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Mary Eugenia 'Jenny' (Boon) Farnham
1863 - 1947

Daughter of Kinchin Ausutus 'K. A.' Boon and Mary Elizabeth Foster

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Rupert Farnham Thompson It would only be proper that I dedicate the Eugenia (Boon) and Horace Farnham section to my second cousin once removed, Rupert Farnham Thomspson. Rupert and my father were 2nd cousins while his mother and my grandmother were 1st cousins.

He has done more to promote and preserve our Boon - Farnham - Thompson and other collaternal lineages of anyone that I know of. Back in the early 1970's I was blessed to have gotten to know him a bit. Anyone who has researched the Boon History at all is familiar with the book, Thomas Boon: Immigrant died 1723, Island of Wight Co., Virgina and 1000 of his Deccendants and Boon Genealogy 1984. Rupert gave me the honor of giving me the second copy of the first book. He also put these books in libraries all across the United States. The second one is compiled of many 1880 census records, and other records sorted by states.

Rupert lived in California and wrote me many letters in Ontario, Canada, plus a couple of phone calls. He was also very instumental in helping to plan and organize the Farnham reunions each year and seeing that the family newsletters were done. He also made sure that I got a copy. From his correspondnece, I was blessed to get to know and correspond with many of Eugenia's children and grandchildren in the 1970's. They are all a beautiful bunch and I'm proud to call cousins.

Rudy, as he was known by his family and friends, died January 26, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. He was 73. Thank you for doing th legwork and for giving us a framework on which to build and further extend this genealogy.


Mary Eugenia 'Jennie' (Boon) Farnham (1863-1947)


Mary Eugenia, known as Jennie, was born May 30, 1862 in Texkarkana, Miller Co., Arkansas, near the end of the civil war. While only 7 months old, her father, Kinchin Augustus 'K. A.' Boon would be kilked by jayhawkers. Her 'fatherly advice and support' would come from her older brothers. Her childhood was a constant battle just to survive as her 'strong pioneer' mother, who had been raised and tended to be slaves as a child in a well-to-do home, learned to cope on her own and to see that her children had the necessitites of life. I'm sure that Jennie went with her mother on many occassions to pick cotton even as a very small child.

Jennie can be found with her mother and siblings on the 1870 Kaufman Co., Texas census. She is listed as Mary E, age 7.

Horace James Farnham (1851-1935)

Farnham Family

Horace James Farnham was born April 11, 1851 in Warren Co., Pennsylvania. He was the son of Edmond Farnham and Eliza Crandall. His father was an Englishman who had left England as a young man and went to Holland where he had married a Dutch girl. He then brought her to America and settled in Connecticut where he became a logger. His parents died when Horace was quite young. The Farnham children were taken in by various family members or friends. Horace was taken in by a Quaker family.

As a young man, he worked in the oil fields of Pennsylvania and as a mate abroad a boat in Lake Erie. Then one day, while fooling around, he and friends, Joe Dawson and William M. Holmes, decided to spit on a cow chip, throw it in the air, and agreed that if it came up wet they would go to Texas to hunt buffalo and if it it came up dry they would go elsewhere. The chip landed with the wet side up, and as a result these close friends would soon find themselves hunting buffalo in the Texas panhandle.

With Wichita Falls as a base, they hunted buffalo in Hardman and Wilbarger Counties; and in the Cherokee Nation - Indian Territory (what is today Oklahoma). In those days, Wichita Falls was just a wide place in the road, with one store in the whole town. And Indian Territory was a land, not only of buffalo, but of the Cherokee, Kiowa and ten Comanche Tribes - sometimes friendly, but often times NOT! The Indians resented the white man's wholesale slaughter of buffalo just for hide, leaving the meat for waste.

In some of the Farnham newsletters, we have this narration written by Horace himself:

"In September, 1877, W. R. McCarty and W. E. Perciville and myself started from Denison, Texas on a buffalo hunt. On October 5, we camped on Paradise Creek in what is now Wilbarger County, after we had visited the Brown Ranch on Beaver Creek. We saw our first buffalo and crossed Pease River at Anetelope Springs. I killed my first buffalo that day. We crossed over REd River and went to a buffalo camp in the Indian Territory. . . Due to the sickness of one of the party, they returned to their home at Denison."

