 1858 Madison Co., TN)

    2. Mattie Wayne (Boon) Potts
      --(January 1859 Madison Co., TN - September 26, 1950 Madison Co., TN)
      --m. William W. 'Willie' POTTS May 7, 1880 Madison Co., TN
      ----(September 1851 TN - 1910/20 Madison Co., TN

      * * * * * *

      Jackson Sun Newspaper, January 1949, Madison Co., TN

      Mattie Potts Turns 90, Newspaper Clipping, January 1949, Jackson Sun, Madison Co., TN

      * * * * * *

      Jackson Sun Newspaper, Tuesday, May 16, 1950, Madison Co., TN

      Mattie Potts - Jackson Mothers Honored, May 1950, Jackson Sun, Madison Co., TN

    3. John Willis Teague Boon
      --(March 30, 1864 Madison Co., TN - April 12, 1952 Madison Co., TN)

    4. Robert J. 'Bob' Boon
      --(1868 Madison Co., TN - 1951 Madison Co. TN)

    5. Ann M. 'Annie' (Boon) Bumpus
      --(1873 Madison Co., TN - October 20, 1854 Madison Co. TN)
      --m. William Lee 'Will' BUMPUS February 11, 1891
      ----(June 28, 1864 Madison Co., TN - November 20, 1938 Madison Co., TN)

      The Jackson Daily Sun, Front Page - 1900

      W. L. Bumpus

      W. L. Bumpus
      1900 Candidate: Tax Accessor

      The candidate for tax Assessor was born in this county in 1864, being a son of J. D. Bumpus. With the exception of three years of his youth spent in Arkansas his life has been passed in this county. He came to Jackson in 1891, when he was deputy assessor under his father who was assessor from 1888 and served four years. In 1896 he again became deputy assessor. In 1899 he served as clerk of the county court, and this year is again deputy assessor under Assessor Gates. Mr. Bumpus' long experience in the department amply fits him to fill the office of assessor with greatest credit to himself and his supporters.

    6. Milton Fenner Boon
      --(1874 Madison Co., TN - July 23, 1874 Madison Co., TN)

    7. Sidney Harold Boon
      --(July 9, 1876 Madison Co., TN - June 24, 1877 Madison Co., TN)

  13. Sarah Jane 'Sally' Boon

    --b. 1832 TN
    --d. August 15, 1852 Madison Co., TN

Special Thanks

Patsy Branton - Sharon Courtney - Linda (Jones) Risinger

Mark Williams - Keith Norwood - Julia Mortenson - Mark A. Murphy -

These are only a few!

  1. Extensive Information,records, pictures sent to Sharon Courtney,descendant (2004-2005)
    --Bible Record, owned by Benjamin and “Any” Boon, passed to James H. Boon and passed to his daughter, (Mary Frances) “Fannie” Boon Long, who passed it to Walter Long, her son.
    ----now owned by Sharon
    --Diary of Frances R. (Thomas) Billingsley, 2nd wife of James Boon, and sister of Caroline Thomas, 1st wife
    --Letter by Sydney Bumpus, written May 8, 1981
    --Many obituaries for descendants of James H. Boon
    --Tombstone Pictures for descendants of James H. Boon
    --Many photographs for descendants of James H. Boon

  2. Cemetery Records - Madison Co., TN
    --Cotton Grove Cemetery
    --Brown's Cemetery

  3. Will of father, William Boon - 1799 Franklin Co., NC

  4. Franklin Co., NC Records
    --Tax Records
    --Marriage Bonds
    --Extract of Court Minutes, transcribed by Mark A. Murphy

  5. Madison Co., TN Records
    --Deed Books
    --Census Records
    --Court Minute Books

  6. Descendant, Mark Williams (March 2001)
    --History of Tennessee, Nashville, Goodspeed Publishing Co. 1888. pp. 907 & 908.

  7. Newspaper Clippings
    --Whig Tribune, September 6, 1873 - Obituary of son, William
    --The Commercial Appeal, July 23, 1905
    --Jackson Daily Sun - 1900
    --Jackson Daily Sun, May 16, 1950

  8. Descendant, Keith Norwood (Nov 2004)

  9. Julia Mortenson (2004-2005) - Thomas Researcher

And Many other cousins and records which at this time, I fail to remember or record.

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