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The Aucott Family
  This Aucott family line descends from James Aucott born in Earl Of Shilton, Leicestershire, England in 1781.

James Aucott (1781 - 1836)

Samuel Aucott (1815 - 1889)

Nathaniel Kind Aucott (1852 - 1933)

Rodman Wanamaker Aucott (1900 - 1981)


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James Aucott

James Aucott, a frameknitter in the Earl of Shilton, near Leicester, England was born in 1781. Frameknitting (stocking or hosiery production) was a growing cottage industry at the time and the Leicester area became a center of this industry. James married Ann Frith on March 29, 1802 in Stoke Golding, England. Ann, the daughter of Samuel Frith and his second wife (also named Ann), was born in 1781 and died in 1824. James died 12 years later on June 28, 1836 in Stoke Golding, England.

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Samuel Aucott

Samuel Aucott was a son of James and Ann (Frith) Aucott. Samuel married Lucy (Kind) on April 10,1836. Samuel and Lucy were both born in 1815 in England, and Samuel died in January of 1889. Samuel produced stockings by trade as a framework knitter following the trade of his father.

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Nathaniel Kind Aucott

Nathaniel Kind Aucott was born in 1852. He was one of seven brothers that took part in a Germantown, PA painting business in the 1870s called the "Aucott 7 Brothers." The six other brothers that made up the painting business were Aaron, Andrew, Ruben, Alfred, Josiah, and Albert. Nathaniel also had three sisters who were named Louise, Adeline, and Selina. A family anecdote that was passed on to my by Nathaniel K. Aucott's grandson recounts that the elderly and nearly blind man was sitting on his front porch steps of his Long Beach, California home when an earthquake struck on March 10,1933, literally scaring him to death, where he suffered a massive heart attach, which was fatal. Nathaniel Kind Aucott and Elizabeth Hodges were married in Germantown, PA on March 24, 1883.

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Rodman Wanamaker Aucott

Rodman Wanamaker Aucott born in Philadelphia, PA on July 5, 1900. On June 21, 1921 Rod Aucott and Florence Baugh walked down the isle together in a church in Pasadena, California. Rod an auditor for Texaco Oil Co. died in 1981. Florence Baugh was born in 1896 or 1897 on January 23. She died sometime before 1979. Rodman and Florence were the parents of two sons both still living today. Rodman Aucott was one of five children born to Nathaniel Kind Aucott his wife Elizabeth Hodges. Rodman's four siblings were Francis H. Aucott (1883 -1887), Walter Allen Aucott (1884 -1946), Edgar Aucott (1888 - 1970), and Florence H. Aucott (1890 - 1968).

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