"In February 1878, I was back on Beaver Creek buffalo hunting. It was then I got acquainted with Alex Dawson and W. M. Holmes, who had bought a herd of hogs up from Clay county and were herding them on Beaver Creek. I bought a third interest in Dawson and Holmes' hogs and Dawson and I went down the mouth of Pease River and started to farm. Holmes ws left to look after the hogs. I plowed and Dawson commenced work on a dugout. . .We made a little corn and some millet and the first winter I put in my time hunting deer and antelope and poisoning wolves and shunks."

"I was living at Antelope Springs in the dugout that Dawson and I built, when Wilbarger county was organized. Settlers began to arrive as early as 1879 and 1880. . . "

It is here in Wilbarger County, Texas in 1880 that we find Horace, listed as H. J. Farnham, age 29. It was here that he would meet Jenny and they would be married April 4, 1882 in Vernon.


Texas Beginnings

After their marriage, the newlyweds homesteaded 160 acres at Antelope Springs near the Pease River. After the railroad came in, Horace and Jennied moved to Wichita Falls where Horace used his team and wagon working in a lumber yard, unloading lumber from freight cars. With the railroad, this was a new town springing up. Most of the land had been file don by this time and with lumber being shipped in, better homes were built - some were 'shed' rooms with a one slant roof; but others had regular hip roofs.

After two years at Wichita Falls, Horace and Jennie moved back to the dugout at Antelope Springs. Then they moved further west up Pease River on the Martin Kempf ranch and were located closer to Quannah, Texas. It was about this time that Horace ran for and was elected commissioner of Precint 1 in Hardeman and attached counties. He ran for Tax Assessor in September 1886 and was elected for his popularity with the 'the boys' and the promise of a barrel of apples for the school children.

Later Horace rented the Smith place, about one section on the east side of Foard County, Texas, 1/4 miles south of the Pease River; approximately the present site of Rayland, or east of the present town of Rayland. This was 18 miles west of Doans store, built on the Red River where the Texas Longhorn herds trailed across the river. Here Horace farmed wheat, corn and oats and ran a herd of East Texas cattle.

In the late summer or early fall of 1890, this couple gathered up their little ones and their belongings and moved to a two room adobe house in Silverton, Texas. This was before Briscoe County was orgnaized, and later when the residents gathered to organize the county, it was the Farnham home that they met. H. J. was elected the first treasurer of the newly-formed county. The family lived in Silverton for tweleve years and it was during their first year there that their son, Tom Watkins was born. In 1893, grasshoppers ate every crop except the pumpkins, and the family lived on pumpkins that whole winter - also fed the stock with pumpkins. The following fall, on October 9, 1849, another son, Jack McCarty was born and he was followed in 1897 by Irene Imogene and in 1900 by Gertrude Claudia.

The Farnahams can be found on the 1900 Briscoe County, Texas Census. He is shown to be 49 and she is shown to be 37. They are shown with eight children between the ages of 7 months and 16.

New Mexico - A New Life

In June 1902, the Farnhams pulled up stakes and moved to Bethel, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico, near Portales. They drove through with 30 head of horses and 300 head of cattle, recruited from young calves that couldn't keep up with the herds on cattle drives, and otherwise would have been slaughtered. The baby of the family, Georgia Alice, would be born about a year after the move to New Mexico.

In 1910, we find the family on the Roosevelt County, New Mexico Census, living outside of Portales. Horace is shown to be 59 and is a diary farmer while Mary E. is shown to be 47. They have 7 children listed with them and Jennie's nephew, Fred H. Boon, the s/o Sam H. Boon.

California - Starting Over and Life's End

The Farnhams remained in New Mexico until a post war depression hit in 1922, and the bottom fell out of the beef market. So in December of that year, Jenny loaded up the old family car and headed west for California. She took Irene, Jack and his wife and their little son, along with her.

They came into Southern California, and when they arrived in Corona, they found free camping and free water at the public park. The local fruit growers wanted people to help with the fruit, and were encouraging people to stay in the town. So now we have another pioneer mother trying to provide for her family. This time she is picking fruit in California instead of cotton in Texas.

A year later in December of 1923, Horace headed west along with Maude and her husband, Harley Thompson and their family. They met Jenny and the others in Corona and lived there four or five months before moving up to Porterville.

