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Phillips, Miller, Turner, Nelson, Willis, Mueller, Sutter, Hanning, Anderson

The following are family branches that I would very much like to know more about but have not gotten very far with

PHILLIPS: Richard Barker married Ruth Abigail Phillips in Brighton Parish, New Brunswick. Rough dates on Ruth's birth and death: 1814 & 1864

MILLER: William Nelson Jr. married Elizabeth Miller. And that's all I know about her.

TURNER & ANDERSON: John Nelson married Nellie Turner on 12 Nov 1904. Nellie was born in 1885 & died in 1936. Nellie was dropped off to Adelia &Havalock Anderson's house when she was 2-3 years old and her mother never came back for her. She was raised as an Anderson. She may have had 2 brothers, one of which was named Eldon. I would like to know about both the biological & adopted parents. I have quite a bit of information on Adelia's lineage. I know Henry Havelock's parents were James & Ann. On the biological side, I know Nellie's parents were James Turner and Hannah Anderson.

NELSON: There is the rumor in family tradition that the Nelsons may have come from Ireland, possibly in William Sr.'s generation. William Sr. was born in 1795. He and his wife Ann Burtt had 8 children in Tracy Mills, Wakefield Parish, New Brunswick: Thomas, Elijah, William Jr., Darius, Elizabeth, Frederick, Isaac & Henrietta. I have quite a bit of information from William Sr. on down, but would very much like to either locate a record of William's immigration or find out who his forefathers were before creating a separate page for the Nelsons. This may require a trip this summer to Tracy Mills, which seemed to be the hotspot of Nelson proliferation. WILLIS: James Burr Schriver married Maria Amelia Willis on 26 November 1816. Maria was born 9 July 1794. They resided in Brighton Parish, Carleton County, New Brunswick.

MUELLER: My grandfather, Milton Mueller, was a WWII pilot stationed in Presque Isle, Aroostook County, Maine. He and my grandmother, Maxine Sutter, married but soon after the birth of my mother, he returned to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. As my mother was born in the dead of winter, perhaps this had some influence: -30 with 5' of blowing snow isn't for everyone! I know very little about my grandfather's family. I know his parents were Alton & Hulda Mueller. My Mother thinks that Hulda's maiden name was Theile. Alton was at some point in his life orphaned. It is also my understanding that Alton's parents immigrated from Germany. Through email conversations with several Muellers connected to Cyndi's Lists, the story of my line of Muellers is echoed in theirs. Many of the folks knew only two or three generations back beyond themselves and related stories of immigration from Germany and subsequent widespread dispersal throughout the central Midwest and Missouri in particular. This line of folks are a long ways from me; many of my Father's ancestors are within a days drive and going to a town hall to look at records is not an earth shattering chore. Although it would be wonderful to visit with family from my grandfather's second marriage, traveling to Missouri is another story altogether!! I would very much like to know more about these folks, particularly because there is such a physical distance between here and there.

SUTTER/SUITTER:My great-grandfather, William Suitter, was born to Lydia Hartin and John Suitter. Lydia had been previously married and divorced from Charles Tidd. She had 3 other older/grown children from that marriage. John Suitter was a much older man at the time of their marriage. John had been married 3 other times & possibly had children by all 3. He was a Civil war vet, but the questionnaire he returned about such matters are a mix of illegible and confusing - they seem to contain the same names, but different dates and wives!

MacDONALD: There is sort of a family rumor (one of those ones everyone knows but no one says) that William really wasn't John's son. The going theory holds that Charles Tidd left Lydia for a number of years. Lydia moved on thinking that she would never again see Charles Tidd. She possibly took up with a Thomas McDonald, who had every intention to marry her. Unfortunately, Charles showed back up & there was quite a scene. Thomas went back to Canada, Charles left for good & a pregnant Lydia married a willing, elderly provider.

FLEWELLING: Benjamin Crandlemire married Drusilla Flewelling. Drusilla was born in Bridgewater. In the 1860 census, she and her father, Archibald, are shown in Henry Rideout household. Archibald is listed as a farm laborer. There is no mention of a wife/mother. Drusilla, at the time, was 4 years old and Archibald 36. There is a rumor that Archibald was married twice and that Drusilla's mother was Caroline Corey. I don't know if Archibald was married or what the fate of the mother was.

HANNING: William Sutter married Grace Hanning (b. 1896). The woman who raised my Mother & whose name I carry as my middle name. Grace was one of 7 children (Harry, Walter, Grace, Fred, Nellie, Eva & Cecil) born to Benjamin Crandelmire Hanning and Charlotte Elizabeth MacDonald. There is a record for Nellie Elizabeth's birth on 9 December 1899 listing Benjamin F. and Charlotte E. as living in Cloverdale, Carleton County, New Brunswick. Benjamin F. (Hanning) was born to Benjamin Crandlemire & Drucesilla Flewelling on 22 April 1876 in Bloomfield, New Brunswick. There is also a PANB record of the birth of a sister, Nellie M., on the 14th of November 1881 in Brookville, Carleton County, New Brunswick. For reasons unknown (although Ben was the first of 13, so maybe the reason is known), Benjamin Jr. was fostered out to Elijah and Maggie Hanning who raised him and whose name he took. I would like to know more about the Hannings. I have some information on Elijah including his Civil War information and census records showing his family in Monticello (Stephen and Hannah Hanning - 1860 census)