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Welcome to the Ontario Donnelly Family Pages.

This page contains links to Family Tree pages for various Donnelly families that settled in Ontario during the 1800s. These family trees have been:

  1. Assembled using available public domain information, including BMDs, obituaries, bulletin boards and Website information.
  2. Submitted by other Donnelly researchers who have been generous enough to share their material.
The objective of this page is to collate the available genealogical data in order to be able to trace common origins back to the "Old Country", migration patterns, and ultimately, common ancestries.

No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of these trees. However, as far as possible, the vital statistics events in these trees have been linked to the relevant BMD information in the Ontario Vital Statistics project.

Family Tree pages currently available online, or under construction, include:

James Donnelly, Sr. (~1778 - 1866)
Origin: Ashfield, Co. Cavan, Ulster (Church of England)
Settled: Smith Township, Peterborough Co., 1824
(Compiled by Adrian Donley)

James Donnelly (~1792 - 1877)
Origin: Ballyclog, Co. Tyrone, Ulster (Presbyterian)
Settled: Brant Co., 1850
(Submitted by Sandra Dosser)

Patrick Donnelly (1802 - 1856)
Origin: Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Ulster (Catholic)
Settled: Mara Township, Ontario Co., mid-1830s
(Submitted by Maureen Anderson)

Henry Donnelly (~1782 - 1885)
Origin: Ireland (Presbyterian)
Family settled: Osnabruck Township, Stormont Co., late-1830s
(Submitted by Joan Donnelly Ellis)

George Donnelly Sr. (~1817 - 1877)
Origin: Co. Cavan, Ulster (Church of England)
Settled: Cavan Township, Durham Co., early-1840s
[Probably related to James Donnelly Sr. family]
(Researcher: Glenn Donnelly)

John Donnelly (~1814 - ~1900)
Origin: Unknown, Ireland (Episcopalian)
Settled: Bentinck Township, Grey Co., abt. 1855
[Related to George Donnelly Sr. family by marriage]
(Researchers: Carol Noyes, Patrick Burns)

Owen Donnelly (~1768 - bef. 1847)
Origin: Co. Armagh, Ireland (Catholic)
Settled: Nth. Burgess Township, Lanark Co., abt. 1840
(Researchers: Michael Donnelly, Emerson McCallum)

John Donnelly (~1836 - 1906)
Origin: Co. Armagh, Ireland (Catholic)
Settled: Burgess Township, Lanark Co., unknown
(Researcher: Brad McGirr)

Andrew Donnelly (~1791 - unknown)
Origin: Co. Armagh, Ulster, Ireland (Methodist)
Family settled: Holland Township, Grey Co., ~1840s
[Family members subsequently settled in High Bluff, Manitoba]
(Submitted by Kay Polmark)

Richard Donnelly (~1800 - ~1850)
Origin: Co. Wexford, Leinster, Ireland (Catholic)
Family settled: Greenock Township, Bruce Co., ~1850s
(Researchers: Judy Krieger, Marian From Arkansas)

William B. Donnelly (~1813 - bef. 1901)
Origin: Ireland (Catholic)
Settled: Plympton Township, Lambton Co., bef. 1839
(Submitted by Vicki Reynolds Mazur)

James Donnelly (1817 - unknown)
Origin: Co. Carlow, Leinster, Ireland (Catholic)
Family settled: Hibbert Township, Perth Co., ~1840s
(Submitted by Susanne Todd, Jim Martin)

Check back from time to time, as more lists are added.

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