Now you must remember in 1922 and 1923, Horace and Jenny were not young by stanadards at that time. In 1922, Jenny was 59 years old and Horace was 71. The Farnhams lived the remainder of their lives there in Porterville and would look forward to the children and grandchildren and their visits.

Horace J. and Mary E. are listed alone on the 1930 Tulare County, California census, living in Porterville. He is 79 and occupation is listed as poultry farmer.

Horace James Farnham died there in Porterville on February 13, 1935 at the age of 83. Eugenia would live 12 more years - passing away on March 13, 1947. When she died, she had 35 grandhchildren and 43 great grandchildren.

Children - Horace James Farnham

  1. Oakley Holmes 'Okley' Farnham

    Oakley Farnham --b. November 27, 1883 Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., Texas
    --named after his father's long-time friend, William M. Holmes
    --d. February 9, 1964 Lubbock, Lubbock Co., Texas
    ----buried Portales Cemetery, Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
    --occupation was a rancher
    --never married

    Okley's Tombstone

  2. Maude Lillian Farnham

    Maude Lillian Farnham (1885-1965) - taken December 31, 1949 --b. March 5, 1885 Antelope Springs, Wilbarger Co., Texas
    --d. April 19, 1965 Llano, Los Angeles Co., California
    --m. Harland Elliott 'Harley' THOMPSON
    --December 6, 1903 Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
    ----b. September 18, 1870 Chetopa, Labette Co., Kansas
    ----d. February 2, 1939 Los Angeles, California
    -----s/o James Orville Thompson III and Emma Marcena JUSTICE
    -------gs/o Julius Augustus Thompson and Theodotia CONVERSE
    ---------gt gs/o James Thompson and Mary DEMING
    -----------2nd gt gs/o Abel Thompson and Ruth GRIDLEY
    -------------3rd gt gs/o James Thompson and Martha HOLCOMB
    -------------3rd gt gs/o John Gridley and Ruth LEE
    -----------2nd gt gs/o David Deming and Anne --
    -------------3rd gt gs/o Timothy Deming and Thankful RISLEY
    -------gs/o Elijah Justice and Elmira REASONER

    • 1900 Briscoe Co., Texas, Ed# 8 pct.1, pg 5B
      --enumerated June 9, 1900
    • 1910 Roosevelt Co., New Mexico, Precint 1, E side of Portales, P.O. Portales, Sheet 8A
      --enumerated May 1, 1910
    • 1920 Curry Co., New Mexico, St. Vrain, Ed #49, Pct 4, page 1 A
      --enumerated Feburary 11-12, 1920)

    Harley was manager of the Charter Davis Ranch - located about 3 miles northwest of Corona, California. He also helped build roads at Norco, was a mule-skinner, and drove a big case iron bug tractor.

    Children of Maude Lillian Farnham and Harland Elliott Thompson

      James Orville Thompson - s/o Maude Lillian (Boon)
    1. James Orville Thompson

      --b. December 14, 1904 eight miles west of Portales, New Mexico
      --d. January 22, 1971 Sawtelle, West Los Angeles, California
      ----buried Veterans Administration Cemetery, West Los Angeles, CA
      --m/1 Esther Lucille WALKER
      --August 1933 Los Angeles, California
      ----d. abt 1973 Germany
      --m/2 Mary Jane ENSER
      --January 1940 Los Angeles, California
      ----b. September 18, 1909
      --m/3 Cecili Billie FERGUSON
      --August 1949 Los Angeles, California
      ----b. April 21, 1918 Kenmey, Buffalo, Nebraska

    2. Odessa Lahoma (Thompson) Doughty

      --b. June 10, 1906 near Poratles, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
      --d. November 19, 1972 Reseda, Los Angeles, California
      --m. William E. DOUGHTY

    3. Harley Chris Thompson

      --b. Decmeber 25, 1907 near Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
      --d. August 31, 1977 San Bernardino Co., California
      ----buried Sunnyslope Cemetery, Corona, Riverside Co., CA
      --m/1 Ellen May 'Ella' WALL
      --February 1927 Los Angeles, California
      ----b. February 22, 1911 Corona, Riverside Co., California
      ----d. April 27, 1949 Chino, Pomona Co., California
      ------d/o Frank S. Wall and Mamie Ellinore PINE
      --m/2 Lillian 'Cookie' JOHNSON
      --after 1949

