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Adcock Family Heritage of B. Moreland

This is dedicated to the memory of, my Father and my Mother
Leon V. Tucker and Gladys Parker Adcock Tucker, and her first husband Melvin Adcock

Melvin and Gladys had two sons, my oldest brothers.

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Welcome to our Adcock Family Heritage Homepage.
We have a little bit information to share. This is changing by the day.

Adcock Coat of Arms
 I got this image from Ken Adcock
The following information Is from Ken's website.

Blazon of arms: Azure on a Saltier Argent nine pellets.
Translation: The Saltier represents suffering for a faith and perseverance.
Azure (Blue) is associated with the Church. It represents loyalty and truth.
Crest: A foxes head issuing argent.
Origin: England

Family Name History

The English surname Adcock is of patronymic origin, being one of those names derived from the first name of a father. It literally denotes "The  son of Adam". The personal name of Adam is Hebrew in origin and signifies red earth. The name was not used by the Jews but was adopted by the Irish as early as the seventh century when Saint Adamnan was Abbot of Iona. The suffix "cock" was always added to the nickname of a personal name. Thus, it was attached to Ade. The pet form of Adam and it indicates patronymic. The surname is recorded in English documents as early as 1226. In that year Richard Hadecoc was a resident of Leicester while Robert Adekak is listed in the Subsidy Rolls of Worcestershire in 1275. In 1327 , the name of one John akkoc appears in the Subsidy Rolls for Staffordshire. Variants of this surname include Adcocks, Adcock, and Hadcock. 

  Welcome to our Genealogy Site. We hope there is information here that can help you. This site is always in development. As always, corrections and suggestions are welcome. Most of the information has been verified, that is the personal knowledge. §But not all of it§.. Please remember this when using any of the information listed here. We welcome you to look thru all of our information, and see if there is information here that you have been looking for....

This is for Adcock Family Lineage. All lines, direct and collateral. All the information here is from personal knowledge, my research, my immediate family's research, extended family's research, distant family researchers, and other researchers. It takes all of us, together, to get the entire genealogical picture in focus......


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Obituaries are of our entire family, all surnames, not just Adcock.
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