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A bit of background on my research...

I have been working on my family tree since 1998 when I visited the Ontario Archives in search of information about my Great Grandfather Thomas Powley Addison. I was interested in Thomas Powley because, as far as I knew at the time, he was the first Addison in my line to come to Canada. I was also interested in finding out the cause of his death, which at the age of 38 in 1915, seemed rather untimely.  At the Archives I discovered a record of his death which provided the first clue that I needed to start the search for my Addison family roots - the names of his mother and father.  From there I began to search the internet for more information. Within a few months and after making some key connections to other researchers, links to early UK Census material and with assistance from the Kendal Registery in the UK, I had pieced together Thomas Powley's family and reached back several generations.  There were several major breakthroughs along the way.  One of the first was to meet a fellow researcher with family connections who was a direct descendant of Reverend Robert Addison, mentioned above. She provided me with a trove of information on her line as well as confirmation of my own research.  I also found many other members of the family also interested in the family tree and was able with their assistance to add new lines to the family tree to a point where the tree now includes over 350 Addisons and their families in nine generations stretching back to 1646. 

One of the more interesting coincidences that I discovered in the family tree was that the doctor, William Thornton Addison, who performed the autopsy on my grandfather Thomas Powley was in fact a distant relative of Thomas Powley.  His handwritten letter, releasing Thomas Powley's body to the undertaker, was included in the medical records that I had obtained from the Ontario Archives several years earlier.   I also solved the riddle of the Reverend Peter Addison, who I knew had to be a family member, because of his birth in 1832 in Westmorland.  Early in my research I had read a newspaper article written about Peter and his Methodist ministry, which he conducted in southern Ontario on horseback in the late 1800s, however I could not establish a definitive link to him.  After several years of digging I came into contact with his descendants (living in Ontario) who advised that Peter was the father of William Thornton Addison and that his father was an older brother to Thomas Powley's grandfather.  Thus another line of Addisons from Westmorland to Canada and another 50 or so Addisons to the family tree!