    4. Fred Harvey Thomspon

      --b. November 22, 1909 near Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
      --d. January 9, 1975 Fontana, San Bernardino Co., Callifornia
      ----buried Crestlawn Memorial Park, Riverside, CA
      --m. Leona Mae FISHER
      --March 2, 1931 Yuma, Arizona
      ----b. December 6, 1904 Brazil, Indiana
      ----d. December 25, 1991 Butte Co., California
      ------d/o William G. Fisher and Florine Sarathine CHEVALIER

    5. Horace James Thomspon

      --b. September 5, 1911 near Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
      --d. November 7, 1982 Alameda Co., California
      --m/1 Darlene T. COOPER
      --abt 1932
      --m/2 Mary Jane ENSOR
      --December 1957 Los Angeles, California

    6. Charles Oakley Thompson

      --b. April 30, 1917 Bethel, New Mexico
      --d. unknown
      --m. Leila M. BALDWIN
      --abt 1943
      ----b. February 2, 1920 Fredrick, South Dakota
      ------d/o Robert M. Baldwin

      Rupert Farnham Thompson - s/o Maude Lillian (Boon)

    7. Rupert Farnham 'Rudy' Thompson

      --b. July 20, 1920 St. Vrain, New Mexico
      --d. January 26, 1994 Los Angeles, California
      --m. Dorothy Ruth 'Babs' FARNUM
      --December 31, 1949 San Francisco, California
      ----b. July 1, 1924 Manhattan, New York
      ------d/o Victor George Farnum and Helen Frances (GUDARTIS) FLYNN
      --------gd/o George Gudartis and Mary PERLYS

      Rudy was in the U. S. Army Air Corps from 1943 to 1945 during World War II. He servered as an aerial gunner on both the B-17's and B-24's with the 739th Bomb Squandron, 454th Bomb Group of the 5th Air Force.

      Rudy was a licensed real estate brokes.

      He took up the task of organizing and collecting the family information, genealogy, after the death of Jack McKarty Farnham in 1974. He also took charge of organizing the family reunion at Corona, California every summer.

    8. Forest Wilmott Thompson

      --b. May 11, 1924 Corona, Riverside Co., California
      --m. Katherine FLETCHER

    Louis Thomas, Beulah (Boon) and son, Okley Lee Burns

  3. Beulah Lee Farnham

    --b. December 20, 1886 Antelope Springs, Wilbarger Co., Texas
    --d. February 22, 1964 Redlands, San Bernardino Co., California
    --m/1 Luther Lee 'Joe' BURNS
    --1907 Portales, Roosevelet Co., New Mexico
    ----b. August 2, 1881 Mississippi
    ----d. Janaury 1918 Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
    ------s/o N. B. Burns and Florence --
    --m/2 Louis E. THOMAS
    --m. October 8, 1922 Purdy, Oklahoma
    ----b. July 14, 1891 Purdy, Oklahoma
    ----d. Janaury 21, 1958 Riverside, California

    Picture: Louis Thomas, Beulah (Boon) and son, Okley Lee Burns

    • 1900 Briscoe Co., Texas, Ed# 8 pct.1, pg 5B
      --enumerated June 9, 1900
    • 1910 Roosevelt Co., New Mexico Territory, Hobson Ave. Portales, ED#171 pct.1 pg5B
      --enumerated April 21, 1920
    • 1920 Riverside Co.,CA, Pct 1, ED#73,, page 6A, #132-163
      --enumerated April 8, 1930

    Children of Beulah Lee Farnhamm and Luther Lee 'Joe' Burns

    1. Okley Lee Burns

      --b. April 8, 1908 Mt. Park, Oklahoma
      --d. November 30, 1992 Pflugerville, Travis Co., Texas
      --m. Lillie GLIMP
      --abt 1930 probably Riverside Co., California
      ----b. July 4, 1908 Oklahoma
      ----d. October 15, 1989 Shasta Co., California

    2. Vera Laurana (Burns) Hacker

      --b. April 11, 1909 Oleatia, Oklahoma
      --m. Alton Ervin HACKER
      --September 1928
      ----b. April 21, 1909 Buffalo Gap, Texas
      ----d. October 1986 Santa Ana, Orange Co., California

    3. Lewis James Burns

      --b. August 25, 1911 Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
      --d. August 17, 1945 San Bernardino Co., California
      --m. Jeroldine 'Jerry' ?

