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Anjou Coat of Arms Anjou Coat of Arms A Grandchild's Heritage
The Anjou Line

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Lineage =
Anjou -> Plantagenet -> Clare -> Meschin -> Mainwaring -> Audley -> Stafford -> Ferrers ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

Other lines directly linked to Anjou through their wives are Gatinais & Charlemagne

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The Anjou Line
Generation No. 1

Torquat of Rennes (TORTULFE) 0800 - ____ [S790]

The Anjou Line
Generation No. 2

Tertulle "The Breton" Seneschal of the Gastinais Count of Anjou 0821 - ____ [S790] [S1945]

He married Petronilla ____ - ____ [S790] [S1945]
dau of Conrad Count of Paris (?dau of Hugo 'le Abbe'? illeg. son of Charlemagne)

The Anjou Line
Generation No. 3

Ingelger Count of Anjou Viscount of Orleans (Ingelgerius) 0845 - 888 [rt1,5,6][S790] [S1945]

He married Adele of Gatinais Aka: AELINDE (ROSCINDA) de AMBROISE; Adelaide (of Gastinais); Adelais; Recinde d'Ambroise;
A niece of Abelard(Adalhard), Archbishop of Tours 0844 - ____ [S790] [S1945] B&B LINK

NOTE: Adele is the great aunt of Gerberga (below). She is the sister of Gerberga’s paternal grandfather.

The Anjou Line
Generation No. 4

Count FULK I
Fulk I "The Red" Count de Anjou, Vcte of Tours 909-942,
Ct of Nantes 908-919, Vicomte of Angers, Aka: Foulques "le Roux" ;
[rt1,5,6][S790] [S1945] - LINK
b c865/0888
d 0942

He married <5 Jul 0905 Roscilla de Loches Aka: Roscille Abt 870/c874/0878 - bef 5 Jul 905
[HS] [S790] [S1945] - LINK
dau of Garnier Signeur de Loches (Werner/Warnerius) 0844 - ____ & Toscanda [Stuart's "Royalty for Commoners," (167:37)]

The Anjou Line
Generation No. 5

 ANJOU Coat of Arms
Fulk II "The Good" Count of Anjou Aka: Foulques II "le Bon", Count of Anjou; [rt9;118-20][rt1,5,6][S790] [S1945] [S2016]
b 0909, Anjou, France
d 11 Nov 0958, Tours, France

He married 2 Mar 0929 Gerberga de Gatinais of Maine Aka: Gerbage Du Maine; Gerberga of Gatinais; 0913 - Aft 952/0958 [rt9;118-20][S790] [S2016] B&B LINK
BIRTH: 0913, Maine, France

NOTE: Foulques II married his grandmother’s great niece

Roscille D'Anjou
b c0904 Anjou, France

She married Alain 'Barbetorte' Comte De Bretagne
b c0900 Bretagne, France
d 0952

The Anjou Line
Generation No. 6

Count de ANJOU Coat of Arms
Geoffrey I 'Grisegonde' Count of Anjou Aka: Geoffrey I "Grisegonnel"(Greygown, Greymantle); Gauzfred; [rt9;118-20][rt1,5,6][S790] [S2016]
b ABT 0938/c940 Anjou, France
killed in battle 21 JUL 987

He married Adelaide de Vermandois Countess of Anjou Aka: Adela de Meaux; ADELAIS [rt9;118-20][S790] [S2016] B&B LINK
b 950
MARRIAGE: Mar 979[rt1]
d aft 6 Mar 974/c974-987

The Anjou Line
Generation No. 7

Siblings Foulques III & Ermengarde are both ancestors.

Count de ANJOU Coat of Arms
Fulk III "Le Noir" Count of Anjou Aka: Foulques III "Le Noir", Count of Anjou; Foulques III Nerra; 21 Jun 0967 - bet 21 May & 22 Jun 1040/21 JUN 1040 [rt9;118-21][rt1,5,6][S590] [S2016]
b 21 Jun 0967, Anjou, France
d bet 21 May & 22 Jun 1040, Anjou, France

m (2) 1000, Anjou, France

Hildegarde of Metz ABT 0964 - 1 Apr 1046 [rt9;118-21][S590] [S2016]
b c0964, Anjou, France
d 1 Apr 1040/1046, Jerusalem, Palestine

Ermengarde of Anjou [rt9;39-21;121-21][S695] B&B LINK
b c952
d >982

m 980

Conan I 'le Tort'"The Crooked" Count of Rennes Duke of Brittany c970-990
[rt5,6][rt9;39-21;121-21][S695] [S790]
b 927
d 27 Jun 992 killed

The Anjou Line
Generation No. 8

Ermengarde of Anjou 1018 - 21 Mar 1076 [rt9;118-22][rt6][S590] [S2016] B&B LINK
b 1018, Anjou, France
m ABT 1035
d 21 Mar 1076, Anjou, France

m (2) c1035

Aubri-Geoffrey II "Ferreol" Count of Gatinais
[rt9;118-22][rt6][S590] [S2016]
Count Of The Gatinais, 1034-1043
b ABT 1000, Chateau Landon, Seine-Et-Mame, France
d 1 Apr 1046, Anjou, France

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