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My Relatives & Maybe Yours!

Hello! Welcome to my family. The purpose of this web page posting is to learn. Hopefully, both you & I will benefit from this page being here by finding more interconnectign branches and information about our shared family. Moreover, I hope that we can understand where we came from and the situations usrrounding our ancestors. Maybe understanding where we came from will help us appreciate where we are now. The vast majority of my family hails from the Province of New Brunswick. Many were of Loyalist leaning & kicked out of the U.S during the Revolutionary War. Over a couple hundred years, we have begun to infiltrate back into the U.S. via the State of Maine. Many of my lines are currently in the Bridgewater, Monticello, Houlton area of Aroostook County, Maine as well as the Carleton County area of New Brunswick. There are a few oddballs thrown here & there though! When I posted this in March of 2000, I never imagined that I would receive so many wonderful emails! I have been amazed by the number of people visiting the site and the emails that I have recieved from very long-lost relatives!! Without those emails, questions, corrections & stories, there wouldn't be a lot of change from what I already had. You are welcome to use my information if it is helpful to you - it was all given to me freely & I give it to you freely. There are approximatley 2,600+ individuals listed within the pages & I admit that I am sloppy in citing my sources. If you are particularly interested in where I got something from, let me know & I'll dig it up for you. If you see any mistakes I have made, please let me know. If you're a relative passing through, please feel free to drop me an email to let me know you're out there! Enjoy! Amanda Barker

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