    4. Samuel Clinton 'Clint' Burns

      --b. February 19, 1912 Childress, Texas
      --d. December 1986 Hollister, San Benito Co., California

    5. Eugenia Florence (Burns) Shockley Pritchett

      --b. March 28, 1913 Wilbarger Co., Texas
      --d. March 26, 1993 Riverside Co., California
      --m/1 Chester SHOCKLEY
      --abt 1930 probably Yuma, Arizona
      --m/2 Ivan PRITCHETT
      ----b. ---
      ----d. 1965

    6. Callie Mae (Burns)Channel

      --b. May 2, 1914 Rayland, Wilbarger Co., Texas
      --d. May 12, 1980 Corona, Riverside Co., California
      --m. Gene Calvin CHANNEL
      ----b. July 22, 1904 Texas
      ----d. August 14, 1988 Riverside Co., California

    7. Marteenia Elizabeth (Burns) Riddle

      --b. December 17, 1915 Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
      --d. May 31, 1991 San Bernardino Co., California
      --m. Eugene Forrest 'Gene' RIDDLE
      --abt 1931
      ----b. June 20, 1906 Missouri
      ----d. January 8, 1992 San Bernardino Co., California

  4. Jessie Laurana 'Dink' Farnham

    --b. April 13, 1889 Antelope Springs, Wilbarger Co., Texas
    --d. July 1981 Carlsbad, Eddy Co., New Mexico
    --m. Joseph Cleveland LANG
    --June 21, 1916 Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
    ----b. November 16, 1892 Lubbock, Texas
    ----d. November 1969
    ------s/o Joseph Lang and Mary Elizabeth COOKSEY
    --------gs/o William Lang and Martha KING
    --------gs/o Samuel Cooksey and Katherine WEBSTER

    • 1900 Briscoe Co., Texas, Ed# 8 pct.1, pg 5B
      --enumerated June 9, 1900
    • 1910 Roosevelt Co., New Mexico, outside of Portales, ED#170 pct.1 pg.10B
      --enumerated May 7, 1910
    • 1920 Dallam Co., Texas, Conley, ED #47, Pct 3, page 1B, #14-15
      --enumerated February 2-4, 1920
    • 1930 Dallas Co., Texas, Dalhart, ED#4, page 3B, #61-7
      --enumerated April 4, 1930

    Children of Jessie Laurana 'Dink' Farnham and Joseph Cleveland Lang

    1. Mary June (Lang) Wallace

      --b. June 21, 1916 Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
      --m. Lee WALLACE
      --August 1946

    2. Joseph Wilson 'Buzz' Lang

      --b. June 18, 1917 Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
      --m. Audrey Mae ROSS

  5. Thomas Watkins Farnham

    --b. October 28, 1891 Antelope Springs, Wilbarger Co., Texas
    --d. December 25, 1960 San Diego, California
    --m. Lola Mabel SMITH
    --1914 Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
    ----b. March 23, 1896 Texas
    ----d. November 26, 1956 San Diego, Calfornia
    ------d/o George Smith
    --------gd/o Rev. St. Clair Smith

    Tom Farnham with wife, Lola (Smith)

    • 1900 Briscoe Co., Texas, Ed# 8 pct.1, pg 5B -enumerated June 9, 1900
    • 1910 Roosevelt Co., New Mexico, outside of Portales, ED#170 pct.1 pg.10B -enumerated May 7, 1910
    • 1930 San Diego Co., CA, Oceanside, ED#22, page 9A, #233-249 -enumerated April 12, 1930

    Children of Thomas Watkins Farnham and Lola Mabel Smith

    1. Fern Billie (Farnham) Machado Ham

      --b. April 20, 1915 Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
      --d. August 4, 1988 Sonoma Co., California
      --m/1 Peter Bennett MACHADO
      --September 29, 1929 San Diego, California
      ----b. June 11, 1905 Vista, California
      ----d. September 4, 1943 California
      --m/2 Roy H. HAM
      --May 10, 1971 Carson City, Nevada

    2. Thomas Watkins 'Buzz' Farnham

      --b. July 5, 1918 probably Hale Co., Texas
      --d. June 10, 1972 Houston, Harris Co., Texas
      --m. Pearl Frances BURNS
      --November 30, 1939 Coeury Alene, Idaho
      ----b. February 4, 1923 Kalispell, Montana

