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This site is dedicated to the descendants of Celtic Royal lineage and satellite families. Acknowledgements for contributions of lineage details to Peter C. Bartrum, Pearl Paulina Brewis, nee Beaumont-Thomas, Brian Borneman, Duke of Beaufort and his archivists, John Burgess, Jocelyn Davies A.M., John Davies, John Dixon, J W Flank, Gwynfor Evans M.P., Janet Hearle, Robert Protheroe-Jones, James Loveluck, Steve McLaughlin, Mary Mosbaugh, John Cowper Powys, Kris Riera, Robert Sterry, Paul Beaumont-Thomas, Elizabeth Anne Spence-Thomas, Hubert Spence-Thomas who initiated the research recorded at The College of Arms, Patrick Spence-Thomas, Rhoda Treherne-Thomas, Dr. John D. Thomas, Noel David Jeffries Turner, Doris Margaret Turner-Thomas, David Wainwright, Dr. Phil Williams A.M. and many other unnamed genealogists and writers without whom this project would not be possible.

Acknowledgements for assistance with research (not in order of precedence) to Glamorgan, Gwent, Carmarthen, Swansea and Gloucester Archives; National Library of Wales; Newport Reference Library; Cardiff Law Centre; Cardiff Reference Library; Companies House, Caerdydd; Ministry of Defence; The Allied Special Forces Association; Royal Courts of Justice, Chancery Division; British Steel, Shotton; Duke of Beaufort and his archivist; members of The Royal Household and St James’s Palace; Bank of England; Public Records Office, Kew; House of Lords; The College of Arms; H.M. Land Registry; The Law Society; Cardiff University; University of Glamorgan; University of Wales, Newport


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