    3. Georgia Blanche Farnham

      --b. April 21, 1923 New Mexico

    4. James Pickens Farnham

      --b. April 4, 1928 Coldwater, Arizona
      --d. January 31, 1987 Dallas Co., Texas
      --m. Freida Maxine LIKE
      ----b. May 18, 1931 King Co., Texas
      ----d. October 31, 2005 Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas
      ------buried Wesley Chapel Cemetary, Bluff Dale, Erath, TX
      ------d/o Fred Granville Like and Maxine HUCKLEBY

    Frank Lamons - s/o Jack McCarty Farnham

  6. Jack McCarty Farnham

    --b. October 9, 1894 Silverton, Briscoe Co., Texas
    --d. August 18, 1974 Corona, Riverside, California
    --m. Stella WEBB
    --Octobe 4, 1920 Arnett, Ellis Co., Oklahoma
    ----b. September 13, 1905 Marble Falls, Texas
    ----d. ?
    ------d/o Gordon Granger Webb and Mary Leah 'Molly' ?

    Jack M. Farnham (right)

    • 1900 Briscoe Co., Texas, Ed# 8 pct.1, pg 5B
      --enumerated June 9, 1900
    • 1910 Roosevelt Co., New Mexico, outside of Portales, ED#170 pct.1 pg.10B
      --enumerated May 7, 1910
    • 1920 Curry Co., New Mexico, ED#46 Clovis City, ward of city #2 pg.4A
      --enumerated June 6, 1920

    Children of Jack McCarty Farnham and Stella Webb

    1. Jack Pershing Farnham

      --b. April 2, 1922 near Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
      --m. Joyce Maureen EVANS
      --Novmeber 17, 1939 Phoenix, Arizona
      ----b. September 9, 1924 Blythe, California
      ----d. March 24, 2002

    2. Dustin Theodore Farnham

      --b. August 1924 probably Porterville, Tulare Co., California
      --d. January 12, 1925 Clovis, New Mexico (while visiting)

    3. Kathryn Christina (Farnham) Renfro Foreman

      --b. November 29, 1925 probably Porterville, Tulare Co., California
      --d. August 2, 1996 Riverside Co., California
      --m. Eugene Lloyd RENFRO
      --1942 California
      ----b. January 7, 1925
      ----d. November 16, 1957 Los Angeles Co., California

    4. James Newton Farnham

      --details withheld

    5. Thelma Irene Farnham

      --details withheld

    6. Alice Fae Farnham

      --details withheld

  7. Irene Imogene Farnham

    --b. March 29, 1897 Silverton, Briscoe Co., Texas
    --d. October 24, 1979 San Bernardino Co., CA
    ----buried San Gorgonio Memorial Park, Banning, Riverside Co., CA
    --m. Overton Oliver LAMONS
    --October 11, 1923 Banning, Riverside Co., California
    ----b. May 15, 1895 Hall Co., Missouri
    ----d. January 14, 1954 Banning, Riverside Co., CA
    ------buried San Gorgonio Memorial Park, Banning, Riverside Co., CA
    ------s/o George Silas Lamons and Lavisia Mary Jane COX

    • 1900 Briscoe Co., Texas, Ed# 8 pct.1, pg 5B
      --enumerated June 9, 1900
    • 1910 Roosevelt Co., New Mexico, outside of Portales, ED#170 pct.1 pg.10B
      --enumerated May 7, 1910
    • 1930 Riverside Co., CA, Banning, ED#65, page 1A, #6-5
      --enumerated April 3, 1930

    Irene and Oliver's tombstone

    Children of Irene Imogene Farnham and Overton Oliver Lamons

    1. Frank Flamons Lamons

      Frank Lamons - s/o Irene (Boon) Lamons --b. April 21, 1924 Indio, Coachella Valley, California
      --d. March 28, 1986 San Bernardino Co., California
      --m/1 Marlene ---
      --m/2 Kathleen J. CHRISTENSEN
      --April 2, 1947 Redlands, California
      ----details withheld
      --m/3 Perrie Ann HOKE
      --July 2, 1970 Redlands, California
      ----details withheld

      Frank Flamons Lamons, U. S. Marine (right)

    2. Velma Vivian Lamons

      --b. April 21, 1924 Indio, Coachella Valley, California
      --d. before April 1930 Indio, Coachella Valley, California

    3. Viola Jane (Lamons) Culver

      --details withheld

    4. George Wallas Lamons

      --b. December 22, 1927 Corona, Riverside Co., California
      --d. October 24, 2000 Rancho Mirage, Riverside Co., California
      --m/1 Charmaine HUTCHINSON
      --m/2 Patsy R. GRAMLCH
      --m/3 Mary Margot JOHNSON
      --August 14, 1959 Cathederal City, California
      ----details withheld

    5. John William Lamons

      --details withheld

    6. Iris Lee (Lamons) Sanford Worley

      --details withheld

    7. Irma Irene (Lamons) Tracy Tapia Sanford

      --details withheld

  8. Gertrude Claudia Farnham

    --b. November 3, 1899 Silverton, Briscoe Co., Texas
    --d. September 2, 1991 Orange Co., California
    --m/1 Davis Forrest McKOWN
    --November 2, 1915 Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
    ----s/o David McKown
    --m/2 John 'Jack' TURNEY
    --m/3 John PICCOLO
    --before 1952
    ----s/o Frank Piccolo and Carmella --

    • 1900 Briscoe Co., Texas, Ed# 8 pct.1, pg 5B
      --enumerated June 9, 1900
    • 1910 Roosevelt Co., New Mexico, outside of Portales, ED#170 pct.1 pg.10B
      --enumerated May 7, 1910
    • 1920 Curry Co., New Mexico, ED#46 Clovis City, ward of city #2 pg.4A
      --enumerated June 6, 1920
    • 1930 Riverside Co., CA, Temescal, ED#78, Pct 6, page 8A
      --enumerated April 9, 1930

    Children of Gertrude Claudia Farnham and David Forest McKown

    1. Winnifae McKown

      --b. April 30, 1917 Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
      --d. January 9, 1943 Los Angeles Co., New Mexico

    2. Nelda Gertrude McKown

      --details withheld
      --m. Frank Anthony ZARATE
      ----b. March 26, 1920 San Pedro, California
      ----d. November 17, 1981 Los Angeles Co., California

      Children of Gertrude Claudia Farnham and John Piccolo

    3. Camella (Piccolo)

      --details withheld

    4. Sharon (Piccolo)

      --details withheld

  9. Georgia Alice Farnham

    --b. March 1, 1903 Bethel, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
    --d. September 2, 1991 Orange Co., New Mexico
    --m/1 ED Wilmott JONES
    --November 3, 1920 Portales, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico
    ----d. June 9, 1929
    ------s/o Bereaugard Jones and Miss LEE
    --m/2 Clifford Ethen CHILCOTT
    ----b. November 15, 1905 Oklahoma
    ----d. January 10, 1951 San Bernardino Co., California
    ------s/o Perry Chilcott and Phoebe --
    ----d. January 10, 1951 San Bernardino Co., California
    ------s/o Perry Chilcott

    • 1910 Roosevelt Co., New Mexico, outside of Portales, ED#170 pct.1 pg.10B

    Children of Georgia Alice Farnham and Ed Wilmott Jones

      Georgia Lee Jones - d/o Georgia Alice (Farnham) Jones
    1. Georgia Lee (Jones) Barnard Ashabran

      --b. August 7, 1922 Truth of Consequences, New Mexico
      --d. August 15, 1997 Placer Co., California
      --m/1 Gordon BARNARD
      --abt 1942
      --m/2 John Richard ASHABRAN
      --abt 1948

      Georgie Lee (Jones) - Telephone Operator

    2. Ed Durwood Jones

      --details withheld

      Children of Georgia Alice Farnham and Clifford Ethen Chilcott

    3. Nadine Marie Chilcott

      --b. January 6, 1933 Porterville, Tulare Co., California
      --d. October 17, 1937 Porterville, Tulare Co., California

    4. Neldafae (Chilcott) Welch

      --details withheld


If you have any old pictures, stories, documents for any of the children or grandchildren of Eugenia (Boon) Farnham which you wold like to contribute for your ancestor's page in their memory, I would be more than happy to add!

Warmest gratitude and my appreciation to any who have contibuted any information, pictures, etc. for Jenny's family.

Boon Gedcom

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